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    • Dec29

      Day 20 - Utter Chaos & Confusion

      December 29, 2021 in Thailand ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

      At 8.05am, we got down to reception just as our minibus arrived to take us on the next leg of our journey. We were driven through town by our kamikaze driver who totally ignored all road signs & traffic lights. We picked up a Spanish girl, then headed out to Hat Yai International Airport where we filled the minibus with mainly westerners who had just flown in.

      We stopped just once at a 7-11 petrol station, where I treated Jackie to breakfast - a double pack of pocket sandwiches, one filled with crab sticks & the other tuna. Apparently they are really nice! I had a pineapple Danish pastry.

      We arrived at Pak Nam at 11am to discover it was heaving with Thai holidaymakers all waiting to take the speedboats out to the islands. Apparently, Thai residents have been offered huge discounts as a government incentive to keep their tourist industry afloat.

      Jackie & I were dropped off at a tour office where we were provided with some documentation & a laminated numbered card each. We were then instructed to join the queue at the terminal for pier 3.

      We joined a queue & a lady started waving a card with a QR code on it. We photographed it with our phones but nothing happened because I’m too tight to pay for a Roaming Data add-on to my phone! We tried to explain this to the lady, whilst others huddled around us trying to photograph her QR code, but it didn’t go very well so we continued in the queue.

      We then got to another checkpoint, where they wanted to see our passports, proof of Covid jabs & the completion of an online form after downloading that QR code. The lady at the checkpoint finally understanding that that we hadn’t completed the online form ushered us to one side to complete a written information form then we pushed our way back to her. She let Jackie straight through, but after examining my passports said something about me not having the right something or other. I called Jackie back, then without explanation she waved me through. I was perplexed!

      We then all huddled together in front of Pier 3 whilst our cases & rucksacks were loaded on to the speedboat. Everyone was ready to board when a young Thai girl started barking her orders. It transpired that we were supposed to be in a queue in the order of the numbers on our laminated cards. This caused further confusion & consternation.

      At midday (30 minutes late) we had all finally boarded the speedboat & were crammed in like sardines, when we finally left the dock. After 50 minutes we slowed down at an island & the crew shouted instructions in Thai. We had no idea what they were saying & could hardly hear them anyway because some annoying Spaniards next to us were singing & laughing too loudly.

      Anyway, most of the Thais disembarked when we docked, leaving all the westerners sat where we were. The speedboat then moved away from the dock & we moved seats for more space, because we assumed that the Thais were not returning. The speedboat then dropped anchor & we realised that this was just a 15 minute scheduled stop to Ko Tarutao island, the largest island of Tarutao National Marine Park, but now we had no means of getting off.

      Thirty minutes later all the Thais eventually returned to the boat & we set off. No sooner had we got back up to full speed, when we stopped again at a beach on Koh Khai island. This time we went ashore & took a photo of it’s ‘famous’ rock arch. A Thai from Bangkok offered to take a photo of Jackie & I on my phone, but then insisted on taking 10 of the damn things. I then felt obliged to offer to do the same for him & his wife on his camera which of course he was pleased to accept.

      These scheduled stops were a nice idea in theory, but in Covid times they just added to the potential risk of Covid being spread around the boat as people fought to squeeze past others with masks generally at half mast.

      Around 2.30pm, we docked at Koh Lipe on a wobbly floating pontoon. It was chaos, but we managed to reach terra firma with all our luggage without falling off. On land an official looking lad asked us where we going & when we told him he told us to wait where we were. We assumed our hotel was sending someone out to collect us.

      We waited & waited until we were the only persons from our boat still at the pontoon port, so Jackie went back to the man who just said “You’ll have to get a taxi). Brilliant, we could have done that half an hour ago!

      The taxi was a motorbike & sidecar combination, which struggled up the steep rutted hills, but it made it to our hotel at a cost of just 50 baht each. We checked in at reception at the Bayview Sunset Resort, where we discovered that they had sent us a message that morning to ring them for a free transfer. We didn’t receive it because I’m too tight to pay for a Roaming Data add-on to my phone!

      We were initially disappointed with our new room & checked the information on to make sure we had what we had booked. We had, so we popped to the beach bar for a spot of late lunch. The prices are dearer than we had previously being paid, so we had just a couple of small beers & shared a plate of fried ribs with garlic.

      We returned to our room much happier & unpacked. We showered & sat on our balcony for a quick beer, then locked ourselves out of the room. A cleaner who was eating her dinner managed to unlock us AND offer us some of her dinner.

      We walked to Walking Street on the other side of the island & discovered it to be bustling with tourists. It was a strange experience. We walked Walking Street twice, before finally settling on a Thai restaurant that wasn’t too busy. I had crispy garlic chicken & Jackie had a spicy green curry. All just nice & then we walked it off going home shattered.

      Song of the Day: Kamikaze by PJ Harvey.
      Chaos From the Top Down by The Stereophonics.
      Sound of Confusion by Secret Affair.
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    • Dec30

      Day 21 - I’ve got a New Year’s Pompadour

      December 30, 2021 in Thailand ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

      Jackie & I were both awake around 4am fighting over the one double sheet that we had on our bed. Basically the air-con that we had paid extra for was too cold. The disagreement was resolved by adjusting the temperature to 23 degrees & Jackie putting on a fleece.

      We got up at 9am & had the shock of my life to find a saucer sized dark hairy spider on the wall in the bathroom. I told Jackie not to enter & I backed out of the bathroom to fetch my camera. It was at least 10 seconds before I could return to the bathroom by which time the huge spider had vanished into thin air. This didn’t help Jackie!

      I am not exaggerating when after googling Thailand spiders I have identified it as a black tarantula. We still haven’t found or spotted it since. Sadly I have no photographic evidence, just my eye witness testimony. I now have to thoroughly search the bathroom every time before Jackie will enter.

      We went to breakfast for an ‘American’ of eggs, bacon, chicken sausage (they can keep) toast, as well as banana muesli, fruit & coffee. It was pretty decent.

      After breakfast we sought out Lucas the resort manager to tell him we would like to have the New Years Eve dinner for two. It was something Lucas had offered us when we checked in. It was not cheap at £43 each for a 5 course meal, but our research showed that our restaurant, The Hill, was No. 1 on TripAdvisor out of 81 restaurants on the island & previous diners had described it as the best meal of their lives. On the downside the first 3 courses were fish or seafood that I don’t eat. I explained this to the incredulous Lucas who said he would try & work out some meat alternatives & to come back after 4pm to check his alternative menu for me.

      We dilly dallied on our balcony & Jackie hijacked the cleaners for an extra pillow & an extra bed sheet. We hit the beach close to midday & realised it was a small but perfectly formed beach. I had a deckchair, whilst Jackie lay on the sand until lunch, beer & some dodgy crackers with pork floss on our balcony.

      The afternoon was cloudy but we were still catching it. At 4.30pm we returned to Lucas who told us that the restaurant kitchen was too small for the chefs to cook additional dishes, but he had arranged for us to go to an Italian restaurant where they had both a fish & meat set menu. I told him that Jackie had set her heart on his NYE feast & I was prepared to sit out the 1st 3 courses if he reduced the price. He (nor Jackie) was having this & he said they would rise to the challenge & create some ‘special’ dishes for me. I suspect the chef’s will be really happy with this decision after already telling him “No chance” or probably something stronger.

      Jackie & I then grabbed a bottle of Hong Thong & some cokes from our room & sat in a deckchair to watch the non-existent sunset on Sunset Beach. Once it was clear there would be no sunset (we still haven’t seen a good one yet on this trip) we showered & headed into town.

      The Box restaurant we had earmarked for that evening’s dinner was full, so feeling brave (the 4 Hong Thongs probably helped) I ended up in the barber’s chair. I selected the ‘Pompadour’, which I now know to be a hairstyle named after Madame de Pompadour, who was a mistress of King Louis XV of France. The barber’s incredible attention to detail, including the use of a cutthroat razor, meant my haircut lasted about 40 minutes, despite a queue of customers forming. I walked out looking & feeling a million dollars for just 300 baht.

      The Box was still busy so we went to the Banana Tree restaurant where I ordered a NorthEastern Thai dish of minced pork & Jackie had chicken & cashew nuts. It was nice but not special. We managed to stay awake long enough to walk home.

      Song of the Day: Pompadour by Tim O’Brien.
      (The lyrics are brilliant. Exactly how I felt when I looked in the mirror this morning!)”
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      Andy and Teresa Mays

      Who but you, goes on holiday and has a hair cut . . . You tart 😂

      Simon and Jackie Annals

      When you’ve got hair it needs to be cut every 4-6 weeks

      Andy and Teresa Mays

      But you’ve only been away 21 days, and surely you had a pre trip barnet snip. Happy New Year you two - have a fab and fishy evening!!

      Simon and Jackie Annals

      Keep your hair on Mr Mathematician

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    • Dec31

      Day 22 - Saying Goodbye to 2021 in Style

      December 31, 2021 in Thailand ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

      Woke up at 5am to the sound of a small animal with claws (or a tarantula with clogs on) scuttling around on our ceiling. It was most unnerving.

      I got up at 9am, looked in the mirror & remembered that I had got myself a ‘Pompadour’. I started looking for Song of the Day for yesterday’s blog & found the perfect song to sum up my new hairdo.

      Breakfast was a repeat of yesterday except that we spread our Bovril on the toast and we had a splash of rain. The hotel manager, Lucas appeared & excitedly informed me that they had got some smoked ribs in especially for me from a new supplier & I’d be the first to try them. Great, I’m now going to be a guinea pig tonight!

      After a morning on the beach we popped back to our room for just one beer each on the balcony. During our lunch break, Jackie received a friends request on Facebook from Big Anne & within minutes they were conversing about the trials & tribulations (or lack of) of getting back home. I just hope that Big Anne doesn’t get wind of my blog!

      We returned to the beach for a somewhat cloudy afternoon, then called it a day at 4.30pm to prepare for our big night.

      At 6pm & all dressed up to the nines, we went back down to our Sunset Beach to join our fellow diners for pre-dinner drinks & to watch another non-existent sunset. Our fellow diners included a family of Canadians, who were teachers living in Bangkok, a German couple who accused us of being the spitting image of a couple of her friends & 3 Brits who we didn’t actually get to talk to.

      On the beach we had a couple of mojitos & chatted to the Canadians about our respective travels & life in Thailand during the last two years. Once darkness started to fall, we were ushered up to the The Hill Restaurant, which was a beautiful setting, an open air terrace overlooking the bay. The remainder of the diners were already sat in the restaurant.

      Each group, mainly couples, had individual tables. I was proud of the fact that I was the ‘special one’ until Lucas burst my bubble by telling me that there was another meat eater in our midst. It turned out to be the accusing German woman & it would seem I was more ‘special needs’ than the ‘special one’.

      Lucas did the rounds taking drinks orders. We, like many, ordered white wine & Lucas came back with two Spanish bottles for us to choose from. We made our choice without any mention of prices to influence us. I knew it wasn’t going to be cheap!

      The 5 courses came out as per the photos & the scheduled menu. Instead of the fish I had chicken satay, spicy marinated pork & smoked ribs. Jackie definitely benefited from my ‘fish intolerance’, because she had a whole lobster to herself while other couples had to share exactly the same sized lobster & she definitely had more sashimi. What was most impressive was the fact that Jackie ate every single bit of fish, it was only when & we got to the steak course that she suffered. I did help her out!

      Lucas was extremely passionate about the food & took great delight explaining to us what each course was & how it was prepared, which all added to the overall experience.

      Despite sipping the wine instead of our usual guzzling, we had to order a 2nd bottle of wine half way through the meal. Following dessert of chocolate brownie, mango & coconut ice cream, we had a small firework display on the beach in front of us, which was intimate and a nice conclusion to the meal. Jackie videoed the tail end of the fireworks on her phone & was so pleased with herself she started WhatsApping all & sundry her firework display & with a ‘Happy New Year’.

      Lucas then invited us to join him on a bar crawl to end at Pattaya Beach in time for the fireworks scheduled to take place at midnight. We were keen to go, but we were too stuffed to contemplate drinking for the next 2 hours. We have turned into a couple of middle aged lightweights!

      I apologised to Lucas that we were too knackered & then I signed for our meal. I had a minor heart-attack when I saw the cost of the wine, luckily we didn’t know what the cost was otherwise I would never have ordered the 2nd bottle, which would have put a minor downer on the evening.

      All in all it had been a fabulous evening & one that will live in the memory for a long time to come. Surely that is what life is all about!

      We ended our evening with a couple of cheeky Hong Thongs on our balcony & retired to bed at just before 11pm.

      The 20 minutes worth of fireworks on Pattaya Beach woke me up at midnight!

      Song of the Day: Special Needs by Placebo.
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      Happy New Year you two. What a lovely way to start 2022 . Px

      Simon and Jackie Annals

      Thank you Pam. Happy New Year to you & Tony. Happy campervanning x


      Quick question what is a Hong Thong? Is it a beer? Happy Nee Year!

      Simon and Jackie Annals

      Teresa, Hong Thong (Golden Phoenix in Thai) is a Quality Thai Spirit produced from molasses and blended with alcohol with high degree of purity.


      Aaah sounds delicious - perfect nightcap! 😋

    • Jan1

      Day 23 - 2022 Explorers of the Year

      January 1 in Thailand ⋅ ☁️ 28 °C

      I had an absolutely rubbish night sleep. I could hear trance music in the distance, but I can’t blame it on my lack of sleep.

      At 9.30am we got up & still full, headed down to breakfast. We had the same again & were surprised to see Lucas helping out. It was very busy, but he told us most people were leaving later during the day.

      It was a bit of a grey day, so we decided this was the perfect opportunity to explore the island on foot. We initially headed for Sunrise Beach, which is a long white sandy beach on the easternmost side of the island. We passed a couple bars that still had drunk/hungover revellers who it appeared hadn’t yet been to bed this year.

      After walking the length of the beach we concluded that we much preferred our beach at Sunset Beach. Our research before booking paid off! It didn’t help Sunrise Beach that it was quite windy, which made the sea too choppy to swim in & difficult to lie on.

      We returned to the centre of the island via the locals village behind Sunrise Beach. Extremely loud techno music was blasting out of a hut for no apparent reason & inexplicably it had been going since New Years Eve night. We know because it’s the music we could hear from our hotel nearly a mile away. The village was quite frankly a bloody mess with a lot of rubbish littering the walkways. We did spot a water monitor that slid into a pond when we approached it.

      We then walked the length of Walking Street to Pattaya Beach & the scene of last night’s big firework display. There was still plenty of evidence of it on the beach with discarded sparklers & spent rockets. This was another place in need of a good clean up!

      Having walked along Pattaya Beach without finding anywhere suitable to quench our thirst, we followed a road up off the beach & within minutes we were back at our Bayview Sunset Resort. Instead of going home we walked back to Walking Street & sat ourselves down at Ja Yao Restaurant, which turned out to be staffed by slightly surly, but very camp transvestites. One waiter changed from t-shirt & jeans to a frilly blouse & pantaloons during the time we were there.

      We shared 4 well earned large Changs having walked 4.54 miles that morning according to my watch & just watched the world go by. We resisted the urge to eat, but made our mind’s up that we would just have a series of street food snacks that evening.

      We returned to our resort & booked our next accommodation for a few days time. We then decided to unadvisedly have a power nap & woke up at 6.30pm feeling groggy & not really in the mood to go out.

      We forced ourselves back out & stopped in OMG Bar for a quick drink before we ate. The bar was a sports bar with premiership football playing silently on TV screens & a decent drum & guitar duo playing cover versions live on stage. It was a great atmosphere & we stayed, slowly supping our beer, until 9.45pm, when hunger got the better of us.

      We walked back to where the street food stalls had been cooking to discover to our horror that they were all packing away without a morsel of meat left to buy. We had to make do with just a banana & chocolate roti each, whilst listening to the “Yoo Hoo” of Madam Yoo Hoo every time a westerner walked past her restaurant opposite.

      Jackie felt full after her banana roti & apparently so did I! We walked them off going back home.

      Song of the Day: Just the Two of Us by Grover Washington, Jr., Bill Withers.
      Under the Bridge by Red Hot Chilli Peppers.
      Creep by Radiohead (Album version only).
      (A selection of some of the songs played by the band OMG Bar).
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    • Jan2

      Day 24 - Spider Mystery Solved

      January 2 in Thailand ⋅ ☁️ 26 °C

      It was a Huntsman Spider!!

      If big spiders aren’t your cup of tea, we’re sorry to say that the Huntsman Spider is one of the largest in the world, growing as large as 30 cm!
      In Thailand they’re often as large as a grown man’s hand. With long, strong legs, and a fuzzy body, these spiders are a mottled brown and tan color, making them difficult to spot against a forest floor.

      The Huntsman Spider’s natural camouflage serves it well in the woodland and forest areas that it calls home. Unfortunately, they also are curious enough to venture into houses and dwellings in rural areas, most likely because they do not spin webs, but hunt for insects and small invertebrates.

      Fortunately, these spiders are shy and often scared of humans. Huntsman aren’t known to aggressively bite humans, but if you do get bitten, you’re likely in for a little discomfort and swelling that will subside in a day or two.


      At 6.30am I stumbled out of bed to the bathroom & was confronted by the spider for a 2nd time. It was on the wall next to the mirror. I edged back out & grabbed Jackie’s phone. The spider had hidden itself behind all of Jackie’s clutter beside the wash basin. I couldn’t turn her flash on, probably because my hands were a bit sweaty, so I had to resort to taking a long shot in the dark with a disappointing result. The spider is definitely living in the big gap behind the cabinet in the bathroom.

      Back in bed I got back to googling & was able to identify this spider, which was probably the same as the 1st one, as a Huntsman Spider. In my defence, it would appear that Huntsman Spiders are regularly mistaken for Tarantulas. It didn’t make Jackie any happier when I read out the description above & I know I will have to conduct a thorough search from now on before Jackie enters the bathroom.

      We were treated to a ‘glamour’ shoot on the beach at breakfast. The girl had absolutely no shame or embarrassment as she stripped off down to her bikini & pranced & posed in front of us bemused hotel guests trying to eat our breakfast!

      We were also amused by the peculiar sight of a girl sat on her balcony wearing a mask & snorkel whilst reading.

      We sat in deckchairs on the beach all day with just a few beers & went out for dinner starving. We went to the Bombay Indian Restaurant and started ordering. When I got to the rice & asked if we could easily get a 2nd rice if we needed it, the waiter replied “I think you’ve ordered enough sir”. That is when you know you’ve ordered too much!!

      Our dinner consisted of popadoms with salad & mint sauce, 10 onion bhajis, a chicken tikka masala, a chicken jalfrezi, 2 naan beads & just the one steamed rice. We ate it all except 4 onion bhajis that were bagged up for us to take home for lunch. It was delicious, but we were too stuffed to do anything else after but waddle home.

      During the day & evening, I sneaked into the bathroom with my camera primed, but unfortunately there were no further sightings of our Huntsman.

      Song of the Day: Tiptoe Spider by Ray Bonneville.
      Jumpin’ Jack Flash by The Rolling Stones.
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      We had a huntsman when we were staying in the hunter valley in Oz..Tony and the kids trapped it under a vase for me to see ( and freak out at) when I woke in the morning. We then showed my two little nieces who declared in broad Ozzie accents”that’s nothing Auntie Pam , we have bigger than that at nursery”

      Simon and Jackie Annals

      I think they probably look scarier than they actually are. I am bravely checking every time Jackie wants to use the bathroom. Heroic!

      Andy and Teresa Mays

      I thought for one second what a bloody excellent photo you had got of the spider, then realised it wasn’t yours obviously. Glad to see your photo was as I would have expected 😂. Mate I’m surprised you’re going back in the bathroom to try and get a photo, luckily for Jax it isn’t a dog 😎. Are you loitering at the Free Sex beach for a particular reason. Stay safe both of you.

      Simon and Jackie Annals

      Fair comment about the dog. I was until I read the small print

    • Jan3

      Day 25 - Breakfast with a Mermaid

      January 3 in Thailand ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

      Woke up suffering the effects of eating too much curry the previous evening. It didn’t stop us going to breakfast, but Jackie could only manage coffee & some omelette. I ate all of mine & most of what Jackie would let me have of hers.

      Today’s entertainment at breakfast was the appearance of a mermaid sitting on a rock in front of us. It was like being in Copenhagen…….I imagine!

      After breakfast we collected up all our dirty clothes & dropped them off in reception (not literally) for cleaning at typically the dearest place we have so far found on our trip, 80 Baht per kilo. Jackie gave it all to the nice, but dim, girl to deal with. We have visions of our clothes being worn by all the staff, because no one has a clue who they belong to.

      With the tide being high & consuming most of our beach, we decided to have another march around the island to burn off that bloody curry. We started in reverse & explored the resorts to the west of us, including their toilets!

      We ended up on a now clean Pattaya Beach & saw 3 separate pontoons loading queues of Thais into speedboats to get them home for work in the morning. Apparently today was a Thai Bank Holiday.

      After Pattaya Beach, we did Walking Street, then walked Sunrise Beach to the ‘pleasing on the eye’ Zodiac Bar for a couple of large Changs. Black clouds gathered as we supped our beer, so we headed back through the locals village & almost undiscovered jungle tracks before arriving at the opposite end of our Sunset Beach.

      Over lunch of a Chang & onion bhajis, whilst a quick shower passed over, we googled accommodation & travel routes & booked a 2 night stay in a hotel in the place where the pink dolphins live. We aren’t going mad just yet!!

      The afternoon was spent on deckchairs on our beach, which promised to provide us with a decent sunset. The beach was fairly full with tourists with the same opinion as us. We waited until gone 6pm, but yet again it was another unmitigated flop.

      After giving it up as another lost cause, we didn’t hang about & an hour later we were heading into town. We stopped at reception & spoke to nice, but dim lady again & this time Jackie put her in charge of organising our return trip to Hat Yai Bus Terminal on Wednesday. We have now relied on her slightly more than I feel comfortable with, but hey ho!

      Tonight, we had decided that we would sample some of the fare on the street stalls, followed by a quick drink & cards back on our balcony. It didn’t end up that way.

      We started off with a couple of sausages that were reheated on the grill. Jackie started eating hers first & stopped half way through saying it wasn’t what she expected, then said it was cold/undercooked in the middle. I ate mine despite her best efforts to make me gag.

      We went to a different stall & ordered a couple of chicken sticks. Mine was nice, but Jackie said hers was a bit grisly. And who is the fussy one?Jackie then declared she wanted to go to OMG Bar for a little something else to eat & a beer.

      We arrived at OMG Bar just after 8pm & ordered 2 Changs & a Pad Thai to share from the waiters. It was a quiet night, we would eat & drink up & go. At 8.30pm, everything changed when a crowd of 30 plus people descended on OMG in a huge cloud of cannabis smoke. They were a mixture of Thais & westerners, but they all thought they were super cool. It transpired that it was the birthday day of one amongst them, a very loud dramatic transsexual in a white dress.

      This made for good people watching, but what topped it off was the same band from previously started up. The very talented duo turned out to be our waiters from when we arrived. We stayed until their final song, a decent version of Smells Like Teen Spirit.

      Song of the Day: Mermaids by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds.
      When Mermaids Cry by Eagle-Eye Cherry.
      The “In” Crowd by The Mamas & The Papas.
      Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana.
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    • Jan4

      Day 26 - Arse Over Tit in Sunset City

      January 4 in Thailand ⋅ 🌧 27 °C

      We didn’t wake up until gone 9am, then it was down to breakfast. No new entertainment was on offer, but we had some new/trainee staff that still had some way to go. I ordered an omelette, but got scrambled egg, we didn’t receive our fruit platter & it took a while to order a 2nd coffee. I’m struggling to cope with such hardship!

      The sun was out & so we set up camp on 2 deckchairs for a full day of sun. At lunchtime Jackie popped back to our room & smuggled 2 cans of Chang on to the beach. Once drunk, it was my turn to get a couple more.

      After collecting my illicit contraband, I walked along the beach back to Jackie & didn’t notice the anchor rope of a longboat had risen up. I didn’t just trip up in my flip flops, but I somehow managed to a actually face plant into the sand. My embarrassing shriek of pain woke up the crew on the longboat as I picked myself up & walked on as if nothing happened, despite having a cut on the top of my foot.

      During the afternoon, the sun & fluffy clouds were threatening to provide us with a proper sunset. We weren’t the only ones to think so because the beach started to fill up. At 5.05pm, Jackie decided we needed to have a sundowner drink & she returned to the room to collect a bottle of Hong Thong & a can of coke. We are not cheapskates, just frugal!

      Whilst Jackie was away, I splattered a full mosquito against my leg resulting in a big smudge of blood & mossie carcass. Seconds later I was being attacked by another 2 mosquitos & I quickly, but with style, walked to the sea to clean my leg. Unfortunately as I was waving away the chasing mosquitos, I didn’t notice the rock in the sand that I smashed my left foot into, which again left me in a pitiful mess on all fours in the sand with a bleeding middle toe. The bastard mossies continued to eat my legs, despite me splatting another three.

      The sunset was still disappointing, no red skies, but I took a couple of arty photos for the sheer hell of it. We then returned to our room & did a bit of packing. Our dirty clothes had been successfully returned from laundry.

      We were just about to head out for dinner, when I went back into our room to put my iPad on charge & somehow managed to smash my left foot on the step, ripping the skin off the bottom of my arthritic big toe. What an absolutely clumsy tw^t, I’ve become!!

      After some serious swearing, hopping up & down & 1st aid from Jackie, we popped out for dinner. It was at La Luna, an Italian restaurant where I had gnocchi al pesto & Jackie had a spicy penne dish. We treated ourselves to a litre of red wine & garlic bread. It was very good.

      We managed to make it home & to bed without further accident or incident.

      Song of the Day: Free Fallin’ by Tom Petty.
      Sunsetz by Cigarettes After Sex.
      Clumsy by Cotter.
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      Andy and Teresa Mays


      Andy and Teresa Mays

      Was sure your song of the day would have included Day Tripper. Anyhow the spotify playlist is coming along nicely. Have whatsapped you - might be of interest.

      Simon and Jackie Annals

      Thank you

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    • Day40

      Strand- und Schnorcheltag

      November 17, 2019 in Thailand ⋅ ☁️ 28 °C

      Wie cool ist es denn bitte vom Sunrise Beach zum Sunset Beach 🏝 zu laufen? Die Insel ist so gemütlich. Wir haben auch festgestellt, dass noch Nebensaison ist, somit hat's hier noch wenig Touristen.

      Wir erkundeten die Strände Über- und Unterwasser. Es gab viel zu sehen:

      Blaue Seegurken, blau gepunkteter Stachelrochen, viele bunte Fische, schöne blaue Muscheln uvm. 😊🐡🐠🐟

      Zum Sonnenuntergang suchten wir wieder die schöne Bar etwas abseits auf. Und starrten in das warme Licht und die immer rosa werdenden Wolken...😯🌅
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      Meditation ist hier nicht nötig😊




      Ja, das ist es hier wirklich 😊



    • Day280

      Koh Lipe

      December 26, 2019 in Thailand ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

      Am ersten Weihnachtsfeiertag machten Michael und ich uns mit dem Speedboat auf den Weg nach Koh Lipe, der südlichsten Insel Thailands. Das Boot war klein und anfangs sehr voll, aber zum Glück stiegen auf Koh Phi Phi nochmal Leute aus, sodass wir zumindest Platz hatten. Die Fahrt dauerte fast 6 Stunden, gar nicht so angenehm verkatert wie wir waren! Aber dann kamen wir am Strand von Koh Lipe an, und alles was wir dachten war nur noch “Wow“. Türkisblaues Wasser und feiner Sand soweit das Auge reicht. Der Tag neigte sich schon dem Ende zu, aber wir sahen noch einen schönen Sonnenuntergang. Nach einem leckeren italienischen Abendessen sind wir noch zur Thaimassage gegangen, davon können wir gar nicht genug kriegen.

      Den nächsten Tag verbrachten wir an verschiedenen Stränden. Da die Insel nur zwei Quadratkilometer groß ist, ist alles gut fußläufig zu erreichen. Auf dem Weg zum Sunrise Beach machten wir zwei interessante Entdeckungen: wir sahen zum ersten Mal Khanom Jaak, ein thailändisches Dessert aus Kokosnuss und Reis. Mal was Neues und sehr lecker! Auf den Straßen standen immer wieder Leute, die hoch zur Sonne schauten. Auf den ersten Blick verstanden wir nicht warum, bis wir mal nachfragten: es war gerade eine partielle Sonnenfinsternis, bei der sich der Mond so vor die Sonne geschoben hatte, dass man nur einen Kranz der Sonne richtig sah. Interessant! Am Strand gingen wir im türkisblauen Wasser schnorcheln, dann ging es weiter zum nächsten Strand und immer so weiter. Abends waren wir wieder am Pattaya Beach, bereit für den nächsten tollen Sonnenuntergang. Mit Thai-Essen und Thai-Massage beendeten wir den Tag.

      Dann war wieder Tauchen angesagt! Mit einem kleinen Longtailboot wurden wir zum großen Tauchboot gebracht. Von dort aus machten wir zwei Tauchgänge, und wir haben noch nie mehr und vielfältigere Korallen gesehen als beim zweiten Tauchort namens Stonehenge. Es war richtig bunt und beeindruckend, da sind die Fische mal völlig in den Hintergrund gerückt. Der Abend sah aus wie an den Tagen zuvor: einen tollen Sonnenuntergang bei einem Bierchen genießen, dann was zum Essen suchen. Das einfache Leben halt. 😀

      Unser letzter voller Tag auf Koh Lipe war dann ein reiner Strandtag. Nachdem wir ja manchmal sehr schnell reisen tut das auch mal gut. Zur Abkühlung hüpften wir immer wieder ins Wasser, ansonsten lagen wir am Strand rum und lasen. Erwähnenswert war noch unser Mittagessen, nämlich eine Nudelsuppe. Angelockt wurden wir durch den Duft, der uns auf der Straße entgegenkam. Was uns dann in der Garküche serviert wurde war wieder mal genial. Unglaublich, wie gut eine einfache Nudelsuppe schmecken kann! Wenig überraschend gab es am Abend Sonnenuntergang, Thai-Essen und Massage, aber was will man mehr!

      Koh Lipe hat uns so richtig entschleunigt. So viel Zeit haben wir selten am Strand verbracht, aber das tat auch mal gut. Eine traumhafte Insel, wo auch Inselfeeling aufkommt. 🏝 Jetzt geht es für uns zurück nach Bangkok, wo wir auch die anderen vier wieder treffen werden.
      Read more

      Florian Troeger

      Koh Lipe war wohl echt ein richtiger Glücksgriff 👍🏻👌🏻


      Super Unterwasserbilder


      Toller Sonnenuntergang

    • Day127

      Bonne année !!!

      January 1, 2020 in Thailand ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

      Meilleurs vœux pour cette nouvelle année !!!

      C'est à Koh Lipe que nous sommes passés en 2020.
      Bar, restau et feu d'artifice sur la plage auront animés notre soirée.

      On vous souhaite à tous plein de belles choses, la santé et le bonheur 💕😘😘💕Read more


      Très belle et heureuse année 2020!!! Bises


      Merci Sabine ! Plein de bonheur 😘 Gros bisous


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