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  • Day28

    Lulworth Cove

    August 28, 2018 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    World Heritage Jurassic coast.
    Great spot, blue and green sea, not a wave to be seen.
    Beach gives you all you could want, shingle, sand, rocks, more rocks, smaller rocks.
    Terrific bay, fishing boats, cliffs, three types of folded rocks.
    People jumping into cold water, dressed for the Arctic.

    Many intrepid walkers headed along the coast, we watched them go.Read more

  • Day28

    Lulworth Castle

    August 28, 2018 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    All part of the Lulworth Estate that includes the Cove.

    Originally built as a Tudor hunting lodge by one of the endless and confusing Howard’s the place ended up in the hands of the Weld’s and all was going nicely until there was the predictable fire in 1929.

    The family built a very grand new house next door and managed a deal with English Heritage to restore it and roof it in 1998. But not the inside so it makes a very interesting place.

    Interestingly, the Welds are Catholic and have have remained so for all the years no matter how difficult or expensive that was.

    Having an Anglican Church on one side of the castle they were able to get George III to let them build a free standing catholic chapel on the other in 1778.
    It was the first one allowed to be constructed since Henry VIII. Permission was actually granted for a mausoleum, but with a bit of lateral thinking it ended up as church.
    Very nice it is to.
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  • Day58

    Corfe Caste

    October 20, 2016 in the United Kingdom ⋅

    I feel I haven't done much to write about today.
    I went to Corfe Castle, both the village and the castle which is about an hour from where I am staying. As I got to the car park the serial I have been listening to on radio 4 "Man at the Helm" came on so I sat and listened to that while I wrote some postcards.

    I started with the village, it is very grey, a lot is built from scavenged castle. I visited the miniature village display, along with several classes of about 9 year olds. It was amusing to watch them discover the various hidden bits in the village. I don't know if they saw it but in the grounds of the model castle was a blue police box!
    I visited "Ginger Pop" the Enid Blyton shop. It is very small but has a wonderful collection of wartime memorabilia and games of that era as well as all of Enid Blyton's in print and a second hand collection.

    After some lunch I went up to the castle. It was apparently the inspiration for Kirran Castle in the famous five series but is not on an island. There are great views of the countryside from the castle.
    I then went down to Knoll beach which is apparently a very popular beach. There were quite a few people and dogs there, even though it was cold and overcast.

    I had some dinner in Bridport and then came back to the B&B, I'm tired and the bed is soo comfortable!

    Corfe Castle village
    Miniature village
    Wishing Chair outside Ginger Pop
    View from castle
    Beach hits
    Knoll beach
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  • Day59

    Be Still

    October 21, 2016 in the United Kingdom ⋅

    A cold and cloudy day today, I am preparing for a shock on Sunday evening.

    Today I went to Poole harbour and then to Brownsea island. The island is owned by the National Trust and is a sanctuary for the red squirrel and birds.

    I wandered around the island, the line of a hymn kept coming to mind "Be still in the presence of the Lord", as so often happens though I couldn't remember the rest.

    The autumn colours are so beautiful.
    Being still was what was required to see the wildlife. I think I also needed to just sit, listen and be still.

    I saw red squirrels, they are surprisingly noisy. The only reason I saw two of them is because I was looking for the bird that made the strange noise.
    I watched one run up a tree to the top branches and then jump or just walk to the top branches of the tree next door. It transferred across 4 or 5 trees, then climbed down and ran away.

    I also saw a deer, it seemed quite unconcerned about the people watching it.
    I heard lots of birds but only saw a few.

    I went down to the scout camp, this is where Lord Baden Powell held the first scout camp.
    Scouts from all over the world still camp there.

    The boat I planned on taking back to Poole either left early or didn't turn up, I wasn't sure so I sat in the freezing cold for half an hour to make sure I didn't miss the next. We went on a tour of the harbour before returning to the quay. The kids on board had obviously had enough as it was hard to hear the commentary over their noise.

    I went into Wareham before coming back to the the B&B.

    Dorset countryside
    Border force boat -Poole is a busy harbour
    Brownsea island
    Heath on Brownsea island
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  • Day90

    Day 90: Westwards to Dorset

    May 16, 2017 in the United Kingdom ⋅

    Long day of travelling today. Up fairly early and on the road as we had a lot of miles to cover, and a couple of things to see as well. Bid a fond farewell to our room and host, then hit the road.

    First stop was the Battle of Britain museum at an old WW2 airfield nearby which we'd driven past a couple of times. I hadn't heard of it before, so figured I would drop in. Shandos wasn't interested, so ended up waiting around in the car and working on her laptop! I quite enjoyed it, a few replica planes from both sides along with a lot of displays and relics from the time period. Though it definitely felt like one of those things that was run by old folk for old folk, and that not many people my age would be interested in it.

    Took a bit longer than I meant to as I got chatting slightly with the volunteer who took a couple of pictures for me, so it wasn't until nearly midday that we got back on the road. Our next stop wasn't that far away, another invasion themed place too! This time it was at the town of Battle, the site of the Battle of Hastings where William the Conqueror successfully invaded England and claimed the crown. I'm not sure why it's called the battle of Hastings, because Hastings is about 10 miles away, and there was already a town on the site.

    I had been expecting to find an open field we could look around, but it was actually all fenced off behind a high wall and you had to pay a princely sum to get in, so we decided against it as we didn't really have the time. Briefly thought about conducting my own "conquest" but thought better of it.

    Next stop was the tiny hamlet of Alfriston, known as one of the prettiest towns in England. And it quite lived up to the name, with cute little row houses, a tiny main street, several medieval pubs, a very old church, and the friar's house which is one of the oldest private dwellings in England, dating from the 12th century and still standing. At this point it was 3pm and we still weren't at the halfway mark, so we of course stopped in the town and shared a cream tea (black tea served with scones with jam & cream). Sat in the back garden terrace of a cafe and enjoyed the sunshine.

    Back in the car by 4pm and from here it was just driving. We followed various highways and byways along the southern coastline, skirting around Portsmouth, Southampton, Bournemouth and Poole, before finally arriving in Dorset at Purbeck. Our Airbnb was another granny flat style arrangement at the back of a mining cottage, this time hosted by a couple named (not joking) Adam and Steve. They were lovely and very taken with Schnitzel.

    The place is classic Dorset - high up on the moors, misty and a bit rainy. We're in a microscopic village of 40 houses clustered together, all made of the same dull grey stone. On the way up the hill we drove past the ruins of ancient Corfe Castle and the associated town, all looking great but very unphotogenic due to the rain that had set in.

    We unpacked and then set off to the local pub for dinner in heavy rain. Very nice country pub with apparently great views, though of course hidden by rain! I had a great dish of bangers & mash, while Shandos had crab pasta. Back to our rooms for another early night, listening to the rain hammer on the roof!
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  • Day91

    Day 91: Raining in Dorset

    May 17, 2017 in the United Kingdom ⋅

    Slightly frustrating day today. The main reason we'd come to Dorset was to visit the Jurassic Coast UNESCO World Heritage site, a huge long section of coastline that stretched roughly from near our rooms, about a hundred miles further west. It's a great example of geology, where you can clearly see different rock formations and dates and with clear indicators of all the stuff you learned in geology class about plate tectonics and so on. It's also where lots of dinosaur bones and ancient fossils have been found.

    Because it's so large, we'd planned to cover the eastern end today, then cover the western end tomorrow on our drive westwards toward Cornwall. But we woke up to rain on the roof and fog on the moors behind our room. The forecast wasn't promising, but after a light breakfast we set off in hope.

    First stop was Old Harry Rocks, a group of rock stacks (sort of like the Twelve Apostles back in Australia) named for a local pirate in the 17th century. We parked nearby, but realised it was probably a 2-3 kilometre round trip walk to properly see the stacks, which neither of us felt that inclined to do in the rain. We wandered out on the beach and took a few photos, but they were pretty distant and not that impressive.

    Realising that the rain wasn't letting up, we decided to head for the museum in Dorchester instead. There was some good stuff in here, including an enormous pliosaur skull (sort of like a huge killer whale) which was found on a nearby beach by an amateur!

    We drove over to the beach in Weymouth for a quick look, but still lots of rain hampered our efforts. Visited a classic pie shop where we both had a delicious pie with mash for lunch, very huge serves and very tasty.

    Decided to just cut our losses and head back to the rooms, where we spent the rest of the afternoon writing, editing video and planning. In the late afternoon the rain finally let up, so we went out for a walk around the little hamlet and explored the nearby paddocks. Schnitzel was very excited to have a lot of grass to run around on!

    Back to the room where we had pizza for dinner, made fresh by Tesco and cooked handily in the oven by me! Thankfully the forecast for tomorrow looks much better, so fingers crossed!
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  • Day6

    Old Harry Rocks

    September 28, 2017 in the United Kingdom ⋅

    Später ging es dann wieder Richtung Küste und da wollten wir einen Hundespaziergang zu den Old Harry Rocks unternehmen. Zu guter Letzt kamen wir dann noch zu einer guten Zeit auf unseren ACSI-Camping in Whitemead. Hier staunten wir nicht schlecht wie sauber alles ist, auch an der Reception sind die Leute immer sehr freundlich und aufgestellt. Uns fällt auch auf, dass auf den Strassen sehr rücksichtsvoll gefahren wird, man fährt mit sehr viel tolleranz und lässt die Fussgänger über die Strasse sowie auch die wartenden Autos von den Seitenstrassen rein, und dies passiert ohne hupen, wirklich sehr toll.

    Camping: http://whitemeadcaravanpark.co.uk/
    Bemerkungen: schöner kleiner Camping, der Zug der bis Abends um 23.00 Uhr fährt hupt mit seiner Signalpfeife so laut, dass man fast aus dem Bett fällt :-) aber ansonsten sehr schön
    Wetter: tagsüber sehr schön und mild, nachts merklich kühler und es regnete leicht
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  • Day6

    Durdle Door

    June 4, 2018 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Das Frühstück im All Hallows Farmhouse ist äusserst vielseitig. Lisa bereitet alles zu, was man sich wünscht. Heute probieren wir French Toast mit Bananen und Blaubeeren. Obwohl mit viel Liebe zubereitet und wunderschön angerichtet, ist das nicht so unser Ding, essen tun wir’s trotzdem. Nach dem gemeinsamen Frühstück verabschieden wir uns von Julien, tauschen aber vorher noch die E-Mail Adressen aus.

    Heute fahren wir südwärts an die Jurassic Coast, ein Weltnaturerbe der Unesco. Die Fahrt dorthin, natürlich wieder auf oftmals schmalsten Strässchen, führt uns durch wunderschöne Landschaften. Immer wieder fahren wir durch dichte Baumtunnels und durch von gewaltigen Bäumen gesäumte Alleen. Auf vielen Strässchen hat gerade einmal ein Auto Platz, zudem sind diese Strässchen von bis zu 3 Meter hohen Hecken eingemacht. Hier hofft man, dass einem kein Auto entgegen kommt, denn kreuzen ist nur an gelegentlichen Ausbuchtungen möglich. Heute passiert uns aber genau das, nur noch etwas schlimmer. Es kommt uns ein gefühlter 40-Tönner entgegen. Es gibt nur eine minimale Ausbuchtung, in die wir fahren und uns so eng wie möglich an die Hecke stellen. Auch die Aussenspiegel müssen eingeklappt werden. Nun beginnt die Milimeterarbeit. Endlich geschafft, und das ohne Kratzer! Noch ein paar Kilometer und wir erreichen den Parkplatz von Durdle Door. Endlich, wir sehen das Meer!

    Das Wetter ist wolkig, aber meist trocken. Die Sonne lässt sich gelegentlich blicken, und die Temperaturen heute sind sehr angenehm. Ein langer Fussmarsch inklusive einiger Höhenmeter ist angesagt, denn der Parkplatz liegt hoch über Durdle Door. Zum Glück habe ich meine Wanderstöcke dabei - Sylvia schafft es hoffentlich ohne - denn der Weg hinunter ist steil und steinig, so dass man auf dem Schotter leicht ins Rutschen kommen kann. Wir bewältigen den Abstieg aber ohne Probleme. Hier unten erwartet uns ein überwältigender Ausblick und endlich sehen wir den spektakulären Felsbogen Durdle Door aus dem Meer aufragen. Eine steile Treppe führt hinunter zum Sandstrand. Er ist weit, offen und viel besucht. Hier kann man baden, Wolken und Leute gucken, faulenzen und die Zeit vertrödeln. Einige wagen sich bereits ins Wasser; dem Geschrei zufolge muss es aber noch sehr erfrischend sein. Die hohen Felsen und Klippen sind Zeugnis der Millionen Jahre alten Geologie der Küste, als hier noch Dinosaurier in dichten Farnwälder zuhause waren. Der Küstenweg entlang der Jurassic Coast ist einer der beliebtesten an der Südwestküste Englands. Wir denken an Hananis und sind überzeugt, das dieser Küstenabschnitt auch einmal ein Ferienziel sein könnte, weil es hier viel zu sehen und entdecken gibt.

    Wir sind wieder etliche Kilometer gelaufen und so langsam macht sich ein Hüngerchen bemerkbar. Wir fahren heimwärts und suchen uns einen Pub fürs Abendessen. In Furzehill werden wir fündig und essen lecker im „Stocks Inn“. Wir schlürfen noch unseren Cappuccino und danach geht‘s nach Bettenhausen. Ein schöner, erlebnisreicher Tag geht zu Ende .
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