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  • Day8

    Yankies and The Piano Man

    July 5, 2017 in the United States

    After a good night's sleep we grabbed our good coffee and set off, first for Washington Square, followed by some growers markets. We saw some squirrels, ate some local produce, had a play in the playground then caught the subway to Yankies Stadium.
    I've seen it in the movies, people going to the ball game, but in real life it is overwhelming to say the least. From the moment you leave the train people are shouting at you to buy fake merchandise and drinks, then in low voices people are offering tickets to the game. It is confronting, and part of me really wanted to help these people as they are just trying to make a living.There are people everywhere and I quickly grab both children's hands. Normally I get opposition from Adalia but the kids are pretty overwhelmed too.
    We had no idea where we were supposed to go, so we joined the throngs of people waiting to get in. So many Yankies fans loved Adalia decked out in her pink Yankies hat. Money well spent.
    Once through the security we caught a lift to our level then up a few more stairs to our seats. They were so high it made my legs wobble. We had made it just in time for the Canadian and American anthems. I had been looking forward to this but in reality it was underwhelming. The organ played, people stood but no one sang! (Well tom did just to show that he knew all the words I'm sure) then we were instructed to say some silent prayers for someone that was shot and killed (not sure who, there is a new one every day...) but the MOST disappointing part was that no one made the announcement to "play ball".
    The batsman missed the ball a few times, hit it, and that was it, Adalia was over it. And after a couple of innings so was I. This game is so slow, nothing like the movies. Hardly anyone even hits the ball. The most exciting part was when theToronto Blue Jays got two home runs in a row and the Yankies coach came on to the field to get cranky with the pitcher.
    We had hot dogs and cotton candy, stayed until after the sixth innings (which was two hours) then decided to collect our first time attendees certificate and leave. In the end the Yankies lost, so it was a bad day to decide to start following the Yankies.
    We caught the train and got off just short of our stop and walked past some of the sights like "The Plaza", "Tiffany's", Trump Towers (where we think trump was actually staying as there were road closures, police and secret services everywhere), them up to Rockefeller. We were willing to go into the Lego store but the kids just wanted to go back to the hotel!
    Once back it was a quick shower and change for Tom and I as we were off to see Billy Joel!
    The baby sitter arrived, she was given instructions and we were off. The tickets advised us to be seated by 7pm, so we high tailed it up 8th Ave and ended up being one of the first people seated. Clearly we were novices, which was also displayed in our clothing, we were so overdressed.
    Since we had so much time to kill we ordered a drink from the bar and we were asked for ID. Tom was on cloud nine, he couldn't believe he had just been asked for ID. But there was a problem, Tom hadn't brought any ID! I on the other hand had withstood Tom's earlier mocking about bringing my credit card and licence and now who was laughing?! So I had to buy the drinks, be served the drinks and carry the drinks away, all the while with tom exclaiming "she is serving drinks to a minor here!"
    When the lights dimmed people started shouting "here comes Billy!" Now I'm not going to pretend to be a big fan, until last week when I did a Billy Joel crash course I only really knew. "Piano man" and "we didn't start the fire" and perhaps a couple of others. My only point of reference of what he looked like was from the album cover I bought from vinnies. So I was a little shocked when a chubby, bald man with a white goatee walked on the stage to screaming, crying fans. But for 68 years old he was incredible! And the sold out audience hung on to every word. It is a rare beauty to see full grown men who aren't drunk, sing with smiles on their faces, and at that concert the room was full of them singing every single word along with Billy, sometimes even louder than Billy for over two hours with no break! But the highlight of the night for every person in that stadium was piano man. It almost brought a tear to my eye.
    The concert ended and the crowds walked down flights and flights of stairs. Tom and I noticed the diversity in age, there was not one predominant age group, however, there were no African Americans. Everyone at the concert was white which we found odd given the diversity of New York City.
    We decided to stroll home through the city, stopping to buy a $1 slice of pizza each and returned to the babysitter at midnight.
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  • Day32

    Ballgame in the Bronx

    June 21, 2017 in the United States

    First baseball game ever. I am a big fan now, this sport rocks! Allthough Aaron Judge was really disappointing, the Yankees won! And I loved the signs: "beware of flying balls and bats"

  • Day30

    Yankee Stadium ⚾, The Bronx

    June 21, 2017 in the United States

    Den Tag ruhig angegangen und dann langsam Richtung Manhattan. Von dort in die Bronx, um unser erstes MLB Spiel zu sehen. Interessant, aber sehr amerikanisch, natürlich. Es fehlte nur die Kiss-Cam...

  • Day18

    sports sports sports....aaand cheap beer

    September 6, 2016 in the United States

    Labour day was a full day of sport for me here in NYC.

    I went out to yankee stadium to go watch my newly adopted Toronto blue jays play. Yankee stadium is cool, it's pretty huge and once again my cheap seats were up in the gods, but I had a great view, had a traditional foot long hot dog, drank some beer and enjoyed the game...despite the heart break of seeing a team I've been supporting for upwards of a week lose.

    Yesterday evening was all about watching the ole miss game, I needed a bar, with cold beer, big tv's, warm/hot food and non New York level prices (I don't mean to keep going on about it bit if you voted out in the EU referendum...you're killing me).

    Putting all of my googling skills to work I found a bar across town in Greenwich village called "off the wagon"...we won't dwell on the game, or the fact that the rebels threw away a 22 point lead...we don't even need to talk about the bland chicken sandwich that had a bone in it... What we do need to talk about is that after paying for 1 beer on the way in (happy hour until 8, everything half price) I decided to stretch my dollars and switch to bud light...now...I can hear you judging me...stick with me... I was feeling pretty buzzed by the end of the game having drunk my way through 9 (whatever size they were...less than a pint, more than a half)... I went to settle my tab and grab one for the road and the pretty little bar maid said that this one was on her...soooo I take my bill from her...I'm moving around to get more light, I'm rubbing my eyes...I'm wondering if she has given me the wrong tab...but no... What I wasn't aware of, was that after happy hour, domestic beer...$2 all night!!!
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  • Day20

    Rockefeller, Chelsea, Yankees

    September 4, 2015 in the United States

    Heute war ich on Top of the Rock! Und es war großartig. Was für ein Ausblick! 30$ sind zwar ein Haufen Geld, aber es hat sich gelohnt und ich musste überhaupt nicht anstehen.

    Danach war ich auf Anraten von Steffi tatsächlich nochmal im Waldorf Astoria - auf dem Klo! War ganz hübsch. Wirklich dekadent fand ich aber die fetten Einweg-Papier-Handtücher. Hab eins mitgenommen als Souvenir :D

    Bei etwas angenehmeren Temperaturen und leichter Bewölkung war ich anschließend im Highline Park. Sowas hab ich noch nie gesehen. Eine alte Hochbahntrasse (oder wie das heißt, jedenfalls gut 10 Meter über dem Boden), die vor allem für Industrietransporte genutzt wurde, wurde in einen urbanen Garten umfunktioniert. Bäume, Büsche, Gräser - eine Meile entlang der Westside. Wunderbare Einblicke in verschiedene Straßenzüge und Hinterhöfe ^^ sehr empfehlenswert!

    Beim Durchqueren des Highline kommt man auch am Chelsea Market vorbei. Super bunter Markt mit vor allem Essen. Gemüse, Käse, Fleisch, Meeresgetier, aber auch fertige Snacks so weit das Auge reicht. Allerdings ziemlich teuer... Ein Eis für 5$? No thanks!
    Im Klamottenoutlet bin ich dann fast schwach geworden, konnte mich aber rechtzeitig vom Ort des Geschehens entfernen :)

    Kurz zurück im Hostel ging es dann auch gleich los Richtung Yankee Stadium. Baseball! War ganz okay, aber irgendwie zu wenig actionreich. Könnte aber auch daran liegen, dass ich die Regeln noch nicht ganz begriffen hab :D
    Weiß leider auch noch nicht wer gewonnen hat, weil wir lieber ein bisschen früher gegangen sind, um nicht in die überfüllte Subway zu müssen.

    Achja, ich glaub ich hab heute Kai Pflaume gesehen ^^ Da ist man in New York und der einzige "Promi", den man sieht ist ein deutscher TV-Moderator...

    Mehr Bilder folgen wohl in den nächsten Tagen, in Form von einfach-nur-Bilder-Beiträgen :)

    - auf dem Rockefeller Center mit Blick auf das Empire State Building
    - auf dem Klo des Waldorf Astoria
    - Schienen-Überreste im Highline Park
    - im Chelsea Market
    - die Hostelgruppe vor dem Yankee Stadium (mein Kopf lugt mittig-links hervor)
    - das Yankee Stadium von innen
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