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Courthouse Towers

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  • Day14

    Day 14 - US Highway 191 to Arches NP

    May 5, 2019 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 19 °C

    Woke up to glorious sunshine. After all the usual requirements taken care of we headed north on US Highway 191.

    Just north of Monument Valley we stopped for the most iconic of photos looking back. We hopped in & out of the road, traffic permitting. We took photos in all different permutations & I ended up taking some for a Canadian couple with a posh camera.

    On we headed to the little town of Bluff, where stumbled across Fort Bluff. It was advertised as free, so we stopped. Upon entering the grounds of the fort we were accosted by A couple in old fashioned clothing. They invited us to watch a 14 minute video relating to the history of the Fort, which we accepted & watched in a church.....of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Another fascinating documentary about the plight of the Hole-In-The-Rock Pioneers who trail blazed a route from Escalante to Bluff.

    The Fort Bluff grounds contained various mock-ups of the huts they were living in. There are numerous original artefacts, wagons etc. Jackie declined the opportunity to dress up, but I enjoyed it so I put a donation in the box. Jackie accused me of being tight, but for my generous donation, Kelly & Carly (who had volunteered to work there for a year) posed for a photo with me.

    We continued back on the same road, through Blanding (that lived up to it’s name), Monticello, then into Moab. The scenery had been quite diverse as was the weather, we even had a drop of rain. I attempted a couple of panoramic photos whilst driving along, but I don’t recommend it.

    In Moab we stopped at a supermarket to stock up on a few provisions, beer mainly (wine & spirits are not sold on a Sunday). The plan was to camp in Arches National Park if there was any room available. We returned to the car park to encounter another miserable RVer, then sat in our RV to catch up on ‘social media’.

    We arrived at Arches National Park around 2.00pm & presented my NP Pass. The ranger asked for ID & it was at this point I realised we had mislaid my UK driving licence. We enquired about the possibility of camping in the park & she told us that there was not a chance of there being a vacancy. So as we ascended into the Park, Jackie urgently made a phone call to the Moab KOA campground to see if they still had vacancies. They did & we booked ourselves in for the night.

    Arches NP was busy & the 1st viewpoint, Park Avenue Viewpoint was full of vehicles, so we carried on. We stopped at La Sal Mountains Viewpoint, Courthouse Towers Viewpoint & Petrified Dunes Viewpoint, where we were able to take photos by just stepping out of the RV.

    We continued on to Balanced Rock, where we took a half mile walking trail around said rock, taking photos from most angles. We resisted the temptation to climb halfway up the rock itself. A fork in the road then took off to Garden of Eden, Double Arch, North & South Window & Turret Arch. We could see them from the road, but didn’t stop because again there were way too many people. We come back when it was quieter.

    Next we caught a glimpse of Pothole Arch, then continued to Panorama Point for a ‘panoramic’ photo, then took the next right fork to Wolfe Ranch, where there was a 3 mile trail to Delicate Arch. Again, let’s of people, so we promised ourselves we would do it another day, instead we drove a bit further where we too a short hike about half a mile to Lower, then Upper Delicate Arch Viewpoints.

    We returned to the RV just in time, before the wind suddenly violently got up & we had rain again. This was supposed to be one of the driest places on the planet, yet we were rained on! The strong winds were a reminder of how the weather had eroded this land to create weird Arches & Towers. It is an unforgettable spectacle.

    We left the park & checked into our campground & sat in the warm SUN & plotted our onward travels. The evening finished with Spag Bol & an episode of Dirty John.

    FITBIT = 10,452 steps / 4.85 miles

    Song of the Day - Archway Towers by New Model Army.
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  • Day11

    Camping moab

    May 15, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    A 10 mètres du fleuve Colorado. Rien que ça.
    Bon ce matin c'est tranquillou. On est partis tard de l'hôtel . Et oui on a glander😎.
    Puis route jusqu'à moab. Puis deux trois courses et enfin visitor center après une queue pour rentrer dans le parc. Mais le seul camping du parc étant FULL on a préféré ressortir pour avoir un site a côté du parc. Et la on trouve la deniere place du camping au bord du fleuve. Cool.
    Et maintenant on re rentre dans le parc mais cette fois si sans queue. Ouff

    Et oui le Colorado a cette jolie couleure marronatre.
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  • Day25

    Arches National Park 1/2, USA

    July 10, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    Avant-hier nous avons vu la tête d'un géant de pierre sorti de terre. Ses yeux étaient faits de deux arches et son nez d'un énorme rocher. Il avait même des oreilles. Exceptionnellement nous avons pu grimper que sur un seul œil. Habituellement on peut grimper sur plein de rochers.

    Le même jour nous avons acheté un puzzle de cinq-cent pièces que nous avons fini aujourd'hui.


    Le puzzle a demandé plusieurs heures de travail et la participation de toute la famille 
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  • Day36

    Arches National Park

    September 2, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 37 °C

    Morgens wandern wir den “Devil’s Garden Trailhead” (Footprint). In der Mittagssonne geht es dann zum “Upper Delicate Arch Viewpoint”. Das ist auch großartig. Noch schöner ist es sicher früh am Morgen oder am späten Abend, wenn das Licht besser ist. Wir laufen zum “Double Arch + North-und South Window” im Arch NP (Footprint). Und noch eine kleine Runde um den “Balanced Rock”. Einen sensationellen Rundblick haben wir zum Abschluss am „La Sal Mountains Viewpoint“. Alles zusammen einfach nur unglaublich schön.

    Wasser und Eis, extreme Temperaturen und Salz-Bewegungen im Untergrund haben die steinernen Skulpturen des Nationalparks in 100 Millionen Jahren geschaffen. Im Arches National Park gibt es die meisten natürlichen Steinbögen der Welt. Man hat über 2.000 katalogisiert. Die kleinsten haben eine Öffnung, vom Boden bis zur Unterkante des Bogens, von 1 m. Die größten bis zu 92 m (Landscape Arch). Es entstehen immer wieder neue. Alte werden durch die ständige Erosion zerstört. Die bekannte Delicate Arch steht isoliert auf einem Plateau mit einem tollen Blick auf die La Sal Mountains im Hintergrund. Hier haben die Puebloan, Fremont und Ute Indianer gelebt und gejagt. Die Weißen kamen hierher, um nach Gold und anderen wertvollen Erzen zu suchen. Bauern fanden Weiden für ihre Kühe und Schafe. Der im amerikanischen Bürgerkrieg versehrte John Wesley Wolfe und sein Sohn haben hier schon im späten 19. Jhd. gesiedelt.

    Editiert am 04.11.2020
    Text von Wolfgang und Heidi
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