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  • Day11

    Am dritten Seetag in Folge haben wir den Golf von Aden erreicht ohne Piraten zu sehen.

    Heute haben wir 28 Grad Lufttemperatur und 30 Grad Wassertemperatur. Wir liegen den ganzen Tag faul in der Sonne. An so ein Wetter könnte man sich gewöhnen.

    Das Schiff ist mittlerweile auch weihnachtlich geschmückt und gestern Abend hatten wir eine Flasche Sekt als Honeymoon-Gruß auf der Kabine.

  • Day58

    Tage auf See :)

    March 30, 2017

    Halloooo :) ich mal wieder :) da wir uns hier auf einer Transreise befinden ( das heißt überfährt ins Mittelmeer von Dubai nach Mallorca ) haben wir sehr viele Seetage ..
    im Moment fahren wir irgendwo zwischen Salalah und Jordanien, wo wir das nächste mal anlegen.
    Für uns heißt das alle Leute an Bord und volles Programm.
    Aber das arbeiten macht Spaß und ist obwohl wir von 8-20 arbeiten sehr kurzweilig. Kurse in größeren Gruppen geben wird immer mehr normal und auch ich kann jetzt Sauna Aufgüsse machen :D
    In meiner Mittagspause leg ich mich immer aufs Pooldeck und genieße die Sonne;)
    Mir geht's schon viel besser - das fühlt sich gut an. Klar muss ich noch meinen Platz hier finden aber wird :P nach Feierabend finden auf Deck immer Partys statt oder ich geh ins Theater..
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  • Day97

    12.4. seetag

    April 12, 2017

    heisser tag bei ruh. see. einzig der fahrtwind kühlt ab. priska ist schon ganz in vorbereitung auf das familienfest.
    spa-anwendungen, gesichts- und körpermassagen mit orientalischen wunderölen, cremes etc., Friseur, mani- und pediküre
    bis hin zur persönl. Stilberatung - ich kann es als fast kaum glauben, wie die Reise mein liebes, fleissiges Frauchen ver-
    wandelt hat.
    piratenabwehrmassnahmen sollen bis Ausfahrt suezkanal aufrecht erhalten werden. was nützt mir jetzt der teure Fenster- Platz im Speisesaal, wenn alle vorhänge zugezogen sind?
    heute am nachmittag dann sowohl arab. als auch afrik. küsten in Sichtweite.

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  • Day17

    Will I never learn

    May 25, 2015

    Well Saturday morning started as normal having breakfast with Sheila, Sue and Maz.
    Then at 12.15pm we had our lunch with an officer, which is one of the diamond plus benefits when you reach 350+ cruise points, there where five or six tables with six or so passengers to each table, we had Ken Rush, the cruise director and a junior officer on our table.
    The meal and the company where excellent, the problem was, well I should say my problem was, the wine, it flowed very freely, and it would have been rude to refuse. Lol.
    Anyway almost immediately after the meal, a group of us went up to the concierge lounge to set up a small party for Doreen and Eric, two friends of ours who turned pinnacle on this cruise.
    And of course we all brought a bottle of wine, it would have been rude not to, lol.
    Well by the time the party finished, it was 4.30pm.
    Just enough time time to clear every thing away ready for the 5pm drinks.
    When Ike the waiter came around for the order, I ordered another glass of wine, it would have been rude not to.
    Btw, can you see a pattern appearing here? Lol.
    8.30pm and we're all booked in the Grand restaurant for dinner, and once again
    We had wine with the meal, needless to say, I don't remember going to bed.
    So for the following two days Sheila and I both abstained from alcohol, and on the first day we only left the cabin to grab some food on a couple of occasions.
    Maybe one day I'll learn, but don't hold your breath lol.
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  • Day96

    seetag 11.4.

    April 11, 2017

    ruhige See, leichte brise, Luft 33 c, Wasser 30 c. die piratenabwehrmassnahmen müssen weiter beachtet werden.
    morgens vortrag vorislamische arab. Kulturen, ansonsten schlampertag. gala-abend mal wieder teilgenommen
    (smoking passt immer noch), dafür aber kapitänsempfang geschwänzt. fahren jetzt in den Golf von Aden ein,
    um dann um das Horn von Afrika ins rote Meer zu gelangen.


  • Day15

    Since we came out of the Suez Canal all the news channels have mysteriously disappeared from the TV.
    This could be due to the loss of the satellite signal, but, the more cynical amongst us, me included reckon that the ship has blocked them, due to all the bad terrorism news we've had recently.
    This part of the trip, from the end of the Red Sea, into the Gulf of Aden is where the possibility of pirate attacks is, so the ship has armed security, a night time blackout and an open deck lockdown, where passengers are not allowed on the open decks during the hours of darkness.
    This is the norm on Suez Canal trips, so those of us who have done it before are not overly worried.
    But there are a few passengers who are quite scared, and a bit worried.
    So I suppose seeing news about terrorists etc would not help.
    Ergo the lack of news channels.
    That's my theory anyway.
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  • Day9

    Well we've just done our pirate safety drill it's called operation safe haven.
    When that code word is announced on the tannoy we are all supposed to congregate somewhere in the centre of the ship.
    I'm guessing this is to save the pirates having to search for us and round us up.
    I think it is very considerate of Royal Caribbean to do this as it will save a lot of time, and the pirates would then be able to send a ransom email to miami, very quickly.
    That is as long as they have enough internet minutes on their account.
    If they don't I'm sure Eric the diamond concierge would put some extra minutes on for them, for a small charge ;-) lol.
    We will now have four days at sea where every evening at sundown most of the ships external lights will be extinguished, and passengers will not be allowed on open decks, until Sunrise. Also we have armed private security on board for our protection, all in all its quite exciting.
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  • Day10

    Well it's grumpy old man time again......
    Six of us, that's Maz & Sue, Egbert & Chris and Sheila & myself, went to Chops Grill last night and the company was great, but I'm sorry to say, the food wasn't up to much.
    The place is a steak house so we all had various steaks, which were all good, except for Sues, which was dry.
    The second problem was that the potatoes and vegetables were cold which spoiled the main course.
    Then to top it all, for dessert three of us ordered a spectacular looking creme brulet, which was flambéed in front of you and looked wonderful, but when tasted was a thick gooey mess, and a big disappointment.
    The saving grace was that we were playing for the meal on two for one vouchers, even so it still cost $30 per couple and we could have got better food in the normal restaurant or even the Windjammer buffet for free.
    Other than that we had a great day and in the afternoon progressive quiz we did very well, getting the joint highest score of the day.
    I think that puts us in second place overall.
    Most of us spent the rest of the day by the pool, and the weather was hot hot hot...
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  • Day73

    What, no pirates?

    May 11, 2012

    Well we've left the Red Sea far behind and are through the Gulf of Aden and still no's either the military escort we have or leaving the lights out in the Viking Crown lounge that's doing the trick.
    I know which one my money is on...LOL.
    But we are still informed that it will be romantic lighting once again upstairs tonight, romantic ! It's to bloody dark to see anyone to be romantic with, unless maybe if you are bi-sexual then it wouldn't matter who you found in the dark.....!!
    Anyway the weather is still fantastic and we're all looking forward to Dubai....
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