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  • Day15

    The Number 13 Bus or the No 6

    August 15 in the United Kingdom

    Decided th have a day off driving and spend 2 nights in one place.
    The accommodation is very good but is done in early bordello style. Or maybe that’s just a description of how untidy we are.
    It has a kitchenette so we could do some in house eating.
    That worked, pub first night and probably Italian the second.
    Having a day in Norwich with the Cathedral and Castle.
    We were to get the No 13 bus on advice of the locals.
    They had moved the stop due to road works and there was some discussion as to where the new one was.
    Amazingly we found it and although we ended up on the No 6 we got to Norwich easily.
    It’s now obvious how they trim the overhanging trees.
    They run double deckers up and down the roads.
    Norwich bus station the size of Strathfield station. Very slick.
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  • Day14

    Blakenely Beach, the Day After.

    August 14 in the United Kingdom

    Well there’s more to the Riviera of Norfolk than we thought.

    There is swimming water.
    There is also car drowning.
    We think all vehicles survived the tide. A fellow turned up and sheepishly moved his Audi, by reversing even further into the water.
    Was very confident of his 4 wheel drive?

  • Day14

    Blinkling Estate Gardens

    August 14 in the United Kingdom

    A short 4 kilometre walk around the gardens.
    What’s not to like.
    Enormous walk, walled garden, English young folk frolicking including an 18mth dragging a croquet mallet, a Temple at the end of a walk and 4 painters doing up the Orangery and laughing outrageously.
    Also has a 400 set of yew hegdes that are a joy so long as you don't have to trim them.
    The cuttings go to makeTomoxifil the anti breast cancer drug. Amazing.Read more

  • Day14

    The Green Dragon

    August 14 in the United Kingdom

    Where do you find a Green Dragon.
    Right next door from where you are staying!
    It’s been a pub since 1376 near the gates of the Wymondham Abbey. It is an absolutely old English pub.
    No straight lines, old wood, lead light, bar the size of a cupboard.
    Bern has gone to Heaven again.

  • Day13

    The White Horse Hotel, Blakeney

    August 13 in the United Kingdom

    Rain, sun, rain, quite a number of very narrow roads and we are on the coast of Norfolk.
    The street to the hotel is as wide as a driveway.
    Filled with tourists and children who as they sit in the gutter with their legs out block the street.
    Rather pleased to arrive.
    It appears that the GPS has managed to bring us down the most inconvenient route but certainly the mos at adrenaline filled.
    The hotel ha sits own car park.
    Why is this important because the public car park at the bottom of the hill will be under water tonight.
    We are not sure if all the gambolling English are aware of this.
    More news of submergences tomorrow.
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  • Day13

    Blakeney Town Beach

    August 13 in the United Kingdom

    So what’s Blakeney?
    Well it isn’t the Riviera of Norfolk.
    No ocean, that appears to be a couple of K away.
    There’s a winding mud flat to the sea where local and imported English children go crabbing with nets or slosh around in the mud. Forget the days of going home with sand, we are talking mud, mud, mud.
    Full of people renting cottages, God alone knows what they do after crabbing.
    Sit by your car and read the paper or line up for ice cream is the answer.

    Is is however a great town.
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  • Day14

    Blinkling House

    August 14 in the United Kingdom

    Anne Boleyn could have been born here. It's that sort of story. The original house did belong to her family.

    A very, very rich lawyer Henry Hobart bought it, tore it done and built himself a Jacobean country house.

    It’s had a few owners before ending up with the National Trust in 1940, opened to visitors in 1960.

    It was leased to someone during that period. What sort of person leases an enormous, old, old house with a garden that needs a morning to see.

    Would you like to see the attics they asked, what could you say but yes. Mark’s Fitbit says that we climbed the equivalent of 19 stories but who counts these things. Great house with the biggest Library eat of the Pennines.

    They were having an art installation around the risk to books in the 21 century, quite interesting in parts. Better than the “Surrealism Experience” at Peckover House we did not discuss with you.

    Many K’s walk, much gawking and good time had by all.

    Bernadette had a wasp incident in the courtyard but a true tourist takes these things in their stride.
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  • Day3


    July 19 in the United Kingdom

    Na de drukte van Cambridge (wist u dat de stad gesticht is bij een brug over de rivier Cam), zijn we noordwaarts gegaan richting Pensthorpe Natural Park. Een deel van het grote park is ontworpen door de Nederlandse ontwerper Piet Oudolf. Gelukkig hadden ze gesproeid... het was prachtig! De tuinclub van Penelope, Patricia, Gertrude en Theresa was er ook 🙄!
    Aan het eind van de dag parkeren we binnen de Walled Garden Camping bij King's Lynn van de aardige eigenaar Neill. Ook nu is het weer erg rustig.Read more

  • Day4

    Queen Elizabeth doet niet open

    July 20 in the United Kingdom

    We hadden speciaal nieuwe kleertjes aangetrokken en waren mooi op tijd, maar Queen Elizabeth deed niet open. We hebben ook niet aan kunnen bellen bij het Sandringham estate, want alles was afgesloten tot 11 uur. En tot zo lang kunnen wij niet wachten, want op weg naar Edinburgh. Dus maar een foto van een verkeersbord met haar naam erop.

  • Day27

    She don't know where she are...

    September 19, 2016 in the United Kingdom

    Apologies to Banjo Patterson for the barstadisation of the line from "Clancy of the Overflow"

    I'm back in the UK. I got to experience the "thrills" of Paris traffic for myself in the taxi to the train station to catch the Eurostar back to London.

    The British immigration officer is familiar with long service leave. He correctly guessed I was using my lsl (I had written "travelling" on the landing card under UK address). He remarked he has never come across anyone but Australians who have lsl.

    The trip itself was pretty uneventful, I managed to doze for a while.

    Today is the start of the UK part of my trip. The first step was to pick up my hire car from Enfield, which is in the north east region of London. I had no intention of driving in central London which is why I chose a suburban pick up location.
    A train from Kings Cross, then an overground train and then two buses got me there. As it not peak time it wasn't awkward with my luggage as the two train stations were step free.

    I had booked a ford focus or similar. I got a Vauxhall Mokka, a small SUV which is bigger than I asked for but small vehicles were at a premium. The guy serving me was very impressed with the small marks I found on the vehicle although I guess some reading this blog won't be.

    It took me a while to get used to the vehicle. The indicator and windscreen wiper levers are on the opposite sides to what I am used to. It took several hours to find the lights as they are a separate switch on the dash.

    My first stop was Norfolk so I set google maps for Cambridge and it took me right into the bloody middle of Cambridge. Once I got there it abandonded me, having done its job!

    I may or may not have driven in the bus only lane looking for somewhere to pull over but as far as I know I didn't drive down any one way streets the wrong way.
    The reason for going into Cambridge was to get a sat nav. Despite saying so Tesco didn't sell them but I found a camping store (Halfords) that did. I just bought a cheap one but it's much better than using my phone.

    I had wanted to stay in Downham Market but the accommodation didn't have any spare rooms so I set the gps for Kings Lynn. I had learnt my lesson though and once I got to the outskirts I pulled over to look for somewhere to stay.

    The first place looked a bit expensive (£100/night). The second looked better at £55/night. The address didn't have a number attached to it so I had to guess at the correct address as it gave me a chouce of 4 or 5. I guessed wrong.
    By this stage I had lost any sense direction that I had. All I did know was that I was close to Sandringham estate, having passed it.
    Putting the name of the pub into google maps brought me past Sandringham estate again and to the Ffolkes Arms.

    It's a charming place, an old staging inn. I still feel like I have no idea where I am.

    Clock at St Pancras
    The rest are of the Ffolkes arms - I didn't take many photos today.
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