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Liverpool Ferry Port

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  • Day27

    That's one way to do it.

    November 11, 2018 in the United Kingdom ⋅ 🌙 9 °C

    After staying up way too late, mostly to find food, and ending up in a not-so-secret secret club (for like two minutes) I got what might be referred to as sleep. One night in a place before moving to the next can be slightly off putting, and I still had to figure out where I was staying for the rest of my time in Liverpool. Since my trip is coming to a close, I decided to treat myself to an airbnb, and compared to the prices I found elsewhere, it was a steal. Deciding I would go to a museum until I could check in to my new digs, I found a place to store my luggage and made my way over. The first two levels were definitely geared toward children, but it was still fun (I saw an axolotl!), and the third floor was an expansive exhibit on Egypt. My stomach did get the better of me, as it does, and I had to leave and find nourishment before seeing everything; free entry made it a little easier to leave. Once I'd sufficiently stuffed my face, I made my way back to get my things so I could go check in to my gloriously private room. I found my way over, not terribly far from all the attractions, but farther than I wanted to walk with my bag that seems to keep getting heavier. A message through the app had given me the number of the person I was getting the room from, and a couple of texts and phone calls later... I still hadn't gotten in. Tired and frustrated I shuffled back to the hostel where I had stored my bags, if only I had realized the prices sooner. I asked for the cheapest room available, and ended up in a six bed dorm... by myself; blessedly alone. I ended up napping for a few hours, and when I finally emerged from the room I realized that not only was everything closed, but I was somehow still tired. Fortunately reception is twenty four hours, and I asked where I could get dinner. The lovely woman at the desk told me about a Lebanese restaurant nearby, made sure (with Google magic) that it was open, and even suggested a dessert. Thank goodness it was a short walk away, the only downside to going there was that they had apparently changed there hours, and it was actually closed. Sighing in defeat, I turned around and headed back to where I'd come from, figuring I could just get some more sleep. As I ambled through the, now empty, shopping center I saw a group of men go into a building, and realized it was a restaurant, an open restaurant. Two seconds in to looking over their menu and I knew exactly what I wanted: borek. Munching happily on my Turkish pastry, filled with juicy minced meat, I practically skipped back to my bed. Once satiated, and settled for the night, I snuggled in to my bunk once more, and couldn't wait for the sound of the city to lull me to sleep.Read more

  • Day28

    My body knows!

    November 12, 2018 in the United Kingdom ⋅ 🌧 8 °C

    Turns out when you've slept all day, your body will wake up earlier than normal, and it'll also tell you why it was getting so much rest. Waking up at six in the morning was not quite the plan, but neither was the scratchy throat and stuffy nose. It's as if my immune system doesn't like being alone in a room, but I wasn't going to let it stop me. Figuring I had more than enough time, I read for a while, took a nice long shower (because now one was waiting for it), and made my way downstairs for some breakfast. Essentially I was going for something hot, to sooth my throat, and protein to get me through the day, and settled for tea and a bacon bap (or round roll.) The upside of course, to waking up at an ungodly hour, is that I had plenty of time to choose what I wanted to do, and decided on a Beatles bus tour. Walking over to the Royal Albert Dock, it struck me that this was the first day in weeks that I actually had a need for my sunglasses, too bad they were back in the room. Not being a music buff by any means, I thoroughly enjoyed the tour. The guide and driver were very funny, and I learned a ton of interesting facts about each band member, where they grew up, how they got their start, what brought them together and then to fame... so naturally I've forgotten most of it. The trip ended with us headed for the Cavern Club, where we got a free souvenir (that you can only get through the tour) of a postcard that was reproduced from one years ago. With it barely being past noon, and not knowing where my day would lead me, I actually headed back to do some laundry, because I was literally on my last outfit. The boring part of travel being finished, but at least getting a game of pool in while waiting, I realized I had enough time to head back to the docks and check out The Beatles Story, a museum, all about them. Once I'd paid, and picked up the free audio guide, I slowly made my way though the building learning even more about these music idols. Although most likely overpriced, it was still a fun thing to experience, as well as being the only place where this museum exists, so in the long run it was worth it. Walking back, and being well aware of the time, I went to drop off any unnecessary items in my room, and then went straight to the Lebanese restaurant from the night before; I would not miss it tonight. Ordering the recommended lamb shawarma burger, a fantastic invention, was such a good choice. The burger was juicy without dripping all over your hands, and meaty but lacking the sense that you'd keel over from protein overload, the salad that came with was crisp and tangy for a perfect accompaniment, and being in England you can bet there were "chips." The finale of the meal though, and a recommendation from the receptionist who told me about this place yesterday, was the Lebanese coconut cheesecake. Not quite the same as an American cheesecake, but delicious all the same, and managed to be creamy but feel too heavy. Leaving the restaurant I did consider going back to The Cavern, since there is free admission with the bus tour, but still having a scratch in my throat I opted for tea, and at the very least an earlier bedtime. It didn't feel like a jam packed day, much easier than some, but my body might be telling me to slow down... I might wait until I'm home.Read more

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