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  • Day29

    On our own in Chicago CBD!

    April 18, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ☁️ 1 °C

    Last morning - said goodbye to Dennis :( and Marcie drove us once more downtown to our hotel the Congress Plaza on Michigan Street. She then drove us up to the top of this street and we walked down. Had a good coffee and almond croissant and then started walking down State Street. Went into the Holy Name Cathedral - beautiful but mass was in progress. We also went into H&M and Macey's one more time. Craig bought some hankies and I bought a pair of black pants and some silver earrings. We also had a look at the Palmer House Hilton Hotel - such a gorgeous lobby area and the famous Peacock doors. Lunch was healthy at freshii and then continued the walk - cold but okay - until we got to our hotel to check in. It does seem like an old, but lovely hotel. Nice to rest in our 'large' room. This evening we walked up in the rain to a nice Italian restaurant called Vivere on Monroe Street. We enjoyed the chicken and especially the Latte di Lecce Cheesecake. Walking home was in the snow/rain!!Read more

  • Day31

    Last day USA

    April 20, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 1 °C

    Last night we got a little more dressed up and went to see the musical Hamilton. It was really good with great singing and storytelling and clearly the audience loved it very much.
    This morning we packed and then had breakfast at Meli cafe restaurant which was just okay. We had a walk and eventually checked out of the hotel and then went to the Chicago Art Institute. This was totally amazing, it was huge and had so many pieces of art work Including modern Art and impressionist and American and much more. I think we need a couple of more visits to see it all. I also went to see the miniature exhibition that we saw in 1980 👍😮. Back to the Hotel and we are going to leave shortly for the airport.

    At the huge OHare airport we checked in very early and then had a relaxed and yummy meal at a proper italian restaurant. At least our last American meal is a good one. Now waiting, waiting, waiting😉
    Finally our American Airlines plane has left for LA.
    At LA it’s a great airport but I think we are delayed😮
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  • Day0

    Nice to meet you Chicago!

    April 15, 2018 in the United States ⋅ 🌧 1 °C

    The rain has stopped! Perfect time for a walk through downtown Chicago and do some primary camera testing. I soon find out that i my freshly bought lens takes ultrasharp pictures, but if you want to take pictures of buildings, the stuff that fits on your picture is pretty limited. Damn you fixed lens! Here are some first images i took during the day... maybe tonight if the weather allows, will try some evening pictures (exciting right!)

    See ya later alligator!
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  • Day7

    The drive home!

    June 23, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 77 °F

    The final days. Bittersweet. Everyone was anxious to get home, but at the same time sad that the trip was over. The drive home had a couple of near misses on the highways, a couple more good meals and on the last leg of the trip I have to admit we had to enlist the help of the girls, especially Kelly, to help us stay alert and awake to make it the rest of the way. The girls finally got to eat at Steak N Shake!Read more

  • Day5

    The Art Institute of Chicago

    October 2, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    After a hearty breakfast we walked along the lakefront to Millenium Park where the art gallery was located. It was enormous and we tried to see it all in an afternoon. From there we walked to the Buckingham Fountain. Exhaustion was setting in so we decided it was time for supper. We walked by many, many restaurants and gazed at the window-mounted menus but could not reach a consensus. Eventually we settled on a unique restaurant called Sweetgreen that served made-to-order bowls of locally sourced ingredients. One thing we agreed on was that it was delicious. By the time we walked back to the hotel to pick up our overnight tote bags, hop the bus to Union Station, board the train, find our car, and drive the 1 1/4 hours back to the resort (missed our turn!), we were pooped! It was all worth it though as we had a great 2 days in Chicago.Read more

  • Day18


    May 30, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Heute ging es in meine amerikanische Lieblingsgroßstadt. Wir hatten Glück mit dem Wetter und haben uns den unteren Teil der Michigan Avenue angesehen - Millennium Park, Buckingham Fountain, einer der größten Springbrunnen der Welt, Lake Michigan. Dann haben wir eine Bootstour auf Fluss und See gemacht und haben im Anschluss eine Spezialität aus Chicago probiert - Deep Dish Pizza, Pizza mit dickerem Boden in so einer Art Kuchenform gebacken. Jetzt geht's mit dem Zug zurück zum Campingplatz.Read more

  • Day2

    Finally here

    July 8, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    What a long trip! It didn't start too well. Our fight from Wellington to Auckland was delayed. While waiting at the gate, an orchestra entertained us (they were on the flight). In Auckland we had just enough time for a quick bite to eat before boarding our (delayed) flight to San Francisco. The next thirteen hours were spent eating (I enjoyed dinner), watching movies and trying to sleep in the upright position. We were lucky that there weren't any people behind us so we could recline easily. The on board facilities were great and we enjoyed the flight. The airline advised that we had missed our connecting flight to New York and that we were rebooked on a later flight.

    So began the longest 3 hours of our lives as we stood in a queue with about 2000 others to get through immigration. Despite the long queue, they only had 5 agents working and the whole process was quite frustrating. When we finally cleared customs we made a quick change into cooler clothing and checked our bags in for the next flight.

    With 4 hours to kill, we decided to take the train down to the waterfront and see a bit of San Francisco. We walked along the waterfront reminiscing about our last trip there. It seemed so familiar. We had a bite to eat at Starbucks and continued on until we got to Pier 23 which was our favourite spot from last time. Poppy indulged in mini donuts (a treasured memory from before) and we soaked up the atmosphere. San Fran in summer is so much nicer and was bustling with people. There was an entertainer on the stage in the centre. He was a juggler and a gymnast. He did some fascinating tricks while stand on long poles and then did one hand hand stands at the top of the poles. I couldn't watch! Poppy was taking notes and wants to incorporate some of his moves in her acro dancing!

    We couldn't be bothered walking all the way back to the train station so we hired a pedicab - cart pulled by a bicycle. That was great fun and a perfect way to end our little sojourn into town.

    We caught the train back to the airport but then I misread the map and we got off two stations too early. Luckily there is a train every 20 minutes so we made it back in time for the next part of our journey.

    The security for a domestic flight over here is nuts! It was harder to get through than the security to fly here from Auckland. We had to go through a large metal detector. You had to remove your jackets, shoes and everything from your pockets (even tissues and scraps of paper). Those went through the xray machine. Then you had to stand in a portal (similar to the thing that Scottie used to beam people up in). You had to stand with your feet apart and your arms in the "don't shoot" position while the machine scanned you for weapons and explosives. Obviously my arms looked shady because they had to pat them down. Mercina looked like a terrorist. They stopped her and gave her a full body pat down. She was quite horrified by it all. Poppy was offended because they kept asking her if she was under 12. In the end, they decided we were harmless and let us through. Needless to say, our flight to New York was delayed!

    We were also seated apart from one another for the 6 hour flight to New York. There was no food and while they provided a screen for entertainment, you had to buy headphones if you didn't have your own.

    We landed at 6:15am in New York. Coming out of the plane we walked through a large shopping mall full of restaurants and shops. It was quite dizzying. Andrew was waiting for us and we got our luggage from the carousel. We were finally here!

    He took us directly into town to get some breakfast as we hadn't eaten properly in some time. Then, as it was really quiet in town and the sky was clear, we went to the Empire State Building. We rode to the 80th floor to see the panoramic view of New York. It is huge. The land is really flat but the skyscrapers are incredible. There are so many and they are so tall. We could see all the famous landmarks. The Statue of Liberty is tiny! Central Park is huge and very green.

    Andrew has just arrived and we are going out for dinner. Will continue to post after dinner. Hopefully we will figure out how to get photos onto the laptop to add them
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