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  • Day3

    Erster stopp erreicht!

    September 28, 2016 in the United Arab Emirates

    Nach Dschungelbuch, Angry Birds und mindestens 7 minuten Star Wars haben wir unseren ersten Stop erreicht: Dubaeyyy!
    Wie auf den bildern unschwer zu erkennen, hat uns der Flug ein wenig mitgenommen. Um uns das Ganze noch zu erschweren, ist der Flughafen gefühlt so groß wie Kiel, weswegen wir erst mit der U-Bahn zum Gate fahren mussten...
    Aber nichts desto trotz ist die Vorfreude noch ungebrochen! Mal sehen wie das nach weiteren 5 Stunden Aufenthalt am Flughafen aussieht..
    Das wars erstmal von uns, wir hoffen ihr schlaft alle noch!
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  • Day2

    Sonnenaufgang in Dubai

    December 19, 2017 in the United Arab Emirates

    Erste Reiseetappe geschafft: Airport Dubai 6.10 Ortszeit gelandet (in Hamburg 3.10 - da habt ihr alle noch geschlafen... und wir sind erstaunlich wach!) Um 9.20 soll's weitergehen: nach Melbourne 😊

  • Day30


    November 13, 2017 in the United Arab Emirates

    Måndag 13/11

    Drygt halvvägs mellan Auckland och Dubai, total flygtid 17 1/2 timmar.

    Vi satt loungen i Auckland tills dess att planet ropades upp, försenat med 1 timme och 20 minuter. Vi kom in på planet och gick till våra platser. Det såg inte fullt ut och de andra i gruppen, som tidigare hade klagat över vitt spridda platser, satt nu parvis. Det visade sig att de hade fått hjälp av damerna i loungen och det visst fanns helt utmärkta platser till dem.

    Då blev vi minst sagt upprörda och fick tillåtelse att byta till vilka platser vi ville. Det fanns inga ’honeymoon seats’ kvar men vi hittade platser bredvid varandra men med armlängds lucka. Vi kan meddela oss med varandra med kroppsspråk och höga rop. Vi kan i alla fall hålla handen även om det är obekvämt.

    Damen vid incheckningen måste ha haft helt fel information. Bilden hon visade Henrik visade ett i princip fullsatt plan medan business class i verkligheten knappt är halvfull.

    Det här planet, en Airbus A380, har två våningar och vi sitter på övre planet. Här finns t.o.m en bar där jag hittills har tagit ett fruktspett och några mandlar. Vi får inte frukost förrän klockan 12:30 Auckland-tid och vi åt middag strax efter midnatt, så frukosten kommer att uppskattas. Jag har sovit några timmar och efter det lyssnat på tidig kyrkomusik tills jag fick ont i öronen av lurarna.

    Det är nästan bara jag som sitter upp med tänd lampa. Nu ska jag läsa, omväxlande på min iPhone och i pappersbok och kanske sova ytterligare en stund.


    Ytterligare ett barbesök: mer äppeljuice och snittar. Henrik vaknade i tid för att via internet kunna följa slutet av fotbollsmatchen Italien-Sverige som slutade 0-0 och Sverige är därmed med i fotbolls-VM i Ryssland 2018.

    Har snart läst ut boken 1947 av Elisabeth Åsbrink, en mkt bra bok om framtidspåverkande händelser under 1947, i efterdyningarna av andra världskriget.
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  • Day8


    July 10, 2017 in the United Arab Emirates

    Na een ontspannen vlucht zijn we op Dubai. Nu even lekker ontbijten en dan even een rondje doen. De jongens hebben lekker geslapen wij niet echt. De a380 is echt super stil. Fijn vliegen.

  • Day3

    Meet me at the Airport

    July 29 in the United Arab Emirates

    Dubai is a beautiful,exciting city but not today we are just in transit to Birmingham. I have never flown into Birmingham so this will be a first for me. Tabby has been before when she flew home for her reunion with YOG in 2015. This journey is another reunion but not of the show biz kind. Tabby is connecting with the people that were at Steve and Mandy’s wedding twenty five years ago. All the guests from their original wedding that are still around have been invited to their renewing of vows in Trevorn in Cornwall. It is to be families,friends and will be a ten day affair. Tabby will drive from Cornwall to London and meet up with Michael and I for five days of sightseeing.

    We have made it through security once again and are now waiting to board our seven hour trip. I cannot believe that I have packed my cameras in the hold. I always have my camera,so will have to use my iPad until further notice.Tabby and I have sent messages to all our important people so it’s time to board,relax and sleep.

    Well the sleep didn’t happen it was early morning and breakfast was served almost the minute we left the ground. Audrey was wide awake and filling her time in with a different activity every fifteen minutes while Ollie and I were playing games on the aircraft entertainment system ICE. Ollie I have discovered does not like losing to nanas. So the games did not last long. Tabby was trying desperately to sleep,but in the confined space of a seat that is not designed for spending twenty plus hours in,it was not happening. Eventually the announcement to fasten seatbelts for landing was announced and descended into a grey dismal rainy Birmingham. Birmingham airport was not originally designed for the amount of air traffic that now passes through its terminals. This is evident in the process of dispatching passengers, processing them through security and customs and the fact the arrival into Britain for foreigners is thrust upon you while waiting in a queue of two hundred people. You are literally filling out arrival information standing up while moving through the line. Birmingham is not a modern airport,it is tired and hungry for an update.

    We found Ritchie almost immediately and before long we were driving happily to Coventry. Stacked to the roof with luggage. Sam had gone to great deal of trouble to accomodate us, our bedrooms were set up like a hotel,with fresh towels and a delicious seafood chowder cooking on the stove. It was great to catch up with news and stories and to feel comfortable and welcome. Katie,Joe and Layla were invited for dinner too,so it was a happy homecoming. I was finding it increasingly difficult to keep my eyes open so I excused myself and by nine o’clock I was dead to the world.

    Audrey joined me and we slept like babies until 4pm when we were wide awake,due to the jet lag. Today is Monday and it is the start of our holiday,so cameras ready, car hire to sort out and we will be off and running. Goodnight diary.
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  • Day5

    Same in Any Language ...I Nine

    July 31 in the United Arab Emirates

    Today is our first day of being tourists. Tabby picked her hire car up and we headed off to Kenilworth castle. What a great way to spend a day. I have not visited Kenilworth for over twenty years so it was a blast from the past. There is a bookshop in Kenilworth that is owned by a friend of Ritchie’s so we had to call in and say hello. The lady Judy who owns the shop was very kind and gave Ollie and Audrey a journal each to record their holiday travels and adventures. Audrey chose a mermaid Squishy and Ollie chose a pack of Avenger cards as mementos of their visit. The castle was amazing and we spent two hours exploring the Norman castle and gardens. Ollie and Audrey had a great time running around and climbing stairs to the turrets. I think the kids really enjoyed the day and were fascinated with the castle. After two hours of absorbing history we crossed the road to the Queen and Castle pub and had lunch. If this is the start of our adventure it was a perfect start. Sam cooked us a lovely meal of chicken breasts,salad and new English potatoes. I had forgotten how delicious English potatoes tasted. Tonight we are painting rocks with Sam and Ritchie. It is going to be a joint effort. Tomorrow we will be putting them in the park.Read more

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