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  • Day3

    Schlemmen am Camden Market

    January 11, 2018 in the United Kingdom ⋅

    Ich glaube, größer kann der Kontrast kaum sein, wenn man von Chelsea direkt zum Camden Market fährt. Aber ich liebe es. Die Kontraste. In Camden weht ein anderer Wind. Es ist ein Gewusel und Gedränge. Wenn man aus der U-Bahn kommt, sieht man erst mal überall Shops mit schrecklichen Souvenirs und versteht gar nicht, warum man hier unbedingt hin muss. Wenn ihr ein Stückchen weiter Richtung Kanal lauft, kommt ihr zum echten Camden Market.
    Neben allerhand Kunsthandwerk gibt es auch hier ein kulinarisches Angebot vom Feinsten, wo wirklich kein Wunsch unerfüllt bleibt. Handmade, glutenfree, vegan.
    Mein Tipp: Lasst euch treiben, nehmt euch Zeit und bringt Hunger mit.

    Mehr Infos im Blogpost: http://www.lilies-diary.com/die-5x5-insider-tipps-london/
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  • Day251

    Camden Market

    May 3, 2018 in the United Kingdom ⋅

    Ich hab sieben Minuten bis ich zum Chor gehen muss. Danach werde ich es aber glaub ich nicht mehr schaffen einen vernünftigen Blogeintrag zu schreiben (das Tagebuch darf ruhig mal Zeuge meiner Müdigkeit sein...).
    Mein Donnerstag hat normal angefangen. Alles war so wie immer, bis ich dann nachdem ich die beiden zur Schule gebracht habe, in den Bus nach London gestiegen bin. Das war eine beinahe spontane Entscheidung... Jedenfalls wusste ich das vor einer Woche noch nicht und bei einem London Trip wirkt das spontan.
    Nach der angenehmen Fahrt, wo ich nur gelesen habe, bin ich von Marble Arch ungefähr eine Stunde nach Camden Town zum Camden Market gelaufen. Das Wetter war wunderschön und ich war gut drauf - bin ich auch immer noch!
    In Camden Market angekommen bin ich erst einmal ziemlich lange durch die Gegend geirrt. Ich war auf der Suche nach dem London Pop Up Shop von Dan und Phil. Irgendwann hab ich den dann zufällig gefunden, aber das erst nachdem ich an mehrerern Verkäufern mehrfach planlos lang gelaufen bin. In anderen Läden war ich nicht, aber die Atmosphäre hat mir sehr gefallen!
    Den Rest meiner Zeit in London hab ich dann tatsächlich nur in dem Shop verbracht, wo ich eine neue Freundin gefunden habe, die mit mir da die 2 1/2 Stunden verbracht hat. Wir haben mit allen Verkäufern lange geredet und vor allem ich hab (wahrscheinlich durchaus nervige) Fragen gestellt. Wir hatten sehr viel Spaß! Die Menschen waren so lieb und dieser Trip nach London war vielleicht merkwürdig, aber er war auch total schön.
    Nach meiner Zeit im Shop bin ich dann die Stunde wieder zurück gelaufen und hab dann den Bus nach Hause genommen. Dieses Mal hab ich nur gegessen und Musik gehört, für mehr war ich irgendwie nicht im Stande. Die Busfahrt war wieder sehr schön, nur leider war ich über eine Stunde zu spät bei der Schule. Darcy hat mir das Dank frühzeitiger Vorwarnung nicht übel genommen.
    Ich bin mir nicht ganz sicher, was ich jetzt in der Zeit gemacht habe, die ich Zuhause war. Youtube glaub ich... Jetzt geh ich auf jeden Fall zum Chor, also euch einen schönen Abend, gute Nacht und bis morgen!
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  • Day8

    Camden Markets

    April 2, 2017 in the United Kingdom ⋅

    Having well and truly mastered the underground by now I went a little further afield to the Camden Markets (as recommended by Nat!). The area was definitely a little grittier than Central London. There are several markets here and I visited one called The Stables Market. It is another example of the repurposing of lovely old buildings in London. Based inside an old Stable and Horse hospital, it was full of unusual people and stalls selling all kinds of things on a busy Sunday afternoon.

    After a quick lunch of prawns cooked three ways, I wandered around the Market. Luckily I'm limited with space so no big purchases but I did buy myself a couple of necklaces (I know.....) before heading back to London Central.
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  • Day9

    Day 9: London, England

    July 15, 2016 in the United Kingdom ⋅

    Today is our last full day in London and Joel's enthusuatic to see as much as we can. We first stopped back at Westminster to see 10 Downing street, but you can only see from a distance- no Theresa May spotting this time. We walk over to the imperial war museum's Churchill War Rooms and toured the underground bunkers where he led the majority of World War 2 and learned a lot about his life I never knew. I was unsure if we were going to do this since it's pretty expensive, but Joel was really interested and it ended up being pretty good. It was bigger than I expected and it put an interesting perspective on the war. We crossed Westminster bridge dodging through the hoards of people to grab lunch at Pret a Manger under the London Eye. Love Pret. Cheap, healthy, quick, and delicious. We need these to have an option in between Starbucks and Panera. We walked with our coffee along the south bank with it's street performers, runners, tourists, and business people. We turned right to walk through the old Borough Market which is a bustling food market with lots of great produce, meats, cheeses, lunches, coffees, etc. After quickly perusing we walked to The Shard which is the tallest building in London and for modern architecture quite nice. You can go to the top for £30- no thanks. We then continue our walk through a maze of streets to the Bermondsey Market with antiques mainly consisting of silver and peruse, but most are closing up by 3. We turn to go back to the shard where the London Bridge underground is and take it all around the city to Camden Town Market on the NW part of London. This is an interesting place and I'm having a hard time deciding what word to use for this neighborhood- perhaps eclectic or maybe international. It's the strangest mixture of trendy, goth, punk, and artsy. There are perhaps hundreds of vendors of everything you can imagine. Most of it's kitchy and trash, with a few nice artsy vendors, but it's the food you want to go here for. Every kind of food from every kind of cuisine seems to represented from jamaican, ethiopian, british, gluten free, vegetarian, israeli, indian, american, cuban, venezuelan, chinese, italian, french, it's all here for very reasonable prices. I sample what's offered, but decide to wait for an actual dinner later. We return to our flat to rest and plan the night. We decide to return to knightsbridge to complete the circle around London by visiting Harrods. Ah, Harrods. What an extraordinary place. Harrods is the sort of place that will make your jaw drop in awe at it's opulence and also make you gag with the absolute ridiculousness of it all. I'm glad I saw it, but it was my least favorite place in all of London that we visited. It's such an attraction to tourists that it feels anything, but British. In fact much of London feels unbritish, but this section especially. We did get some traditional British grub at a restaurant called The Bunch of Grapes down the road then grabbed some chocolate tarts on the way back before jumping on the tube for the last time (exactly £0 left on my oyster card!). As Joel said leaving the tube: "Goodnight tube. Goodnight knightsbridge. Goodnight smelly people. Goodnight escalator." Joel and I are always discussing what it would be like to live in the place we're visiting- and it's really hard to say whether I could put up with the tourists and foreigners and smokers for long. It's a wonderfully varied city with so much to see and do and I feel we've accomplished what we set out to do. Next up... Paris.Read more

  • Day47

    Still enjoying London...

    June 4, 2017 in the United Kingdom ⋅

    Sunday. Hours after, the terror ripples on through the city. But it does not stop us. We all go quietly, gently, respectful of the pain felt across this community.
    For us it meant worship and lunch at City Temple ( Norwood's old church). Then we headed up to Camden. Funky markets, winding canals, ancient churches, and sprawling Regent's Park all in a few hours.
    We also had dinner and a delightful catchup with some old friends... Thanks Edi and Raff for a wonderful evening.

    Just a day to go now.
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  • Day36

    Driving into London

    August 28, 2017 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    Driving in one of the world's largest cities was always going to be exciting - but not for Mary [ace navigator]. Leaving London was easy - straight up the M1 going north - but coming back we were on the M4 which enters the city from the west, meaning we would have to drive through the heart of London to get to Russell Square. It was a slightly familiar route with Heathrow Airport, Kensington, past Harrods, Madame Tussauds, couple of laps around Kings Cross and St Pancras railways stations and to our hotel for the bag drop off, before returning the hire car. No problems.

    The Camden Market was on our list - I wasn't sure about it but Mary said that is was recommended by Jemma Dacy - so it should be okay. This place is seriously weird - many alternate people, footpaths full of sellers, markets everywhere, things to see and do that you won't see in sleepy Hobart. Mary bought a hand made red poppy and a leather jacket - looks good.

    We went to check on our EE mobile SIM card as time was running out and I wanted to check on the global roaming. Couldn't find a shop - so we changed to Vodafone ...£20 for unlimited SMS, 500 minutes of Voice and 6Gb of data and no problems with data roaming throughout Europe - more on that later.

    Tomorrow is going to be a great day with the train and ferry rides. I decided to check on our leaving point from Kings Cross station - glad I did because we were leaving from Euston Station. Went for a walk to check on that and decided that we needed a taxi in the morning.

    Met some Aussie's in the pub over dinner and swapped travel stories - nice to hear familiar voices and sense of humour. Our room in London was again very small - no room to put a suitcase on the floor anywhere and open it up !! But the room was very clean and comfortable and so we had a good nights rest ready for our long day tomorrow travelling to Ireland.

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  • Day87

    Day 87: Camden Markets

    May 13, 2017 in the United Kingdom ⋅

    Last full day in London! First step though was to move out of our current apartment, and move into a different place near King's Cross station. Originally we had only booked this place until the 12th, but decided to extend our stay in London for two nights. But annoyingly, it was only available for the first of those two nights, so we just booked a small flat near King's Cross for the last night as our rental car office was nearby.

    All went smoothly with checking out, Ubering over to the new place and getting in. It was a little odd though, since it was clearly someone's house but they weren't around to greet us (a key was hidden in a lockbox nearby). Felt strange.

    We dropped our bags and headed out for the day to Camden Markets, a London institution. This is where a lot of London's counter-culture scene used to happen, though I imagine these days it's way overpriced for that type of thing to still exist. We had a good wander around looking at all the market stalls, though I'd say more than half were just selling tourist tat (I Heart London shirts, Union Jack fridge magnets, Keep Calm and prints, Banksy copies etc). Not a whole lot of interesting stuff around, though we managed to find a few things.

    Shandos ended up buying a new handbag as her current one was getting grubby and starting to fall apart. I didn't buy anything aside from lunch, where we had mixed Thai for 5 pounds a box - decent value. Also had a nitrogen ice-cream sandwich which was excellent! Not particularly healthy, or ice-cream weather for that matter, but still good nonetheless. More wandering and then a pint at one of the bars there before we headed back to our apartment to chill.

    In the evening we headed out to Southbank for dinner with another old friend - James, my former flatmate who'd moved over here with his wife a couple of years prior. We had a tapas meal at a place near Borough Markets (since we haven't had enough tapas lately!); as usual the food was good and quite authentic, but very expensive for what you get. Tapas in Spain works because the price is based on the serving size, ie the tapas size is 1/3rd the food at 1/3rd the price. Whereas in western countries, the tapas size is 1/3rd the food at 3/4ths the price. Annoying!

    After dinner we had a good walk with them along the south bank of the Thames, popping into some random festival where we grabbed a waffle for dessert. They also took us to the "smelly tunnel" which is one of the authorised graffiti sites in London. A few people spraying up even though it was 10pm or so, and lots of good stuff to check out here!

    Finally they walked us back to Waterloo station near their apartment where we said our goodbyes and parted, us on the Tube back to King's Cross and them home. Another long day for our last one in London, very appropriate! I think Shandos fell asleep within about 20 seconds of hitting the pillow.
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  • Day6

    Camden Town

    June 16, 2018 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Angekommen in Camden Town gingen wir aus dem Bahnhof und waren von den vielen Eindrücken überwältigt. Wunderschöne Häuser, tolle Dekorationen, viele Menschen und extrem viel Gerüche und Lärm. Unser erster Plan war, die Straße entlangzulaufen. Da es aber überall interessante Stände, Märkte und Seitenstraßen gab, war das etwas schwer. Wir sind also die Straße entlang und haben immer mal wieder angehalten oder sind abgebogen. Vor allem sind die riesigen Verzierungen an den Gebäuden toll, wie z.B die Schuhe oder der Drache. Auch ist hier vieles bepflanzt, sogar ein Gebäude. Total faszinierend. Straßenkünstler gibt es hier auch einige. Musiker haben wir viele gesehen und auch wieder einen ES Clown. Die Straße entlang ging es im Laufe des Tages zum Camden Market. Als Camden Market wird eine Ansammlung von verschiedenen Märkten in und um die Camden High Street bezeichnet. Sie bilden einen der bekanntesten und größten Märkte der Stadt und werden pro Woche von rund 500.000 Menschen besucht.Read more

  • Day6

    Inverness Street Market

    June 16, 2018 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Als ersten Seitenstraßen Markt haben wir uns den Inverness Street Market angesehen. Dieser kleine Markt besteht zum Großteil aus Ständen mit Essen. Der Geruch, unglaublich gut! Leider waren wir noch ziemlich satt vom Frühstück, deshalb haben wir hier nichts gegessen. Die Waffeln auf dem Foto heißen Bubble Waffle. Wir wollten diese unbedingt probieren, leider wäre es nicht sinnvoll gewesen sich zu überfressen.Read more

  • Day6

    Camden Market - Buck Street Market

    June 16, 2018 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Gegenüber vom Inverness Market ging es in den riesigen Buck Street Market, auch wenn über dem Eingang ‘‘The Camden Market‘‘ steht. Dieser Markt besteht aus sehr vielen einzelnen Ständen, die zusammengestellt sind und somit eine sehr große Fläche bedecken. Durch die Dichte ist fast der gesamte Markt überdacht. Hier haben Nadine und ich zwei T-Shirts gekauft. Eines für mich und eines für Nadines Bruder. Zusätzlich habe ich noch meine neue Batman Handyhülle gekauft. Insgesamt habe ich also 18£ dort gelassen. Nadine hat sich zusätzlich noch ein Kleid gekauft (wir haben es von 18£ auf 12£ gehandelt) und eine sehr schöne gefälschte Michael Kors Tasche für 25£. Die Verkäufer sind gut, wobei sie teilweise auch sehr aufdringlich sind und unbedingt verkaufen wollen. Solange man hier aber knallhart bleibt, geben sie auch schnell wieder auf. Ein Besuch hier ist meiner Meinung nach Pflicht. Generell, der ganze Camden Market ist Pflicht.Read more

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