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  • Day136

    Phi Phi Leh the second largest island of the Phi Phi Islands was the next stop on our boat tour. The scenery of the island is amazing and we had some time to snorkel around.

    Phi Phi Leh ist die zweitgrößte Insel der Phi Phi Inseln und beeindruckt vor allem durch die Natur. Wir haben es uns zunächst unter der Wasseroberfläche angesehen.Read more

  • Day14

    We got up early and headed out as it was a clear sunny morning. We went down to the beach to have a morning swim and take some photos. We wanted to go snorkeling but had too much stuff to leave on the beach, so decided to go for some breakfast and leave the rest of the stuff in the hostel. This was a great idea as breakfast was fantastic. Izzi had eggs, bacon and huge hunks of toast and Tom had eggy bread, maple Syrup and fruit. We then went and brought a couple of GoPro bits from a shop and then headed back to the beach to go for a snorkel. We found an area where some people were learning to scubadive and joined in, feeling great that we could use the same bit of sea and not have to pay a lot of money to do it. We'd bought snorkels the day before and they were brilliant. After snorkeling, we headed back to the hostel to get ready for the afternoon of island touring, and had a brilliant Pad Thai with a thick mango smoothie and an iced tea (this one was really odd, imagine making a Twinings peach fruit tea, pouring it over ice and then adding milk). But then it was time for the Island tour.

    We walked down to the longtail boat and met 4 others who were on the tour as well. We set off and the moment we left the harbour it started pelting it down with rain. It was mental, skipping over the sea with the rain crashing around us. We headed for our first stop, monkey beach, which is a cove where monkeys live on the cliffs and in the trees around the beach. Another boat had peanuts, so we took some and fed the monkeys that came down to the water. It was amazing to see them in the wild and be so close to them! We got back in the boat and headed off to the island south of Koh Phi Phi, called Phi Phi Lee. First stop there was a place called "blue lagoon" where we jumped off the boat and swam for a while. Beautiful place! We then headed round the corner to another bay where we could snorkel. The fish here were brilliant and we followed parrot rainbow fish, angel fish, powderblue surgeonfish and loads of sergeant majors. We swam up to an empty beach too, and for a couple of minutes we were by ourselves on our own Thai beach! The boat then took us to Maya Bay the setting from the film "The Beach". Until a few months ago, this was a huge tourist destination and hundreds of people flocked there every hour to walk on the beach. It got to the stage where 80% of the coral there had died, so the government banned boats and people from entering that part of the bay, and since then it has started to re grow. However, we snorkelled in another area further back from the bay and the amount of fish was incredible! They were swimming around some food and we could barely swim for the fish that circled!! We spent an hour there taking photos and swimming around. It was brilliant! The guys driving the boat cut up a pineapple for us to eat.

    After snorkeling here we sat on the boat for about 45 minutes waiting for it to get dark around us, then the boat drivers told us to jump in and wave out arms around. There were plankton glowing in the dark wherever you moved the water, it was absolutely incredible.

    After heading back to the shore, we grabbed some dinner and then headed to the fire show. This was insane, guys just dancing around with sticks or balls on fire, standing on top of each others shoulders spinning fireworks and fire, and at one point walking across a tight rope while spinning wheels on fire... Absolutely insane and nerve wracking but well worth seeing.
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  • Day13

    Day 13/72

    November 9 in Thailand

    We woke up early this morning and got our transfer to the harbour at 7am to get the ferry to Koh Phi Phi. We thought we had got great seats on the front of the top deck of the ferry, and were quickly proved wrong when we were surrounded by a huge family who stood right in front of us, around us, occasionally on the backs of our chairs and with long dresses which blew straight into our faces... Oh well!

    The island was hot, and we both got sunburnt on the boat unfortunately- cloud and wind so we didnt think about sun cream! We arrived at the stunning island, the crystal sea and white sand beaches and dramatic mountains, and made our way to the hostel. The man who owns it was incredibly helpful, drawing all over our map with where to go, what to eat, do and see, and the exact distances to places. After putting our stuff down we went and got pizza and pasta for lunch from a recommended place, then headed to Long Beach after purchasing some snorkels and masks from Baracuda diving shop.

    The beach was lovely, water was warm, and we snorkeled following angel fish, rainbow fish and plenty of others around for a few hours. We even found an eel, which we might have been slightly too close to as it kept snapping its teeth at us... Then we both accidentally took a nap on the beach.

    After waking up feeling a bit more refreshed we went for a very sweaty walk up the hillside, through v local rugged Koh Phi Phi to a view point, which was incredibly busy with tourists trying to get the perfect selfie. We then went out for dinner, pineapple rice, and headed to a fire show, which is when the heavens decided to open and everyone got drenched, which isn't good for a fire show.

    Tomorrow we have a boat trip around the islands booked!
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  • Day10

    Ao Nang - Koh Lanta

    December 11 in Thailand

    Today we would be heading over to Koh Lanta island but not before heading to Lion and Shark for breakfast. I was a bit hesitant at first but I soon fell in love with this place. After climbing a ladder to get into this almost tree house feeling cafe we both ordered a smoothie bowl. I’m not quite sure what’s happened to me but this mango and passion fruit smoothie bowl topped with fruit was a breakfast game changer!! Suitable fed we went back to finish packing and check out. We had to make our way to the pier to catch a ferry so managed to squeeze us, 2 enormous suitcases and rucksacks onto a tuktuk which definitely scraped the floor a lot when hitting bumps and taking corners. We got to the boat nice and early so got a nice spot by a window before heading off on our 2ish hour trip to the island. Once on Koh Lanta we were then squeezed onto the back of a pickup with seats to get to our hotel.

    Chaw Ka Cher came with a recommendation from the Wilton-Kruger's and it was a great shout. The staff literally can't do enough for you and the room, bar area and pool etc. looked awesome and immaculate. Feeling pretty hungry we ate lunch here before unpacking and trashing our bedroom as we always do.

    There was a beach across the road, aptly named Beautiful Beach about a 5 - 10 minute walk away so we thought we’d spend the rest of the day there reading, swimming and sunbathing before grabbing a beer at a rickety beach hut and watching the sunset over the sea.

    Needing a change from Thai cuisine I found a highly recommended Greek restaurant called El Greco back at the top of the island. Our hotel rang our pickup truck taxi and off we went with illumonious blue and purple flashing lights. It was like a silent disco only without the headphones and music. The food was super yummy. I had a chicken souvlaki wrap and Blake had what looked like giant spring rolls but filled with spinach and feta cheese.
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  • Day11

    Koh Lanta

    December 12 in Thailand

    After a great nights sleep (no jungle noises and excellent air con) we woke to the sun streaming in the through the curtains. If you prefer not to be woken up in this way, you can actually request extra curtians! Our backpacking days are well and truly behind us! I am holidaying with Sergeant Major though so we dont have time for lie ins 😂

    Breakfast is included here so we headed up to the resturant where we got to choose what we wanted from a menu and they cook it freshly for us. The waiters are very sweet although one looks very much like Rowan Atkinson in Blackadder as Simon rightly pointed out.

    Apparently the best way to explore the island is by scooter so after breakfast we spoke to reception about hiring one for the day. Turns out the hotel have a selection of bikes that you can pick from so we settled for a yamaha qbix. I was a bit nervous when they said the bike didnt come with insurance and we had sign to say we would pay £1,000 if the bike was stolen. It didn't mention anything about damage to the bike though and the odds of it getting stolen when everyone on the island owns one were slim. At only £7.50 a day to hire it what could go wrong!

    I didnt feel comfortable driving and Simon is a terrible back seat driver at the best of times so I happily left him in charge of the wheel (or handlebars) but imposed a very strict speed limit. After Si had a quick wizz around to get to grips with the bike before I hopped on the back we headed towards Old Town on the East side of the island. It was a lot more touristy than I was expecting with lots of souvenir shops but we did manage to pick up a couple of magnets. It kind of reminded me of an old town from a old western movie crossed with a Cornish seaside town selling tourist tat.

    For lunch we stopped at a restaurant right on the water called Caoutchouc. It was a cute little place run by a sweet French man who also lived there as we could see into his bedroom. It was a very simple receipe of either a wrap, salad or spaghetti so Si went for the chicken wrap and I opted for a feta salad, both of which were quite tasty.

    After lunch we headed back over to the other side of the island to check out the many beaches lining the West Coast and stopped when we found a nice looking beach for a bit of a lie down and dip in the sea. This was very short lived as it turned out to be ridicuously windy and within minutes of getting out of the water we were covered head to toe in sand! It was very similar to when we were on the beach in Byron Bay with Maddy. We therefore jumped back on the bike in search of a less windy beach which turned out was like looking for the holy grail. After another pitstop on another windy beach I was ready to go back to the hotel and lie on a sunlounger next to the pool!

    For dinner we headed to a vegetarian restaurant I found with amazing reviews and only a 5 minute walk from the hotel. It was so scrummy even Si enjoyed it. For starter we shared a mixed Thai appetizer which consisted of spring rolls, samosas and grilled tofu with some scrummy dips! Then for main we shared pineapple fried rice and massaman curry. Feeling very full we headed back to the hotel for some cocktails in the hotel bar.
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  • Day43

    Ko Phi Phi

    October 9 in Thailand

    Die eigentlich nur vier geplanten Nächte in Ko Phi Phi sind letztendlich zu sechs ausgeartet, weil wir uns unglaublich in diese Insel verliebt haben. 🏝😍
    Im Grunde genommen haben wir in den letzten sechs Tagen außer am Strand zu liegen und abends auf die Beach Partys zu gehen nicht viel gemacht, aber hatten trotzdem eine wunderschöne Zeit hier. 🏖🎉🍹Heute, an unserem letzten Tag mieteten wir noch ein Kajak um an den berühmten Monkey Beach zu fahren, an dem man Affen am Strand beobachten kann. 🚣🏽‍♀️🐒Read more

  • Day21

    Maikaw Cave, Koh Lanta

    October 24 in Thailand

    Heute sind wir das erste Mal mit dem Roller unterwegs gewesen🛵 Man hat zwar ein paar mehr PS unterm Arsch und fährt im Linksverkehr ohne Regeln, aber es lief trotzdem sehr gut 😄
    Koh Lanta ist wirklich eine wunderschöne Inseln.
    Hier erstrecken sich kilometerlange Stränden 🏖️ direkt neben, der von Urwald überwucherten, Landschaft🌴
    Überall am Straßenrand grasen Wasserbüffel oder Kühe🐂 und auf der Trekkingtour zur Höhle sprangen Affen in den Bäumen herum🐒
    Das Höhlensystem war riesig, faszinierend und muxmäuschen still. In den Kammern mussten wir uns einen Weg über steilen, selbstgebaute Leitern oder Bambus "Brücken" erklimmen. Alles war sehr rutschig, eng und dunkel... in Deutschland niemals vorstellbar das es öffentlich zugänglich gemacht wird 😂😂
    Trotzdem war es einfach genial, ein richtiges Abenteuer, durch die tiefen Schluchten und Krabbeltunnel des Maikaw Cave 💪
    Und am Ende nach viel Schweiß, Anstrengung, Dreck und so manchen riesigen Spinnen🕷️ (armer Marc) , haben wir sogar eine Fledermaussiedlung gesehen 🦇
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  • Day78

    So viele Strände

    November 19 in Thailand

    Nach einer erhohlsamen Nacht gibt es zum Frühstück Toast und Früchte. Danach packen wir unsere Sachen plus eine Strandmatte und einen Strohhut, welche wir von der Unterkunft ausborgen dürfen und setzen uns auf den Roller. Erster Punkt der Tagesordnung ist das finden von SIM Karten. Es gibt hier zwar überall Touristenkarten, diese kosten aber zu viel und sind nur kurz gültig. In einen Mini Markt werden wir dann fündig. Ohne W-Lan ist hier aber noch nichts zu machen. Also weiter zu einem der vielen Strände, die die Insel zu bieten hat. Der Sand an diesem Strand ist weiss und fein, das Wasser türkis und klar. Unter einer Palme legen wir uns am Strand in den Schatten.

    Später entschliessen wir uns für einen Wechsel und essen aber erst mal ein verspätetes Mittagessen.
    Danach geht es weiter in den Süden der Insel. Die Strassen sind gut, es liegt aber immer mal wieder Sand auf den Strassen, welcher sehr gefährlich sein kann. Die Insel ist nicht überlaufen, aber wir sehen deutlich mehr Touristen als wie uns gewöhnt sind. An den Stränden fern ab der Resorts, sind wir dann aber doch meist fast alleine. So auch am zweiten Strand.

    Ein weiteres Plus unserer Unterkunft: Hier wohnen vier Katzen, welche auch immer von uns gestreichelt werden. 😁

    Die Insel gefällt uns beiden sehr gut. Zudem werden wir nach dem Süden von Tahiland wohl lange kein Meer mehr sehen. Deshalb haben wir beschlossen unseren Aufenthalt zu verlänger und nicht schon Übermorgen abzureisen. 😊
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  • Day82

    Gelungener Abschied

    November 23 in Thailand

    Schon beim Frühstück begrüsste uns die Sonne. Dies sollte sich heute auch nicht mehr ändern.
    Nach dem Frühstück beschliessen wir den heutigen Tag nochmals am Relax Beach zu verbringen. Dies war der erste Strand den wir besuchten.
    Erstaundlicherweise waren wir bereits kurz nach 10 Uhr am Strand. Dort blieben wir dann auch. Unser grösstes Problem war die Suche nach Schattenplätzen, da die Sonne heute richtig runterbrannte. Um 11.00 waren es bereits 32 Grad. Joa so verbrachten wir den letzten Tag an einem ruhigen Strand. Zum ersten Mal sogar den ganzen Tag ohne Regenunterbruch. Grosses Highlight die 20% Rabatt Aktion bei Thalia. Unsere E-Book Bibliothek ist nun wieder aufgefüllt.

    Zum Abschluss des Abend konnten wir uns endlich einen richtigen Sonnenuntergang anschauen. Annatina wurde etwas abgelenkt, da sich über ihrem Liegestuhl der Strandbar ein grosser Schwarm Mücken tummelte. Diese folgten ihr sogar über den Strand. Dank einer Moskitokerze wurden wir die Dinger dann doch noch los.
    Morgen verlassen wir schweren Herzens unsere Unterkunft, etwas traurig sind wie ja schon.

    Ah Annatina hatte beim Abendessen endlich mal wieder ein Glas Wein. Es sind manchmal die kleinen Dinge. 😉
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