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  • Day102

    Up North - Manchester, Ruhrpott Englands

    November 20, 2017 in the United Kingdom

    Manchester fühlte sich in Gegensatz zu Birmingham modern und lebendig an. Das ehemalige Industriemoloch hat mich an meine alte Heimat 'dad' Ruhrgebiet erinnert - nicht nur aufgrund des populären Fußballvereins Manchester United ;)

  • Day150

    Day 150: Exploring Manchester

    July 15, 2017 in the United Kingdom

    Time to explore a bit of this city, finally! Because of family history, in some ways it's probably the closest I have to a spiritual home in the UK, and it's still a bit weird that I've never explored it. So it was high time for a look around.

    Caught the bus into town and met up with my mum and stepdad where we had a coffee to escape the drizzle, then headed out for a wander around the town. Lots of impressive old buildings - not super old, mostly Victorian era, but it gives you a real sense of when the city grew and built its wealth (post-Industrial era).

    Had a look around the town hall, the library and a few other areas as well - all very interesting and impressive. Decided to head to a particular pub for lunch, but it started raining and we weren't allowed to sit inside with Schnitzel - very annoying! Eventually the rain passed and we grabbed some lunch at an outdoor market. Had another coffee overlooking Piccadilly Gardens before my mum and stepdad had to depart - they had a concert to get to tonight and needed to rest up in advance.

    We considered staying in the city for a bit longer but with the inclement weather and a soggy dog decided to head home as well. We settled in for the evening and just watched movies and did work!
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  • Day2

    Crashing in Manchester

    September 11, 2015 in the United Kingdom

    Next we had to catch a bus to the car rental village. Picked up our ford Mondeo and made our way to Olga's place, body clock bitterly complaining. Olga was of course excited to see us. The guest room at Mill Court was adequate with two single beds and tea/ coffee making facilities, and a large bathroom. Sadly no TV or WIFI. We thought we'd have plenty of time until Jenny was due, but by the time we'd unpacked and had a shower, Jenny, Zoey, and Kaitlyn had arrived. We sat for a while in Olga's room, being entertained by Kaitlyn's antics, then eventually made our way down to the Urmston pub for dinner. Kaitlyn behaved well for a kid her age and we had a nice night, Rae and I struggling to keep awake.

    We left them around 7, and crashed in our beds well before 8.
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  • Day5


    June 2, 2018 in the United Kingdom

    Manchester is not one of the worlds great cities, but the perfect starting point for the trip. However it is bike friendly and has lots of trams.
    I’m staying just near the station and an easy walk to the centre of town. Plenty of time for all the last minute organising such as getting a UK SIM card and plenty of cash for traveling through small towns that have no ATMs and don’t take cards. I’m expecting that will be an exaggeration but we’ll see. I also found another book about the walk so now I’ve got more than enough to read each night about the next day’s route.
    I’m having a bit of trouble with the local accent, even hearing aids don’t help. I missed most of what the guy in the phone shop was talking about.

    This morning I walked around the city to check out a few interesting sites. First stop was an odd little park opposite the University, Manchester is not much into green spaces. In it was a statue of Alan Turing, an AIDS/HIV memorial and small rainbow mosaics set into the paths. It seemed a sad little park, full of rubbish. Then I walked up through the “gay village”, basically a couple of block with a few seedy looking bars flying rainbow flags, then on through China town, with its typical archway. This is supposedly the largest China town in the UK.
    Then I headed for the Northern Quarter. This is where all the good coffee shops and cafes are. There I found the Manchester Design and Craft Centre. This centre has a whole lot of tiny craft studios with little shop fronts set around a light filled space with a little cafe in the middle, a great spot for lunch. Then back through the middle of town where there is the most awful statue of Queen Victoria I’ve ever seen.

    I gave the Football Museum a miss, but the little People’s Museum was great, full of stories and paraphernalia of causes and struggles, voting rights, chartists, suffragettes, unions and workers rights. In one square I found a statue of Abraham Lincoln, in recognition of the support Manchester workers gave to the cause of abolition of slavery.
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  • Day14


    April 21, 2017 in the United Kingdom

    Always a great time had here! Fire breathing on canal street?? Millions of Mopeds on a St George's day parade (photo expertly taken opposite an adult superstore) need I say more?! Yes...
    Food food beer beer food food beer beer
    In between the beer and food we did visit the Comedy Store, John Rylands library and Salford Quays.
    Kate and I destroyed ourselves bouldering at the climbing centre and then she bought some bubbles so we could all act like the children that we still are
    Hostess with the Mostess gave up her bed for us and therefore we left her broken and exhausted on Monday morning - til next time my dearest ****
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  • Day5

    Tarde de Manchester, parte 2

    August 5, 2017 in the United Kingdom

    La Chinatown de aquí es mucho más grande que la de Liverpool. La de Londres debe de ser enorme. Además de un arco tiene un pueblecito muy mono donde nos hemos hecho una foto, y mil restaurantes de diferentes sitios.

    Sin embargo, no hemos parado ucho por allí, ya que por la mañana habíamos visto que en Picadilly Gardens había muchosbpuestecillos de comida y teníamos curiosidad. Hay muchos diferentes, y a Pablo le ha hecho mucha gracia que en uno de comida española, había paella a la que podías añadirle chorizo por una libra. Su frase ha sido "cuanto daño ha hecho el Olivier".

    Hemos terminado de nuevo en Arndale, porque merecía la pena verlo entero, y aparte de las típicas tiendas de marcas conocidas hemos visto 2 que nos han encantado: una de LEGO y una de hacer tu propio peluche. En esa íbamos a hacerle uno a Javi, pero en todos lados ponía que esos peluches eran para mínimo 2 años, así que hemos pasado. En la de LEGO hay de todo: los construible de las colecciones que tienen, llaveros, y puedes comprar piezas sueltas del color y forma que quieras por peso, impressive.

    Tras echarle un ojo, hemos tomado un café en otra cafetería del centro comercial (hay más cafeterías aquí que bares en España), y hemos comenzado a escribir esto.

    Ahora vamos a terminar de ver el centroa cenar algo por aquí y probablemente comprarnos unos pies nuevos antes de ir al hotel. Nos falta por ver el Manchester Arena, así que mañana madrugaremos para verlo antes de irnos para Londres.
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  • Day5

    Manchester y el Gay Village

    August 5, 2017 in the United Kingdom

    Hoy hemos desayunado a base de bien en el hotel. Bueno, eso Ana, porque a Pablo se le ha ido de las manos y ha terminado desayunando zumo, huevos, salchichas, bacon, patatas rebozadas y un croissant. Se puede ver su plato en una de las fotos.

    Tras recogerlo todo, nos hemos ido hasta la estación de Lime Street, desde donde hemos cogido el tren a Manchester. Han sido unos 40-45 minutos, poca cosa, en los que hemos ido cada uno a lo nuestro. Cuando por fin nos hemos bajado en la estación de Manchester Picadilly, no había ni un solo puesto de información. Así que con la inestimable ayuda de Google Maps (y de la memoria caché, porque tampoco tenemos datos por mucho que no haya roaming) hemos averiguado donde estaba la oficina de turismo, pero en lugar de ir hasta allí directamente, hemos dado un rodeo para pasar por el Gay Village, el barrio LGBT de Manchester, donde está todo decorado o murales, banderas multicolor o pixel art de la bandera.

    La verdad es que es muy bonito. En particular, hemos parado en Sackville Park, un parque frente a un edificio de la Universidad de Manchester donde hay un par de monumentos a la comunidad LGBT, y el Alan Turing's Memorial, una escultura de tamaño real hecha en bronce y silicio del padre de la informática. Pablo ha leído en la placa que como homenaje, el escultor enterró bajo la escultura y el suelo del parque su Amstrad. Tras eso, y como queríamos entrar un poco en calor, hemos ido a por un café al Café Nero, desde donde hemos escrito esto mientras nos tomamos un capuccino y una manzanilla tamaño extra.
    Ahora vamos a coger ese mapa e ir para el hotel, que está al lado de un centro comercial donde comeremos, ya que el check-in no es hasta las 14:00.
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  • Day1


    February 16, 2018 in the United Kingdom

    Los geht die Reise ab Manchester, wo wir noch einen kompletten Nachmittag/Abend in der Stadt hatten. Via Couchsurfing stießen wir auf Simon der uns bei sich übernachten ließ. Zusammen fuhr er mit uns ans Old Trafford, bevor wir noch in einen traditionellen englischen Pub einkehrten.

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Manchester, ማንችስተር, Mameceaster, مانشستر, منچئستئر, Горад Манчэстэр, Манчестър, ম্যানচেস্টার, Manceinion, Μάντσεστερ, Mánchester, منچستر, Manchain, Manchuin, מנצ'סטר, मैन्चेस्टर, MAN, マンチェスター, მანჩესტერი, Манчестер, ಮ್ಯಾಂಚೆಸ್ಟರ್, 맨체스터, Mancunium, Mančesteris, Mančestra, മാഞ്ചസ്റ്റർ, मँचेस्टर, Manchêtre, مانچسٹر, மான்செஸ்டர், మాంచెస్టర్, แมนเชสเตอร์, Manchéstér, מאנטשעסטער, 曼彻斯特

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