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  • Day4

    Health Food Heaven

    September 21, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    You know you are in America when you see a huge highway billboard advertising “ Butter Burgers & Frozen Custard” oohhhh yummmmm!
    If this doesn’t get your tastebuds going how about “triple fried pork rinds in potato gravy with spicy double cream dumplings”.
    Looking around the streets it isn’t hard to see who is buying this stuff, a lot of them have a real butter burger waddle going on.
    I think it is an educational thing because when we ask where we can buy fresh fruit and veggies we get answers like “don’t rightly know, knew a fella back in seventy nine got hiz self some of them thar veg-e-tab-les but just where from I couldn’t rightly say”.

    And then again “You want what? veg-e-tab-les? I hearz Macdonald’s iz putting lettuce and tomato on their burgers, now that’s a heap of goodness right there.
    No wonder the corn crops covering over three states and counting is grown for cattle feed and not for human consumption. Like Martians, anything green is alien.

    Speaking of meat and potatoes the tragedy goes on. First they killed Bambi’s mother now look where poor Bambi has ended up, a veal dish in a midwestern truck stop. Now if more truckers ate more fruit and vegetables there would be a lot more Bambies getting around.
    Better still, what we need is for some of those Californian Vegans to get their truck licenses, then instead of all the truck stops being full of six foot six, hairy palmed, mono browed Neanderthals diggings into huge bowls of stodge and picking pieces of Bambi from between their teeth there would be a much better zen feel to the road.

    No maybe not, thinking about this it won’t work, no Vegan is going to do a job that splatters thousands of insects into a windscreen every night.
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    jan brown

    a bit different to aushtralia...NO LITTER!!! but plenty of fresh tucker

    jan brown

    jake food..

    jan brown

    Hope the food isnt as old as the sign

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  • Day13

    At a Roadside Truckstop

    September 30, 2019 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 21 °C

    We’re prepared to pay for our corn but baulk on accommodation so we are being lulled to sleep by the squeal of tyres and the scream of truck engines roaring down the highway.
    You’ve got to balance stuff up so after two peaceful nights at some really good campgrounds, on Lake Erie and then Lake Ontario that have the sound of surf on the shore we’re back to the normal diesel dives we stop at.
    The others places we stayed at we walked along the shore of the lakes, here we think about how we walked along the shore of the lakes and we stay up as late as possible to get as tired as possible so above all the noise we might be able to get some sleep.

    Australians are like fungus, they seem to get into every corner of the world so we are surprised that some people we meet here have never met any of our two headed species before, sorry I’m mixing us all in with Tasmanians.
    This happened with a roadside store owner. After talking to him for a fair while he says. “so you folks from round here” what the....y’all don’t hear accents. “Crikey, is this bloke coming the raw prawn or what” well that how we feel like talking as well as putting on a blue singlet, stubbies and wearing football socks with our Blundstones, I mean we all have to be good ambassadors for our country.

    Thinking back to Lake Erie, we stayed near a town called Geneva On The Lake that seems to attract bikers and old fools who can finally afford a Chevrolet Corvette. They drive around town with the tops down which is a big mistake because it gives their age away and at ninety you don’t look cool, all that new glossy paint and shiny chrome is too much of a contrast and shows up too clearly the toll life has taken on you.

    In Ohio and some other states you don’t have to wear bike helmets and this is for motor bikes not those dinky trike laws we have back home so you see old fools who can finally afford a Harley and young fools who are obviously helping Columbia’s economy along riding huge bikes at high speed not looking at the road but at who’s looking at them.
    Back home we call bike riders organ donors and we are probably luckier because amongst the smorgasbord at least there is a good chance you could salvage a brain an a few eyes but here you’d be limited to a few internal organs and maybe an arm or two if you could find them.

    All these new bikes and cars made the place seem like a millionaires row especially with some of the beautiful lakefront houses so curiously we looked the house prices up on the net thinking they’d be in the millions. We saw places for under $100,000 and brilliant ones from $200,000 to $300,000.
    These lakes are so big they do get surf and there are seagulls there... so just thinking, hhmmm.
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    jan brown

    So which one did you buy??

    jan brown

    Ah... the John Travolta movie 'Wild Hogs'

    jan brown

    Love these!!!


    What the house or the Harley? Doesn’t matter we bought Both!

  • Day7

    Sue Boozing Again

    December 12, 2016 in the United States ⋅ 🌫 1 °C

    On the side of 322 we found this great little Inn in the middle of nowhere. The obvious thing to was of course stop and check it out.
    Met some great locals and one has his brother living in Australia north of Byron Bay.
    Great people great beer, and put on some afternoon snacks for us.
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  • Day7

    YES back at Orwell

    December 12, 2016 in the United States ⋅ 🌫 0 °C

    So after a great few drinks at the Creekside Inn we headed off back to Youngstown. 25 miles down the road says "Oh, where's my hand bag".
    Needless to say I very silently found the next exit and made our way back to the Inn. Funnily enough, we did say we would be back, just maybe not this soon.Read more

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Ashtabula County, مقاطعة أشتابولا, Аштъбюла, অ্যাশটাবুলা কাউন্টি, Condado de Ashtabula, Ashtabula konderria, شهرستان آشتابولا، اوهایو, Ashtabulan piirikunta, Comté d'Ashtabula, Ashtabula megye, Contea di Ashtabula, アシュタビューラ郡, Ashtabula Comitatus, Ashtabula Kūn, Hrabstwo Ashtabula, اشتابولا کاؤنٹی, Comitatul Ashtabula, Аштабьюла, Округ Аштабјула, Ештабула, ایشتابیولا کاؤنٹی، اوہائیو, Quận Ashtabula, Condado han Ashtabula, 阿士塔布拉縣