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    • Day 9

      Von der Speyside nach St. Andrews

      May 15, 2022 in Scotland ⋅ ☁️ 12 °C

      Die vorletzte Etappe gehen wir etwas ruhiger an. Nur ca. 3 Stunden Fahrzeit, wohlgemerkt ohne Motorways. Es ging durch tolle Landschaften an Aberdeen vorbei nach Dunnottar Castle in Stonehaven. Die Fotos sprechen für sich. Von dort ging es über Dundee, die River Tay Bridge nach St. Andrews. Das etwas außerhalb gelegene B&B The Old Station House war unsere äußerst angenehme Unterkunft. Dinner hatten wir in einem vom Gastgeber empfohlenes Pub. Dort waren nur Locals, genau das, was wir suchten. An dieser Stelle möchte ich eine Lanze brechen für die Schotten. So freundliche und offene Menschen findet man selten. Man wird direkt freundlich aufgenommen, und man interessiert sich.
      Morgen ist der Zieleinlauf in Edinburgh zwischen 15:30 und 17:00. Unsere Ehefrauen Claudia und Julia werden uns in Empfang nehmen.
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    • Day 9

      The Castle Course

      May 21, 2022 in Scotland ⋅ ⛅ 55 °F

      The Castle Course ,designed by David McLay Kidd, was the final stop of our Scotland golf adventure. We arrived later in the morning to nice weather but gusty conditions. Jack warmed up on the driving range while Darren had to drive back to Crail after forgetting his towel (not a surprise). He came in on two wheels, took some quick swings at the range and then off around noon. The course setup was difficult with uneven terrain and long holes but the wind only made it that much more difficult. Darren played very well despite the gusty conditions while Jack was in his pocket on a couple of holes and ready to kill himself. After the round we enjoyed a nice dinner in the clubhouse overlooking the ninth hole and ocean. From there it was back to the town for one last night of exploring.Read more

    • Day 29

      Cathedral of St Andrew

      May 30 in Scotland ⋅ ☀️ 15 °C

      Die St Andrew Kathedrale wurde 1158 erbaut 🪨 sie war 119 Meter lang und die grösste je gebaute Kirche in Schottland. Ich staune immer wieder, wie die Menschen zu dieser Zeit so etwas bauen konnten. Da gab es keine Bagger, Baukräne usw. Da war noch Muskelkraft gefragt 💪Read more

      Traveler  Ja genau... Wie konnte früher so gross gebaut werden!?


      Traveler  Leider war es die Muskelkraft von Unterdrückten und Sklaven. Aber dennoch sind es wirklich faszinierende Bauwerke. Sowohl die großen wie die kleineren Gebäude aus den alten Tagen. Vielen Dank, dass du uns teilhaben lässt an deiner Reise.


      Traveler  Sehr gerne. Freut mich wenn es euch allen gefällt, auch wenn ihr nur virtuell dabei sein könnt.

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    • Day 7

      But the forecast didn’t call for rain!

      September 5, 2022 in Scotland ⋅ ☁️ 17 °C

      Hello from St. Andrews, Scotland.
      Mike and I made St.Andrews this afternoon after 3 full days of walking the Fife Coastal Path. This well signed 187 km trail follows the north shore of the Firth of Forth estuary along the coast of Fife and then turns north past St. Andrews. For our Scotland walking adventure we briefly considered the more well-known West Highland Way but the distances between stops and elevation were more than I wanted to tackle and the weather was guaranteed to be wetter. So the Fife coast it was.
      Fife is a beautiful part of the country with fairly flat lands, and a beautiful coastline with deep bays, long sandy beaches and pretty fishing villages. Not surprisingly it is a big holiday resort area. In total we walked about 60 kms of the trail over 3 days taking our host’s advice to start in the town of Leven. The scenery was varied and so was the weather ( as one would expect in Scotland). For the most part it was dry - and at times even warm and sunny. On our second day of walking, we had rain for a few hours which had not been in the forecast and I wondered, just for a moment, whether I should have packed my hiking pants rather than those extra shoes and scarves! Och weel (of well) we managed.
      The places we passed hold some interesting history. Caves with crosses etched by early Christian pilgrims; a statue of the seafarer Alexander Selkirk after whom Defoe’s fictional character Robinson Crusoe was based. ( seems he was from this area and was castaway for 4 years on an island off of Chile). We passed many cement bunkers from WWII and a memorial to the SS Avondale a Canadian cargo ship sunk off the Fife coast. The Avondale was sunk at 2300 on 7 May, 1945 just 1 hour before Germany surrendered. Imagine losing a loved one an hour before the end of the war. Along the way, we skirted a number of golf courses. The path literally follows the edge of the fairways so as walkers we had to stop often as players made their shots. The golf courses are well-tended and look deceptively wide open. One fellow close to us made a chip onto the green from a very tricky lie. In passing I said “ well played”. He answered “ Aye, but I put the last three shots in the sea”. The wind is always in play. I noticed most people were playing with caddies. I didn’t see any power carts. The caddies were busy pointing out recommended shots and even coaching people on where to send their putts. Now that would be super helpful to my game.
      We met many interesting people along the way. Everyone was very chatty and friendly and keen to know where we were from. Given the extensive Scottish diaspora, everyone seemed to have a relation in Canada or Australia. According to our census, 14% of Canadians are of Scottish decent. Perhaps that explains our love of french fries or chips.
      On day 1 we followed part of the trail along one of the decommissioned railway lines. Mike and I have been keenly watching a show called Britain’s Lost Railways. In the 60s , a man called Beeching was charged with rationalizing the many railway lines and about a third of Britain’s lines were shut down. Many are now walking trails through interesting parts.
      While walking we made regular stops for bacon butties, scones and tea to keep up our strength. The bacon in these parts is very meaty and not “ peely-wally” - a Scottish term meaning pale, or looking unwell. We also stopped in Anstruther at the famous “ Wee Chippy” for some fish and chips.
      For two nights we stayed in a Elie holiday flat of another second cousin, Eric. He insisted when he heard we were passing through and on Sunday night he and his wife, Diane, along with two other Edinburgh cousins came to have dinner and drinks with us. ( more of the Baillie clan) It was a great reunion. I came armed with lots of information that my father had written about our shared great-grandparents. Evidently, our Great -Grandmother, Alexandrina Huston was a real firecracker who birthed 18 children, 13 who lived to adulthood. She was a true family matriarch who was also a favorite at the Edinburgh University Hospital as she was the first person to be successfully treated for myxoedema ( hypothyroidism). She made the medical textbooks and was often marched in front of medical students. On the other hand my great- grandfather George died very young and was evidently an alcoholic who contributed little in life except his 13 children. My Dad figured anyone with 13 bairn was likely to turn to drink.

      ………" I followed my heart and it led me to whiskey.”

      Mike and I are now in the very pretty and ancient town of St. Andrews known worldwide for two things. The University of St.Andrews is the 3rd oldest in the UK behind Oxford and Cambridge. Last year it was rated top Uni by the ratings - something similar to our Maclean’s ratings. Founded in 1413 , they have let women study here since 1876. The royals Will and Kate went to school here , where they met. It is currently what they call “fresher week” for new students and last night the streets were crowded with rowdy groups of young people partying before tackling the fall term. Our room faced the Main Street and I can attest to the fact that they partied into the wee hours.
      The second thing that people know about St.Andrews is the old golf course which is considered the home of golf because the sport was first played here in the 15th century. At one point, the King banned golf because it was distracting men from their archery practice - a more useful pursuit if you have to constantly fight the bloody English. Playing the ancient course is on many people’s bucket list. It’s a modest $320 ……if you can actually get a tee time. But golf is not on our itinerary for this trip so we’ll be spared that expense.
      We fortified ourselves this morning with a full English. (Note that There is an unfortunate regulation in Scotland that you have to show the caloric content of foods on the menu. No one needs to know the caloric content of a full English breakfast!!! - it’s enough to put you off of your breakfast). Today we bus back to Edinburgh, take a quick trip to the Port town of Leith which was my Father’s home ( and also our dear friend Margaret’s). It was a poor, industrial port until the 80s when it started to become more developed and posh. Tomorrow morning we say a fond farewell or mar sin leat and catch a train south to Manchester area to visit Mike’s brother.

      That’s all for now,
      Heather/ Mom
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       What a treat seeing St Andrews [Ron S]


      Traveler  Wow, I learn so much about the places you visit…thank you for taking the time to share with us some historical background of the places you are visiting as well as providing some personal anecdotes. Louise


       Great to hear of the travels Heather. I was wondering how you were getting on [H1]

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    • Day 9

      Last Night in St. Andrews

      May 21, 2022 in Scotland ⋅ ⛅ 57 °F

      Above it all at the Rusacks. Jack pointed out that he found out where all the good looking women in Scotland were hiding. This place is really nice with a view of the entire 18th (tee to green) the R&A, out to the beach and Old Tom Morris' shop (across from the 18th green). We met a lot of really nice people, locals love the tourists, they are in heaven when you add a few pints, is there anything better? Finished it off with 3 scoops of ice cream, then off to bed, setting the alarm for 1:30, Celtics/Heat game 3.Read more

    • Day 7

      The New Course

      May 19, 2022 in Scotland ⋅ ⛅ 52 °F

      Built in 1895 by old Tom Morris. Walked to the starter shack in 12 minutes and were on the first tee @ 6:45 a.m. We finished at 10:30 a.m. Great weather, light breeze. The Course was great with mounds of lovely greens that are well guarded, especially if you take an aggressive line. Breakfast at Tom Morris Bar & Grill. Jack gave the breakfast sandwich, with double meat, his top score of "very good". Following breakfast back to our room for a shower and to explore the town. As we walked back to the room, we met a greens- keeper, he asked us where we were playing and whe we told him Crail Craighead...he said in a thick Scottish accent "Fu'tin Bultal"...so we have that to look forward to.Read more

    • Day 6

      The Jigger Inn

      May 18, 2022 in Scotland ⋅ ☁️ 55 °F

      On the 17th fairway, corner of the hotel. ( owned by Kohler ). The Jigger Inn dates back all the way to 1850's, when it was the Station Masters lodge for the St. Andrews train station (no longer in existence). We walked back to town and asked a local where we could "get something quick," he told us the best " chippies" were at Tail End. We ordered some chippies with salt and vinegar and had them sitting on a wall in town, a grand day!Read more

    • Day 7

      Shandon House

      May 19, 2022 in Scotland ⋅ ☁️ 57 °F

      This 6 room B&B is in the perfect location . It's a 4 minute walk to the 1st tee and has a large car park (parking lot for you non-Scottish) outside. The 1st room was a wee bit small. The next room (we had to switch rooms due to pre- bookings) is bigger and has 3 beds ( Lucy & Ricky size) nice bathroom and is extremely clean. Stuart & Elizabeth are very nice, he (former banker) likes to talk a lot about the history of St. Andrews, all while she's trying to pull him away " let the boys be...they don't want to hear all this"...funny. We had dinner next door at Ziggy's (knock off of David Bowie) good burgers and fun place.Read more

    • Day 3

      First time at St. Andrews

      April 8, 2022 in Scotland ⋅ ⛅ 6 °C

      Today we got going early for a trip to St Andrews, the Home of Golf . It's about a 90 minute drive in the countryside. Linda keeps telling me to "stay right" as I tend to pull left with the car setup. St Andrews is surprisingly easy to find. We parked at the clubhouse and had lunch at Tom Morris' Bar and Grill. Morris has a revered name in golf and was the first Open Champion.
      We had a tour of the Old Course led by Stephen, who loves the course and the town. We viewed the Golf Museum and St Andrews University. In many ways, this is a school town. We may return as there is much to see here.
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      Traveler  Great picture...Ok, your friend (me) deleted Sue's number (blender) and just remember today. If you can send it to me again via, whats app, email or text. Looks like you guys have started off with a bang


      Traveler  Woow!! beautiful.

    • Day 18

      St Andrews

      May 24, 2022 in Scotland ⋅ 🌧 13 °C

      Spontan entschieden wir uns, hier zwei Nächte zu bleiben. Nobel geht die Welt zu Grunde. Eine Golfstadt. Heute waren wir zu Fuß den Ort erkunden. 10 km haben wir bestimmt voll bekommen bei strahlendem Sonnenschein. Im Ort wimmelt es von Golf Spielern, aber fern ab der Hauptstraßen gibt es viele mittelalterliche Gässchen zu entdecken. Und Claas hat heute seinen ersten Golf Ball bekommen. Mittags waren wir im Aquarium, allerdings gibt es wesentlich schönere. Es ist relativ dunkel und die Aquarien relativ klein für viele Tiere meines Erachtens nach.
      Auf dem Heimweg holten wir uns bei The Cheesy Toastcheck den wohl gehaltvollsten Toast meines Lebens aber er war auch wirklich wirklich lecker.
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