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  • Day662

    I Need a Break!!!

    February 15 in the United Arab Emirates ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    I need a break from my van and my dog for a few days, so I decided to book myself into a hotel in Dubai.
    Being able to just go to bed, without pulling out boards to extend my bed, rearranging mattresses, making the bed, and in the morning the reverse...
    Just turning on the tap for a shower whenever I want to, without heating up water, pulling out my doggy bath, cleaning up the mess afterwards...
    After showering, drying myself with a cotton towel instead microfibre. Bliss!!!
    Just lifting up the lid of the toilet without preparations...
    Turning on the tap, without the thought of saving water...
    Taking it slow in the morning, no Rexdog looking at me, expectantly, waiting for his walk, and the same in the evening... (the poor critter is in a kennel).
    No pulling in your head when moving around the van, and still knocking it now and then...
    No fear of being woken up by police or some ranger, because you cannot stay here for the night...
    No dirty dog bringing in sand and mud...
    Sorting out all things internet without interruptions or low speed...
    Just having space to move, upright, behind closed doors...
    And the best: strolling through the city, for hours, days, without feeling bad, because the Rexelby is locked in the car...
    To sum it all up: probably just having a normal life for a few days.
    ...more pics to follow
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    Kim Russell


    ElisaLola Rexelby

    Thanks Kim! And then, the journey can continue!

  • Day3

    Businessclasslounge Dubai

    February 12, 2020 in the United Arab Emirates ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Nach einer kurzen Nacht wurden wir um 6:30h wieder mit der Limousine zum Flughafen gebracht. Über den ganzen 1. Stock des Terminal erstreckt sich die Businessclasslounge. Das Angebot in der Lounge war beeindruckend. In verschiedenen Sektionen konnte man unterschiedliche Speisen zu sich nehmen. Nach einem ausgedehnten Frühstück machten wir uns noch auf den Weg zur Moet Champagner Bar. Während ich ein Glas Champagner genoss wurden Naim´s Schuhe vom eigenen Schuhputzservice auf hochglanz poliert. Direkt von der Lounge konnten wir dann den Airbus 380 in Richtung Bangkok besteigen.Read more

  • Day2


    February 8, 2017 in the United Arab Emirates ⋅ ☀️ 16 °C

    Dubai gut erreicht!!! Der Flug von ca 6h war ganz angenehm, gutes Essen, etwas Schlaf:)
    Nachdem ich nach Komplikationen doch noch einen Sitzplatz bekommen hab, haben Ulrike (26) und ich noch die anderen 3 die über unsere Orga fliegen getroffen: Rene (19), Isabel (18) & Jenny (24).
    Gemeinsam verbrachten wir die Wartezeit von ca 4h.
    Nun fliegen wir im selben Flieger nach Sydney😍😍🌏✈
    Ich hab den Platz direkt am Fenster und vor mir sind keine Sitze mehr d.h. ich kann aufstehen wann ich will und hab trotzdem einen super Blick aus dem Fenster 😍👍
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    Thomas K

    Super,cool! Freut mich für Dich!

  • Day2

    Zwischenstop in Dubai

    October 12, 2016 in the United Arab Emirates ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    Der deutlich kürzere Flug von Frankfurt nach Dubai war sehr angenehm. Jetzt sitze ich voller Vorfreude im Flieger nach Auckland, in dem ich über 18 Stunden verbringen werde. Die Freude wird immer größer und ich kann es gar nicht abwarten endlich in Auckland anzukommen.Read more

  • Apr13

    Dubai arrival - day 2

    April 13, 2019 in the United Arab Emirates ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    We arrived at 5.30am feeling pretty good. Dubai airport took a long time to get through, but most of that was because we walked a long way. When we were supposed to arrive at midnight on our initial flight, we booked a non-cancellable hotel close to the airport. So we still used that to have a wee sleep before being able to check into our other one. They upgraded us to a 3 room suite with 2 bathrooms and a big bath. It would have been great to have that the whole time we were here. Neither of us slept for very long – maybe an hour, but it was great to have a lie down and a nice shower.

    Our 2nd hotel is around 800m from the Dubai Mall, but the room is much smaller being just one room with 2 single beds close together. But we chose it for the location which is great. We got all checked in around midday, and then really needed some food, so went off to the mall. It is still as huge as I remembered! Had a nice mixed grill thing for lunch, and found the supermarket for the yummy passionfruit that I had in South America. The aquarium is spectacular in the mall with sharks and lot of different rays.

    Before I came here I had googled different things to do. The global village looked good, but that was closing before I arrived. But, it had an extension so the last day was now today. So after recovering from our mall visit – feeling a bit jaded by then – we jumped into taxi and set off.

    As we were leaving the clouds were looking threatening so we put on light jackets, and my umbrella. It took 40 mins to get there, and by that time there was quite a bit of rain. The village was a bit like Epcot in Orlando. Lots of different countries had an entrances off the central area, and there were lots of culture specific foods and products. We went into several; Yemin, Turkey, Iran, South Africa but by that stage the rain was quite heavy with lots of thunder and lightening. Some of the cobble areas were a bit slippery, and lots of women walking around with their long black dresses getting wet at the bottom. I was surprised at all the honey stalls in Yemin, I had no idea that was a product from there, and loads of different varieties. The vendors were quite pushy about getting us to try the honey. I bought some dried fruit in Turkey, and at another stall just wanted a couple of figs, so held up 2 fingers. The man said 2 kilos? And I said no just 2. I think he was a bit disgusted about that, so gave me 2 figs and wandered off. They were very nice, maybe I should have got 2 kgs…. So after about 1.5 hours, we bailed. It was starting to get dark, and was getting harder to keep track of each other in the rain as it was mainly outside. We were pleased that we went to see it, and could have spent a long time going into all the countries, but in reality we had arrived that morning, hadn’t had a lot of sleep and weren’t really up to investigating it until the 3am that it was open to.

    So then took a taxi back to the mall because I seem to have managed to lose my cell phone charger cord. Very annoying as I am normally careful about that, and remember putting it into a snap lock back – just can’t find that particular bag. Lucky to have lost it when we were close to a mall that sells absolutely everything! We were feeling a bit wet – Jody’s denim shorts were soaked. So we watched 2 of the fountain shows, and then made our way back to the motel. I had vege sticks and watermelon for tea. Jody had a Macca's burger and chips (she could join our team in Tok!). She has been having trouble with cramp, so wanted some salt.

    We now have an exciting excursion planned on Monday which is different to what we were going to do, and we are both pretty excited about – must be for me to put excited twice in one sentence! More news about that later….
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  • Day1

    Wassertaxi/Fontänenshow/Burj Khalifa

    June 27, 2016 in the United Arab Emirates ⋅ ☀️ 35 °C

    Leider kann ich kein Video hochladen.
    Wenn jemand von euch mal in Dubai ist muss sich unbedingt die Fontänenshow ansehen.
    Es lohnt sich :)
    Burj Khalifa der höchste Turm der Welt mit 828m.
    Mit dem Aufzug kommt ihr bis 638 m.
    Ihr habt eine fantaschtische Aussicht über Dubai
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  • Day2

    united Emirates hotel apartments

    June 20, 2018 in the United Arab Emirates ⋅ 🌙 33 °C

    from the airport we decided to go straight to our hotel and drop our bags until we could check in. so we jumped in a cab, showed the driver the paperwork and address of where we are staying and we headed that way. i felt like i was going to be sick half way there cuz the driver drove like we were going over whoops... stop, go, stop, go. it was all or nothing with the gas pedal. the 15 min drive to our hotel turned into a 45 min drive because apparently there is a "the grand hotel emirates" and that's where she took us.... and there's a "the grand hotel emirates apartments". wasnt a big deal, just a bit of confusion, and she didn't charge us for the extra time. when we finally made it there we dropped our bags and decided to go to the burj khalifa (tallest building). the tram was just outside our hotel, So that was very convenient to get there and for only a $4 (aud) round trip. bought our tickets and went up the escalator and the tram was just pulling up, so we jumped in.... i loved around us as the doors shut, and thot wow theres a lot of females on rhis tram, then realized it was all females, i turned and looked at mick and looked down at the next carriage and saw a bunch of men down there. looked back at mick and said look Around you. then i turned towards the door and read a big sign that said "women and children only" bahaha woops! i think that was the longest 1 minute tram ride of micks life. 😂 the tram took us to the mall, where we spent 5 hours just wondering the place in amazement. huge candy stores, a massive aquarium, skate rink, lots of restaurants, dinosaur display, virtual reality park, waterfalls, fountains, kids zone park, every store you could possibly think of.... it had everything. after walking around for ages, we decided to go out to a viewing deck of the burj khalifa ans the fountain. the view was nice, and the tallest building was very tall. however we decided to not go up to the 125 floor of the burj Khalifa because there was so much smog, we didnt thick the view would be worth it, we could barely see a few buildings away. anyway were happy just looking at it from where we were.
    We had booked a 4x4 tour for 3pm, for them to pick us up away our hotel, 345 came around and no tour guide to be found, so the front desk called and low and behold he was waiting at the other hotel. haha. our driver was a crazy driver on the road. he was a great driver in the dunes tho. it was a lot of fun playing in the sand dunes in Dubai (still got nothin on glamis tho) 4x4 in a land cruiser, sand boarding and a camel ride. we drove out to this random area in the dunes where they had several huts set up and thats where we had dinner. got henna, tried my first hookah (which i still don't understand what the point is) And watched a belly dance show. it was really good experience. we were definitely very tired by the end of the day.
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  • Day320

    United Arab Emirates, Dubai

    February 3, 2015 in the United Arab Emirates ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    Randi Mackay
    This painting reminds me of the sun returning to our valley in Norway after a long and dark winter. And despite all that's wrong in the wolrd...the sind brings hope that nature will once again be rejuvenated and the circle of life continue!Read more

  • Day23

    Dubai, Waffi Gourmet

    May 31, 2015 in the United Arab Emirates ⋅ ☀️ 44 °C

    Last night Maz arranged for us all to have a meal at Waffi Gourmet as his daughter Reima and son in law Hussam were going to be in Dubai overnight on business.
    We'd been to Waffi before with Maz so we knew that the food is good, and this time was no different.
    As last time we left the ordering to Maz, and he didn't let us down.
    The starters were typically Arabic with lots of dips, salads, falafel and freshly squeezed juices.
    At an Arabic meal you eat warm pitta type bread with the starters, which is replaced regularly when it cools.
    Then came two massive plates of lamb chops, and chicken which had been marinated in yogurt and spices.
    It was amazing, especially the lamb, which was also marinated in something then cooked on a griddle.
    Reima and Hussam where lovely and it was nice to put a person to the Facebook profile.
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  • Day3


    August 21, 2016 in the United Arab Emirates ⋅ 🌙 33 °C

    Das war es mit Dubai. Jetzt geht's wieder zum Flughafen und um 3.30uhr weiter nach Hanoi. 😉 ich glaube heute werden wir gut im Flieger schlafen.....Soweit haben wir hier alle wichtigen Dinge gesehen. Besonders schön war der Sonnenuntergang aus 555m Höhe und das Wasserspiel vor dem Burji Khalifa.
    Die beiden riesigen shopping malls in Dubai sind wirklich sehenswert, da ist nicht einfach nur shopping angesagt sondern auch viel Unterhaltung wie ne integrierte skihalle, eislaufbahn oder ein riesiges Aquarium. Geld spielt hier wirklich keine Rolle.....Und so viele Baustellen wie in der ganzen Stadt noch sind, wird es in 10-20 Jahren garantiert doppelt so viele Wolkenkratzer geben wie jetzt schon sind. Wahnsinn 😉
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    Das klingt nach einem tollen Aufenthalt :) Euch nen guten Flug-ich bin gespannt wie es weitergeht :) Lg von Anika&Butchi


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