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  • Day53

    Shopping for Russia and a v large pasty

    August 23, 2019 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Another beautifully sunny day.
    Started the day with a supermarket shop for dried food for the upcoming Russia trip.
    Breakfast was an extra large Choak’s pasty!
    This was followed by Kate’s last carboot sale at Falmouth rugby club.
    We then drove 45 mins to St Austell to finally catch up with my eldest nephew Reece and his girlfriend Amy before a last night’s dinner of fish and chips back in Falmouth.
    We r hoping to god that we can stop eating in Russia!!
    Tmrw we leave Cornwall for London which will be v sad to leave the family.
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  • Day24

    First walking day in the rain

    September 22, 2019 in the United Kingdom ⋅ 🌧 13 °C

    First, last night’s dinner at the pub was good. I had a steak and managed to avoid too much stooge! They offered Carole chips or jacket potato with her lasagne!! Like they do in Ireland, everything comes with potatoes in some form. (She said neither please, just salad!).

    And this morning we had a good breakfast, continental and full English choices, and a good start before walking. Despite going to bed with still a perfect day, by this morning it was raining as predicted and we set off in our rain gear at about 9.30. It wasn’t heavy all the time, and sometimes almost stopped, but enough to get pretty soggy, and the ground, even though it hadn’t rained for a week, immediately got very muddy and puddly. With the consistent rain I found that my poncho wasn’t as impermeable as I thought. We’ve always been so lucky with weather on our Caminos that it may not have been put to the test and my t-shirt got quite wet which was uncomfortable and cold. It is much colder today, and hard to remember that yesterday we only wore a light shirt, and many people just had shorts and short sleeves. Any way it was all part of the fun, and it was a short flat walk today, along the firth and half way towards Carlisle. We did about 15 kms, and walked to Burgh by Sands (pronounced bruff). It is a tiny town, but famous for a statue of Edward I where they fought Robert the Bruce...Edward died here, but now buried at Westminster Abbey. Also there is a very old church, St Michael’s, built partly with stones from Hadrian’s Wall, dating back to 13th century, with some later additions (or maybe the later additions were 12th C!!). And it had been a garrison during the wars. So much history!

    But as the inn at Burgh by Sands is closed at the moment, we were taxied back to Carlisle for the night (all part of the service) and tomorrow we get taken back to Burgh by Sands to walk back to Carlisle! So it means that we are 2 nights and this very pleasant B and B, and don’t have to pack up tomorrow morning, and have 2 days to get washing dry! So we are getting to know Carlisle well, and are going out to Indian tonight. Paul our taxi driver recommended one that is the “best in Carlisle” so we’ll put it to the test. Indian food in the UK is very good, better than I’ve found in Australia. But the other Asian cuisines - Thai, Malay etc are not anything like as good as in Oz.

    Tomorrow’s walk is even shorter than today - about 12 kms I think, and still flat. The hilly more demanding part comes in the middle, so this is a lovely gentle start!
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  • Day143

    Aberystwyth to Barmouth

    November 21, 2019 in the United Kingdom ⋅ 🌧 5 °C

    We woke to a dry and windy day and the rain clouds were nowhere to be seen as we headed north up the coast an hour to Aberystwyth.
    Aberystwyth is a coastal town which sadly appeared a bit tired and run down but people were lovely.
    We had a coffee at Sophie’s Bach- it was like being in her living room with her little daughter and whole family in Situ, “Sir John” having a bacon butty and a few more locals- great coffee and snacks though and it warmed us up as we were freezing!
    Back to the car we drove 1.5 hours up the road to Barmouth, another coastal town accessed by a beautiful bridge and fronted by a wide expanse of sand.
    It was only 5 degs with a wind chill factor of -5degs so we had a quick walk on the beach to the waters edge before hurriedly getting back to the car to warm up.
    Next it was off to Harlech.....


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  • Day5

    Guards, Bridges, & Markets. Mamma Mia!

    December 18, 2019 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 9 °C

    It was once again a beautiful sunny day and the changing of the guard was a pretty lavish spectacle! We got there 15 minutes early but it was absolutely packed. You would have thought Queen Lizzy was addressing the nation! Jo managed to push her way somewhat to the front, playing the short person card, however, the view was still pretty rubbish. We found it best just to watch one of the thousands of phone screens being held up in the air trying to get the shot.
    It was pretty amazing though! To think that they close roads and put on this lavish show every few days is crazy! The marching band had to be the highlight. Being able to play so well while staying in formation was incredible.

    From there we beelined for London Bridge and more importantly, Borough Markets. Borough markets are a food lovers dream! Hundreds of food stalls selling delicious cheeses, meats, chocolates, fresh produce, hot food and of course mulled wine, sangria and warmed spiced cider.

    We wandered the many stores struggling to decide on something to eat for lunch before settling on pulled pork rolls, fried chicken burgers, falafel wraps, sangria & hot spiced cider. Oh and of course jam & chocolate filled donuts to cap it off! We’re going to be twice the size when we come back!
    We sat in the shadow of a very old and grand church to feast on our purchases before going our seperate ways. James & Jess were heading to St Paul’s cathedral, we were aiming for The Tower of London. We didn’t quite make it though as our walk there took us through awesome Christmas markets and across London Tower. With our daylight running out we decided to leave The Tower of London to tomorrow. Instead we opted for the Tower Bridge walk.

    A lift took us more than 40 meters up one of the towers where we could walk across the the glass bottomed walkways to the other side. It was somewhat dizzying stepping out onto the glass and looking down, but extremely cool. The views over London and the Thames were fantastic, and the history of the Tower Bridge was really fascinating. It was really an artistic and engineering wonder for London. We toured the engine room which house the huge old steam engines which drove the bascules, splitting the bridge in two to allow for ships to pass through. Back when it was built in 1894 it was raised 10,000 times a year and required a team of 12 guys to operate it. Today its all run by electricity and only opened maybe 1000 times a year at the push of a button. How times have changed. We spent some time soaking in the history before heading back to the apartment in the dark.

    From there the plans were to go and see the musical School of Rock. James jumped on board with Jo & I and we left Jess and Hudsy to hopefully a quiet night. Even after talking to the booking people, it wasn’t long before we discovered I had mad a big mistake. Turns out the musical wasn’t even playing tonight! Spewing!
    Lucky we hadn’t travelled too far and London has about 400,000 theatres scattered across the city. No, I exaggerate, but we were lucky in that Mamma Mia was playing jsut a street away and we had time to make it! So we went from School of Rock to Mamma Mia… not a bad compromise… in fact I think Mamamia probably turned out to be the better option anyway. By the end of it they had us on our feet singing along to Dancing Queen and all those ABBA classics. We felt horrible for poor Jess when we broke the news to her we were heading to Mamma Mia instead! We resolved to telling her it was terrible if she asked.

    All in all it was yet another great day in this incredible city!

    Asher ☺️
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  • Day165

    A new car and old friends

    December 13, 2019 in the United Kingdom ⋅ 🌬 9 °C

    After a time inefficient bus trip from Falmouth we had a couple of hours shopping in Truro, in disbelief with the election results- seriously??!!
    Just before we picked up our hire car for 2 weeks it decided to bucket it down so we got soaked walking to Europcar.
    The kind people decided to give us a “free upgrade” - great except the car is unhelpfully long with all the Cornish on street parking required (aka with only room for a shopping trolley!) with no other option we had to take it.
    Cath, jo and Ellen arrived from North Wales at 4.30pm by which time it was raining hard enough to swim down the street. This didn’t stop us enjoying the Xmas lights on the way to an early pint at The Quayside Inn.
    It was home for dinner and birthday cake - Happy Bday Cath!!!
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  • Day170

    Wild Charlestown

    December 18, 2019 in the United Kingdom ⋅ 🌧 11 °C

    Another wet and wild day so we drove up to the historic port of Charlestown.
    It was so wet all we could do was head for The Pier House, a pub right on the end of the harbour with the most amazing views of the wild sea. It was high tide so the waves were just crashing over the harbour walls.
    We spent a lovely couple of hours at a table in the window mesmerised by the sea.
    After being blown back to the car it was home to prepare dinner for my niece Mia and her boyfriend Thomas.
    A v pleasant couple of hours was spent catching up before a few more episodes of Gavin and Stacey entertained us.
    Winter brings such short days.

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  • Day46

    London to Cornwall

    August 16, 2019 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ☁️ 16 °C

    Thanks to Lou and Nat we had a v comfy few hours sleep in cool temps.
    Left Bromley at 8am dragging our bags on a bus, a train and 2x tubes to Paddington - across London in rush hour Friday traffic.
    Boarded the 10.03 train Paddington to Penzance which turned into carnage as the seat reservation systems were broken and the train was rammed. We were lucky enough to get our assigned seats early and arrived in Cornwall at 3.10pm in the torrential rain and 17 degs.
    Met by Mum and Pete and then went for a drink with Jake (nephew) and his gfriend Rhiannon before homemade dinner of my fave cottage pie.
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  • Day162

    Second pasty and pasta

    December 10, 2019 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 8 °C

    Another wet and windy winter’s day here in Falmouth.
    Found a lovely cafe with views of Prince of Wales pier so sat for a couple of hours with a soy latte and newspaper before writing lists of Xmas jobs! God help us!!
    Before we knew it it was time to start preparing dinner for the little niece LaCie to enjoy.
    My sister and kids popped in for a cuppa before they all went to the dentist which was v handily directly across the road.
    Alfie has his career evening at my old school so we entertained LaCie with dinner and a game of Wordstax.
    Soon she was on her way with an ice cream we found in the freezer and we settled in to binge watch Googlebox.
    Ps Nathan Skinner I had to have another pasty today just so u could get the photo!! Yes I’m a martyr!!
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  • Day48

    Car boot sales and a sandy niece

    August 18, 2019 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    Spent the morning at car boot sales with Mum and Pete although the best one was cancelled due to a heavy rain shower.
    After lunch picked up the 6 yr old niece for a few hours.
    Had a nice play in Helston Park followed by an ice cream for all of us.
    With a spare hour we thought we would go and throw stones into the sea.
    This turned into a swim in undies, no towel and arriving home wearing my spare shorts and a cardigan with a pile of wet and sandy clothes- great fun!!
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  • Day135

    Slight change in flight times

    November 13, 2019 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ☁️ 3 °C

    .... and here we are in Manchester!!!
    Thai air changed our flight times but at least sent an email. We got the free transport from our accommodation in Bangkok , checked in at the airport and tonight found ourselves checking into an apartment in Manchester at 7pm for the night!! Not sure whether we r coming or going- hence the emergency photos!!
    Finally K’s fave sporks are no more!! They were the best 50p from a car boot sale in Cornwall before we left for Russia.
    The Marlborough Sav Blanc was sooo good and v much appreciated.
    The Xmas lights are a little confronting but pleasant to look at in Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester- we just can’t believe we r here!!
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