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  • Day113

    Anderton Boat Lift

    August 22 in the United Kingdom

    Boat lifts were used if there wasn't enough room for a staircase lock to be built. This one, called Cathedral of the Canals, was built in 1875 between the river Weaver and the canal. It has two caissons (tanks) of water in which the boats float. Then the lift brings the boat 50 feet to the next level.Read more

  • Day28

    Trevor, Wales and Chester, England

    September 16, 2017 in the United Kingdom

    We didn't have far to travel from Wrexham to Liverpool so visited the Pontsycyllte Aqueduct in Trevor, Wales. Incredible structure sitting 126 feet (38 metres) over the River Dee at its central point. The Aqueduct has a walkway and a narrow iron canal trough which is just wide enough to fit a narrow boat. We walked across the Aqueduct and watched a narrow boat and some canoes navigate there way across.

    We then had a short drive to Chester, England which has the only complete Roman walled city in Britain. We walked the two miles around the red sandstone walls stopping off to have a cruise on the River Dee and watch the first race of the day at the racecourse from the city wall. The city wall overlooks the racecourse. The Chester Cathedral is an enormous building that has been enlarged over time from its original form.
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  • Day101

    Porters Row Houses

    August 10 in the United Kingdom

    These row houses were built in the 1830s and used by various workers and their familes. Each one is furnished to represent a different time period in which they were lived.

    In the 1830s there was no running water, electricity, or gas, yet it was considered a comfortable working class home of that time.

    In the early 1900s home, there was gas lighting and running cold water. A flush toilet is in the back yard! The parlor was only used for special occasions.
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  • Day101

    Porters Row Houses, continued

    August 10 in the United Kingdom

    In the 1930s, electricity and a gas stove were added. The parlor was used more often, such as on Sundays and holidays. The wireless became popular.

    In the 1950s a small black and white TV was a luxury. Labor saving devices include hot and cold running water, an electric stove, vacuum cleaner, and hand-agitated washing machine.Read more

  • Day101

    National Waterways Museum

    August 10 in the United Kingdom

    Ellesmere Port is located where the Shropshire Union canal meets the Manchester ship canal. There are docks, locks, stables, cottages and canal basins. The museum includes one of the greatest collections of historic boats in the world. We learned about how canal boats were built and what it was like to live and work in the canals system.Read more

  • Day101

    Life Aboard the Friendship

    August 10 in the United Kingdom

    Friendship is the name of a canal cargo boat that was owned by Joe and Rose Skinner. It was their home for 50+ years (until 1959), and we were fascinated to see their tiny cabin. They hauled mainly coal. It was drawn by a mule named Dolly, and they took good care of her.

  • Day101

    Canal Life

    August 10 in the United Kingdom

    Navvies were the men who built the canals. They were not desirable people to rent to as they had a reputation for drinking, rowdiness, and thievery. So often they lived in huts near their work site.

    Here are some photos of the beautiful ways the boats were decorated.

    Also shown is a canal ice breaker, which was drawn by a large team of horses and rocked by as many as 20 men to break the ice.Read more

  • Day14


    July 17, 2017 in the United Kingdom

    After stocking up on breakfast supplies last night and Phil popping out to the local award winning butcher this morning we had a delicious breakfast before walking out the front door and heading into Chester proper.
    The skies are blue! That's exciting, its been a while.
    We are in a lovely old original two bed estate cottage just outside the City Wall.
    Today we are going to 'relax' compared to recent days, well that's the plan.
    Our walk took us into the city looking around at the old streets including the Chester Rows which are the streets that had a second row of shops on another street above ground level.
    We kept walking thru the city to the rear of the Cathedral when the Falconry resides. Our show had been cancelled for a private booking and the only other show was not for a few hours.
    In the meantime we decided we would walk the circuit of the City Wall which has a footpath on top of it.
    Half way around the wall runs along the river and we noticed that cruises were happening and people were hiring row boats and motor boats. On such a glorious day it seemed a must so we went down and hired a motor boat and putted up and down the river checking out the prime real estate and views.
    We dropped the motor boat back, bought an ice cream and climbed back up on the wall to finish our circuit arriving back at the Falconry with 15 mins to spare.
    One of the handlers was showing around a python so I decided to hold it too. I was surprised it was smooth, soft and warm and didn't try to strangle me.
    The birds of prey came next and showcased three birds over 50 mins. During the show I had a chance at catching one of the birds. He just glided in from one of the trees and landed on my gloved arm.
    After the show we went into the Cathedral, which is huge. The interior was incredible and that big you could probably get lost. Apart from it having so must history they also showcase many modern sculptures.
    After the Cathedral it was time for refreshments, dropping into a tavern that served 2 for 1 cocktails all day.
    Next was another restaurant/bar and then an old hotel where we enjoyed a relaxing chat with the manager, barman and retired golf pro.
    If we had stopped at each tavern between the city and our cottage we would be curled up somewhere between here and there very tired and emotional.
    That's Chester done for us!

    Phil - this was to be our relaxing day. We still walked miles. Wendy was brave holding the snake. We did our mini pub crawl, 3 establishments, to get home. There are pubs everywhere here, each usually with about 5 drinkers. Not sure how they all exist, but at least we helped them out today.
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  • Day24

    A wonderful surprise

    September 4, 2017 in the United Kingdom

    On my way down to Liverpool I saw that turn to Blackpool and thought something rings a bell about this. Anyhow I decided to go and have a look and I was amazed ...it was exactly what you expect to see from a British holiday location right down to the ballroom and the wurlitzer it was fantastic I spent hours I could have spent days there. I'd like to go back in the night however it's an hour and a half behind me and I'm way too tired for that unfortunately. Then off to Liverpool early Beatles paraphernalia and spots for myself. Also work the dark and the memorial for the Titanic. made it to the room now and it is a magnificent all mountain again. Another amazing day I just have realised that it so much to see here I hope you're at Josh and disappoint me because of the package tour. I'm a bit lonely tonight. Missing jinnie and my boys and the cats.Read more

  • Day13

    United Kingdom, Cheshire

    April 2, 2014 in the United Kingdom

    Jude Cooper
    "Looking at this painting on screen in different sizes, gives so many possibilities. My first thought was of Temptation, and so my hopes were for the ability to resist the major ones. Focussing on a different aspect of the painting, there is growth and the roots of new beginnings."

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