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  • Day183

    Eerste keren op Koh Phayam

    February 14, 2016 in Thailand ⋅

    Voor de eerste keer op Koh Phayam;
    Voor de eerste keer zien hoe een aap een mens vlooit;
    Voor de eerste keer aangevallen worden door een agressieve Fransman;
    Voor de eerste keer de nacht doorbrengen in een hangmat;
    Voor de eerste keer schaken (wat een frustrerend spelletje!).

    De foto's zijn op volgorde van de eerste keren, aan een foto van de Fransman wordt nog gewerkt :)Read more

  • Day129

    Mu Ko Surin und Richelieu Rock

    March 5, 2018 in Thailand ⋅

    Wer hätte das geglaubt, dass man die bisherigen Tauch-und Schnorchelspots noch toppen kann....aber es ging....Kaum sichtbar an der Wasseroberfläche, und bei Flut nicht mehr zu sehen.....der Richelieu Rock.... von Jaques Cousteau entdeckt, zum Mo Ko Surin Nationalpark gehörend. Die Surin Inseln gehören neben den Similian Islands zu den berühmtesten Tauch-und Meeresbeobachtungs-stätten der Welt.

    Wenn du ins Wasser kommst zum Schnorcheln und mitten in einem Fischschwarm landest🐬🐟🐠🐡🦈🐙🐚🦀🐞🦑....unter dir ein Schwarm mit gelben Fischen, darüber noch ein Schwarm mit blauen Fischen und dann noch viele riesige Trevallyfische, eine Riesenmakrelenart, die gerade am Jagen sind....

    ...und die Fischschwärme wechseln dementsprechend ständig ihre Richtung, neben dir schwimmen ganz gemächlich mehrere große Fledermausfische, am Stein wiegt sich ein ganzer Anemonengarten und grünes Seegras in der Strömung, dazwischen Kofferfische in gelb und grau- schwarz, ein schlafender Stein knappern bunte Papageienfische...und dann sind da noch bunte Korallen...
    So war es heute beim Schnorcheln, da waren wir mitten drin....ein wunderbare bunte Welt....ein bißchen, wie in einem zu klein gewordenen Riesenaquarium....

    Nach dem Sunsetdive und dem hervorragenden Abendbrot lagen wir auf Sitzsäcken auf dem Sonnendeck, stiessen mit Bier und Wein auf eine schöne Reise an, schauten in die Sterne, sahen einen wunderschönen roten Mond, hörten Musik und unterhielten uns bis spät in die Nacht...
    So schön kann das Leben sein.😊😊😊
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  • Day10

    13th dive - Night dive at coconut beach

    February 14, 2017 in Thailand ⋅

    As the sun set over the Surin islands our boat captain and the dive leader decided to move the boat to somewhere where it was dead calm instead of doing the night dive in a current.

    Without letting us know that they have actually never dived at this site, and in fact its not even a registered dive site and has no name. Nigel the dive leader just called it coconut beach (because there was one lonely coconut tree on the beach).

    So we jump into the dark ocean thinking our guides know where we are going. We dropped down on a sandy area and within seconds we saw a squid in the sand, as far as I am concerned its already and awesome dive. Then we start swimming in a direction and for the next 5 minutes all you see is sand. As I look up I can see the dive guides at the front indicating to each other and then it downed on me they don't have a clue where we are going and if we will find a reef at all.

    Luckily we did find a reef shortly after, and we saw loads of lobsters, lion fish, stingrays and hundreds of small shrimps doing their thing.

    We were supposed to do a 40 minute but our guide (Ping, Thai guys who really really loves diving) had so much fun and could not be asked to stand in a queue at the showers, so we pressed on to almost 50 minutes and we were the last to be out of the water.

    I really like night diving because it really almost feels like you are in space, as its so dark around you and you float in this weird world with only one light beam to guide you. Also somehow its even more quiet at night under the water.

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  • Day107

    Schnockelling :)

    October 29, 2016 in Thailand ⋅

    Booking a snorkeling trip over the phone, a heavy Thai accent on the other end, can be quite entertaining. Yaaaa, wui can organize Schnockelling for juh! So from now, I will call it Schnockelling :) The service was outstanding though and I joined a fun small group of 6 others for the first day.

    Just 90 minutes off the shore are the remote Surin Islands, a Thai national park since 1981, with several great spots where I got to see a turtle, langoustes, clown fish, large trigger fish, a ray, a 2 meter moraine and many other fish in all the colors of the rainbow. Mostly free diving up to 10 meters, we got to see some big, beautiful fish and swim right amongst the swarms as well.

    The main island has 2 campgrounds and we slept in tents right on the beach. The highlight of the day was swimming at night in florescent plankton, glowing in the dark all around me. What a day!!! Can't wait to spend more time in the water tomorrow.
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  • Day108

    Paradise found

    October 30, 2016 in Thailand ⋅

    So glad I did this little detour through Thailand. It's basically the same archipelago where I was in Myanmar, just a little further south. I saw a few more animals on the island (lemurs, bats, monkeys and a waran)
    and we were brought to 3 more snorkeling sites. I've been trying to book kayaking through the mangroves but it never worked out, so I was extra happy our local guide showed us a short hike through the mangroves in the morning :)

    In the late afternoon, I went back to the mainland with a large guided group of 60 French tourists. Reminded me of how happy I am to be traveling by myself :-p

    Now I'm on a night bus to Bangkok, where I will work one day and then head north for Nepal. I cannot wait to be hiking in the mountains again!
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  • Day11

    14th dive - Koh Stork island

    February 15, 2017 in Thailand ⋅

    All throughout these dives I have learned to appreciate the smaller creatures and their amazing shapes and colors.

    While I was taking a picture of a noodie, an eel crept up to me and as I moved away from the noodie my eye caught the eel a few cm's from my arm. I literally jumped about 2 meters away, those things are so creepy looking and it just seems like a bite from them will hurt for a long time. For the next couple of minutes my heart was racing and I think I used about a quarter of my air just to recover from that fright.

    I don't know why they like lurking up on me when I take pictures?

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  • Day11

    15th dive - Torinla Pinnacle

    February 15, 2017 in Thailand ⋅

    A bit of a difficult dive for me as there was a lot of current and the visibility was not the best we have had.

    If I can quote our dive guide Ping when I asked him what did he think the visibility was on the dive and his response was "Shit!". He is a man of few words but he loves diving, he fist-pumps us underwater if you spot something cool, followed by this sign 🤙🏽.

    What a character!

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  • Day11

    16th dive - Ao Packard

    February 15, 2017 in Thailand ⋅

    Last dive at the Surin Islands and after working on it all week I managed to do my first 60 minute dive.

    Its really quite hard for me to compete air wise with my dive group as its basically me, 3 girls and ping. Men are normally more heavy on air than woman and then the larger you are the quicker you consume air. At the start of this trip 45 minute dives was my norm as I just run out of air.
    Then Nigel, the senior dive instructor, gave me some tips on how to change my breathing and to drop weight off my weight belt and to just float instead of kicking and I have been practicing this and it actually works to reduce my air consumption.

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