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  • Day81

    Day 80 - A Grave Day in Arlington

    July 11, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    Couldn’t be bothered with breakfast (or we just over slept) & checked out about 10.00am. We drove to Royal Auto Works & got one of the staff to look at the hail damage to our car. He put us in touch with their hailstones expert who only visits them once a week, on a Tuesday!

    I rang their expert, Jonathan who is based in Winchester, who told me he could only fit us in on Saturday morning. He wasn’t prepared to estimate how much it would cost.

    We then drove to the Coin Laundrette & Jackie commenced the unenviable task of getting all our dirty clothes washed & dried. I contacted a couple of local VW Dealerships to see if they had our red paint, Y3D, in stock. They didn’t.

    Whilst Jackie was still laundering, I went to the Blue Ridge Barbers for another haircut. I came out with a flat-top, costing just $9.99. Bargain, but I was itchy all day.

    It was gone midday when Jackie finished the laundry. We re-packed our rucksacks, then stopped at Spelunker’s for an award winning burger. It was ok, certainly good quality ingredients, but a bit too juicy for me.

    Having decided that fixing the damage to the car is too problematic, we followed Bingo’s advice & headed to Annapolis in Maryland. En-route we stopped at Arlington National Cemetery, just to the west of Washington DC.

    We accidentally arrived at the staff entrance & got re-routed. This took us past the Pentagon & round to the visitors centre for Arlington National Cemetery. Having parked up, we decided not to take the official trolley bus tour, but we would walk it.

    Without a map we followed the other visitors through the row upon row of military graves. We arrived at one of the main ‘attractions’, the grave of John F. Kennedy & Jackie Onassis. It was a simple Monument, just 2 black headstones & an ‘eternal flame’. Beside them sat other graves of the Kennedy clan, including Robert F. Kennedy & Edward “Ted” Kennedy.

    We found a large statue of a man on a horse, which turned out to be British Diplomat & Field Marshall Sir John Dill, who was the first non-American to be buried in the Cemetery.

    We progressed up the hill to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, which faces out over Washington DC. One poor soldier in full uniform in the 98 degree heat, marched back & forth in front of it. He actually meticulously marches 21 steps down a black mat, turns & pauses for 21 seconds before marching back 21 steps & repeats.

    The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is part of the Arlington Memorial Amphitheater, which has hosted State Funerals, plus Memorial Day & Veterans Day ceremonies. The amphitheater is made of marble & seats about 5,000 people. At the front of the amphitheater is a stage upon which is the Klismos Chair. The Klismos Chair faces the audience & is intended to be a reminder of the missing heroes honoured by the amphitheater. Jackie sat in it!

    We had been at Arlington National Cemetery for around 2 hours & it was baking hot, so we decided to leave & get past Washington DC before rush hour. Unfortunately this meant we missed Memorials for the victims of USS Maine, Space Shuttle Challenger & Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie.

    Back at the car, we typed in Annapolis & to my surprise it took us into Washington DC, across Arlington Memorial Bridge, then Independence Avenue, hence passing & getting good views of Washington Monument & the Jefferson Memorial. We picked up Interstate 395, then 695, which gave us a fleeting glimpse of United States Capitol.

    We continued north, now in the State of Maryland & finally reached Highway 50, which took us towards the naval town of Annapolis. After driving to the harbour, we decided that we would stay. Annapolis reminds us of a mix of Whitby, Portsmouth & maybe a little bit of Guildford.

    We scoured Booking.com & a real bargain popped up, still expensive, but a bargain nevertheless. We booked ourselves a room in the perfectly located Hotel Annapolis & checked in.

    Our room had a nautical theme, but was pure luxury. Well it was compared to Super 8 Motels on Highways! We made the most of the lovely toiletries & huge fluffy towels. We got out about 6.00pm & enjoyed the street life. Just down from our hotel was a street party in West Street. All the pubs & restaurants had put out tables & chairs & a band was playing.

    We continued to the harbour & Jackie managed to trip ripping off the skin on the palm of her hand. To make her feel better she decided that we needed to take a boat trip the following morning. We then secured a table on the verandah of a pub & watched the world go by with a couple of beers. Jackie, still making the most of injury, ordered half a dozen oysters to take the pain away!

    A couple of hours later, I was now starving & we went in search of some chicken wings. We couldn’t find any anywhere, but before we knew it we were back at the street party. Most of the tables were still taken, but we managed to get ourselves one, then looked at the limited menu & decided nothing took our fancy. We settled for a beer & listened to the band.

    At the end of the night, we had a couple of carrot sticks, hummus & some peanuts back in our room.

    Song of the Day - Eternal Flame by The Bangles.
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  • Day81

    Day 81 - We had a Nautical Nightmare!

    July 11, 2019 in the United States ⋅ 🌧 23 °C

    Jackie got me up at the crack of dawn, 9.30am, to get up & out for a planned boat trip. We checked out of the hotel, leaving Doodle in their car park, then headed back to the harbour.

    On the way down we were desperately looking for somewhere to grab something to eat. We settled on an 8” BLT French stick that we shared.

    We arrived at the City Dock at 10.40am & purchased our tickets for a 40 minute Annapolis Harbour & United States Naval Academy boat trip. 5 minutes later we boarded the ‘Harbour Queen’ & took a seat on the top deck.

    At 11.00am sharp, we set sail & immediately skirted around the banks of the USNA complex. There was an onboard commentary providing us with information about the buildings we were looking at. We passed the impressive sports facilities & Farragut Field, before turning up the Severn River. We passed Santee Basin, where there was dingy training in progress, then Dewey Field. When we reached Dorsey Creek we looked across at the Cemetery, where John McCain was laid to rest on 2nd September 2018.

    We then turned & crossed to the other side of the Severn River to admire, or be resentful of, the huge houses & their jetties, overlooking the bay. We then passed about a dozen small training Frigates in dock. We continued out to the Chesapeake Bay, then headed back to dock, passing a pair of nesting Ospreys & their chicks on top of a ‘crossing day beacon’.

    At the conclusion of our boat trip we took a stroll around Historic Annapolis, with it’s ‘oldy worldy’ buildings, then stopped for an alfresco lunch at O’Brien’s Oyster Bar & Grill. Jackie had grilled Chesapeake Shrimps & I had loaded potato skins, plus a beer & gallons of water.

    After a pleasant lunch, we headed for the United States Naval Academy Visitor Center & Museum. We arrived at the security desk & produced our UK driving licences as our identification. The ‘jobsworth’ Military guy, informed us our licences were insufficient & we needed our passports. What a nightmare!

    Jackie went back down to the harbour to rest her weary legs, whilst I marched back to our hotel & Doodle to get our passports. 40 minutes later, I located Jackie & we made a 2nd attempt to gain entry to the USNA. I was saturated in sweat, but they still allowed us entry.

    The Visitor Center contained various exhibits & examples of naval uniform down the last couple of centuries. There was a stuffed ‘Bill the Goat’, the mascot of the US Navy, then we went into the theatre for a 15 minute movie detailing the life of a new recruit at the USNA.

    The USNA was established in 1845 at it’s current location, a 338 acre campus, which was formerly Fort Severn. Approximately 1.200 “plebes” (an abbreviation of the Ancient Roman word plebeian) enter the Academy each summer for the rigorous Plebe Summer. About 1,000 midshipmen graduate.

    We then walked out into the grounds where students/trainees in varying uniforms were running around all over the place. We stumbled into Dahlgren Hall, a vast hall where 2 different troops were rigorously being put through their parade drills. It didn’t seem right that we were about to walk past them, but nothing said that we couldn’t. We compromised by scaling stairs to a walkway above them.
    Dahlgren Hall was stunning & had a ship suspended at one end of the Hall & model of a Wright B-1 Flyer at the other.

    We continued on to Main Chapel with it’s gold steeple & copper dome, unfortunately the Chapel was covered in scaffolding for renovation work. The interior was ornate & blue, with Tiffany designed stained glass windows. Under the Chapel was the crypt of John Paul Jones, who we now know to be one of the greatest Revolutionary War Naval heroes.

    Next was the USNA Museum in Preble Hall. As we walked in, we were accosted by an over enthusiastic Museum Volunteer who insisted on telling us everything that we were going to see in the Museum. We might as well have turned round & walked out as we knew it all, but we did enter & on the 1st floor we saw numerous dockyard ship models & model ships made out of animal bones by French Prisoners of War. The highlight was an incredibly detailed model of the HMS Victory.

    On the ground floor were exhibits throughout the ages, including John Paul Jones’ presentation sword from the Revolutionary War, Oliver Hazard Perry’s ‘Don’t Give Up The Ship’ flag from the 1812 War, the USS Hartford ship wheel from the Civil War & the surrender table used on USS Missouri from WWII.

    It was nearly 5.00pm when we left the USNA & we still hadn’t sorted out a hotel for the evening. We had been playing cat & mouse with Booking.com to stay another night at the Hotel Annapolis. We walked back to our car with the sky blackening & just made it before the heavens opened. The hotel rates still hadn’t gone down sufficiently for us, so we decided to stay at a substantially cheaper motel, Country & Inn Suites, just a couple of miles up the road.

    That evening we had a superb curry at the Basmati Indian Restaurant. Incredibly we shared a curry with the usual accompaniments & were both full after!!

    Song of the Day - In The Navy by Village People.
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  • Day4


    June 2, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    Heute sind wir nach Annapolis gefahren. Eine kleine sehr reiche Stadt. Wir haben direkt an der Bay geparkt und sind dann in die Stadt gelaufen. Wir kamen uns vor wie in Großbritannien, da die Häuser und die Städtchen da fast genauso aussehen, Naja bis auf die übertriebenen fetten Autos vielleicht. Aber wie gesagt eine sehr reiche Stadt, sind an einem großen Yachtclub vorbei gekommen. Vor lauter schauen bin ich natürlich auch mal wieder umgeknickt und voll hingefallen 🙄. Leider tut mir jetzt mein Fuß sehr weh, Naja Pech gehabt.
    Als wir in der Innenstadt angekommen sind haben wir uns zwei T-shirts gekauft da unser Koffer ja immer noch verschollen ist.
    Heute war in Annapolis ein Künstlermarkt. Sämtliche Künstler haben ihre selbstgemachten Dinge verkauft. Wir sind darüber geschleudert, an jeder Ecke gab es Livemusik, war wirklich sehr schön. Jeder zweite Stand hat Hundebedarf verkauft, und so viele toll klingende Leckerlies. Leider darf man diese nicht nach Deutschland einführen sodass ich dem Cali nichts mitbringen konnte.
    Da wir nicht gefrühstückt haben, sind wir um halb zwölf Mittag essen gegangen, bei einem Mexikaner. Ich habe mir ein Hot-Stone Gericht bestellt. War sehr lecker, ich habe das erste mal Kaktus probiert und naja nicht mein Ding. Der Rest war aber sehr gut.
    Gegen 12.30 sind wir den ganzen Markt abgelaufen und es wurde wieder unerträglich heiß. Also sind wir zurück zum Auto gelaufen und sind zurück nach Washington gefahren.
    Ich wollte mir noch eine kurze Hose kaufen weil alle meine kurzen Hosen in dem verschollenen Koffer sind, deshalb sind wir nochmal in eine MAll gefahren.
    Danach sind wir noch einen Milkshake trinken gegangen, um WLAN zu haben und unser nächstes Hotel zu buchen. Wir hatten nämlich noch keins.
    Anschließend sind wir dort hingefahren, haben eingecheckt und waren dann abends noch was essen und trinken beim Koreaner.
    Und Überraschung unser Koffer ist endlich da. Leider können wir jetzt nicht mehr auf Kosten der Airline shoppen gehen dafür haben wir unsere Sachen endlich wieder.
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  • Day20

    Annapolis, Maryland

    June 15, 2016 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    We wouldn't have made a stop in Annapolis on our own, but it worked out that my mom(!) was flying in to see grandaddy and nanny, who were staying with her Uncle Bill and Aunt Diane. So, we stayed with them as well, and had a wonderful week. Their house was so peaceful and relaxing, and I was SO glad I got to see my mom! What a great birthday present!

    The first day, Uncle Bill took us on a very informative tour of the naval academy and the town, which were both beautiful, especially the chapel at the naval academy. A bit later in the week, Eric and I were able to go out to The Point Crab Shack for my birthday lunch, and then explored the town a bit on our own. We got crab soup and crab cakes at lunch (is anyone surprised?), and couldn't have been happier! We were also able to do some work around Baltimore, which made us realize that we reeeeally don't belong in Baltimore! Before we left, we were able to go pedal kayaking and fishing on the river. It was a really nice stop!
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  • Day31

    Naval academy

    September 3, 2015 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    As I walked up to the visitors center, I just snuck into the tour that was heading out. The tour guide explained about the people that lived there and done if the history. The highlight was seeing the formation and ritual they do everyday for lunch at 12:05.Read more

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