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  • Day18

    Aunt Sarah and great grand parents

    March 21 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 68 °F

    Little Annie started walking in T.E.X.A.S. while at the rest stop! Then the next day she took 20 steps.

    We spent the night in Van because we needed to spend more time with Aunt Sarah. Only baby Annie stayed with Glenn and me in the hotel. The next morning, we drove on into Dallas to see gmommy and gdaddy.

    We made a Walmart stop to potty and buy supplies for lunch picnic near Samuel park!

    My iPhone protective cover cracked but the Knox Street nor NorthPark stores didn’t have any in stock. Hopefully in a few days I can make it up to the Galleria store.

    Kids had a picnic on the floor in the kitchen of the TreeHouse. Ellen taught Emily, and Lucy how to play Phase 10.

    As we’re we’re going to sleep, a huge thunderstorm with lightening and hail blew through.
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  • Day3

    Carson the snitch

    August 19, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 36 °C

    You may notice that our lovely car is not in the photo. That is because he is in “time out.” As we were driving today, he kept beeping every time we got close to the edge of our lane. This led to interrupted conversations, rudely terminated naps, and embarrassed drivers. He has developed this horrible habit of snitching on us as we avoid large trucks creeping into our lanes, swerving to obstacles in the road, and it seems anytime that he felt ignored. It got so bad today that both of us burst out with “snitch” when he beeped. So, Carson is timing out this evening.

    Oh... Carson? How did he get that name? Might it have something to do with Kit Carson? Or any one of a number of other Carsons listed in Wikipedia? Or perhaps with Carson City or the surrounding features named Carson? Aaaahhhhhhh...... I’ll go ask Heather, maybe she remembers.

    We are now safe and sound at the Shreveport KOA. Thank goodness that our geezermobile has a air conditioner. It is 99 outside and feels like 109. If you get out a magnifying glass you can see the KOA logo in the photo.
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  • Day80

    Bye bye Texas, hello Louisiana

    July 31, 2018 in the United States ⋅ 🌧 23 °C

    Aaaaaaah....Fangirl Moment!!! Aber dazu später mehr. Heute sind wir wieder nur gefahren, also nichts Aufregendes. Auch keine tollen Fotos, da ich die meiste Zeit gefahren bin. Hier sind nur ein paar Fotos vom Campingplatz in Amarillo, auf dem wir letzte Nacht übernachtet haben. Der war wirklich süß gemacht. Es ging heute den ganzen Tag durch Texas und die letzten paar Minuten durch Louisiana. Wir machen in Shreveport Halt, bevor es morgen nach New Orleans geht. Nach einem kleinen (auch nicht aufregenden) Abendessen aus Clam Chowder aus der Dose, Salat und Wein, haben wir im Badehaus gesessen und gewartet, dass Duschen frei werden....Und dann wurde eine frei und ich wurde ganz schüchtern und dann zum Fangirl. Ich hab Kate Dunbar getroffen...Naja, der Name wird euch nichts sagen, aber sie ist des öfteren Gast bei den Camping-Podcasts, die ich mir gern anhöre und postet Kochvideos in der Camping-Gruppe auf Facebook, der ich angehöre. Sie macht viel zur Camping-Küche (und hat heute hier auf dem Campingplatz ein neues Video gedreht) und so um Weihnachten kommt ihr Kochbuch mit Camping-Rezepten raus. So, das war das Highlight meines Tages. Jetzt ab ins Bett.Read more

  • Day4

    The ants crawl in, the ants crawl out...

    August 20, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    ... the ants play pinochle in your snout.

    I should have realized something was up when, in the bathhouse, a teeny tiny ant humming the Jaws theme crawled up and over my foot. As I headed back to the camper I spied Gordon out front, in his shorts and nothing else, furiously beating on a big brown block with our enormous bread knife, This was interspersed with the occasional slap to arms, legs, chest etc.

    I thought perhaps he had invented some new morning ritual to celebrate our close communion with the great outdoors. But NO. He was actually beating our loaf of bread that was COVERED in ANTS! Big ones, little ones, black ones, brown. And that was our BREAKfast so this was serious.

    I left Gordon to his task (he WAS swinging a big knife around) and cautiously entered the trailer. The ants had friends who were swarming the food cupboard and a 3 foot radius around it. I quickly grabbed a flashlight in one hand and my trusty dust buster in the other and whistled a few bars of The Good Bad and the Ugly.

    A half hour later we are (more or less) calmly sitting at the table eating breakfast. You think we’re going to let a few dastardly ants scare us off our ONLY loaf of Gordon’s homemade bread? HA!

    We have refreshed ourselves on some important disaster preventing measures when traveling through the south and Midwest, and have added insect repellant to our shopping list.
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  • Day3


    March 5, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    We slept in a little. Once we got up and around we drove by our house on Glenwick Street in Shreveport, where Deb and I lived when we were very small. I was brought home to this house after I was born. We also drove by Kay and Billy’s old house on Brookwood Drive. Our next stop was Forest Park West Cemetery, where my cousin Sharon Ann (who drowned when she was 12) and Theron and Lela’s graves are. We then drove out to Mom and Daddy’s house on Dance Drive, west of Shreveport. When Matt was a baby, we would drive him out here every day so they could babysit him and we didn’t have to put him in a daycare. This situation lasted until I got my job at the post office. At that time I was working evenings and it made more sense for Carol, Bobo or whoever was available to come out to our house on Bryan Circle to babysit Matthew at home.

    One particular delight today was when we stopped by the church where I (and Daddy) were baptized. At that time it was called Central Missionary Baptist Church and I was baptized in 1970. It is now a black church. We stopped in to say hello to the pastor and he and two others on his staff were so happy to show us around the church. I was delighted that the baptismal pool where I was baptized is still there, and the beautiful mural above it are is the same one I remember as a kid.

    We headed back toward the hotel. On the way, we drove by the location of Momo’s old house on Willard (which is no longer there), Betty Virginia Park where Mama and Daddy used to “court”, and the area of their first apartment on Jordan Street.

    We returned back got the hotel. Arlena and Kay came over and we had food from the complimentary buffet the hotel provides on weeknights. I had leftover Taco Bell and they all had hamburgers from downstairs. We had a nice long visit and it was pretty late when Kay and Arlena left. We said our goodbyes until the next trip, because we had to leave for Dallas the next morning.
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  • Day2


    March 4, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ☁️ 15 °C

    We got up and had breakfast in our hotel. We left the room around 10:30 a.m. and went to pick up Kay and Arlena. Mom rode with Linda and Jerry, and Tommy rode with them too. We met up near the Jimmy Davis Bridge. First we went to pick up some McDonald’s coffee and then we drove to Coushatta to try and find Charles Guilliams’ gravesite. It was a mystery, because we found his parents headstone, but there was no headstone for Charles. We found out later that Charles is buried in an unmarked grave to the right of his parents grave. We are still looking into why he doesn’t have a marker for his grave. Charles was a close friend of ours and he lived in Campti, where June and Margie lived.

    We drove to Campti next. Our first stop was the Catholic Church we remembered from the past. Tommy was an altar boy at this church when he was growing up. We walked around the grounds of the church and could see the swamp near the back of the church and cemetery. It is an eerie place!We wanted to go inside the church and were fortunate that the priest (from India) was there and he let us go inside and take some photos. He was very sweet and allowed us all the time we wanted. After we left we drove by Charles Guilliams old house and the site of the old railroad depot where Uncle June used to work. We have many fond memories of being in Campti as children, and we spent many hours playing at the railroad depot. Tommy told us the depot building itself was moved to another location.

    We left Campti and drove to Jamestown and Heflin. Mama and Arlena sat together in the backseat chatting and talking about old memories the whole time. We drove by the small country store (Delois’s Store at that time) we used to go to buy penny candy, and then we drove by the Toms’ house, the location of our gray house across the street from the Toms’ (which is no longer there), the location of the ”Bill Cook” house we lived in as children (no longer there), the location of Aunt Feb’s house on Watts Road (also no longer there), and then Black Lake swamp where Mama and Arlena used to swim. They said one time they were swimming there without permission. The water was high and dangerous and Momo drove down there looking for them. She was apparently pretty angry with them for swimming in those dangerous (snaky!) waters. We went by the location of Uncle Tim’s place (on the road behind Bill Cook’s place) and we drove to Nebo Lake where we used to swim as kids. We all got out of the vehicles at Nebo and took some pictures. Then we drove To Bisteneau cemetery, where Momo and Papaw are buried, as well as my great grandparents and other relatives. We then drove the short distance to to Heflin, where Mom was born. The house she was born in is no longer there, but we did see the two huge trees where Momo and Papaw got married so long ago (Momo was 15 when she got married). I was surprised that the trees are still there. There is a dilapidated house near the trees and when I asked Mom who that house belonged to, she said she assumed it must have been just the house of some friends of Momo and Papaw.

    By now the sun was dropping in the sky, so we headed back to Shreveport to Tommy’s house. Rena had made and frozen some Nachitoches Meat Pies a few months back, and we had those with salad, chili and a “Catholic” cake as she called it — which was Rum Cake. It was real good.

    It was pretty late when we left. Ed and I drove Kay and Arlena home and then we went on to the hotel.

    Another full day!
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  • Day1


    March 3, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 18 °C

    We got up drove around to some old haunts in Shreveport. We drove north of town to see where Debbie and Andy lived in Shreveport and we also went by some landmarks in the downtown area. We were late getting to the Sip and See, because when I told Siri to give me directions to "Millbank" she misunderstood and took us to "Milam" Street, which is definitely in the Hood in Shreveport. We arrived about 20 minutes late, but all was well.

    We saw the new grandson, James and sat around visiting with Linda and Jerry and some of Rena's family. We had to leave at 3:30 p.m. to attend 4:00 Mass at the Cathedral of St. John Berchman, where Danny was baptized. Kay met us at the church and attended Mass with us. Unfortunately, the priest celebrating the Mass was grim and grouchy! Thank goodness, that is not the norm for Catholic priests.

    After Mass, Kay wanted us to drop her off at her place so she could leave her car there. We did this and then went to pick Dorothy up. Kay wanted us to stop at Kroger so she could pay Arlena’s bills by money order and this took quite a few minutes. We were already late to meet up with Linda, Jerry and Mom at Jan’s Seafood. Adding to this was that we missed our exit for I-20, and that further delayed us. We finally got there. The fish and oysters were not as good as we expected, but it was nice visiting and talking with everyone.

    After dinner we took Dorothy and Kay back home and then returned to the Residence Inn.

    A busy day.
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Caddo Parish, مقاطعة كادو, কাডো পারিশ, Parroquia de Caddo, Caddo vald, Caddo parrokia, کادو پریش, Paroisse de Caddo, Caddo megye, Քադո շրջան, Parrocchia di Caddo, カドー郡, Caddo Paroecia, Caddo Kūn, Parafia Caddo, کاڈو پارش, Paróquia de Caddo, Parohia Caddo, Каддо, Округ Кадо, کاڈو پیرش، لوزیانا, Quận Caddo, Parokya han Caddo, 卡多堂区