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    • Day36

      Knaresborough: Castle and Beautiful View

      June 28 in England ⋅ ☁️ 64 °F

      Knaresborough is famous for its beautiful railroad viaduct over the River Nidd. The grounds around the castle ruins are a park, used for many things, including lawn bowling.

      There is a market square with some benches to rest in the sunshine. Two statues of historical people sit on the bench. One is Mother Shipton, England's most famous prophetess, who was born in 1488, Because of being taunted for her looks, bent back, and twisted legs, she lived in the cave in which she was born. Many of her prophesies did come true, and she was famous.

      Another statue is of Blind Jack. Even though he was blinded by smallpox at ate 6, he could play the fiddle, swim, dive, climb trees, play cards, drive a delivery wagon and stagecoach, and more. He is famous as a civil engineer, having built 180 miles of turnpike roads (including across bogs) mainly in Northern England.
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    • Day53

      Harrogate's Healing Waters

      July 15 in England ⋅ ⛅ 66 °F

      Harrogate is England's famous spa town, with over 100 springs supplying different types of mineral water. The first one was discovered in 1571, when Harrogate was just a small village, and soon visitors started coming to drink the waters.

      It was the sulphur well that drew the wealthy and made Harrogate famous especially in the 1800s. Many hotels, some with their own spas, were built for people to stay for weeks while taking the waters. A hospital was built to allow poor people to stay and take the waters.

      In 1841 The Old Sulphur Well was topped by an elegant octagonal building, the Royal Pump House, where the water was pumped and served in glasses for a fee. Outside the building was a tap where the poor could help themselves for free.

      Valley Gardens has at least 35 wells with different mineral content, making it the highest concentration of varying springs in the world. Both here and in other parts of the city there were other pump houses, and as more and more people came, bigger pump houses were built.

      The waters were used to treat many conditions, from scurvy and gout to epilepsy and skin ailments. Recent tests by the EU now prevent the water from being served.
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    • Day113

      Happy Christmas in Harrogate

      December 25, 2016 in England ⋅ ⛅ 8 °C

      I arrived in Harrogate yesterday with Sandra and her sister Moira, who lives in Scotland, picking me up at the airport. The landing was like a teeter totter coming in because it was so windy. I unpacked my things in a beautiful bedroom and we headed off to a French restaurant for lunch to celebrate Lucy's 30th birthday (Sandra's daughter). After lunch we went to Josie's and Rods played board games and drank lots and lots of wine. So much fun! Wonderful people with such big and funny personalities; very dry wit. Had a good nights sleep and then took Dillon the dog for a 1.5 hr walk this morning. We started Christmas drinks with Prosecco at noon when James joined us. I made the Christmas chicken while Moira made the veggies and then we had a wonderful dinner. After dinner we went to James' place ate more, drank more and played more board games. We had so much fun. What a wonderful bunch of people!Read more


      Harrogate countryside at Fodder's market

      Lila Jensen

      So happy for you - sounds like a blast!

    • Day115

      Historical Harrogate

      December 27, 2016 in England ⋅ 🌙 1 °C

      It's 4 degrees in December and the tulips have popped out of the ground already. I don't know if my walking shoes will make it another month. I set out this morning to walk the dog and when I got back to the house, after the dog was good and tired, I set out to check out Harrogate. I walked 18 kms today and my legs are feeling it. Interesting things about Harrogate: six royal visits, famous tea house, famous Turkish steam baths with therapeutic mineral/sulphur water; roadways built by a blind man named Jack (a pub was built in his honour); majority of the population is upper class; majority of the people own at least one dog; and hundreds of acres of green space and woodlands. There is a very different feeling to this town, educated, fit, and extremely social. Sandra told me to go visit the tea house as it was a historical place well worth the visit. I found it but the queue to get in was 30 people deep. I did look through the window and the pastries looked fantastic. I will try to get in for the famous Taylor's Yorkshire tea. Yorkshire pudding also originated from here. Jim Carter (Mr. Carson from Downton Abbey) was born here and studied theatre here. The town has many active ghosts. Can't wait to find out more!Read more


      The famous tea house, look at all the people waiting to get in for a cup of tea


      The Turkish steam baths


      Architecture in the shape of a colosseum

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    • Day120

      Happy New Year 2017 in Harrogate

      January 1, 2017 in England ⋅ ⛅ 3 °C

      I've been busy walking for the past three days checking out the neighbouring areas. It warmed up yesterday and back to the cold today. I made myself some curried carrot and ginger coconut soup with a lovely mixed salad for New Years dinner along with a bottle of Jacobs Creek Chardonnay. The wine was on special for 5£ and I know back in Canada it's about $22 per bottle. Managed to make it to see in the new year and watched the fireworks from my bedroom window. Keeping an eye on the weather to see where my next leg will be on the 6th. It's been really great to have my own space and down time. I do miss my boys and my friends. I can't believe I've been away three months already.Read more


      Dillon watching me eat my dinner


      Happy New Year! Really hard to take a quality selfie holding a glass of wine.


      Looks delicious Jana! All the best to you! Those 3 months have just flown by!

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    • Day5

      Harlow Carr

      August 5, 2018 in England ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

      Off to Harlow Carr, a Royal Horticultural Society garden just up the road from Harewood.

      Beside being a fantastic garden the place also has a local Bettys. (No apostrophe) Bettys is a local icon based in Harrogate. It was founded by a lost Swiss pastry chef in the 1919. He accidentally got on the train to Yorkshire and the rest is a hundred years of clogging arteries.

      It’s a great place with disgraceful pastries and cakes. I will admit that a lot of people appeared to have been taken there by their children as a day out from the Home. Hope Kate didn’t feel like a carer.

      All of this before we got inside.

      The gardens are very impressive even in 27 degree heat. Every sort of plant you could imagine. Also had a somewhat aged men’s choir serenading the crowd, a giant fly and columns. The great English custom of lets bring a chair and sit about until something happens was much in evidence. What else could you ask.

      Charlie bore it all well. (Being pushed around in a pram when she got weary helped a lot).

      And this was only the morning.
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      This is awesome!


      Looking good Bern 💕

    • Day28

      Yorkshire adventure days 15-19

      February 26 in England ⋅ ⛅ 6 °C

      Yorkshire adventure day 19

      After breakfast I was up and out as the warm sun came through melting the gentle frost from the night. I set off through the grounds of conyngham hall and gardens and along the river nidd heading towards nidd gorge and ripley viaduct. After the rains and floods from the weekend before the footpath was wet and sloppy which Sam enjoyed immensely. I arrived at a fork in the river with a floood defence. As it was wet and boggy I had the place to myself pretty much. So I ventured out to the flood island for a photo opportunity before heading up to the knaresborough greenway and over the viaduct into Riply.

      Riply is a strange place it’s a little tourist village situated in the grounds of what they call a castle but I’d say it’s more a grand stately home as it not particularly castle like other than the grand towers that stand as the entrance gateways
      In the courtyard is a selection of country shops, cafes and and a gin distillery where you can do gin making classes and tasting.

      Before walking the 5 miles back to the van I grabbed a famous ripely ice cream 🍨 for me and Sam. Sitting in the sun watching the world go by as sam inhaled the creamy treat.

      Heading back down the knaresborough greenway this time avoiding the boggy river section I headed back to the van in knaresborough getting back to town stopping at the worlds end pub just in time for the sun to set behind the castle and viaduct unfortunately not picturesque sky’s as I sat on the outside terrace overlooking the river.

      Yorkshire adventure days 17-18

      Day 17 stated off wet and windy so I let Sam out to roam around and do his business as I sat in the van mad a strong coffee put the radio on and did some reading plotting The next part of the journey.

      In the afternoon came some sun and with that I walked along the Leeds Liverpool canal towards Dobson locks at Apperley bridge. 2 locks dropping down to the canal below. And to my surprise a boaters facility block. I tried my key in the door and it was open. Back to the van I headed to grab my towel and sponge 🧽. As I needed to refill my water tanks I decided to drive to the locks and spend the night. I spent the afternoon trying to recalibrate the drone but it kept failing. I turned to social media for help and a top man named robin who was 30 min down the road in knaresborough offered the use of his laptop so I could do it hardwired.
      Knaresborough wasn’t on the list of places to visit originally but I had a search and it seemed an interesting place so I accepted his offer and plans to go the next day.

      Day 18

      Waking up to snow gently falling at Dobson locks I had a shower and headed towards robin in knaresborough. Spent the morning trying to calibrate the drone to no avail. The screen was to small (size does really matter 📐 ) with that I left robin to have day and headed to knaresborough itself. Id spotted a free parking place next to the river nidd that was walking distance to town.

      Knaresborough itself is an interesting place full of history with castles,caves,tunnels,viaducts all scattered between cobblestone streets and passageways. Lots of interesting antique and art shops some with murals showing the history of the area some of which are peoples front rooms converted and as you wonder round the shop their chatting to you from the kitchen.

      Yorkshire adventure day 15

      After waiting out 3 storms over the weekend and watching a digger float away and sink there was finally a break in the weather and managed to get out for some fresh air so moved out of Leeds town centre to the outskirts and visited Armley mill and industrial museum then Kirkstall Abbey and park across the road. Whilst I hade the drone up in the air I spotted a strange structure hidden in the woods so landed the drone and went to investigate. It turned out to be an commemorative archway built to welcome queen Victoria to Leeds in 1858. Then moved on to Rodley as I’d heard there’s a few others that are full time in vans parked next to the canal again unfortunately this time there no boaters facilities to use
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    • Day16

      Day 12 - my birthday!

      August 26, 2017 in England ⋅ 🌙 12 °C

      Lazy morning - opened cards and sat on our veranda! Went for bike ride but it was v hot! Got as far as Bridge Lake.
      Planned to swim in afternoon but wind changed and smoke came our way so had drive around.
      Dinner at Boondocks - halibut fish and chips!
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