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  • Day25

    Day 23 Southampton - London

    August 24, 2019 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    Off the ship for the final time this morning about 8 am. We arranged to get a cab to the rail station with a couple of friends we made on the ship and disembarking was so easy we were off the ship and at the station within 25 minutes which meant over an hour’s wait for our 9.30 train to Waterloo station in London.

    That all went smoothly enough and we arrived about 11.15 and picked up a black taxi to our hotel/apartment in South Kensington. You know how Londons cabbies used to do “the knowledge” (which was a test that meant they had to memorise every street and the quickest direction to it in central London)? Our cabbie was obviously a complete failure at the knowledge as after 40 minutes in his taxi we were further away from where we wanted to be than when we started.

    We had done this trip a few times before so I knew he was completely lost and following a few increasingly heated exchanges we parted ways, settling on a ten pound (out of the 45 on the meter) as fair exchange for his uselessness. I imagine he can still hear the very colourful language I used as I left the cab and hopefully my parting advice to him about choosing a different career path comes to fruition.

    Anyway ten minutes and one driver who did actually know his way around later, we were at the Collingham apartments. We have stayed here about 4 times previously and they really look after us. We have been given a split level balcony apartment and there was a bottle of wine and chocolates awaiting us on arrival.

    London has a reputation for cool cloudy weather, well not today! Almost 30 degrees with more just like it forecast for the next few days. It was a very hot and sweaty journey by tube out to Camden Town Markets for the afternoon where we were met by every other person in London who also wanted to be there on a Saturday afternoon - jeez it was packed!

    Made a few purchases and made our way back to Kensington about 4 pm. After a quick stop at one of the local pubs and a bit of supermarket shopping we decided to call a halt to the day about 6 pm.

    I had intended to get to a local football match (probably QPR) but the time it took to get to our apartment and the crowds at Camden Town put paid to that. A quiet night in cooking for ourselves in preparation for another day in the London heat tomorrow.

    Photos show... The Collingham Apartments; several shots of the inside and balcony of room 122...
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  • Day4

    Radtour "Das Beste von Southampton" 1

    September 11, 2019 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    Laut Wikipedia ist Southampton eine bedeutende Hafenstadt im Vereinigten Königreich. Sehr bekannt geworden aber auch als der Startpunkt der Titanic im Jahre 1912. Wir sind gespannt auf „Das Beste von Southampton“, das wir nun mit dem Fahrrad erkunden wollen.
    Murdin kennt sich aus und bringt uns sicher durch das Städtchen, zeigt uns wichtige alte und neue Gebäude, Gedenkstätten, einen uralten und wunderschönen Friedhof, riesige Parkanlagen, die Arbeiterviertel im Vorort ...
    Wir sind alle drei begeistert und Angelika jauchzt bei jedem Hügel und freut sich über ihre Elektromobilität 😆!
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  • Day5

    Southampton/Windsor /England

    September 11, 2019 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    Heute besuchen wir die Königin. Ein zweites Mal fahren wir nach Windsor und schauen uns das Schloss und die Kathedrale an. Auch die Wachen sind wieder von Interesse. Wir haben Gelegenheit einen neuen Bus zu kaufen. Im Doppelpack mit einem schwarzen Taxi ist er zu haben.Read more

  • Day4

    Radtour "Das Beste von Southampton" 2

    September 11, 2019 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    Auch die fleißigsten Radler brauchen mal eine Pause. Also stellen wir unsere Drahtesel an der Stadtmauer ab und machen Sightseeing zu Fuß. Im urigen Pub essen wir ganz traditionell Fish and Chips, dazu gibts Cidre und Ale - lecker 😋. Noch 10 Minuten shoppen und schon müssen wir zurück zu den Rädern. Und was sehen wir da? Eins 🚲 ist weg 😱! Geklaut, mitten in unserem schönen Ausflug, nicht zu fassen. Murdin will nun neben uns herlaufen und uns so zum Schiff bringen, nebenbei noch das Tudor Haus zeigen und den Pub, in dem die Ingenieure der Titanic immer ihr Bierchen tranken. Nach kurzer Schockminute finden wir eine bessere Lösung: ich nehm den Shuttlebus zurück zum Schiff und Murdin beendet die Radtour mit meinem Fahrrad.Read more

  • Day4

    Southampton, Ankunft

    September 11, 2019 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    8 Uhr legen wir in Southampton an, alles wirkt irgendwie verschlafen und da wir gestern noch lange unterwegs waren, sind auch wir noch nicht ganz fit 😏. Gut, das wir uns gestern Zeit verschafft haben für unseren Start in den Tag 👍 🚲 🚲 🚲!
    Pünktlich 10 Uhr treffen wir uns mit unserem supernetten (indonesischen) Guide Murdin. Er hat alles perfekt organisiert, wir bekommen Trinkflaschen, Helme und Mountainbikes bzw. Angelika ihr Superbike. Draußen gibts eine kleine Einweisung und Probefahrt und die Erinnerung - immer schön links fahren, denn das macht man hier so 😀!
    Natürlich sprechen wir von nun an auch die Sprache der Einheimischen 😉😉😉.
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  • Day4

    Nach der Radtour

    September 11, 2019 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    Heute Abend ist mediterane bzw. italienische Nacht, die Klamotte sollte grün/weiß/rot sein. Schon beim Abendessen gibts eine kleine Showeinlage. Die Party im Atrium wiederum ist very british. Wir machen wie immer alles mit, besuchen auch Show und Bar und unseren Absacker 🍷 nehmen wir heute mit auf den Balkon.Read more

  • Day25

    Cruising into Southampton

    August 17, 2017 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    It was only going to be a short drive today - less than 2 hours, so we decided to do some exploring around Redditch. Mary had family from a small market town called Alcester. We parked and spent most of the morning going from shop to shop and talking to the locals. We also checked out Studley Castle where we stayed once before - they are spending £M's on it - should be great when finished.

    Much to Mary's delight we bought some coat hangers - now we can dry more clothes in our room - happy wife, happy life.

    The Alcester Post Office box in town was painted gold because a local won a Gold Medal at the London games- nice touch.

    Halfway down to the coast we stopped at Andover - another picturesque town - again I tried to drive through the pedestrian mall - until I noticed the bemused look on the parking attendant.

    Arrived at out hotel in Southampton and the hotel looks great - might stay here two nights and just do a day drive to the New Forest. The best part was - our room was on the ground floor, easy for suitcases and had a had a bathroom for people with disability - that is, a huge bathroom with plenty of space for all our stuff.

    Southampton is a difficult city to drive around - no structure to the streets, shops spread all over the place and a real mix of old and new [in most big cities the old part is preserved - note to HCC].

    We found a large new shopping centre and had a good shop around ending up in a Nordic restaurant - had a large share platter of fish and other Scandinavian delights.

    Tomorrow its the New Forest and another night in Southampton.

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    Vicki Harrison

    Hi Peter and Mary, Tony and I spent 4 months in a little flat over the PO in Lyndhurst in Dec 1992/Mar 1993 while we were between jobs in Oman and Colombo. If you meander through (on foot) see if Monica is still there (she would be quite old and now probably the "ex postmistress"). It was a lovely time, winter, snow, ponies. I recall a great little pub at Minstead.

    Rod Taylor

    Oi! Stop pinching' my bloody flowers you rascals!

  • Day3

    Day 2 Southampton

    August 2, 2019 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    Sometimes things don’t go quite as planned which seems to be a bit of a recurring theme so far... The delay meant we had to jump on-line and change our transport arrangements to Southampton (at a cost of an extra 20 pounds).

    So the flight from Singapore was delayed, and delayed, eventually taking off just after 3 am. The flight itself was pretty uneventful with a sleeping pill ensuing 9 of the 13 hour flight passed with me knowing nothing about it. We were just about to land at Heathrow (literally just over the end of the airport) when we had to do an emergency go around as there was a plane on the runway in the way. Luckily no issue apart from from some startled looks on the passengers faces and we eventually landed safely.

    A quick trip through immigration and then onto the loser cruiser (err...bus) to Southampton arriving about 2.30pm. We are staying at the Premier Inn West Quay which is pretty basic but close to the centre of the city. So we walked down to the Sea City museum to visit the Titanic exhibition and history of the Southampton (both really good).

    While we were there we saw some photos and commentary about Robert Hickens who was the grandfather of a friend of Christines (Deidre) and the Quartermaster on the Titanic. More of him later as we have a special job to do when we get to the Titanic Experience in Belfast.

    We went out for dinner and were going to a local pub (the Titanic) which is cute from the outside (see attached picture) but really basic and I don’t say that lightly. It had a small but friendly crowd of regulars so we had a couple of drinks there and adjourned to the nearby Standing Order pub for actual dinner.

    An early night as we were both knackered after about 38 hours of travel/faffing around.

    Photos attached show our seats from Chch to Singapore; Singapore Airport terminal 3; seats on the much delayed flight to Heathrow; the double round approach to Heathrow; the Standing Order pub; the Titanic pub; the old City Gates Southampton; a bio of Deirdre’s grandfather; a mock up of class 2 Titanic cabin; a article from an April 1912 newspaper again featuring Dee’s grandfather.
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    Wayne Pike

    Never been to this pub when we went back to Southampton we visited the pubs I was brought up in they hadn’t changed only the management lol

    Wayne Pike

    Thanks heaps

    Wayne Pike

    Great 👍

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  • Day40

    Southampton, United Kingdom

    September 11, 2017 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Our private tour included visiting the important historical sights of Southampton with its many memorials. We went to the SeaCity Museum’s Titanic exhibit.
    We then drove out to the New Forest, an open area of 220 miles where wild horses, cows, and donkeys roam free. These animals came right next to our car. The residents here are called commoners and live in beautiful thatched roof houses that are very far apart.
    The visit to this most unique area was enhanced by our guide who was an expert on life in the New Forest.
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    Judy Johnson

    I've enjoyed your trip with you! Judy

  • Day2

    Mayflower Cruise Terminal

    July 13, 2019 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    The surprise didn’t go as planned but was still a huge success! Knowing Jackson was out in Southampton Ruby and took a taxi to Standing Orders where Jackson and I use to always go for lunch. He however had so much shopping to do that he didn’t have time to go there, so the surprise had to wait for the ship.
    Once we got on-board and dropped our stuff off at our cabin we headed down to the bar that he works at called Brodie’s. I walked up behind him and stood there well he was on the phone, waiting for him to turn around when he was done. He however turned around when he was still on the phone and was in complete shock. In his surprise we are pretty sure he hung up on whoever he was on the phone with. When I asked him about it later he doesn’t even remember being on the phone. With Jackson being at work though the real hello had to wait for later but he was walking around from guest to guest with the biggest grin on his face. There were to passengers sitting near Jackson when I surprised him and they really enjoyed watching his reaction as well.
    Ruby and I didn’t do much tonight. We went for the sail away party so Ruby could see us set sail. She found it so weird that you could see the ship was moving but not feel it. Then after giving her a tour we headed for dinner at our assigned restaurant, Peninsular. We are trying so hard to stay awake and not go to sleep too early but we are both exhausted. I’m guessing we’ll be sleeping in tomorrow.
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    Catherine Musselman

    Love the nautical look Miss Ruby!


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