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  • Day17

    NYC #3 Manhattan

    October 4, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    It stormed overnight and rained during the day as is proven here in this skyscraper photo we took to start off the blog.
    We’ve been using the New York Subway to get around and despite its reputation we feel it’s safer because you avoid any heavy objects or light aircraft that may fall from the tall buildings.

    It seems New York is still very nervous about falling buildings, security is everywhere and severe. For instance getting onto the Statue of Liberty ferry you go through airport type security to get onboard. Then when you are on Liberty Island you go through the same thing again, then when you enter the statute pedestal you can’t take the bags that have already been x-rayed twice, you have to put them in a locker.

    Police are everywhere in the streets and in huge numbers.
    Other official security people are everywhere too, all heavily armed. I don’t think New Yorkers or Americans will get over the Twin Towers for a long time and it was eerie first arriving here because... anyone who saw live coverage of the planes flying into the World Trade Centre as we did will remember you could also hear he sound of the jets as it happened.
    So we were looking out over Manhattan and it seems the flight path into New York City goes right over the Hudson River. In the afternoon this causes the suns angle to casts perfect shadows of the aircraft flashing across the face of the buildings, it uncannily appears they are crashing into them, this illusion is further created by the roar of their engines overhead.

    Terrorists, Gorgo or over sized apes haven’t kept the tourists away though, the lines to some galleries have proved that. We stood in a queue that was about a quarter of a kilometre long for the Metropolitan Museum of Art only to last five minutes inside. The only art we experienced was the art of packing as many people into a building as possible. The Guinness Book of Records should have been there or maybe a talent scout for a circus auditioning people for the clown car act, where about twenty crawl out of a mini minor unfortunately our experience wasn’t that funny.

    This was all good though, we just walked around the streets and through Central Park which gives a better feel of the city. We rode the subway and met many helpful people along with lunatics, weirdos, extroverts, introverts, religious fanatics and people damning the lord everywhere.

    The architecture was good to see especially smaller stuff like the old apartment buildings with the fire escapes on the outside.
    We had fire engines and police vehicles flashing past constantly with their sirens wailing, we heard cab drivers blasting horns and hurling abuse, we avoided everything from trucks and buses to skateboarders going through red lights when we were on the crossings, we saw sad homeless people pushing shopping carts full of their rubbish past multi million dollar apartments overlooking Central Park on Fifth Avenue.

    So we got exactly what we expected of a day out in this city and it was a surprisingly good experience except for the homeless, the beggars and the people trying to eke some sort of living out of a dog eat dog city.
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    jan brown

    big isn't he.

    jan brown

    that's a great photo...just my style

    jan brown


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  • Day17

    5th Ave!

    September 21, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    Anche oggi stupenda giornata di sole, decidiamo di incamminarci lungo la quinta! Visitiamo nell’ordine la New York Public Library, la Grand Central Station il Rockefeller Center e la Saint Patrick Cathedral.
    Purtroppo abbiamo poco tempo per immergerci nella moltitudine di negozi e grattacieli che ci circondando.. entriamo rapidamente all’NBA store, all’Apple store e alla Trump Tower!
    Camminare sulla 5th Avenue è emozionante, è un susseguirsi di volumi, riflessi e suoni che trasporta fisicamente e mentalmente chi la percorre. La quinta ti immerge completamente in quella sensazione che si vive in tutta New York: qui si respira un’aria diversa, frizzante e viva... che solo chi ha vissuto può capire!
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  • Oct3

    New York Public Library

    October 3, 2019 in the United States ⋅ 🌧 12 °C

    Ein wenig Kultur muss ja auch sein - genau das richtige an einem verregneten Tag. ☺️
    Die New York Public Library ist ebenfalls einen Besuch wert.
    Beeindruckende Architektur kombiniert mit einem Riesen Schatz an Wissen und Information. Ich habe kurzfristig überlegt mir einen Pass für die Bücherei zu besorgen - einfach nur, um hier mal ausführlich stöbern zu gehen. Eine Buchhandlung ist nichts dagegen 😉.Read more

  • Day305


    August 13, 2016 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 33 °C

    Kanada haben wir nun verlassen und sind in der Stadt die niemals schläft angekommen, in New York City und direkt am Big Apple. Der Schock war eratmal die extreme Hitze. Denn bei 35 Grad im Schatten kommt man sich zwischen den Wolkenkratzern wir im Backofen vor. Aber nichts desdo trotz haben wir die Stadt zu Fuß erkundet, gibt hier ja zum Glück an fast jeder Ecke ein Trinkwasser Spender. Auf unseren Kreuzzug haben die Klassiker angesehen, wie die Brooklyn Bridge, die Freiheitsstatue, das World Trade Center Memorial und und und ... wie man auf dem Bild unten sieht haben wir auch unseren Helden aus der Kindheit getroffen ... irgendwie hatte ich mir den aber kleiner vorgestellt. Ansonsten ist Nee York, nach allem Großstädten die wir bisher gesehen nochmal was ganz anderes.Read more

  • Day82

    New York City - Fifth Avenue

    July 10, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    Die Fifth Avenue ist vielleicht eine der schönsten und belebtesten Straßen der Welt. Einerseits liegen einige der schönsten und bekanntesten Bauwerke der Welt an dieser Straße (Empire, Flatiron, Metropolitan & Guggenheim Museum, Central Park,...) und andrerseits hat fast jede bekannte Marke einen Megastore an der 5th. Manchmal ist es schon ziemlich anstrengend die 5 th lang zu laufen. So richtig entspannen kann man dann erst bei einem 10€ Bier auf einem der vielen Rooftop-Bars.Read more

    Tabea K

    Mega! Macht ihr die fotos eigentlich mit dem handy oder Kamera?


    Alle mit dem iPhone :)

  • Day4

    Zu Fuß durch Manhattan: Part 1

    May 18, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

    Ich bin tatsächlich von der Grand Central Station zu Fuß komplett bis nach unten zur Brooklyn Bridge gelaufen. Ich war 19 km unterwegs und da es zu schade wäre nur 6 Bilder meiner Riesentour hochzuladen, muss ich das nun in Parts machen. Also Part 1: New York Public Library & Bryant ParkRead more

  • Day18

    Grand Central Terminal

    January 5, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ -2 °C

    Der größte Bahnhof nach Gleisanzahl liegt umgeben von Wolkenkratzern in mitten Manhattens. Man sieht hier das es auch als Kopfbahnhof gut funktionieren kann. Die modernen Züge finden hier halt auf einem der 67 Gleise. Auf einem der 44 Bahnsteige können sich die Menschen mit einem hauch Vergangenheit in das moderne Manhatten stürzen. Es ist die Zeit wert sich in der grossen Halle mal einen erhöhten Platz zu suchen und das hecktische Treiben an sich vorbeigehen zu lassen. Denn nicht nur die goldene Uhr in der grossen Halle ist ein hinkucker.Read more

  • Day135

    Another Crack at Penn Station & a Wander

    December 8, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 2 °C

    Another crack at Penn Station indeed! Only took two attempts. Counting down the stops on the subway but forgot that the Penn Station stop can also be called 34th Street. The drivers usually say both but this time no and we sailed past it only to realise our mistake. We hopped off at the next station. There was another train on the next line and Neil immediately thought it was going in the opposite direction and would take us back. He bee lined for a carriage and to catch up with him I didn’t think just followed. It was an express train and quickly took us in the wrong direction and a long way off. Eventually we were able to get off and got back to where we wanted to be. Did I say we had these subways nailed?
    This time we had a card for the train tickets to Washington and our IDs. Expensive! Didn’t want to buy the train! Coach/bus tickets are a lot cheaper but the train is the easier option. One less subway train to catch and less walking with bags.
    From the station we wandered up 5th Avenue exploring the Empire State Building, Grand Central Station, The Chrysler Building, Bryant Park Saks of Fifth Avenue and the Rockefeller Building with it’s famous Christmas Tree and Ice Rink and decorations. The window decorations in the Saks’ windows look like they are worthy of a look but today the crowds on the street would have made strolling past a bit difficult. Hopefully we can return.
    As we were walking up to Grand Central on the opposite side of the road we got talking to a cleaner, an interesting fellow and immigrant from former Yugoslavia. As we left him he decide he needed to go over to the station anyways and offered to give us a guided tour. I guess we offered comic relief to the working day. The walking lights had changed but that didn’t deter him. He stopped the traffic and we dodged across. After a guided tour on the different levels he left us and, I guess, returned to work. Love these random interactions, They are what make travelling.
    We were at the Rockefeller Building on dusk and the crowds were horrific. I don’t think the beautiful tree and lights are a secret anymore!
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  • Day3

    New York Public Library

    September 12, 2018 in the United States ⋅ 🌫 22 °C

    La giornata inizia - dopo un'altra cicciosa colazione americana - con una simpatica gita da B&H per comprare un obiettivo per la Canon di Matt. Il negozio è davvero gigante, proprio come dicono le guide: due piani pieni di qualunque tipo di attrezzatura tecnologica, gestito da dei caratteristici ebrei ortodossi rigorosamente con barba e riccioloni sulle orecchie.
    La contrattazione con uno dei commessi, nonostante qualche difficoltà con la lingua, ha portato all'acquisto di un obiettivo Sigma 17-70 super scontato.
    Tutti contenti del nostro acquisto usciamo, ci avviamo verso il centro della città... ma due isolati dopo ci accorgiamo che - OPS! - l'obiettivo è per la Nikon!!!
    Morale: nuova gita da B&H per il cambio, con conseguente nuovo sfoggio di inglese da parte di Matt (che se l'è cavata davvero niente male, bisogna ammetterlo).

    Con il nuovo obiettivo Matt può finalmente rendere bene l'idea di come si guarda New York.
    Lui che ama il teleobiettivo e i dettagli si deve decisamente arrendere al grandangolo! In più la luminosità di questa nuova lente gli torna molto utile nella nostra tappa della mattinata: la biblioteca pubblica di New York!

    Bellissima, molto antica e classica, piena di marmi, affreschi e librerie di legno, è uno dei posti che dovevo assolutamente visitare qui a NYC. A dire la verità sembra quasi fuori posto tra queste strade ultramoderne! Purtroppo la sala dove i ragazzi studiano è aperta al pubblico solo per un piccolo spazio: mi sarebbe piaciuto potermi sedere ad uno di quei lunghi tavoli con le lampade di ottone per sentirmi un po' un'universitaria di Manhattan e non una turista! Però, sebbene mi sia dovuta accontentare di una capatina e di una occhiata a tutta quella meraviglia, ne è davvero valsa la pena!
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  • Day7

    Bryant Park

    May 28, 2015 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Das war jedes mal wenn ich in der Gegend war mein picknick Platz. Kleiner aber schöner Park mit Sitzplätzen über den ganzen Park verteilt. Man braucht nix zu bestellen. Einfach mitgebrachte Sachen essen und chillen. ?Read more

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