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  • Day1

    San diego

    February 7, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 15 °C

    We decided to celebrate my 43rd birthday in sunny San Diego with Brenda and Brian. Sadly Dwayne and Julie, and John and Jerry were unable to go, but we were going to make the most of it. The start of the birthday getaway was February 7, 2019. Thank goodness Brenda amd.Brian knew their way around the airport. The bus ride to the rental car passed by part of the bay. The way the sun glissened off the ripples of the blue water danced like the reflections of diamonds. It was quite mesmerizing. That was the first sight of San Diego and will stay with me foever. We picked out a GMC Arcadia from Hertz grab n go but had quite a bit of difficulty figuring out how to put the third row of seats down to put our luggage in. We all had our cell phone flashlights looking for levers or buttons to get the seats to go down. After about 5 minutes of being puzzled, Brian found the sweet spot, the obvious strap that was hanging down the back of the seat needed to be pulled before the seat would fold.... LMAO. We all had a.good laugh about that. We decided our our first destination would be seaport village. Along the way, we had beautiful bay views, passed by the USS Midway and passed by the "kissing statue". We got out of the car at Seaport village and as we were standing in the parking lot, Sherman noticed an older gentleman that was helping his wife into a wheelchair from their car. The man started to push her away from the car when Sherman noticed the gentleman's driver door was still open. Sherman got the attention of the gentleman who quickly let go of the wheelchair to go close his door. When he let go of the wheelchair she started to roll. I got nervous and thought she might roll away into the center of the parking lot in the way of traffic. I quickly told him I would close it for him, but he insisted he would do it so I felt like I needed to go grab his wife so she didn't roll away! I even told Sherman to grab her since he was closer, but she ended up stopping herself. She told us she has gotten use to him letting go and she had to be alert for when he did that so she could put her feet down to stop. Lol. We had lunch at a lovely restaurant where we had sat on the patio with fabulous views of the bay and the bridge to Coronado. We were even lucky to see one of the stealth ships! I had some awesome fish and chips. I was amazed at how golden and crisp the batter on the fish was. We walked around seaport village checking out the shops and marina. Brenda and I had a double chocolate moose cupcake from one of the bakeries owned by someone who won cake wars. The men decided on ice cream for a desert. On the way back to the car, I needed the restroom. There was an arrow on the ground that stated restroom. Since Brenda was busy getting info on what to do in San Diego, I decided I would use that time to make a pit stop. No one told me finding the restroom was going to be a goose chase! I followed those arrows and thought this must be a joke because I am following these arrows and going around corners and still can't find the bathroom!!!! Yureka, I ended up finding it in the nick of time. I think everyone thought I fell in since I was gone so long. Lol. We get in the car and head towards the apartment complex we are renting for the stay. Brenda caught a glimpse of a Ralph's on the way to the apartment and decided to stop for some "necessities" for our mini vacay, including champagne, orange juice, coffee, cheese, hummus, olives, bourbon, ya know, the "necessities". One of the employees of the store was showing us a few "wonderful" items we must try, like the cheddar and green Chile spread that was quite delicious. We arrived to the apartment and were quite pleased with the accomodations. The views were stunning and vast, especially being on the 40th floor. The balcony was the length of the entire apartment and had views of the city, mountains, bay, and ocean. We decided to get into the "necessities" and wine we brought before we were to go to dinner. It was nice relaxing and taking in the views.with great company and great wine. We settled on a Brazilian restaurant Fogo De Chao for dinner. Brenda fell in love with one of the cheeses served there. I was Gaga over the popovers. We definitely got out fill of meat that evening. We ended with a birthday desert for the old lady before retiring to our new abode. It was a relaxing day indeed.Read more

  • Day123

    Beach Time!

    December 3, 2015 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    Despite the fact that we have been riding along the coast for many thousands of kilometers, we haven't spent much time lounging on the beach or swimming. We decided we needed to rectify that problem by spending some time at the beach on Coronado Island, and were excited to find out that our friends Vanessa and Toby were on a vacation in Palms Springs and wanted to meet up in San Diego to do the same. We took the ferry to the island with our bikes and met up with V & T, then hit the sand and the surf. The water was definitely warmer than when we tried to swim in Oregon and northern and central California, but still a bit chilly. After a few hours in the sun, we went to explore the Hotel del Coronado and then got treated to lunch by Vanessa and Toby at the Coronado Brewery. It was so fun catching up, and it felt too soon when we had to leave to catch our ferry back to the city to make our final preparations for heading to Tijuana the following day.Read more

  • Day4

    Hotel del Coronado

    May 17, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    A beauty boosting retreat since Victorian days. Built in 1888. In 1958, the movie “Some Like It Hot” was filmed here.

  • Day2

    Day 2

    February 8, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    Day two of San Diego trip. Well it's official, I'm now 43..... Ugh. I guess Sherman got up early (shocker) and went for a walk through the new neighborhood to scope out the new digs. He found a place to pick up some pasteries for us sleepy heads still left back at the apartment. We all got us at our leisure and got up and around. Brenda was very excited for is to grab breakfast at Richard walkers. Even on a Friday, late morning, there was a line to get in. We had a very large breakfast with and it wouldn't be my birthday without Brenda making sure I got birthday pancakes with a candle on top. We decided we would walk to Little Italy. It was very cold in the shade, but quite warm in the sun. We saw multiple people using power scooters all throughout the city. Brenda said there was so much more of the scooters than the year before. I guess you rent the scooter for as long as you want and then leave it anywhere when you are done. I seriously mean ANYWHERE! I was thinking we needed to try them, but thought we might die or get in trouble for drunk driving. Lol. We stopped at Bar One and had a a drink. Brenda was obsessed with charcuterie boards they were serving, but we had just eaten and couldn't eat another bite. We walked around more of little Italy and saw multiple Italian eateries that were quite packed in the middle of the day. We ended up at Bolt brewery and had some beer. Poor Brenda hates beer so she settles on a Sangria. It was a cute little place with open "windows" for the breeze and people watching. I had an unusual beer that was like an orange sicle and was quite good. Wish I could remember the name. The chairs at Bolt were quite uncomfortable, so we decided to move on. A friend of mine who lives in San Diego said we needed to go to this dive bar called "The Waterfront". We ended up finding it and decided to go in for a drink. At first, we were not so sure of the place. It was a total DIVE bar. They were having happy hour and were serving free ceviche. We had a couple of drinks including a birthday shot ordered by Brenda. We thought we were going to leave but the place started getting seriously packed and started amping up. A bunch of men in dark green suit jackets came in. We were trying to figure out what club they belonged to. Sherman and Brian could only come up with a reference to golf since that is the only time they have seen jackets like that. One of the men came up to our table and gave us a run for our money. He stated he was married to the woman who owned the bar. He gave us some history about the bar and we found out that the Waterfront Bar was the oldest bar in San Diego. He had Brenda and I compare a couple of photos in the bar to see if we could see anything about them that stood out. I guess they had photo shopped some of their friends into the photo. He would periodically come over to us and say we have to leave and to get out of there. O think he just wanted out table. He introduced us to a few of the "Green Jackets". We finally asked one of them what the Green jacket was for. It was for an Irish club. Occasionally you you hear them sing a Irish song. One of the men was a former Marine General. During our conversation he accidently knocked over his beer into my lap .... He felt so bad and wanted to buy us all a drink, but we wouldn't let him. He introduced us to another older gentleman was was a Colnel for the military. We felt bad that he was standing so we finished up so he could have our table. I think I had maybe 3 drinks, Brenda Ihad 3 or 4, but the boys had 6 or more. Yikes! The place we thought we were going to visit the shortest, ended up being the one we spent the longest at. We were there for 3 hours. Brenda wanted to make sure I remembered our adventure and made me pick out a waterfront T-shirt. We decided to be adventurous and WALK to dinner at an Italian restaurant recommended by my friend , Naiomi, called Bencotto. It was a windy walk, and not because the street was windy (I doubt it had anything to do with the alcohol consume by the four of us). When we got there, there was a line, but Brenda was able to get us in. I had some wonderful.lasagna that was totally made from scratch. It was awesome!!! While I was in the bathroom, Brenda ordered a bottle of wine!!! Well we couldn't let it go to waste, so Brenda, Brian, and I finished the bottle. Sherman doesn't like wine and he was full of alcohol anyway... Lol. After dinner, Brenda had the genius thought of sending the boys home since they were pretty sauced and we decided to party on! We settled on another bar called the Shout House in the Gaslamp District. Boy was it packed!!! Total standing room only!!! Bit of course my fabulous sister-in-law wiggled her way into a table with two other ladies. We had a great time laughing and singing at the top of our lungs. It was awesome because the music was being played by dueling pianos and they took request from the crowd and involved the crowd on the show. To request, you needed to fill out a request form and put it on top of the piano. Brenda wanted me to fill one out and she took it up to the piano with money so they would play it. They did end up playing my song celebration. I felt it was appropriate since we were celebrating my birthday.Read more

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