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  • Day27

    She don't know where she are...

    September 19, 2016 in the United Kingdom

    Apologies to Banjo Patterson for the barstadisation of the line from "Clancy of the Overflow"

    I'm back in the UK. I got to experience the "thrills" of Paris traffic for myself in the taxi to the train station to catch the Eurostar back to London.

    The British immigration officer is familiar with long service leave. He correctly guessed I was using my lsl (I had written "travelling" on the landing card under UK address). He remarked he has never come across anyone but Australians who have lsl.

    The trip itself was pretty uneventful, I managed to doze for a while.

    Today is the start of the UK part of my trip. The first step was to pick up my hire car from Enfield, which is in the north east region of London. I had no intention of driving in central London which is why I chose a suburban pick up location.
    A train from Kings Cross, then an overground train and then two buses got me there. As it not peak time it wasn't awkward with my luggage as the two train stations were step free.

    I had booked a ford focus or similar. I got a Vauxhall Mokka, a small SUV which is bigger than I asked for but small vehicles were at a premium. The guy serving me was very impressed with the small marks I found on the vehicle although I guess some reading this blog won't be.

    It took me a while to get used to the vehicle. The indicator and windscreen wiper levers are on the opposite sides to what I am used to. It took several hours to find the lights as they are a separate switch on the dash.

    My first stop was Norfolk so I set google maps for Cambridge and it took me right into the bloody middle of Cambridge. Once I got there it abandonded me, having done its job!

    I may or may not have driven in the bus only lane looking for somewhere to pull over but as far as I know I didn't drive down any one way streets the wrong way.
    The reason for going into Cambridge was to get a sat nav. Despite saying so Tesco didn't sell them but I found a camping store (Halfords) that did. I just bought a cheap one but it's much better than using my phone.

    I had wanted to stay in Downham Market but the accommodation didn't have any spare rooms so I set the gps for Kings Lynn. I had learnt my lesson though and once I got to the outskirts I pulled over to look for somewhere to stay.

    The first place looked a bit expensive (£100/night). The second looked better at £55/night. The address didn't have a number attached to it so I had to guess at the correct address as it gave me a chouce of 4 or 5. I guessed wrong.
    By this stage I had lost any sense direction that I had. All I did know was that I was close to Sandringham estate, having passed it.
    Putting the name of the pub into google maps brought me past Sandringham estate again and to the Ffolkes Arms.

    It's a charming place, an old staging inn. I still feel like I have no idea where I am.

    Clock at St Pancras
    The rest are of the Ffolkes arms - I didn't take many photos today.
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  • Day29

    Old churches

    September 21, 2016 in the United Kingdom

    Today I set out to explore Kings Lynn and then visit some old churches in which Creasys have been buried.

    Kings Lynn is an old town. Unfortunately I couldn't work out how to get to The Wash.

    I then followed a route from Kings Lynn to Downham Market looking at various old churches and their graveyards. Most of the gravestones I was looking at were no longer readable but it's such a nice pastime wandering around these churches and driving around the area.

    I was hoping to find an ancestor's grave in Downham but they have removed all the standing headstones and allowed the flat ones to become overgrown. While I was disappointed it has obviously given them a large grassed area and churches shoyld be for the living.
    I was happy to see one old very old church advertising Messy church.

    The area is marshland and the ploughed areas look so muddy compared to the dry paddocks of the farm. They look a lot more fertile too!

    I finished the day at Castle Rising, a medieval ruin, surprisingly small but it was used more as a hunting lodge lthan fort. I was able to climb nearly to the top.

    Boat on river Ouse in Kings Lynn
    Inside Kings Lynn Minster
    St Edmunds church, Downham market
    Wild berries!
    Castle rising
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  • Day30

    Seals and birds and boats oh my!

    September 22, 2016 in the United Kingdom

    I started the day at Morston with a seal tour.
    We went out in what looked and felt like a massive lifeboat, but with a motor.
    It took us our to Blakeney point were we could get with about 2m of the shore where the seals were lolling about.
    There are two types of seals - grey and common. One type (common?) had their pups about 2 months ago so we saw babies!

    Blakeney point is a spit and the other side is the north sea. After viewing the seals we were able to land/beach/pull up/whatever it is called when a boat comes up on the beach on Blakeney point (not near the seals) and have a wander around for 45 mins. The beach is shale (smooth small stones) and I had a nice wander around although really there wasn't much there.

    From Morston I made my way around the coast to Horsey. It was such a beautiful drive, mostly on B roads I think. I hadn't gone far when I came across "Cookies", a seafood cafe/store.
    My crayfish tail salad had everything - cockles, prawns, smoked fish and tiny crayfish tails. The crayfish are about 15cm here and so the tails a bit smaller than I was expecting, although still delicious.
    The view was gorgeous with wind turbines in the distance (possibly in the ocean).

    At Horsey I went on another boat tour, of the Horsey mere and broads (I think, the terminology is a bit confusing). I saw a lot of rare birds such as marsh harrier, common crane, bitterns as well as heron, egyptian geese and swans.

    I didn't take a lot of photos as you needed a much more powerful lens than I had and I preferred to just look, use the binoculars and listen to the guide rather than wait for the perfect photo.

    From Horsey I made my way to Great Yarmouth, just because. I had a look around, the beach front is very holiday park touristy with arcades and other attractions. I did stop just north of Great Yarmouth and got to see the beach there.

    I'm currently in Drayton, just out of Norwich where I stopped for tea at a random pub. It's curry night so I had an english curry (tikka masala), another food item to check off the list.

    It's been a good day, to add local flavour I've been listening to "The Big Six" by Arthur Ransome, set in this area. I've still got about an hour to drive back to the hotel so I'll upload this while I have good wifi.

    Morston/Blakeney harbour is tidal, the cruise times depended on the tide.
    Lifeboad style tour boat
    On Horsey mere
    Geese in flight
    Wind turbines north of Great Yarmouth
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  • Day1

    Retirement Plan - Part 2

    June 6, 2017 in the United Kingdom

    Having spent the best 10 years of our lives travelling on our sail boat, spending time in the Mediterranean, crossing the Atlantic and then exploring some of the Caribbean, we thought it was time for a major change to our Retirement Plan.

    Having seen much of the coastal areas of Europe, we wanted to see and explore beyond this and felt that a motorhome might be a good way of doing just that. Afterall, there are many similarities between travelling on a boat and a motorhome.

    Deep Blue was sold to lovely new owners, Melvyn and Jane, who will be joining her in Antigua for more adventures. In the meantime, all our belongings were loaded onto a ship bound for Portsmouth and we boarded a plane heading for Norfolk to stay with our good friends Terry and Sue.
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  • Day79

    Burston, near Diss, Norfolk

    September 4, 2016 in the United Kingdom

    Picked Louisa up in Bristol on the way and came up to Norfolk for a weekend to visit Chloe and Jo in their very pretty home in the middle of an old farm turned into an art gallery / exhibition space with tidy gardens.

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