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  • Day24

    Charlottesville, Virginia

    June 2, 2016 in the United States

    Left Norfolk amid heavy mist, which lasted formany miles as we travelled towards Virginia. We decided to go to the Yorktown Victory Centre but the GPS sent us to the totally wrong place so we changed plans and went instead to the Yorktown Battlefield in the Colonial National Historical Park This was the site of the battle fought by George Washington & the British General Cornwallis and the only way to see it all was to take a driving tour of the site. We then drove on to Yorktown, a lovely small town, all built in the colonial style. It was by the ocean and people were enjoying the beautiful day on small man-made beaches along the shoreline. When we eventually left Yorktown we passed the Victory Centre, which we had tried to find earlier, but it was getting late and we headed for Charlottesville. Emily, the GPS didn't earn her keep today and we ended up ditching her and taking a more direct route. Stayed at the Inn at Monticello - a lovely period B&B. Dinner in town and then bed, after a day that was a tad frustrating!! Charlottesville is the home of the University of Virgnina, a large university with the largest collection of Australian Indigenous Art in the United States.
    The first shot is of Moore House, in the Historical Park. This is where the terms of surrender were negotiated in 1781. Next four shots are of Yorktown and the last is us in the rockers enjoying a glass of Virginian wine on the porch of the Inn!
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  • Day39


    October 8 in the United States

    First time visit into Charlottesville. Lots of history here. We didn’t have time this trip to visit Monticello or James Madison’s Montpelier but we did walk their charming downtown outdoor mall, have lunch with Rick (Holly & I went to college with and have been friends ever since), drive thru the UVA campus and see some spectacular horse farms on the drive back and forth.

    We didn’t realize it at first but while visiting the mall, we parked the car almost exactly where Heather Heier, the victim in the rally last year, was run down. There are chalk boxes sitting on the sidewalk for people to write remembrances (for Heather) on the walls either side of the street.

    We’ll definitely be back to Charlottesville with more time.
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  • Day23


    August 26, 2015 in the United States

    I checked out Mickee's Tavern and drive to Monticello, but I didn't do either tour. Monticello seemed interesting, but the tour was a bit much for me and they don't let you within eyesight of the house without paying.

  • Day23

    Jeffersons Monticello

    April 15, 2017 in the United States

    Monticello means "Little Mountain "
    Jefferson was an amazing, complex founding father of this political experiment; this great country of ours.
    We've still got work to do. The same political games were going on back then too. The key is for the people remain involved and be vigilant.
    It wouldn't hurt to have a leader like Jefferson nowadays.

  • Day35


    September 26, 2015 in the United States

    We took our time and enjoyed the morning, leaving for Monticello about 10:00. We are not proud of it, but circumstances continued to mount and finally we turned tail without seeing the house. Weather was not good for visiting the grounds, we missed the tour by 5 minutes and the next one was in an hour, the place was PACKED with cars and busses and PEOPLE! (What were we thinking … PEOPLE!! Recall small city trope cited earlier.) And to top it off, Heather was getting decidedly peckish … as in she might peck something inappropriate if she didn’t get to eat IN FIVE MINUTES!

    We headed into town in search of lunch.
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  • Day35


    September 26, 2015 in the United States

    Maybe the stars just weren’t aligned. We pulled into one restaurant highly recommended on Yelp, and it looked TERRIBLE! We pulled up to another, which looked PERFECT but there was a large gathering of people outside waiting to be seated. We finally pulled into a small diner with plenty of character, including snaggle-toothed short order cooks plying their trade at the counter. But the menu was positively not appealing to Heather. But when she indicated she didn’t want to eat there, Gordon uncharacteristically asserted himself with a bark, saying he was hungry NOW and wanted to stay.

    Gordon had a delicious BLT. Heather tried going on strike, but succumbed when she saw the coconut cake and had a piece with coffee, even though it was not EXACTLY what she wanted.

    We then headed toward the pedestrian mall, with lots of cute shops, street vendors, and LOTS OF RESTAURANTS. Heather is not proud of it, but admits to engaging in continuous needling of Gordon every time we passed another EXCELLENT LOOKING RESTAURANT.

    Heather was slightly mollified when she saw a street sign directing people to, “PIE.” We resolved to investigate on our way back down the mall.

    We enjoyed walking up and down the mall, mostly looking at the old buildings and people watching. As we headed back to the car, we went into The Pie Chest, which had two cases FULL of sweet and savory pie! We got 2 small pot pies, one mushroom-gruyere, and one shrimp-corn for dinner. Oh … and a piece of honey-spiced pear pie to share for dessert. Heather became less grumpy.

    We then headed across the street to a small market and picked up a beautiful loaf of ciabatta, some goat cheese, some snap peas … just because we couldn’t resist.

    On the way back to camp, we stopped at the Beer Run to sample some of the local beers, which are famous … but when Heather saw a LINE FOR THE BATHROOM (small city trope) we turned around and went home.

    We are a little concerned about Williamsburg, but Gordon says we will just take a stress pill before going in. Perhaps we will get used to all the people? Stay tuned.
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