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  • Day13

    Was man auf der Autobahn so findet...

    October 5, 2017 in the United Kingdom

    Am Morgen verliessen uns Stefanie und Cyrill und machten einen Tagesausflug nach Manchester. Heute war mal ein Tag angesagt wo wir etwas weiter hoch fuhren Richtung Manchester - Liverpool vorbei nach Nord Wales und Rhuallt.
    Unterwegs auf der Autobahn und auf den Schnellstrassen sieht man manchmal komische Sachen, so zum Beispiel dieser Transport von einem ganzen Haus. Manchmal überholen die Lastwagen sogar 3 spurig und lassen sich überhaupt nicht stressen.
    Grundsätzlich kann man aber sagen, dass man auf der Autobahn sehr wenig Hektik spürt und die Autofahrer in England mit sehr viel Toleranz fahren, so wurden wir in unseren Ferien bis jetzt nur einmal angehupt, und dies auch nur von einem speziellen Autofahrer bei dem wir nicht sicher waren ob dies auch wirklich ein Engländer war :-)
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  • Day1

    Alton towera

    March 27 in the United Kingdom

    Had a brill day alysia tried some rollercoasters Oliver loved all of them then and even I went on air and the smiler 😭😭 now that was a fast ride!! Oscar loves all the rides and cried when we had to get off 💙💙

  • Day1

    Alton towers

    March 27 in the United Kingdom

    Kids had loads of fun together playing board games and in the jacuzzi 💙💙 Oscar loved the jacuzzi so did Albi played on the park too

  • Day25

    Winging it

    July 4, 2017 in the United Kingdom

    So those who know me well, know that "winging it" is my pure definition of hell. I like my holidays planned and nothing becomes more annoying to me than having that little tap tap in the back of your mind all day on where you are going to lay your head that night. In my world this causes me to have to find somewhere in the early afternoon so I know that part is taken care of, essentially robbing me of good holiday time each afternoon.

    But over the years my approach has been the source of much amusement to others so this trip I have decided to loosen the strings and wing it a bit, just to see whether I can push through this crazy barrier and just go with the flow knowing I won't actually be homeless for the night. So far so good, but there is a but....

    My trip to the UK was for a set period of time and there were a number of places and people I wanted to see. To indulge myself a little I have decided tonight to plan out the next few days (old habits are hard to break) and to my absolute horror, I have discovered I am now so far behind I am not going to make it to Scotland!!!! Ach we lassies its is true, for the unwingable has made an error in judgment that has cost her a Cullen skink or two! She will nacht be imbibing of a fine whiskey on this trip and a haggis in all its glory has now slipped the grip. The Scots would ne'er make such an error! For that now, I must returns to the home ground of the good ole Rabbie Burns.

    So while I will continue to wing it a bit, tomorrow I have a plan. I am heading to Liverpool to follow in the steps of the Fab 4 and to maybe take that Ferry across the Mersey. So when I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me, speaking words of wisdom. I am just going to let it be.
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  • Day1

    Burton on Trent - contemplating......

    June 5, 2016 in the United Kingdom

    Sat on a hilltop camp in rural Masaka Uganda, the event I had looked forward to and prepared hard for over 6 months was tangiably close... just 24 hours away. I was prepared, excited and ready for the challenge..... yet I woud have been equally happy to have been able to stop time and retain the expectation and motivation it had given me to tick off the bleak english winter days in a job I had lost passion for. I knew that when it was over there would be a huge feeling of elation and satisfaction at completing the event, but there would also be a void to be filled which inevitably meant another 9+ months working in a office and riding out another grey British winter until I could concoct the next adventure. This time I knew it had to be longer. Working an intense job for a WHOLE year for 25 days holiday is a bad trade off, right? ;)

    I met some very inspirational people in our wonderful little camp, a group of 150 or so Brits who had flown to Uganda to take part in a hilly off-road marathon all had to have something uniquely magical flowing in their blood to bring them together. The day before the marathon during our "Un-conference Day", having listened to stories about solo women cycling to New Zealand and people stepping out to change their careers, I made 2 promises to myself. One was to change my job into a role I didnt continually want to escape from, the other was to go on a long journey - and somehow cycling to Russia popped into mind.

    Going back a couple of years or so, I recall having an odd day off at the end of summer, I decided to take my car up to Middleton in the Peak District and the high peak trail to Hurdlow. Being in my late 20s I remarked how all the people I encountered on the trail that day must have been retirees. Some couples, some solo, but all enjoying nature, being in the open air and getting from A to B under their own steam. I caught myself thinking "I can't wait to retire until I can do this all day...". WHAAAAT!! I was 29 and already wishing to be 65 (or older by the time the retirement age rises..!) Despite the bewildered looks I get from friends or colleagues when I tell them of my plans to do a long-distance bike trip I am more and more convinced that sometimes you have to step out of the socially-expected, safe, trajectory of "life" to actually experience "life". We shall see...

    Vive la reVELOcion!
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  • Day1

    Coach to Southampton

    November 6, 2017 in the United Kingdom

    Well, up to now the coach journey has been good.
    The check in at the coach station was great and very quick, we got on the first coach to leave and we are making good time, despite having to come off the motorway at Stoke to avoid an accident.
    Back on now and halfway down the toll road.

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