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  • Day3

    Lyme Regis

    May 30, 2019 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Someone needs to inform the English that 65 degrees Fahrenheit is not beach weather.

    Listen, I love going to the beach in Michigan. I’ve probably been there when it is too cold to really be considered beach weather. But mid-sixties, overcast and windy is the time to be putting clothes on, not taking them off. To add to the insanity, people were coming up from the beach to get ice cream. Mid-sixties, overcast, windy and naked is certainly not the time for ice cream.

    Beyond the less than lucid behavior, Lyme Regis feels just about like any other beach town. There are families hanging out in and next to the water. There are shops up on the street selling food and souvenirs. There are tables covered by umbrellas where people can sit and eat or enjoy a cup of tea.

    And there are seagulls.

    Now I am no stranger to aggressive seagulls. I once witnessed a flock in Port Aransas swarm my friend and chase her down the beach just because they thought she had food (she didn’t) and, while it was honestly hilarious the rest of us, it was fairly traumatizing for her. The gulls in Lyme Regis rival those in Port Aransas. While we were sitting outside a café having a cup of tea, a gull swooped down and snatched a whole sandwich off of a plate just as a waitress was trying to set it on a table.

    After tea, Marina and Bernard went to visit a couple of shops and Will and I went for a walk around the seawall. Again, it felt very similar to the breakwater in Menominee, with a few important exceptions. First, this wall is on a larger body of water, meaning that the waves are rougher and throw more spray onto the top of the seawall. Second, rather than being made of concrete like the sea wall in Menominee, this wall is made of smooth stones. Third, likely as effort to prevent water from pooling on top of the wall or falling onto those walking beneath it on the inside, the walking surface is slanted outward. Toward the sea. So what we have here is a smooth, wet surface, slanted outward, trying very hard to dump you into the English Channel. It seems to me like an inevitability that someone, at some point, will fall in. The people of Menominee have prepared for just such an event by placing ladders on the outside of the breakwater so that anyone unlucky enough to fall in will be able to quickly climb back out. The good people of Lyme Regis are apparently huge proponents of natural selection, as they have placed NO ladders anywhere along the outer edge of the seawall. If you’re stupid enough to fall in, you’d better be strong enough to swim back. Otherwise, there are no desirable traits in your genetics and they would rather not have you in the gene pool, it seems.

    After surviving our harrowing walk around the sea wall, we returned to the shops and met back up with Marina and Bernard, only to say goodbye to them before they left for the inn. Will and I picked up some fish and chips and walked down the street (away from the seagulls) towards the cliffs where people look for fossils. The plan was to do some exploring on the beach before heading back to our hotel.

    Did you know that oceans have tides? William and I apparently forgot about them, as evidenced by the fact that we waited until the tide had started coming in to walk along to way down to the stairs leading to the beach. By the time we got there, there was water over the base of the stairs, meaning that the only “dry” path to the beach was hopping from rock to rock past the incoming tide. After several minutes of deliberation, Will decided to go for it. I, having bad luck, poor coordination, and an expensive camera, opted to stay on the stairs. A benefit to this decision was that I had the perfect vantage point to watch my strong, manly boyfriend stare at and then smash rocks on the beach, surrounded by many toddlers doing the same.

    When he had stared and smashed to his heart’s content, he hopped back across the rocks to the stairs, unfortunately without any fossils to show for his hard work. We walked back along the waterfront to the car, and headed off to the inn.
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  • Day223

    Lyme Regis

    April 5, 2018 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 6 °C

    Woah! Wer hätte das gedacht! Was für eine Überraschung! ... okay, das funktioniert nicht - Versuch war es wehrt.
    Nachdem ich Barrington Court besucht habe, bin ich weiter gefahren nach Lyme Regis. Vor fast zehn (... ich weiß nicht mehr ob neun oder acht... deswegen fast zehn...) Jahren war ich schon mal mit meiner Familie in Lyme Regis. Ein paar Sachen wirkten fast bekannt, aber aufregend war das ganze trotzdem!
    Meine erste Station in Lyme Regis, nachdem ich erfolgreich, trotz steilen Straßen (und das sagt glaub ich nicht nur die Ostfriesin in mir!), einen Parkplatz für Toto gefunden habe, war ‚The Cobb‘. Eine Mauer die als Strandschutz ins Meer ragt. Oben drauf hab ich ein Kapitel gelesen und bin dann am Strand entlang gelaufen mit einer Tüte Süßkartoffel Pommes mit Ziegenkäse. Das war echt lecker und das Wetter war gut - ich war glücklich! Ich bin wirklich nicht extrem weit gelaufen, aber genossen hab ich das trotzdem.
    Nach dem Spaziergang hab ich bei Costa einen Cappuchino und in einem anderen Café einen Carrot Cake gekauft, was ich wieder mit zum Strand genommen habe. Da saß ich dann und hab beim Essen gelesen.
    Bevor ich wieder gefahren bin, bin ich nochmal zum Cobb gelaufen. Besonders toll finde ich den, weil er in ‚Persuasion‘ mehrmals vorkommt. Weil da das Wetter nicht gut ist, hab ich auch das Bild genommen mit dem grauen Himmel - der Winkel ist auch besser, aber das Wetter spielt auch eine Rolle!
    Ziemlich bald hab ich mich dann von Lyme Regis verabschiedet und bin zurück nach Shepton Mallet gefahren.
    Hier hab ich vorm, beim und nach dem Essen viel mit Zsuzsanna geredet. Ich hatte einen rundum schönen Tag, der mich dann doch auch ziemlich müde gemacht hat.
    Ich hoffe, ihr konntet euren Tag auch genießen! Jetzt von mir erst einmal gute Nacht und bis morgen! (Dass das dann keine vier Footprints werden, kann ich versprechen!)
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  • Day18

    Lyme Regis

    October 2, 2017 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    Nach der schönen Wanderung haben wir uns ein Stück Kuchen verdient, den wir in Lyme Regis finden. Wir finden natürlich auch den kleinen Ort, the Cobb und wieder einmal Hinweise auf Jane Austen, den hier finden sich die Charaktere von "Persuaion"auf einem Ausflug wieder.
    Auch ein "Eistest" (wieder salted caramel) bleib nicht aus.
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