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  • Day10

    Day 10/72: Travel to Phuket

    November 6 in Thailand

    Another day of travel today. We got up early and went for a run around the Chaing Mai old city walls before it got too hot. Felt really nice to get up and do something so as not to waste a morning when we were flying at lunchtime. Came back and had some breakfast, packed up, checked out, and got a tuk tuk to the airport. Airport food was terrible but we ended up having fish and rice on the flight which wasn't bad at all, well done Bangkok Airways.
    When we arrived in Phuket it was a completely different climate. The air was heavy and humid and the skies a thundery grey. After collecting our bags it soon became evident that the chilled out atmosphere of Chiang Mai doesn't extend as far at the South. The airport staff were impatient as anything and it took the best part of 3 hours to make the what should be hour trip down to the hostel from the airport. Phuket, or at least Patong where we are staying for the night, is one of the heaviest areas for tourists in all of Thailand. Walking down the street, 95% of people aren't Thai; according to Izzi it has a similar vibe to Magaluf. The hostel is nice though, air conditioned and only got another guy in our room who's doing a diving course. We've packed our small bags for tomorrow and up early in the morning to get the minibus up to the National Park!!! Cannot wait!!!
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  • Day12

    We woke up in our tent to the sound of the jungle and rain on the roof. After washing and breakfasting (lovely breakfast with pastries and omlettes and a cup of English tea), we joined another couple and a guide and went on our trek through the jungle. We picked up bamboo walking sticks and after being told don't touch anything as it could be poisonous, we were punted across the river to the start of the walk. We wandered through the jungle up a stream, stopping at points along the way to talk about the trees and wildlife in the area. We had a swing on vines that are incredibly springy and can hold even Tom's weight and learned about bamboo, palm and many other plants and their usages.

    We walked and scrambled in the rain for about an hour and a half, and then came to a large open sided hut, where a couple of other guides were preparing lunch. We sat and tasted ingredients, and learned how to cook bbq pork with a spicy sauce, fresh coconut and chicken soup and scrambled eggs over an open camp fire. It was all delicious! Also learnt about all the uses of coconuts, and attempted to get all the meat out of one...

    We then wandered back to the camp, re crossed the river, and chilled out with a watermelon shake until it was time to go. We both absolutely loved the Elephant Hills experience, it'll be a highlight of the whole trip.

    We made the 3 and a half hour journey back to Patong and got reaquainted with the hostel. Then we wandered down to the beach for a quick swim and sight see, having not been down there yet. It was mega busy (the busiest beach in Phuket) but the sea was relatively empty and the sun had just set over a hill casting a red glow over the sea. That evening, we wandered to Bangla Road, the busiest road in Phuket with bars stalls and clubs lining the street. There must have been at least 20 different bars all with live bands playing, with each singer sounding very much like the artist of whichever song they were singing and switching voices alarmingly well. The road itself was full of drunk tourists, and salesmen and holiday reps. It was worth going just to see that side of the island. Tomorrow: the Phi Phi Islands!
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  • Day3

    Erste Station: Patong

    October 6 in Thailand

    Es ist einfach nur krank hier😅 Der Ballermann ist ein Scheiß dagegen🍻 Wenn ihr eine Bar ohne Pingpong Ladys findet, meldet euch bitte 😄🏓 Auch der Straßenverkehr ist echt gewöhnungsbedürftig. Bis jetzt trauen wir uns noch nicht einen Roller zu mieten, aber sobald wir ein bisschen mehr im Land sind, nehmen wir es im Angriff🛵

  • Day17

    Es sich gut gehen lassen...

    August 28 in Thailand

    Lange habt ihr nichts gehört von uns... Wieso?
    Ganz einfach... wir genießen die Zeit in Phuket und lassen es uns richtig gut gehen!

    Unser Tag beginnt hier mit einer Massage und danach genießen wir das kühle Nass und die einheimische Küche..

  • Day7

    Patong beach - half day trip

    June 30, 2017 in Thailand

    Half day trip to Patong beach the main part of Phuket..... was fun, bit we much prefer our quiet little corner of Phuket an hour away at Mai Khao beach. Alicia was a bit off colour today but soldiered on for some shopping time.

    Lost count of how many times we said no to a tuk tuk tour of Phuket, hair braiding for the girls, a massage or a tailored suit for Nige.... I almost bought a shirt that clearly ecpressed my disinterest but decided to stay polite!Read more

  • Day62

    Phuket, Thailand

    July 14, 2017 in Thailand

    We made it to Thailand! First stop was the wild island of Phuket. We stayed on the famous Patong beach - full of bars, massage parlors, and lady boys. We spent our first day exploring the town, watching tourists parasail from the beach, and gawked at sunburnt old fat men walking hand and hand with beautiful Thai girls. We are definitely back on the tourist trail. In the evening, I researched a reputable massage parlor and Andreas and I both got amazing massages for cheap. I got a Thai massage (a combination of stretching and deep tissue) and Andreas got a relaxing oil massage.

    The second day we rented a scooter and took it all around the island. Scooters are a great way to see the sights. I have not yet driven one and I don't think I want to with all the crazy drivers. Andreas' mountain biking skills really shine weaving around cars and obstacles. I totally trust Andreas and his driving but I can't help being on high alert the entire ride, letting out the occasional "WATCH OUT!", "SLOW DOWN!", or just a general scream. We spent a few hours swimming at a remote beach and then visited the 45m tall Big Buddha statue! While at the Big Buddha, we escaped the heat by attempting to meditate in its presence with a number of tourists and locals. It was a very relaxing and special experience.

    When we exited the Buddha we noticed the sky getting darker. When we started riding away we began to feel a strong wind that almost blew us over. Time to put the pack cover on. Then the rains came and Andreas and I were soaked! We made it to a cafe in Phuket city and waited out the rain. When it finally stopped we headed back to our hotel. Except that was back over the hill into the storm. Suddenly the skies opened and full monsoon rains pelted us so hard it stung. Andreas and I pushed on and arrived back at our hotel soaked through... quite the adventure. Next stop Ko Phi Phi.
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  • Day10

    Fish feet b4 our airport run

    April 29 in Thailand

    Patong Beach, Phuket - Day 2 😊

    So after a little bit of a sleep in we decided to head out and find the second hand book shop to get a book or 2...didn’t find it, all this while it was pouring with rain and still 29degrees - so running around in shorts and a t-shirt...and an umbrella.

    After no success finding the book shop we stopped to do that whole fish eat your feet thing - it was awesome!!! 😬...first time for me.

    And the just before we headed to the airport to leave for Sri Lanka - we grabbed some lunch on the beach 🏖 x
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  • Day22

    Tag14: Endlich auf der ersten Insel

    January 14, 2017 in Thailand

    Hurra, Flugzeug bekommen und mit Verspätung um 20:30 Uhr in Phuket gelandet. Dann noch auf den obligatorischen Minibus gewartet..... Der uns natürlich auch nicht direkt ans Ziel sondern erst mal zu einer "Verteil-Station" gefahren hat wo man allen Insassen Ausflüge und bessere Hotels aufschrauben wollte. Also wieder warten.... So is das bei Reisen auf eigene Faust in Asien. Und dann endlich gegen 22:00 Uhr hungrig und müde in der Unterkunft ankommen. Was macht man als erstes:

    Natürlich runter zum Strand.
    Der Schock : ich scheine am ruhigsten Teil vom berüchtigten Patpong Beach angekommen zu sein. Leerer Strand, so weit das Auge blickt. Sehr schön und gepflegt, aber eher romantisch und kein bisschen Leben oder Party. Nur ein Pärchen beim nächtlichen Strand Spaziergang.
    Das hatte ich mir zumindest an diesem Strand anders vorgestellt.

    PS: hab das Leben doch noch gefunden, ein paar hundert Metern weiter, siehe letzte Bild :-)
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