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  • Day2

    Ankara Citadel

    June 3, 2017 in Turkey

    32 hours after leaving one capital city I found myself bleary eyed and standing in the middle of another a world away. Much like the much maligned Canberra, Ankara isn't on the top of most tourists wish list, and my first impressions certainly weren't convincing - endless sprawl and featureless developments.

    The airport bus dropped me off 2kms from my accommodation and, feeling like I needed to stretch my legs, I thought I'd walk not realising that the 2kms were from the base to the top of the highest hill in Ankara. Feeling like I'd need a bit of comfort to get over jet lag, I'd booked into a nice looking small guesthouse in a restored ottoman house in the centre of the Ankara citadel. While the walk was strenuous, it did give me an opportunity to get a better sense of the cities old town centre and the cities geography as I made my way through victory square, through the citadel park, under the ancient walls and found myself in the familiar cobble lined narrow maze that makes up so many old town centres in this part of the world. Of course I got horribly lost trying to find my hotel, making far too many wrong turns into dead ends, making it only too obvious how effective the street design is at confusing invading armies and clueless backpackers.

    Eventually, however, I found my accommodation, dumped my bags and was back out with no plan, but to find some delicious Turkish delights of the grilled meats variety. Just outside the citadel walls I found a likely looking place, with a couple of groups of locals sitting out front, sat down, nodded dumbly at the waiters verbal cues and my trust/ignorance was rewarded with a delicious kofté kebab, ayran and tea from a passing cay boy. Feeling recharged, I went for an explore of the streets, eventually finding steps up to the citadel walls, providing views over the city in all its, not so, glorious sprawl.

    I know Ankara isn't really isn't on the tourist route, but I was immediately struck by the lack of western tourists, a complete change from my experience through western and central turkey in 2014. Combined with the lack of English spoken and my uselessness with the Turkish language, if this is any indication of what's ahead, I'm in for a fairly lonely trip through eastern turkey.
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  • Day4


    June 5, 2017 in Turkey

    The downside of living in a castle is that, to go and visit the peasant, you have to get to and from it. This is fine at the start of the day, but after walking 14km, it's definitely a drag come the end of it, something I discovered today as I braved Ankara's sprawl in search of its soul.

    I hit the museum of Anatolian civilisation first, in the hope of beating the school groups and tours, and was rewarded by having it all to myself (not that there were many people when I left mind you). I'm not a massive museum person, preferring to see things in situ, but this particular museum was perfect, located in an ancient covered bazaar just outside the Citadel walls, it takes a maximum of a couple of hours to get through, but in that time manages to trace the human history of Anatolia from the Paeleolithic, through the Neothlithic, Bronze Age, Assyrian, Hittite, Phrygian, Urartians, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and ending with the Ottomans. All represented by a small selection of their most impressive remains, many collected from sites I intend on visiting over the next 6 weeks, which made for an excellent introduction and preview to my trip.

    Following the museum, I headed to the Ulus markets (always a sucker for a good market), an amazingly well preserved caravanserai (still functioning as a covered market), Gençlik Park and the Temple of Augustus, which was built by the Romans to commemorate the conquest of Anatolia and is impressively preserved on a hill to the northwest of the Citadel providing really impressive views of the castle. Finally, I headed south to Antikabir (Ataturk's Mausoleum) to pay my respects to the founder of modern Turkey. A man I have long admired, not just because he so thoroughly kicked our on butts on Australia's first grand adventure following nationhood, but for being one of those far too rare beasts, the benevolent strongman. Antikabir is incredibly impressive and would make the ancients proud, standing up well against any of their own monuments to dead rulers.

    It was a touching experience, and I spent a couple of hours there wandering the grounds and appreciating the reverence modern Turks have for the man. However, I couldnt help but imagine how Ataturk himself would be feeling right now, watching as his grand experiment of a secular democratic republic at the crossroads of civilisation facing, what could be, it's greatest test. In the three years since my last visit, security is noticeably tighter with heavily armed police and barricades at regular intervals, foreign tourism has fallen off a cliff, a string of terrorist attacks have taken place across the country, ISIS managed to get within eyesight of the border and the military failed to overthrow the sitting President. This latest, not so benevolent, strongman has now successfully consolidating the powers necessary to undermine the very safeguards Ataturk installed to keep the secular state safe, including the recent referendum, which significantly increased the powers of the executive and the neutering of Ataturks beloved military as the last line of defence of the Turkish constitution. There is a definite sense that the future of the country is at a critical juncture and only time will tell which road it will take.
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  • Day1

    Der >PUDDING-SHOP< in Istanbul

    August 25, 2016 in Turkey

    Hier in Istanbul,im legendären >Lale Pudding-Shop< hat sich die Hippiewelt getroffen..bis hier konnten viele mit dem "Daumen" Reisen..doch ab hier gab es keine Möglichkeit mehr...per Anhalter zu Fahren..also wurde der "Hippie-Bus" gebucht..Von Amsterdam bis Istanbul haben Einige gebucht..doch weiter wollten sie vorerst nicht. OK, so wurde neu gebucht, und die Fahrt ging durch die Türkei nach TEHERAN / Persien..dort war dann wieder ein weiterer längerer Stop.Read more

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Ankara, Анкара, አንካራ, Ancyra, أنقرة, ܐܢܩܪܐ, انقره, Горад Анкара, Angkara, আঙ্কারা, ཨན་ཁ་ར།, Ăng-kā-lá, ئەنقەرە, Anqara, Άγκυρα (Ankyra), Ankaro, آنکارا, Ancara, אנקרה, अंकारा, Անկարա, ANK, アンカラ, ანკარა, ಅಂಕಾರಾ, 앙카라, Enqere, Анкъара, Anakara, അങ്കാറ, Анкара хот, ଆଙ୍କାରା, ਅੰਕਾਰਾ, انکرہ, அங்காரா, అంకారా, อังการา, Әнкара, انقرہ, Angora, Ankar, 安卡拉, אנקארא

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