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  • Day8

    Churchill's War Room

    April 13 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    We were able to visit Churchill's WWII war room, below the streets of London near Downing Street. The importance of this intelligence center cannot be overestimated when it comes to the defense of Britain in the 30's and 40's. Many feet of steel reinforced concrete cover this secret bunker, which includes communications, map rooms, strategy centers and sleeping quarters. The visit also covered a museum dedicated to Churchill's life and times. Lots to see and absorb.
    We also walked through much of London where I actually walked my feet off. That's right, nothing but ankles hitting the cobblestones. Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, etc. Great day.
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    Sue Hubbard

    Very interesting!

  • Day9

    The Tower of London

    April 14 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    We walked to the closest stop for the "hop on, hop off" bus today, with the Tower of London as our main objective, and Harrods as a secondary target. Tomorrow is a travel day, so we pushed it hard with a bag of "crisps" and a bottle of water 💧 as lunch. We also took the Underground a couple of times to help us get around. We only got lost once, and I swear it was due to poor directions from the Underground staff.
    Big crowds today due the upcoming holiday, so seeing the Crown Jewels had a one hour queue. Checked out the towers, medieval castles, torture chambers etc. The Scots and the English seem to have a talent for torture techniques. 😬
    Flying to Porto tomorrow!
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    Sue Hubbard

    Thus picture reminds me of your wedding. The explanation of what Linda collects! 😂

  • Day8

    Tower of London

    May 3 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 50 °F

    We had the BEST Beefeater tour guide. We walked right into the Tower of London as he was starting off. He's beefy409 on Facebook.

    This is the place of kings, queens, and executions. The crown jewels are houses here (no pictures allowed).

    The Beefeaters are the Queen's personal guard and still live here. They must serve 20 years in the armed forces before being able to apply. More people have been to space than have become Beefeaters.

    Legend has it that as long as the ravens still live at the Tower, England will not fall.
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  • Day6


    April 23 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ☁️ 14 °C

    At 6 in the morning we got up to travel to London. The Bus was on time so was the train. At London King's Cross we found ourselves on a very long escalator. Our guide guided us towards the queens residence. Sadly she wasn't at home, so we were not able to meet her. We walked through St. James Park and saw some ducks. Later we met them again in a Chinese restaurant. We saw Big Ben, the westminster and the house of parlament. The guide learned us some vocab to describe a notorious lier, one of which is Boris Johnson. We walked to Covet Garden were we were allowed to spend 4 hours on ourselves. Finn forced us to go to the Supreme store with him. After that we walked through the china town. We mistook the London Opera for a shopping mall, and just walked in. Later we gathered at covet garden again and met Len from Oxford. After chatting a bit with him we walked to the british museum. Unfortunately, we saw the queue before we saw the museum and therefore decided not to waste our time waiting to go in. Alternatively, we went to see the enormous St.Pauls cathedral and the millennium bridge. Eventually all good times have to end and so we had to go back to Kings Cross to board the train back to Cambridge. At the station we were reminded that we are still in the UK as all the trains were either delayed an cancelled.Read more


    The trains just delay in Germany with the DB

  • Day16


    May 14 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 68 °F

    Jamie, our guide, saw my email address and said that the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has the nickname, Boejo! Oh, dear…not sure that I want to share the name with him!
    Becky and I were on our own for today. We took off to Notting Hill to a very large street market. These markets are a part of the culture in Europe and can be found everyday in many towns. We got there early, but it became crowded rather quickly. The area is so charming with all the colored townhouses. We stopped in at the Travel Book Store from the movie “Notting Hill” with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant.
    Our next stop was Kensington Palace and where we saw the Diana statue. William and Kate live there. We walked a little in Kensington Gardens.
    We had an excellent lunch and gelato at an Italian restaurant cafe… we were in great need to rest our feet!
    Our last stop was Trafalgar where we dropped into the National Gallery for a quick peek of some of our favorite painters’ works…Monet, VanGogh, Renoir, Cezanne, Seurat, Constable, and Gainsborough’s paintings including Blue Boy.
    We walked and toured nonstop for 8 hours today, so we returned to hotel at 5:30 and are in for the night. We both need to rest up for our flight to Edinburgh tomorrow where we will begin our Scotland trip.
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    Kelly H

    I want that!

    Yvonne Jones

    I bought a tote bag!

    Kelly H

    Tote bags!

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  • Day8

    Im Hafen von Tilbury

    December 11, 2019 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 6 °C

    Wir konnten den Hafen von Antwerpen auf Grund zu starkem Seegangs nicht verlassen. Wir sind erst heute morgen um 4 Uhr losfahren und erst heute Mittag um16 Uhr in Tilbury angekomme. Die neuen Passagiere sind daher auch jetzt erst später an Bord gekommen. Der safety Drill findet um 22 Uhr statt und danach fahren wir erst Richtung Amsterdam los.
    Heute habe ich dafür dann frei 😊. Morgen früh heißt es erstmal arbeiten und dann Amsterdam besuchen.

    Meine Mitbewohnerin und ich haben keine Lust auf Putzen und die Uniform zur Reinigung zu bringen. Daher Haben wir seit gestern einen cabincleaner. Er kommt 2 die Woche und kümmert sich um alles 😅. Pro Person nimmt er nur 30 Euro im Monat. Wofür sollen wir uns den Stress machen
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    Sandy Kludas

    Ja voll geil ist ja geschenkt 😅

  • Day8

    Buckingham Palace and St James Park

    May 3 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ☁️ 54 °F

    No changing of the guard today, they are prepping for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrating her 70 year reign (the longest of any British monarch).

    The gardeners were thinning the tulips and giving them out. The girls were thrilled, and a kind older lady at Westminster Abbey told Éowyn what a very special day it was, to receive a flower from the Queen.Read more

    Pamela D.

    seems that your interaction with the tour guides and locals has been very pleasant

    Our Grand Tour

    Very much so, we've had fantastic guides

  • Day13

    First full day in London

    September 11, 2019 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    It’s now Thursday morning, but it was too late to write up then. Having had a LONG sleep on Tuesday night, we felt ready to hit the town...but actually, I have to say that I did feel a bit fuzzy despite plenty of sleep. But we did quite a lot. After breakfast, which is included in our accommodation this time, we set off, walked through Hyde Park, saw there was a September 11 memorial, which was ignored even though it was today sept. 11. Nearby there was a butterfly biosphere...a tent with many species of butterflies in a very tropical tent, so we went in just for fun.

    Then we walked along, through Mayfair towards the British Museum where we spent a few hours looking at the fascinating things there. After we wandered the streets, such lovely buildings (mostly) and in passing picked up our tickets for Mamma Mia from the Novello theatre in Aldwych, (that is for Friday) and also for the concert tonight (Thursday) from St Martin in the Fields in Trafalgar Square.

    After more wandering we actually took the underground to Knightsbridge - getting a little wearier by then - and walked to South Kensington, lots of eateries there...had a pre dinner drink at happy hour, then a pizza and salad before walking to the Royal Albert Hall for our Proms concert. Realised we were joining quite a crowd walking in the same direction...there is a real atmosphere at the prom concerts. Found our seats and enjoyed the whole spectacle. Virtually full house, with always people standing in the middle . We thought it was a concert of Bach orchestral suites - it was, but unbeknown to us there were other very short non-Bach 21st century works interspersed....(they can never have a concert there days without something new and “enlightening” it seems!)...however, this did not detract from the Bach...just lovely. It was an orchestra from Dunedin NZ (their equivalent ACO i imagine)...

    So we walked back after the concert, and decided to have our complimentary drink in the bar at the hotel (because we are such faithful silver Accor members!)...so it was almost midnight when we went to bed, and of course, having been fighting sleep during the soothing Bach at the concert, we found ourselves wide awake....

    So here we are, Thursday morning, slept in till almost 9, ready for a new day!
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    Paul Farrell

    Nice words and pics Mumza ...its just so Mumza!! :)

  • Day2

    25.000 Schritte durch London

    March 3, 2020 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ☁️ 8 °C

    Heute sind wir mit der Bahn zur Tower Bridge gefahren und haben von da alle Londoner Sehenswürdigkeit zu Fuß erkundet. Wir hatten sogar richtig Glück mit dem Wetter - bis auf ein bisschen Nieselregen sind wir trocken geblieben und sogar die Sonne hat sich öfter mal gezeigt.
    Von der Tower Bridge ging’s zum Tower of London und dann zur St. Paul Cathedral. Von da aus sind wir dann zum London Eye gelaufen und über die Brücke zum Parliament gelaufen. Der Big Ben war leider in Baugerüste gehüllt. Dort in der Nähe war dann auch die Westminster Abbey. Danach mussten wir uns erstmal aufwärmen und stärken: in einem gemütlichen kleinen Café gab es Tee mit Scones und Clotted Cream und Backed Tea Cake!
    Weiter ging es danach zum Buckingham Palace und zum Trafalgar Square. Dort sind wir dann in die U-Bahn gestiegen und nach Camden Town gefahren. Das ist ein sehr lustiger Stadtteil mit vielen kleinen verrückten Läden (in den mit amerikanischen Süßigkeiten mussten wir natürlich rein!). Es gibt auch den Camden Market, ein Markt der teilweise draußen und teilweise überdacht ist und auf dem es von essen über Klamotten bis hin zu Deko alles gibt.
    Auf dem Rückweg sind wir dann noch kurz in Kings Cross ausgestiegen und zu Gleis 9 3/4 gegangen 😬
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    Frank Remmers

    sehr dchönes bild 😍

  • Day14

    Another London Day

    September 12, 2019 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Tonight I’ll try writing up before going to sleep, while the day is still fresh in my mind.

    So we set off after a fairly late breakfast and took the tube to Hyde Park Corner. We can walk all this (yesterday Amr’s watch said we walked 22 kms!) but decided to save it for the later walking. So we had a very pleasant walk round St James Park, Green Park, past Buckingham Palace, looking at all the sights. Ended up in Trafalgar Square and thought we’d have a session in the National Gallery.

    This turned out to be a superb choice. For the beginning of the day I had felt annoyingly fuzzy still, but wandering through the gallery looking at the fabulous art was very soothing, and we both got a new lease of life. We efficiently worked our way through almost everything, and found it was 5.30! Without even the tired hips from museum walking! So it was perfect timing to go to nearby Leicester Square for a meal, and then back to St Martin in the Fields in Trafalgar Square for our Bach concert.

    This was divine. I don’t think I’d ever been inside the church itself. Lovely for a concert, good acoustics. It was the London Concertante who were playing, and they played 4 Bach violin (one actually violin and oboe) concertos, and they too put in a few short non Bach “interlopers”, but they were also lovely - Telemann, Corelli, Piazzola. So a lovely day altogether, and here’s hoping we will fall asleep correctly today! (I think Amr already is!). Will include a photo of the new line in London buses - they have gone sleek and curvy!!
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    Cathy Sertori

    Love this painting

    Cathy Sertori

    Showed Ted who said “oh wow, the buses sure have had an upgrade” ! Very modern looking!


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