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  • Day14

    Day 13 - Toe Stubbing Agony

    December 23, 2019 in Thailand ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    At 9.00am, we donned our trainers & went out for a pre-breakfast jog. We run a little way along the road, then took a side road down to a beach.

    It was a eureka moment, when at the end of the road we discovered our idea of a perfect beach, a Palm Tree encircled sandy cove. It was actually the other half of Bamboo Beach we had been to the previous day.

    We ran along the Beach & headed home. Unfortunately with the tide in, we had to cross a small river. We could have just removed our trainers & paddled through it, but that would have been too easy. I wasn’t confident about jumping it, but Jackie was. Ladies first.

    It wasn’t pretty, she managed to get one foot wet on the takeoff & then land with both feet in the water, but worst still she tumbled forward on to all fours. Ending up in a similar position to someone I went fishing with!

    I was not so brave or stupid, so I took one shoe off & triple jumped it. We jogged and squelched home

    After a cold shower, there was a power cut for 8 hours we went out to Yawee Restaurant for coffee, mango & sticky rice, whilst Jackie had an enormous Club Sandwich. The food was excellent again.

    We then walked to our new found beach for some serious sun. We had a liquid lunch & more sun. Nothing could ruin the day.

    Around 4pm, Jackie asked if I would go back to the beach shack to get a bottle of water. Being the dutiful husband, I did without too much moaning, but less than 10 yards later, I kicked a buried chunk of dead coral. Flesh was hanging off the end of my middle toe of my left foot. There was blood everywhere & I was hopping around like a lunatic in absolute agony. I looked back at Jackie, only to discover she was openly laughing at me. She insisted on taking me down to the sea to wash it & presumably get attacked by a shark.

    When the pain finally subsided a little, about 2 hours later, I put on my flip flops & limped home. I can’t walk in flip flops at the best of times!

    Back at our room, I pulled off my flip flop & hobbled to the shower leaving a trail of blood in my wake. Brilliant, I am now going to be eaten alive by mosquitoes 🦟.

    That evening, I struggled out to the beach & we had spring rolls, green curry & Penang curry washed down with beer & wine to numb the pain. It was a very pleasant setting & ambiance, but the food wasn’t to the standard we have had in other restaurants on this trip.

    Song of the Day - Coral Fang by The Distillers.
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    Angela Bambridge

    Hope you don’t have to cut your holiday short as a result! I am sure Jackie is nursing you well.... Happy Christmas....Chris.

    Simon and Jackie Annals

    Chris, the nursing leaves something to be desired. My leg would need to be falling off to come home early! Happy Christmas to you & Angela. We’re about to sit down to a curry!!

    Gavin Farley

    Happy Christmas guys! Looks fabulous 🎄❤️

    Simon and Jackie Annals

    Gav, S̄uk̄hs̄ạnt̒ wạn khris̄t̒mās̄ to you & Ang. And S̄wạs̄dī pī h̄ım̀!!!!

  • Day19

    Day 18 - Ditto

    December 28, 2019 in Thailand ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    For the 1st time, we tried out breakfast in the canteen of our Lanta Happy Hills Resort. Bloomin’ good it was too. We had a huge bowl of muesli & pancakes to share.

    We returned to our spot on Beautiful Beach & stayed there all day apart from going to the
    shack for a lunchtime beer. We even stayed for sunset on the same spot.

    That night we went all Italian, when in Rome...... I had gnocchi & Jackie had mushroom tagliatelle. We even finished with a Tiramisu, which Jackie confirmed she still hates. We would have had wine, but they started at £25 a bottle!

    The end of the evening was spent on the balcony with a Hong Thong & watching Christmas telly on YouTube.

    Song of the Day - Sunset by Nitin Sawhney.
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  • Day27

    Day 26 - Spicy? Spicy Spicy

    January 5, 2020 in Thailand ⋅ 🌙 27 °C

    Straight to the beach today & claimed our usual beds outside Soul Kitchen. I then took my usual run along the beach, but now barefooted. My toe is just about healed now.

    Later after a short walk we had an early lunch, Jackie a Tom Yum prawn rice dish & I, chicken & cashew nuts with a naan. Then followed a long walk along the beach, which had become a jellyfish graveyard. Hundreds of round transparent blobs were littering the sand & shallow waters. I embarrassingly screamed when one brushed my foot. It was more embarrassing, when on the return journey, we saw a young girl picking the jellyfish up & throwing them back in the sea!

    We couldn’t have our daily dip in the infinity pool, because there were some builders working there.

    At happy hour, we took full advantage, but this time sat in a couple of deckchairs (like Darby & Joan) until dusk & the restaurants were starting to fill up with early evening diners.

    That night we went to another street shack. Jackie went for Tom Yum Soup with prawns from the bbq, whilst I ordered a chicken curry in coconut milk. The owner asked Jackie “Spicy?”, to which Jackie replied “Spicy Spicy”.

    When her soup arrived, Jackie tucked in and soon her nose was running, her eyes were watering & she was turning a delicate shade of beetroot. The paper napkins were used up within minutes, but apparently it was lovely. The staff were laughing when they came over to check that everything was ok, which included the chef, who wanted to know which idiot ordered it spicy spicy.

    My curry was very nice, but spicier than usual. I think I got tarred with the same brush.

    We returned home so Jackie could be close to a toilet & we sat outside our room with a Hong Thong listening to The Stereophonics on the iPad.

    Song of the Day - This Life Ain’t Easy (But It’s The One That We All Got) by The Stereophonics.
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  • Day182

    A hike to a beautiful sight...

    February 26, 2019 in Thailand ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

    Today we went on a hike. It was called Dragon’s Crest Mountain (Khao Ngon Nak). It was only the four of us because mummy was sick. The owner of the condo drove us to the start of the hike. At first it was very hot, but as we got near the top it started to get a little breezier. There were some really hard parts and some stairs were there. We had a lot of stops on the way up because my legs are just little. I fell lots of times because my shoes hurt and once I fell on a spiked plant and got a lot of scratches on my arm. Once we got to the top we got on top of a big rock and enjoyed the scenery. And we also had some mentos and drinks and gummy bears that we brought along in case of emergency. After that we saw these people that were taking pictures on a cliff, Chloë decided that she too wanted to do that. First we all said that she can’t go but she managed to fight her way through and we were all freaked out with her sitting on top of the cliff. The way back down felt much easier and faster. And once we got to the bottom we had Oreos. We took a taxi back and that was the end of the hike.
    - Dale
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  • Day20

    Day 19 - Only Bloody Elvis Again

    December 29, 2019 in Thailand ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    Today we hired a scooter again for a reconnaissance mission. We asked our lovely lady, Ling, & her husband if they could recommend anywhere around Khlong Nin Beach. They offered up two. One too expensive & hotelly for our taste. The other similar to Lanta Happy Hills.

    Our first stop of the day was Khlong Khong Beach, which Mr Chatty Man from Malina’s Kitchen had tipped us off as the best place to be on New Years Eve. The beach was not much to shout about, but apparently the bars were good. It is 2.5 miles from where we live.

    We then scooted on to Khlong Nin Beach, for another breakfast at the French Bakery. I was all teed up for my own baguette & honey, but apparently we needed to share a ham & Brie baguette. Before which we had driven up & down a few times & identified a few possible places for our next stay.

    We then sat on the beach, which was a bit windy. It didn’t have the vibe we were looking for & we felt slightly deflated. After long walks up & down the long beach we felt that maybe we should consider other options for our final week or so in Thailand. We decided to take an early lunch & reflect.

    Walking back along the beach looking for somewhere for lunch we were instantly drawn to a beach bar/restaurant called Soul Kitchen. It was possibly their speakers blasting out ‘I Don’t Like Mondays’, the decor & seating arrangements or the offer of Indian & Thai food. The music playlist was right up my street from bands such as Nirvana, Leonard Cohen, Tom Petty, The Jam etc etc. But the best bit was the food, Jackie inexplicably had French Fries, but I had a garlic dhal plate consisting of a garlic naan, a pot of dhal & a pot of raita. It was bloody gorgeous, in fact so much so that we did a complete u-turn & booked 5 nights accommodation just up the road whilst still eating our lunch. Just so we could come back every day!

    The afternoon was spent in comfort on a cushioned mat & with a triangular pillow at the front of Soul Kitchen listening to great tunes finished off with cocktails at happy hour.

    After returning home we popped out for dinner for red curry & chicken & cashew nuts. Perfectly pleasant, but we were already fantasising about what we were going to eat at Soul Kitchen.

    After we stopped in 7-11 for some provisions & I espied Elvis in a red suit eating an egg sandwich. I clearly not so discreetly pointed him out to Jackie, because he turned round & said to me “Yes, I’ve just finished a show”. At least he didn’t chase me down the street!! After
    I was kicking myself for not getting a photo, so I sneaked back in to the shop & covertly took a photo of his back.

    Song of the Day - I Don’t Like Mondays by The Boomtown Rats.
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  • Day23

    Day 22 - Looking Like Michael Jackson

    January 1, 2020 in Thailand ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

    Woke up at 9.30am, slightly hungover, but grateful for a full 8 hours sleep. We couldn’t drag ourselves out of bed until 10.30am, then we went all veggie. Not a New Years resolution.

    We had breakfast at Happy Veggie next door. I had a standard scrambled eggs, baked beans & toast with jam and an Energising Smoothie, which was effectively a liquid Snickers Bar. Jackie had an iced latte & a spicy hummus sandwich, which tasted like a curry sandwich!!

    We then headed to the beach, but half an hour later, we were having a ‘hair of the dog’ in the form of 4 Changs each at the beach shack. Back on the beach for Part 2 of a our sunbathing, I looked at the tube of our sunblock & noticed that it contained whitening properties. Brilliant, we are sunbathing, but bleaching ourselves at the same time. We are going to end up looking like Michael Jackson!!

    We had an early bath from sunbathing & returned home for a couple of Hong Thongs on our balcony. We went out to Ni Restaurant for a Massaman curry each, which we had been fantasing about all day. It was nice but not as sensational as the previous night.

    The Ni Restaurant owner told me that I drink a lot (2 large bottles of Chang) & also that I’ve had too much sun. Luckily he didn’t know that we had 4 Changs each at lunch & had pre-dinner Hong Thongs. During our conversation he also told us the his wife, the chef, was called Ni and their child was called No!!

    After dinner, we got some more cash out & then returned home, where Jackie fell asleep. I listened to some Justin Sullivan podcasts. It was an early night.

    Song of the Day - Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ by Michael Jackson.
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  • Day25

    Day 24 - Beautiful Eyes & Stragglers

    January 3, 2020 in Thailand ⋅ 🌙 28 °C

    Considering everything we had a fantastic sleep, there must be something to be said for velour sheets!

    In bed I started to research for the previous days blog. I ended up on TripAdvisor that offered me the opportunity to write a review for last nights disastrous meal. Below is my review:-

    ‘Awful Dinner & Owner with Bad Attitude
    We have been in Thailand for over a month & this was our worst meal by a mile. The food and drink are overpriced. My wife enquired if the crab dish was still in it’s shell & was told no it was just crab meat in a curry paste. When it arrived it was a small crab still it’s shell & very little meat. The yellow curry was bland with just 3 minuscule pieces of chicken, but lots of chunks of carrot. To top it all, when the bill arrived, they tried to charge us for 2 beers that we didn’t have. The western owner was very dismissive when we explained why the crab was returned virtually untouched & that we had been over charged.. It is no wonder that his restaurant was half empty compared to the other restaurants along the beach’.

    With that off my chest, we headed for the beach only to discover that Soul Kitchen was closed. We had planned to sit on it’s beds all day, so not a good start. Instead, we set up nearby & I went for a run along the beach. Thirty minutes later, I returned gasping for water, so Jackie went to buy a bottle from crazy man at CharleeBarley’s Bar, who gave her a small bottle of water free because he didn’t know how to use the till.

    Recovered, I went off in search of more liquid & found a smoothie bar. The guy in front of me was wearing just a pair of pink Muay Thai shorts. It turned out he was English and comes out to Ko Lanta each winter to train & fight for Nicha Muay Thai Gym. He had had 3 fights & 3 wins by knockout so far this season. He was only 59 kilos, but I wouldn’t be fighting him. Before he left, he kindly let me taste his smoothie which was delicious, so I ordered a couple of the same.

    The Thai lady making the smoothies, made the 1st one & put it down between us, but it was about to topple, so we both went to grab it. I got to it first, but unfortunately I squeezed too hard & a jet of orange smoothie ejaculated from the hole in the top, some landing on me, but the Thai lady’s face & chest were dripping in the orange goo. After apologies all round & a clean up, she made the 2nd & I finally returned to Jackie.

    Due to flying sand we took a bed outside Blue Moon Bar & Restaurant, then had a stroll to the shorter end of the beach, then had lunch back at Blue Moon. We went western, with a club sandwich & a cheeseburger & a couple of beers each. The waiter felt obliged to inform Jackie that she had the most beautiful blue eyes. When the bill came they had omitted 2 beers & to my shame I didn’t correct the mistake.

    After lunch, we walked to the long end of the beach still searching for our next hotel. We wandered in & around a few hotels & played toilet bingo. Jackie was all chuffed with herself about her ‘beautiful eyes’, she thought she was the bees knees until she realised that she had some stragglers poking out of her bikini bottoms!! How embarrassing, a shave would be required this evening.

    Along the beach we found a hotel that was only half built, but had full infinity pools, so we stopped for a little cooling dip, which was quite surreal. After finally getting to the end of the beach, we headed back to Blue Moon. The beach, Klong Nin Beach, is approx 2 kilometres long, so having run & walked it several times, we had definitely burnt off our lunch.

    At Happy Hour, I went & ordered some more drinks & the waiter asked me if I had had other drinks. I slightly offendedly explained that we had, but had paid for them at lunch. He didn’t seem convinced. After sunset, we took a visit to 7-11 to buy some ‘crap’.

    That evening we went to a street restaurant called MaMas Style. Jackie selected a whole squid which they barbecued & served simply with just chilli sauce & a jacket potato. I had Massaman curry. It all beautiful, a thousand times better than the night before. We had a cheeky banana & milk roti on the way home.

    Song of the Day - The Walk by The Cure.
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  • Day29

    Day 29 - Naughty Jellyfish!

    January 7, 2020 in Thailand ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    Breakfast wasn’t much to write home about. The only good things were decent bread & toaster & bananas.

    No running today, but we walked the entire beach twice. The only thing of note was on our walk we were approached by a cockney geezer in his 60s with his missus, who said “Can I rack your brains?”
    “Go ahead”.
    “Those purple jellyfish things, are they really...................................naughty?”
    We didn’t know the answer, but we were able to reassure him that they didn’t sting”.

    Lunch became a discussion point about whether we should have breakfast or lunch, because we can’t have both! I favoured breakfast as it’s free. In the end we shared a satay chicken anyway.

    We stayed on the beach until sunset, then got home showered & went out. After we wandered round & ended up at MaMa’s Style for a couple of very fine Massaman curries. Definitely our favourite dish of the trip.

    Song of the Day - 1952 Vincent Black Lightning by Richard Thompson.
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  • Day31

    Day 30 - Inglorious Morning Glory

    January 9, 2020 in Thailand ⋅ 🌙 29 °C

    How do we manage to wake up at 2.30am & not get back to sleep again?

    We went to breakfast & had toast & bananas. The coffee was still cheap instant rubbish.

    After breakfast we booked our minivan to Krabi Airport for lunchtime on Monday. It was then down the beach & a brisk walk to the end & back to burn breakfast. I couldn’t see anything on the outward journey other than severe suntan lotion sting in my eyes. Drastic action was required & I had to have a sea water eye bath!

    After the walk, I immediately followed it up with a run along the usual route. Lunch was liquid only. After we did the walk for a second time, then abused Happy Hour.

    The big news is that the Roi Thai sign has been taken down & the restaurant is now trading under the La Marina name only. Did I run Roi Thai out of town with my scathing review?

    The beach had been quieter today, probably people starting to go home for work on Monday. So we went to highly reviewed Jai Dee Restaurant, which has always been full when we’ve previously looked. Lo & behold there was a spare table so we grabbed it.

    What a disappointment. The service was slow, bordering on I think they forgot about us, the 2 different chicken dishes looked & tasted the same & the morning glory was flaccid & tasteless.

    It will be back to MaMa’s Style & Spicy Spicy only for the remainder of our stay in Ko Lanta.

    Song of the Day - Morning Glory by Oasis.
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  • Day32

    Day 31 - Visiting Old Haunts

    January 10, 2020 in Thailand ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    Went to breakfast at 9.00am & firstly was disturbed to find 2 Irish tinkers in the pool drinking beer & playing music loudly for that time of the morning. I hope to hell they are not in the room next to us. Come back sour krauts all is forgiven.

    We were then thrown off kilter by the breakfast buffet disappearing & instead a cook to order policy. We both ordered the American breakfast of decent coffee, juice, toast that was bread that would have been more toasted if left in the sun for 10 minutes, decent scrambled eggs & a hideous chicken sausage & ham.

    After breakfast we hired a scooter & set out for the top of the island. Our first stop was Long Beach, which we soon considered lucky we weren’t staying at. It was dull & lifeless.

    We continued on & spotted an old hotel, Lanta Mermaid, we had stayed in for 3 nights back in 2012. We stopped to inspect the beach & decided it was pretty good, but we prefer where we are now. We had a walk to blow away a few cobwebs & we were struck by how much more built up it was since we stayed there.

    Onwards & northwards we went until we arrived at Ban Sala Dan. We drove through the ‘Walking Street Market’ & was very impressed with the little seafront restaurants & shops. It was our first visit & didn’t know it existed before.

    We then picked up the road that runs down the eastern side of the island & headed south towards Old Lanta Town. There are no beaches to speak of on this side of the island, instead mangroves & a dug up road ‘Under Construction’. We had to slow to avoid ploughing in to a troop of monkeys crossing the road.

    We rode straight past Old Lanta Town & pioneered our way along virtually dirt roads to the southern end of the island. It was an arduous journey & quite frankly not worth the effort. The only thing of note at the end was a school that was having a children’s day, that all the parents seemed to be attending. Not our scene!

    We returned to Old Lanta Town, parked up & had a stroll through the high street. Jackie accurately compared it to an eastern version of an old western town in America without the Sheriffs. It was very quaint. The restaurants on the sea side are all at the end of jettys. We selected Pinto Restaurant, because no-one was trying to entice us in.

    The waitresses seemed a bit miserable, but I did my usual of grinning like an idiot & loudly saying hello to them, forcing them into a response. Jackie hates it when I do that!

    Both the setting & food were glorious. Jackie had a seafood & lemongrass salad & I had sweet & sour pork & vegetables. It was a very enjoyable meal & the waitress even smiled.

    After a stroll around, we saddled up & cut through the island back to the western coast. We passed Mrs Thip at her Lanta Thip House. This was the other place we stayed at in 2012, which is ingrained in our memory after Jackie hurled a hefty glass ashtray through the balcony ceiling of the flat below just missing the occupants, but that is another story!

    We stopped at Beautiful Beach for old times sake & had a beer from the shack in the dying sun. It was an appropriate place to end a beautiful day.

    We now have a new set of sour Krauts next to us, but I did my usual & forced them into begrudgingly saying hello.

    That night we returned to MaMa’s Style for an eclectic mix of battered calamari & chips, morning glory & Massaman curry for me. We still haven’t repeated the morning glory that was so good in Spicy Spicy.

    Song of the Day - What a Beautiful Day by The Levellers.
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