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  • Day31
  • Day6

    A brief foray into Flagstaff took us along some of Route 66...more of which we'll drive in a few days. The town itself was both huge and tiny - we drive through over 8 miles of sprawling 'Flagstaff' to get to the historic centre, which covered just three blocks. But a pleasant coffee and a self-guided historic walk of the town, in existence mainly due to the railroads, was nonetheless interesting.

    Setting out from here, the Grand Canyon was ninety minutes drive through the Kaibab Forest, something more like Canada or Scotland than the desert in which the day had begun. We were lucky enough to miss the huge storms on the horizon but as we got to the GC entrance, lightning followed immediately by a huge crack of thunder was so unexpected it made me jump! Just as I checked in, the heavens opened in an almighty downpour, and whilst it has eased by the time we'd driven to the room, the Canyon itself was full of thick white cloud, making for an anti-climatic first viewing. After unpacking however, it has cleared quite nicely, and from the Lookout we were afforded far more striking views. The room too, whilst not overlooking the view, is less than a minute's walk from the rim.

    This morning, not planning on getting up for sunrise, I did pop out once the sun broke through. As well as being treated to beautiful, hazy views across the canyon, the squirrels and chipmunks were out in force, playing on the edge of the rim.
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  • Day22

    Apologies for these late posts. I hope no one off-facebook was worried! Thankfully, I did have the foresight to warn Mum and Dad that I'd be a little off radar whilst on my mini tour with Trek America. We are now cruising back along the interstate back to LA and I could not have had a more memorable 4 days.

    Following our night at Lake Havasu we set off for the Grand Canyon South Rim. Michael, our tour leader, presented us with bandanas with which we blind folded ourselves with on arrival at the park and he led us in a ' people train' to the edge of the Canyon - positioning each of us along the railing. I will post a separate footprint containing the video of this as I also want to share a whole host of jaw-dropping photographs with you. Needless to say the 'Grand reveal' was nothing short of breathtaking. The video thankfully doesn't pick up my foul language but I believe swear words were uttered.

    After spending some time taking all the obligatory selfies and photographs along the rim, we went to set up camp for the night. There were thunder storms in the area so we were keen to get the tents up before they hit.

    For those of you that are interested our tour guide taught us an interesting acronym for remembering and understanding how the Canyon was formed. This is DUDE which stands for Deposition, Uplifts, Downcutting and Erosion. I look forward to a more comprehensive discussion with Dad on this with his past geology studies!

    Thunder storms evaded and tents erected we returned to the Canyon rim for the most spectacular sunset I will probably ever see. Not only were we watching the sunset (whilst eating pizza I hasten to add - could it get better?) but we were watching the thunder storms across the other side of the Canyon all desperate to capture the spectacular lightning on camera. Thankfully I have a short video which I will also post separately if you'd like to see. It's quite small but you get the idea.

    Needless to say we were all very happy with our day's experience and there was so much more to come tomorrow!
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  • Day11

    Today was a visit to the Grand Canyon. The last time is saw it was 2009, in mid-winter after a fresh deep snowfall. It was quite different now. We walked the majority of the South Rim, and took some magnificent pictures. The morning dawned cool, but the sun shined bright...til about half way on our walk. The black clouds loomed, hastening our steps. Arriving at the Bright Angel trailhead, the winds picked up, and the temperature dropped about 10 degrees. Time to hit the trail...on our way out of the park, we found a herds of elk. Paul pushed me from the car, telling me to go further, closer!!! This was as close as I cared to get...Read more

  • Day4

    Expecting a four hour drive from Hatch to Monument Valley today, we were hoping for something to break up the journey. I drove the first two hours, spending the whole of the second hoping for somewhere obvious to pull over and change drivers...an hour later, having passed no signs of life, we reached Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell.

    These became our first unintended, but excellent, stop of the day. The views over Glen Canyon were spectacular, and the dam itself immense, having taken over 4 million tonnes of concrete to create (a million more than the Hoover Dam). To boot, as a National Park site, I got another stamp in my NPS passport!

    We headed on a short drive through Page aiming for Horseshoe Bend, a scenic view of the Colorado river. We had been warned to be adequately prepared despite the short hike to it - this was no joke. Whilst I did the walk in flip flops, the sand underfoot was roasting and under the mid-afternoon sunshine, a mile-and-a-half is a long walk...but absolutely worth it. The view over the horseshoe bend and the turquoise colours in the Colorado were stunning. The heat meant it had to be a brief stop however, and we headed back to continue onwards.
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  • Day5

    Up early to watch the sunrise over Monument Valley, the view was brilliant. The speed of the sunrise was surprising and it was not long before the desert heat was again striking, even at 7am.

    On departing Goulding's Lodge, we stopped by their museum and by John Wayne's cabin, used in one of his many films at the Valley. Then we hopped across the road to the Navajo Visitors Centre for a more up-close view of the karsts and to learn about the Navajo code talkers used in WWII.

    From here, we headed back into Arizona (changing time some again), aiming for the Grand Canyon via Flagstaff. En route, we made a brief detour to Sunset Crater, a volcano and lava field. Whilst trekking up the crater is no longer allowed, we walked through the basalt lava fields which was fascinating.
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  • Day6

    After photographing the early morning wildlife, and a breakfast of croissants, we began the day walking the 2-mile rim trail from the village to the bike hire centre. The trail was surprisingly empty and we had much of the view entirely to ourselves. This was perhaps explained later by the bike hire staff who said the average time spent at Grand Canyon is 17 minutes.

    Once we'd been fitted with our bikes, we set out to Yaki Point, an easy ride to the west of the Visitors Centre. The views from the trailhead were, unsurprisingly, fab. Heading back, we cycled to the hotel, stopped briefly for lunch, before heading east to Hermit's Rest, beginning with a fun 6% incline in the baking early afternoon sunshine. Hermit's Rest is a 10-mile each-way trip and, with four applications of factor 50 sunscreen, we made it there and back with no significant burns, even outracing the thunderstorm on the way back. We also had the excitement of seeing an elk on the way home; Ben was most pleased (although still bitter about the lack of loose in Canada).

    The evening held the excitement of trying American beers...we picked six and shared each one. Sadly, Mum and Kev managed to pick there porters for their choices - little variety! But, much fun had and a good end to a brilliant but exhausting day.
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  • Day6

    Savoured the cool morning temperatures - almost a hint of chill. Before the big trip we headed to Panguitch - the local town - 'famous' for its wild west architecture. Or at least the picture we saw in a leaflet suggested so. This it did have, but not much else - well a tenuous link to Butch Cassidy & petrol. Now to the small matter of heading to the Grand Canyon & due to routing / attraction choices made we'd be doubling back on ourselves for a good chunk. The lush high altitude meadows made a pleasant change last time & still were an improvement on arid scrub. And if nothing else 100 miles in we had a cookie stop at Jacob's Lake to look forward to. In between plenty of grand views & villages with spectacular backdrops. A sign claiming a 'scenic view point' appeared. Something of a big claim in the current surroundings - a lot to live upto. We were offered a clear overview of the Grand Staircase National Monument - a series of plateau erroded by the forces that created the Grand Canyon. Impressive. Onto the cookies.
    Supposedly 'world famous' & other than a visitor centre & garage there's little else at Jacob's Lake. But they were certainly worth the visit. There'll certainly be a stop on the return trip to Page.
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  • Day6

    The journey to the rim was not without its issues. Something of a queue at the park entrance was largely caused by a laid back ranger - taking his time with the maps. Not sure how maintained the roads are - caught a pretty hefty one - didn't sound good & on later inspection the hub cap agreed. Whether the car hire people will notice is anybody's guess - at least we are insured. Minds were suitably focussed elsewhere when the road approached the canyon rim - glimpses of the spectacle to come between the trees. Parked up & couldn't resist walking down the Bright Angel trail. It was amazing - too big really to comprehend & words don't do it justice. Headed back to check in and discovered that we'd have to wait till 4 - not too bad under 2 hours. Except we'd forgotten that Arizona was in a different time zone - around 3 hours felt a bit different. Took in the visitor centre & decided to drive out to one of the further viewpoints - Imperial Point. If anything the views were more varied & we pretty much had them to ourselves. At no point have we been able to see the Colorado river - shows how deep it is. Headed back & checked in. Nice relax & then to the stressful experience of ... choosing what to eat. The main dining room with spectacular canyon views was fully booked & ludicrously expensive. The deli had pizzas & sarnies, then there was the Chuckwagon buffet 'eat as much as you can' - dangerous. That was the option. Very nice. Needed an epic walk afterwards. Decided to go to the general store at the camp ground - about a mile away. About the same as the walk to the square back home - slightly better views though - that's here not Maghull - just in case there's confusion.Read more

  • Day7

    The plan was to go and get brekkie from the saloon & eat on the veranda overlooking the canyon. At 8am they had sold out. So change of plan. But not before Liz had her cup of tea. There was only one option - head to the general store - they can't sell out. Added bonus - it's the sole source of wifi so postings can be updated. Headed down the bridleway I'd just run on a couple of hours earlier. So for breakfast we spent $10 instead of $34 at the lodge. Lucky break. Then to the main event - a short hike down below the rim on the mule track. The first thing that struck us was the smell - it was a bit ripe - certainly had to watch your step. As we headed down black clouds were certainly looming but this is Arizona & though not as typically arid as you'd imagine surely unlikely to see rain. About 5 mins down the first drops of rain were felt. A quick look didn't bode well so we headed back for shelter - just in case. Just as well - an epic thunderstorm followed - torrential rain & hailstones. A few lucky souls made it to the shelter & then followed a steady stream of soaked hikers. Chatted to a father & son from 'Philly' who had hiked down from the south rim and upto the North rim. It was 50°down at the river crossing so when the rain came they were quite happy ... initially. By the time it stopped they weren't keen. Dropped them off at their bus stop and headed for lunch. A pulled pork sarnie that needed to be eaten quickly or it fell apart. Liz went off to sort her cup of tea - no prizes for guessing who ended up messiest.Read more

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Coconino County, ኮኮኒኖ ካውንቲ፥ አሪዞና, مقاطعة كوكونينو, Коконино, কোকিনো কাউন্টি, Comtat de Coconino, Condado de Coconino, Coconino maakond, Coconino konderria, شهرستان کاکانینو، آریزونا, Coconinon piirikunta, Comté de Coconino, 科科尼諾縣, קוקונינו, Coconino, okrug, Coconino megye, Կոկոնինո շրջան, Contea di Coconino, ココニノ郡, Coconino Kūn, Hrabstwo Coconino, کوکونینو کاؤنٹی, Comitatul Coconino, Округ Коконино, Coconino Kontluğu, Коконіно, کوکونینو کاؤنٹی، ایریزونا, Quận Coconino, Condado han Coconino, 可可尼諾縣

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