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    • Day 4

      Day 4 MANUTD => Old Trafford

      April 21, 2022 in England ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

      Today is our 4th day in Manchester. We visited the Old Trafford Stadium today. But starting from the beginning:
      Today I realised, that it is no exception, that busses never arrive on time. Yesterday I came to school with a delay of 16 minutes. Albeit my bus should've arrived 19 minutes earlier, at 8.57. Today I wanted to take even an earlier bus, estimated arrival time was set to 8.45, our school starts at 9 o' clock. But as I stood on the bus station and waited for some minutes, another bus arrived. As he drove in the same direction, I took him. I thaught this could be my first day without a delay. But then we stood at the highway, for 10 minutes without moving in any direction, as I am while driving back home this evening and writing my daily blog. And I arrived with a 2 min delay at our school, I really felt ashamed, as I am swiss. I'm never late normally. Tomorrow I'll take an even earlier bus. School was not that interesting, my teacher told me to "shut up", because I talked with Timon in Swissgerman.
      Then we had lunchbreak until 1 pm, we went to tesco and bought sandwiches and a limited galactic edition coke. It was ok, but normal coke is better. In the afternoon we drove to the Old Trafford Stadium of Manchester United and had a very interesting tour there. But unluckily we had to put all metallic stuff out of our pockets and I had a swiss army knive with me. I just put it on this screening table as I would do in Switzerland. The security said that he will leave it there and I can collect it later. After about 10 minutes inside the museum there comes a security guard to me and says we need to talk. I didn't even know why first, but then he told me that this knives are illegal in the UK and that he has to take my personal information. They've sent it to the police now and my knife is getting destroyed. Altough I legally bought it from Victorinox in Switzerland and legally travelled with it through the swiss airport. The knife was really expensive, so I'm very upset now..
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    • Day 3

      Erkältungspausentag 2/2

      September 11 in England ⋅ ☁️ 18 °C

      Erkältungsmäßig fühle ich mich gut genug um morgen zu starten, nur meine Schuhe machen mir weiterhin Sorgen.
      Ich bringe sie zum Schuster zum Weiten. Ob das wirklich was bringt weiß ich nicht aber ich klammer mich an die Hoffnung.
      5 Pfund kommt mir etwas wenig vor für eine Tätigkeit die darüber entscheidet ob die nächsten 3 Wochen wandern aushaltbar sein werden.
      Leider bin ich jetzt 24 Stunden ohne Schuhe.
      Meine Vermitterin leiht mir ihre kaputten zu kleinen Gartenschuhe. Toll :p

      Ich verbringe den Tag mit Katzen beobachten, lesen und weiter ausruhen.

      Ich weiß leider nicht wie das Wasser im Bad warm geht, also sitze ich erst 5 min im kalten Erkältungsbad, das ich extra mitgebracht habe und geh danach unter die kalte Dusche.

      Danach gibt es wieder was zu Essen von Too Good to go.
      Es ist günstig und ich werde überrascht.
      Pasteten sind ja wohl so ein Ding hier.
      Meine Chickenpastete schmeckt wie Hühnerfrikase im Blätterteigmantel :D
      Es gibt noch Steakpastete, eigentlich Gulasch in Mürbeteig :D
      Zum Nachtisch Pastete mit Marmelade :)
      Ich hab genug geordert um morgen ganz Stressfrei im Zug versorgt zu sein.
      Sandwiches und Cookies warten auf mich :)

      Auf dem Weg vom Essen holen bestaune ich die Läden, die urigen Pubs, die Vorstadthäußer, Schuluniformen und die doppeldecker Busse.
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    • Day 28

      Manchester locally

      July 12 in England ⋅ 🌙 15 °C

      No trips today just getting out and about in local Manchester.

      The girls went to Elizabeth Gaskell house which is an old Victorian property where Gail volunteers. Elizabeth was the owner and became a famous English writer. Regarded as ‘one of the greatest female novelists of all time’ Elizabeth Gaskell was born in 1810 and lived at 84 Plymouth Grove in Manchester with her family from 1850 until her death in 1865. Elizabeth welcomed guests such as Charles Dickens and Charlotte Bronte to her House and mixed with a cross section of Victorian society from the poor of the workhouse to the likes of Florence Nightingale and Charles Darwin.

      Alan and I visited the Imperial War Museum which had a focus on how Manchester coped during the war.

      Everything is quite local to their house which is on the river. You can see the Manchester United stadium not far away. If you have a lazy US$6 billion, they are for sale.

      Further down from the museum is the Coronation Street set and filming studio. Yes, it is still in production!

      Alan took me to The Britons Protection pub. It was the scene of a violent local political rally in 1904 where 15 demonstrators died. I was pleased to see my ancestor's whiskey on sale although I had a beer.

      We passed the Midland hotel walking back into town. In the entrance was a 1939 Rolls Royce. This was the hotel where monsieur’s Charles Rolls and Henry Royce met for afternoon tea and decided to try their hand at building cars.

      A quick stop at the state library and we then rendezvoused with the girls at Sam’s Chop House for a late lunch.

      We had to back track to find a misplaced umbrella which became another excuse for another drop.

      Home on a tram and relaxed to plan tomorrow. We will be on the move again.
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    • Day 2

      Erkältungspausentag 1/2

      September 10 in England ⋅ ☁️ 23 °C

      Ich hab nichts getan so schwer das auch war.
      Ausgeschlafen und gelesen.
      Ein Spaziergang zum Essen und zurück.

      Komisches Gefühl so nah an einer neuen großen Stadt zu sein und trotzdem die Füße stillzuhalten.
      Aber da krank wandern keine Option ist werde ich morgen auch nochmal aktiv gar nichts tun.

      Ein paar neue Sachen gab es trotzdem, neue Ampeln, Linksverkehr und seltsame Türklinken.
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    • Day 29

      Manchester - Family History Day 1

      January 5, 2020 in England ⋅ ☁️ 46 °F

      Today was dedicated to finding family headstones. With good planning it turned out to be easier than anticipated. Dottie and Adel have good memories of locations and combined with maps and the internet the headstones were easily located. At Southern Cemetery area U-2141 Isabella Occelston is my g-g-grandmother. John Weedall and Isabella Weedall are my g-grandparents.
      At Saint Winfreds church are the markers for Grandpa George and Grandma Clare (Clara). These are the people that I knew as a child.

      Also made another new friend Jennie Roberts. She is a member of the church and grew up in Manchester on Crown Street. Her family owned Massey Chip Shop. Visited with her and had a cup of tea. She had extra memories of the area and the town. Another wonderful connection to Manchester.

      Monday I’m heading to the Manchester library to hunt old maps and photos of the places the family lived.

      Finished the evening with Sunday Roast.
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    • Day 27

      Chatsworth day trip

      July 11 in England ⋅ ☁️ 17 °C

      We are heading out to drive to Chatsworth. It will be a fairly long drive, maybe an hour or so. The new Kia EV6 is fully charged and off we go.

      The countryside is lush and green, you can’t help but be impressed by all the stonewall fences.

      From the moment you enter the estate grounds it is jaw dropping how beautiful and grand this piece of history is and we couldn’t wait to look inside.

      Chatsworth House was home to the Dukes & Duchess’s Devonshire family and has been passed down through 16 generations. They are all at rest buried in a nearby village at the St Peter’s church. The property came into the family after being purchased by Sir William Cavendish for £600 in 1549, who then began building on the grounds.

      Kings and Queens visited here, and, in that era, it was all about decadence and wealth that was on display to all that visited. It is just an amazing place to visit.

      For the Pride & Prejudice fans this mansion featured in the movie and tv series.

      There are over 25 rooms in the stately home including the Painted Hall, State Rooms, Sculpture Gallery as you walk through discovering its art, history and all about the family.

      The ceiling art defies belief. In every room there are staff to tell you the story of the family.

      Each Duke wanted to make it bigger and grander than the previous generations, leaving their mark on one of Derbyshire’s finest country houses.

      There were just so many stunning pictures to be taken it will be hard to settle in the top 10.

      We spent several hours walking through and then we covered the grounds too. The weather has been a bit unkind today, but it didn’t dampen our experience.

      The emperor water fountain works on gravity and the fountain steps are amazing.

      Before we headed back to Manchester, we had to stop at the Devonshire Arms for a locally brewed pint.

      Gail cooked up a home cooked feast and we settled in watching episodes of Pride & Prejudice so we could say “we were there today”.
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    • Day 272


      October 3, 2019 in England ⋅ ⛅ 10 °C

      Gestern sind Andy und ich am Abend von Basel nach Manchester geflogen. Um ca. 0:30 sind wir dann im Bahnhof Piccadilly angekommen und da kommt uns auch schon Sämi entgegen. Er ist mit dem Zug von London angereist. Wir freuen uns sehr, ihn wieder zu sehen. Bis zum Sonntagabend verbringen wir die Zeit mit ihm in Manchester. Heute musste er hier noch arbeiten. Andy und ich haben das grosse Museum angeschaut.Read more

    • Day 9

      Theater of Dreams - Old Trafford

      August 21 in England ⋅ ☁️ 17 °C

      Ein must seen Stadion ist das Old Trafford von Manchester United, das Theatre of Dreams.

      74000 Zuschauer passen bei einem Spiel rein. Es kommt einem viel kompakter vor wie andere Stadien dieser Dimension.

      Integriert ist ein schönes Museum und natürlich der Megastore.

      Die Tour war wirklich top und neben den Möglichkeiten auf der Tribüne Platz zu nehmen und durch die zum Teil alterwürdigen Katakomben zu gehen, durfte man in die ManU Kabine, in den Spielertunnel mit Einlaufmusik, die etwas andere Auswechselbank (Wunsch von Sir Alex Ferguson) und in den Interviewraum in dem Mourinho sein Unwesen trieb.

      Wirklich ne Mega Stadion Tour mit tollen Guides (einer davon Kevin, der sich sehr um uns kümmerte inklusive Familienbild)
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    • Faster train to Manchester

      July 10, 2019 in England ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

      I caught a 9:06 am train to Manchester. I booked well in advance. For an extra 10 pounds, I went first class. It was a treat. The 2 nd class was packed but hardly anyone in first class. I had an interesting conversation with a Scottish businessman heading dow to Manchester. He and his partners ran ski schools in Europe. Ski schools in Europe are independent of the lift operators. He had no idea what Brexit would bring, whether he would require visas for any of his employees. He said the uncertainty was crazy. At one point in his life he had been a Scottish nationalist but really wasn't sure that would work. He didn't hold out much hope for either Boris Johnson or Hunt? I let him get back to work and read the crime novel I had been dragging for the whole trip. I finished it so I can now ditch it. It wasn't that good. It seemed that as soon as I got into England, it stopped raining. Scotland was beautiful but I don't think I could live there as it rains too much and I was lucky to have not had that much rain on my trip. I made it over to my accommodation by 1 and left my stuff while I went and checked out the Imperial War Museum. They had some interesting stuff. I was so engrossed by the displays that I walked beneath a Hawker Hurricane jet suspended from the ceiling without noticing. They had JRR Tolkien's service revolver from WW1. A unique car from Eastern Europe that Jack may recognise. Part of the plane that Rudolph Heist had used to travel to England, part of the Twin Tower from New York. I lasted about two hours but saw pretty well everything. It would have taken longer with Cheryl. Media City where both ITV and BBC are located are very close to the IWM and I noticed walking by that they produce the childre's television show Blue Peter there. Blue Peter is a weely children's show that has been running since 1958. I remember watching it when I lived in England for a year with my parents. We even named our sailboat Blue Peter. It brought back lots of memories. Tonight I am just chilling out again as these travel days exhaust me.Read more

    • Day 9

      Old trafford

      May 1, 2016 in England ⋅ ⛅ 10 °C


      Manchester United hosting Leicester City.

      Is this going to be a three-point game for the Reds, or is Claudio Ranieri getting his first ever trophy?

      We arrived at the stadium at around 1 pm. The crowd began to show up close to 2 pm; the game kicked off at 2.05 pm.

      Anthony Martial's early goal put United in the lead, but Fox' captain Wes Morgan equalized before half-time and the scoreline remained until the end of the game.

      Leicester City are not yet champions; it still has to be determined by the game between Spurs and Chelsea.

      Winning or losing did not matter too much; it is the atmosphere that impressed me the most. The fans - home and away - supported their teams by chanting and cheering all along the game. It was a non-stop ninety minutes. When the away players leaved the pitch, the home fans applauded for them as well.

      The Leicester fans were singing even after the game; yet they deserved to be that excited - they were so close to being the champions.

      Wish the Foxes luck.

      Heading back to London.
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