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    "Weave" Your Worries Behind

    May 11, 2017 in the United States

    Describe one act of a servant leader that you have witnessed in Philadelphia.

    While many might mention the efforts of native/local Philadelphians as an act of a servant leader that was witnessed on the SC Philadelphia Leadership Trip, the individual that I chose reflects how location and familiarity play little to no role in the “stepping up” of a servant leader. Dylan Moore is the perfect example of this. From running from the spaghetti noodles to the canned fruit, from the tuna boxes to the heavy loads of milk, Dylan was truly a servant leader in our service work contribution to the Philadelphia Share organization. It did not matter that this was a new and different service project at hand that our team was faced with, but only that there was a role needing to be filled and Dylan rose to the occasion to sacrifice his own energy and efforts to get the job done. Many leaders are in fact this very way. I like to refer to it as the “behind the scene” leaders. They do not really get much recognition, but without their work and contribution, there would be an evident failure in whatever system of service is being implemented. I can clearly remember looking over at Dylan and seeing beads of sweat fly off of his face with exhaustion. This is my favorite type of leadership! Sadly, I lost all of my photos I had not yet uploaded from our trip to Philly as my phone crashed and cracked two weeks after the trip. Nonetheless, the one photo of the 25 that I had previously uploaded before this disaster that ties in nicely with Dylan’s servant leadership is this reused wooden box crate entitled, “Share Your Hope, Weave Your Worries Behind!” If I had to add one to this crate, it would show how thankful I am for those servant leaders that often times go unnoticed. We shouldn’t worry about it though, instead, simply embracing this varying leadership style that is ever-so-necessary. Thank you Dylan!Read more

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    Share(ing) Service

    May 11, 2017 in the United States

    (3) Describe one act of a servant leader that you have witnessed in Philadelphia.
    Mentioned in another footprint was the way Carly helped me at Share Food, putting cereal into the boxes for me when I got behind. Had Carly not been putting cereal in the boxes for me when I needed it and encouraging me when she could see I was getting anxious, I would have become frustrated and negative.
    What’s interesting about Carly’s helping me was that she had a job to do too – she had to put cans of tuna in the boxes. It wasn’t as if she was lying back, waiting for me need help; instead, she saw a need, rearranged her priorities, and still got the job done.
    A servant leader is outward looking. She doesn’t let her own needs trump another’s, but finds a way to help those in need while still accomplishing what she needs to do. A servant leader notices when someone needs help, and she steps in the second she notices. Carly wasn’t helping me out of frustration or impatience, but out of selflessness.
    A servant leader recognizes the needs of others and adjusts to the situation. Carly could have gotten annoyed at my slow pace, but she helped me, and together we accomplished more. Plans change, roadblocks arise, and problems grow, but a servant leader is adaptable, able to adjust herself to the situation. A servant leader isn’t helping to be thanked, but to finish what needs to happen. Carly’s way of helping was putting two cereal boxes in a box with juice – but she taught me something at the same time.

    Leadership just finished up their work at Share Foods! We packed 1501 boxes of food for senior citizens to eat when they get the munchies/want a meal. It was hard work but so worth it! I was impressed with my team's efficiency and teamwork. Featured in these pics is my lunch - General Tso's chicken from a delish little Chinese restaurant without seats or tables!

    CORRECTION: Aidan let us know it was actually 1401, still proud though!
    Read more

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    SC Shenanigans at Share

    May 11, 2017 in the United States

    What about the service experiences is different than the service we do on the team?

    Service work from place to place across the entire world can look completely different, require entirely different skills, and can bring together its volunteers in several different ways. With our service work in Philadelphia through an organization called Share, SC leadership students were able to witness this varying distinction of service work firsthand. Where we might have given back our time and service to overall leadership development and experiences that help students implement and practice their leadership skills back at home, the work completed at Share was slightly different…or a lot! First off, Share revolved around the fast and speedy packaging of food products to then be boxed and shipped out to those in need – for our specific purpose they were benefiting the elderly population in Philadelphia. With such an emphasis on time and mass production, the leadership roles for our SC volunteers was very limited, and in most cases quite discreet. Therefore, this is an example of a type of service work that is extremely different from the service we typically do on the leadership team. Time is not pushed so readily, and with our SC volunteer experiences you can see this difference precisely. For example, in the fall for the homecoming service project, students actually contributed their time to package boxes/bags of food as well. This time though, it was for area youth that needed additional assistance with receiving food at home over weekends and holidays. Nonetheless, both of these packaging service days contrast greatly in the time aspect. SC’s leadership service day allowed for substantial time to reflect and better the leadership skills of its volunteers, whereas the Share experience simply seemed like an exhausting adrenaline rush to get finished and then leave. Overall, it seems that the reason for this major difference in the service experiences is the amount of need for each service. When you compare Winfield to Philadelphia population-wise, there is obviously going to be a large difference, and because Philadelphia’s Share organization is providing to such a large number, their emphasis of service revolves around the quick and efficient assembly line.Read more

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