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  • Day32


    February 9, 2017, Philippine Sea ⋅ 🌧 21 °C

    Unsere Zeit auf den Philippinen ist jetzt vorbei, wir haben die 30 Tage Visumsfreiheit komplett ausgenutzt und schreiben jetzt auf, was uns von dort am meisten in Erinnerung bleiben wird: ✏

    》auf den ersten Blick gibt es keine eigene Kultur, die sich zum Beispiel in der Architektur niedergeschlagen hätte, wegen der spanischen und später amerikanischen Kolonialherrschaft
    》bei den Ureinwohnern der Bergdörfer ist das aber (noch) was anderes! 😊
    》dafür sprechen fast alle Filippinos einwandfreies Englisch😇
    》die Philippinen sind das einzige Land weltweit, in denen McDonald's im FastFood Bereich nicht die Vorherrschaft hat, sondern das einheimische Jollybee🐝
    》das Essen ist gut, aber nichts Besonderes und die Märkte sind... interessant😁
    》der einheimische Kaffee hat dafür sogar den weniger Kaffeebegeisterten unter uns echt gut geschmeckt😍
    》Früchte aller Art! 👑
    》das Chaos im Verkehr und der Politik, das aber irgendwie dazugehört, genau wie die Menschen, die so freundlich sind, dass es schon fast naiv wirkt
    》alle waren sehr stolz auf die philippinische Miss Universe 2016👑
    》das Schönheitsideal lautet aber leider trotzdem so weiß wie möglich und am besten blond...
    》Toiletten werden Komfort Räume genannt :D
    》der absolute Nationalheld ist José Rizal, ein Arzt /Biologe /Illustrator /Dichter und was sonst noch, der auch sehr lang in Heidelberg gelebt hat und unter anderem Andersens Märchen ins Philippinische übersetzt hat. Man findet kein Dorf, in dem nicht mindestens eine Straße, ein Krankenhaus oder ein Park nach ihm benannt ist.
    》der Unterschied zwischen Arm und Reich. Neben den größten Malls der Welt muss man sich durch schlafende Kinder auf den Gehwegen schlängeln...
    》VIELE Schwule und alle davon super nett😊
    》lächelnde Menschen😃
    》die Landschaft ist UMWERFEND!!
    》die Landschaft ist von Bergen über weiße Strände und Regenwälder sehr vielseitig!!
    》die Landschaft ist der größte Attribut des Landes!!
    》alles ist billiger, vor allem Sprit und Essen😁
    》die Philippinen sind noch nicht so überschwemmt mit Touristen wie zum Beispiel Thailand, aber vielleicht kommt das ja noch in den nächsten paar Jahren. Würde uns nicht überraschen😍

    Wir sind auf jeden Fall sehr gespannt, was passiert und behalten unsere Tage hier in guter Erinnerung! Zurückkommen müssen wir auf jeden Fall mal, denn es gibt noch mega viel zu sehen!😊
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  • Day39

    Into the Flinders Range

    November 28, 2017, Philippine Sea ⋅ 🌙 81 °F

    Sadly, our time in Barossa has come to an end and we moved on this morning from the lovely Louise. We knew this was to be a long drive and it certainly was, around 6hours with stops. There was little on the road and driving was easy. The temperature outside was over 90 by midday. Thank goodness for air conditioned cars! Initially we were in Grape country and this continued through the Clare Valley, famous for its Reisling. Here the climate is slightly cooler (not today) and the terroir more suited to the production of white white. We called into the town of Clare for a coffee and found a nice cafe. It was busy and not only with coffee drinkers, the two ladies on the next table ordered a chilled bottle of white and proceeded to get stuck in. It was only 11.30! We are clearly lightweights!!
    As we drove further north the landscape opened out and became gently undulating and agricultural. Mainly cereals are grown here and as it is harvest time down under, the Combine Harvesters were out in force. This is a breadbasket area. At one point the countryside was gold as far as the eye could see, which was many miles. Occasionally we would come across a small settlement or homestead, but by and large there was no one to be seen. Slightly eerie for people who struggle to find a quiet patch of road anywhere at home. The road began to climb almost imperceptibly and the landscape began to change. Trees came into view and gradually the predominance of agriculture started to wane. The soil took on a redder hue and sections of scrub started to appear amongst the fields. We had a late lunch stop at a place called Quorn, (no resemblance to Leicestershire whatsoever) which looked of a reasonable size on the map, but was smaller in actuality. We enquired at the Tourist office and were told there were two cafes down the road, so we set off in almost 100 degrees of heat to investigate. There they were on opposite street corners and there was no contest as to which to visit - Emily's Bistro won hands down! As we approached, we did begin to wonder what sort of establishment this was, as the windows were decked out like an old fashioned emporium and on entering, that is exactly what we found. It was extraordinary, a real time warp. The building was clearly of some importance when it was in its heyday in the 1920s and little has changed since. 'Emily' has furnished and decorated in a vintage and quirky manner, all the food was home made on the premises and I think you could say it was the find of the day. I have included some photos to give you an idea.
    The Flinders Range started to appear on the horizon and the ground became ever rougher and mountainous. We espied Kangaroos and Emus under the bushes and small trees, resting in the afternoon heat, apart from the one that decided to jump across the road, thankfully a little way ahead of us. It was then my job to keep my eyes peeled and warn the wary driver of any further incident possibilities! At last came the sign board for Rawnsley Park Station and we ventured down the track some couple of kilometres to our accommodation. We are again in an Eco Villa, made from straw bales coated on the exterior with a red earth coloured render. Minimal clearing of vegetation around the villas allows for clever blending in with the environment and the views of the Flinders Range are spectacular. Ceilings are high and the style is that of the old homesteads of the early settlers. The ceiling in the bedroom is glass and you can draw back the blinds to reveal the night sky, which is something we will try, when I'm not tapping away. Dinner tonight was taken in the Woolshed restaurant and was excellent. The driver had to run the gauntlet of multiple bands of Kangaroos. They were completely unphased, but I can't say that of my chauffeur! Our waiter was a young lad from Corby working his way around Australia, with his girlfriend. It could not be more different here to the steel town of the Midlands, or the flats of Norfolk come to that. We'll see what tomorrow brings.
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  • Day2

    China Airlines

    September 15, 2018, Philippine Sea ⋅ 🌬 28 °C

    The reason we chose China Airlines was its Premium Economy was half the price of any other airline and the reviews we excellent so we were surprised only half of the 31 premium economy seats were occupied. The plane, a A350-900 looked near new. The cabin staff were excellent, there were even toilets for Premium Economy passengers only.
    The menu was a bit of an issue, especially for MDW,
    but to be fair the airline is catering for a more Asian clientele. In saying that, duck is a popular meat for their meals.
    We managed to get a few hours sleep in before breakfast at 3am. Breakfast was noodles and duck or chicken sausage. Seriously “duck” for breakfast, let alone chicken sausage. Fresh fruit was our choice.
    During the flight we received complementary slippers and toiletries bag. MDW has a collection of the completely pointless bags, still in their original plastic wrapping. Now as we get 2 per flight it means we end up with 8 on a return trip. Considering we are trying to keep our luggage weight down I see a looming issue, let alone lack of space in our wardrobe at home where we have a dedicated shelf for these items. Should I tell MDW I disposed of her airline toiletry bag collection a month ago?
    I tried the one size fits all slippers but failed badly.
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  • Day10


    April 18, Philippine Sea ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    So our final day at sea was very relaxing - we hot tubbed, morning trivia'd, swam, ate, saw ice carving, read, and watched the Deadliest Catch (albeit the latter in our cabin). However, under the glorious Japanese sunshine we neglected just how strong the sun was, even in short bursts, and got sunburnt to buggery!Read more

  • Day25


    July 20, 2018, Philippine Sea ⋅ 🌧 28 °C

    We decided to go check out Opalton which is about 100kms from Winton on a dirt corrugated track, 3.5hrs later we arrived. After the dust settled we decided to stay for a night and search the next day for the elusive Opal.
    There is a ‘bush camp’ which has a flush toilet and hot showers once the fire pit gets cranking. We slept like babies in the pitch black quiet evening.
    After a quick stop at the 2 shed township we headed to the fossicking area where we spent ten minutes scouring the red ground for a ‘once in a lifetime’ find hahaha
    On our way back to Winton we stopped to take photo’s of the 4 dingo’s who didn’t make it out alive.
    Luckily the dead dingo’s stopped us as the back water tank was hanging on by the two remaining bolts.
    Winton has Telstra coverage weeeeeeee are with Amaysim.
    Heading for Mt Isa on our whiz around Oz.
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  • Day2674

    Try the local breakfast

    March 23, 2016, Philippine Sea ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    A phone call from our parents woke us up and realized it' time to get ready for our bus to Mabinay. Up we go and checked out. They said never leave Dumaguete without trying their "Painit sa Palengke". We trooped to a Painitan in the Dumaguete Public Market. A Painitan is an eatery usually opens early morning for breakfast. It is also a local term for “warm-up” since people usually go here for hot coffee or chocolate early in the morning. Painitans are easy to find as they are situated in rows at the market. This is also the best place to find Budbud Kabog.Read more

  • Day14

    Leaving Osaka and day 7 at sea

    October 12, 2016, Philippine Sea ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    After leaving Osaka we were able to relax and just enjoy the idea of not having anything to rush for. The evening on the boat was a little chaotic after Osaka as a number of people arrived back later than their normal dinner reservation time and had to suffer the buffet queues, luckily we had planned ahead and taken the latter dinner time and had time to enjoy a wine and some cheese on our balcony first.

    Day 6 was very pleasant and we decided to try the onboard sushi restaurant for lunch which was excellent and it was nice seeing everything prepared in front of us.

    Some Pictures from the cruise
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  • Day9

    Sailing towards Hososhima

    October 16, 2017, Philippine Sea ⋅ 🌬 19 °C

    Had our first sleep in for a week. We had breakfast and then went to the talk on Hososhima and Nagasaki. The presenter became quite emotional when talking about the Peace Park and Ground Zero Museum. Lunch was next, then a talk and demonstration about Kimonos. We stayed for the next presentation on Tai Chi. Time for some exercise so 7 laps around the promenade deck. We had dinner in the Canaletto tonight which was compliments of Cruise About. We had an early booking so we went to the 8pm show, The Fly Rights from London.Read more

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