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  • Day9

    Bandon, Oregon

    June 18, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 59 °F

    Staying at Bullards Beach tonight. We have a late check in,, so why not eat Dungeness crab and tour the town.

    Tony's Crab Shack has it going on. You walk up to the counter and order. Then you try to find a place to sit. Luckily we snagged a table in the sun. The wind was blowing, but the table was protected behind another counter.

    After lunch we walked around, did some souvenir shopping, stopped into a rum distillery for some tastings and just looked around. Cute little fishing village.

    Most ironic thing? The hot sauce of Tony's is Slap Yo Mama made in Ville Platte lol.

    We took the dogs down to the beach where we got sand blasted due to high winds. Redd went into a cave that would be filled during high tide. Saw some star fish and sea anemones in the tidal pools.

    Checked into Bullards Beach campground in the early afternoon. This is a pretty big campground. I'm talking 100s of spaces. They do have free showers, but you only get 90 seconds at a time to soap up. You have to keep pressing a button to make the water come out.
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  • Day15

    Tag 15 - Coos Bay, Fahrt nach Newport

    June 22, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 17 °C

    Heute hatten wir eine relativ kurze, entspannte und abwechslungsreiche Fahrt nach Oregon. Auf dem Weg haben wir ein paar alte Loks erspäht, Halt gemacht und uns das kleine, kostenlose Museum angesehen. Am Ende kam sogar noch ein Mini-Zug mit Eisenbahnfreunden an.

  • Day2

    Rain, Seafood, and the Oregon Coast

    April 1, 2019 in the United States ⋅ 🌧 13 °C

    A cup of coffee on a foggy morning is just about as perfect of a start as we could have asked for. After morning photos, checking out, and saying our goodbyes, we started our journey south with a few notes scribbled on a hotel notepad.

    Our first short stop was at Hug Point, which got its name from the exact reason why we didn't actually see much there. You see, before our dear Pacific Coast Highway, those traveling north could go along the beach or chop down every tree in their way... soooo when taking their wagons up the beach, the only way to get past this area was to wait for low tide then "hug" the cliffs to get past them. That being said, it was not low tide and the lovely waterfall and sea caves would have taken a very brisk and downright dangerous swim around the point. Either way, we were just excited for our PCH trip to begin so we were enthusiastic.

    Wesley was delightfully passed out, it was raining, fog was seeping through the trees, and driving was easy, so we only stopped at a few viewpoints along the way, choosing to enjoy most of our views from the road. A couple of hours in, we went for an early lunch in Neskowin. Delicious seared cod sandwich and rockfish tacos... yum. 3 full bellies and we were on the road again. Danielle pointed out a Pendleton shop, so we took a quick detour to get Wesley his first wool blanket and may have picked up souvenirs for ourselves too...

    Next up was the Yaquina Head Lighthouse, which is designated as an "Outstanding Natural Area", possibly the best designation ever. There were heaps of noisy common murres on the rocks and rafts of cormorants in the surf surrounding the iconic-looking lighthouse. It was easy to get lost in the mix of crashing waves, the smell of pine, the brisk breeze, and the taste of the ocean air. If someone could make an air freshener smell like that, it would need to come with a huffing warning.

    Other than a few viewpoints, the last stop was another tide-dependant one that we didn't exactly nail on the head, but was fun nonetheless. It was raining steadily as we made our way down the fairytale-esque trail to Cook's Chasm. The jet black rocks were of obvious volcanic origin that had been worn into their current state by millennia of crashing waves. While walking down, we could feel the largest wave in each set pound the small caves of the chasm. Had it been high tide, we would have seen Thor's Well devouring ocean water like a black hole and the Spouting Horn would have been launching water 30 feet in the air, but instead, each would periodically shoot up a 5 to 10 foot "ocean geyser".

    Soaked and happy with our expeditions, we skipped our last potential stop, the Sea Lion Caves. The way we saw it, if the place has a gift shop and overflow parking filled with Buicks, we probably don't need to be dragging our little bear through that sort of tourist trap. That left our final journey to Coos Bay. We passed some tired, yet adorable old fishing and crabbing towns on the way and finally made it to our little cottage.

    Dinner usually wouldn't warrant its own paragraph, but when Danielle's first words upon being seated are "oh no, I've watched too many Kitchen Nightmares to eat here", it deserves the nod. With no real alternatives, we did eat there, and of course pointed out everything that Gordon Ramsay would yell at them about. The only other table in there were of an age that required the waitress to literally scream her questions to them, no music, the menu was 6 pages, there were cold cucumber and tomato slices on the seafood fettuccine, the portions were enough for 4 people each, the owner went up to the other table to talk about himself... they broke all the rules, but somehow the mix of playing russian roulette with our health and the view of the bay worked just fine, food waste aside.

    Tomorrow we make our way back to California with our trusty scribbles!
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  • Day117

    Osprey Point RV Park - Lakeside, OR

    June 15, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 15 °C

    Booked in for a few days, US Open and England’s first World Cup match are on the agenda. Lovely surprise to have a visit from our friends Herb and Emmy Lou who we first met in 2003 at a Discovery Rally in Rayne, LA. They are looking great and are our inspiration to live life on the road. They’ve been full timing for 20 years and Herb will be 88 this year - still biking and hiking, what a great couple !!!Read more

  • Day6

    The Oregon Dunes

    August 7, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ☁️ 14 °C

    Yesterday's drive down from Astoria took us about five hours. It was slow going on the 101 with numerous small towns en route. However, it was also very scenic and traffic was quite light overall so it was an enjoyable drive.

    I'm sitting outside our trailer having coffee while entering this trip update. The kids enjoy sleeping in and I'm fine with that. Gives me a bit of time to wake slowly, enjoy my coffee and just relax before my exercise session. I've managed most days so far to either go for a 30 min run or a bike ride before the kids get up and before breakfast.

    Today, we are scheduled to rent 250cc ATV's and ride the Dunes. I'll let you know how that goes later today. I've got FIDO until about 4 pm and then only very limited WIFI.

    So, we got out with the ATV's and roamed the Dunes. It was a perfect day for it with no winds to create sand storms and a very comfortable temperature. It took the first half hour to get the hang of it and how now to get stuck, but with the help of other, very friendly and experienced ATV'ers we learned. We had a lot of fun and only Emma got thrown off her ATV. She took a turn a bit too quick. Soft landing and she was good to keep going.
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  • Day20

    101 Oregon Coast part 5

    July 3, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Jetzt fahren wir schon die letzte Etappe entlang der Küste Oregons. Wir starten wieder sehr früh, damit die kleinen Beifahrerinnen die meiste Fahrzeit über noch schlafen können. Wir frühstücken am Cape Perpetua, das mit 800ft. der höchste Punkt an der Küste ist. Dort wandern wir eine kleine Schleife mit spektakulärem Blick und süßen Squirrels. Am Heceta Lighthouse schauen wir Surfern zu und laufen ein Stück am Fluss entlang. Surfen möchten beide Mädchen auch gern können: der Seepferdchen-Plan gewinnt eine ganz neue Dimension.Read more

  • Day12

    Day 12 - Bye California, Hello Oregon

    September 19, 2016 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

    We left our Super 8 motel early as it was a long drive today. Nearly 8 hours, or a whole page and a bit of the USA A-Z!

    The first stretch included the final miles of the Highway 1 North, a road we became acquainted with all the way back on Day 3. Even for this last section Alice and I thought there was enough scenic beauty to warrant it a favourite on this Highway. This might also have something to do with the weather as it has been all sunshine since San Francisco.

    Highway 101 was next and it took us straight into bendy interior roads with tight hairpin corners. This then led into two options, a continuation of the Highway 101 on open straight roads or the 'Avenue of the Giants' which was the old bendy road with huge redwood trees. We took the scenic route and we're glad we did as the trees lining the road are ridiculously large. This area has one of the biggest trees in the world but that would require a short hike. Our aim for today was still a long way off and so we continued on. We are on Day 12 of 90 and we have only really seen California and some of Nevada so far. We better get a move on if we're going to do this loop!

    After the trees we saw the wood... of the log cabin infused theme of Applebee's, an all American dining experience. It also reminded me of the 'Harvester' chain in the UK, minus the free salad, and it reminded Alice of the 'Cobb'n'Co' chain in New Zealand. I had the 'streetlife chicken and cajun shrimp sizzler' and Alice had the 'won ton shrimp stirfry'. The food was very good and well priced but it was our server who capped off our lunch. When I asked for a glass of water I got his finger pointed at me in a non-threatening gun gesture followed by a wink and a 'you got it!'. I also got my coffee 'on the house' for some reason. It's been twelve days of good to excellent service so far and today we hit exceptional. He definitely deserved a recommended 18% tip. I pushed it to 20%.

    Leaving with smiles and full bellies it was not long before we hit the Oregon state line. California has been a blast and we would love to come back and discover the state further in the future. Crossing into Oregan there were still lots of trees, lakes and so forth and I thought it would take a little while for Oregon to reveal itself. On arrival at our destination, Coos Bay, a change was soon becoming apparent. Primarily the increased presence of the logging and fishery industries. However, it is still early in this picturesque state and tomorrow, more driving and revelation awaits.

    Song of the Day:
    KC and the Sunshine Band - Give It Up (heard it on the road and summed up how we felt about not getting to see everything we want to)
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  • Day12

    North Bend 101

    April 1, 2019 in the United States ⋅ 🌧 12 °C

    Es geht in Richtung Süden, so weit bis ich für den heutigen Tag keine Lust mehr habe. North Bend ist dabei heraus gekommen. Sieht meiner Meinung nach aus wie jede andere Stadt hier. Draußen vor der Tür tröpfelte es die ganze Zeit und es hörte bis zum Nachmittag auch nicht wieder auf. Meine "schicke" orangene Jacke hielt mich trocken. Wenn ich gekonnt hätte, hätte ich meine Schuhe heute Abend ausgewrungen, mit den Socken ging das. Ich kam jedenfalls nicht ins Schwitzen.
    Ich durfte den kleinsten Hafen der Welt bewundern, schön gelegene Häuser betrachten und mich über eine feuchte Strasse freuen, die mir ihren Dreck abgab. Kurz nach dem letzten Foto stellte ich fest, dass mein 6. Reifenwechsel anstand. Mittlerweile bin ich routiniert und habe den Schlauch im Regen mit fast lethargischer Ruhe gewechselt.
    Mir war kalt, und ich brauchte schnell eine warme Dusche, egal was es kostet. Nicht ganz das erstbeste Hotel, aber den Preis habe ich um 25$ gedrückt. Die Nächte sind noch frisch, deshalb muss ich solange wach bleiben, bis meine Klamotten vor der Heizung etwas trockener geworden sind.
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  • Day19

    101 Oregon Coast part 4

    July 2, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ☁️ 14 °C

    Strandtag im Beverly Beach State Park - der war sowas von nötig und er kam genau zum richtigen Zeitpunkt. Der Campground gefällt uns gut: unter großen duftenden Zedern, mit kleinem Flußlauf und direkt am Strand. Somit verbringen wir den Nachmittag komplett am Strand, den man erreicht, indem man unterm 101 hindurchläuft. Aus Treibholz bauen wir eine Piratenfestung, tanken Sonne ohne Ende und kehren erst zum RV zurück, als alle von uns ganz sandverklebte Gesichter haben. Der starke Wind am Meer hat uns zudem ordentlich durchgepustet, sodass wir uns mit großem Appetit zum Abendessen Burger mit allem drum und dran grillen. Selbst genug Muße zum Reisetagebuch-Schreiben finden wir noch, bevor es Zeit fürs Schlafen wird: Happy Camping und so!Read more

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