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  • Day13

    Deep in the Heart of Texas

    June 3, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 32 °C

    The Sunset Limited sped through the night via Palm Springs and into Nebraska. The landscape is now much more desert-like, with great cacti lining the track. My lunch companions were interesting - Rob, a young, overweight railroad worker whose only trip outside the USA was to China where his wife comes from. ‘They do great Chinese food there’ he explained. Really?

    We were joined by a loud voice approaching our table which exclaimed ‘Hi, am Hooleeana and am a cansa suvayva fom Mehico.’ Come again? Oh, you’re a cancer survivor from Mexico, Juliana - thanks for sharing that. ‘Yo wanna see ma scas?’ No thank you ... but it was too late, the top was raised. ‘You like ma haya?’ she said, pointing to her bright red Tina Turner coiffure. ‘Ees a wig’ . ‘El Paso looks nice’ I said, trying to change the subject. ‘El Paso - yoo kidding - ees the ampit of yoo ess of a.’ Ah well, back to lunch.

    We travelled through the great belly of Texas - hour after hour of endless desert and scrubland with occasional mountain ranges - like scenes from so many westerns. Early on the morning of day 2 on the Sunset Limited we arrived in San Antonio. My planned connection to Dallas was interrupted due to flooding on the line, and the Texas Eagle train only went as far as Fort Worth. From here I caught a local train for the hour-long trip to Dallas (sings: ‘Big D, Little A, Double L,, A S’ - name the musical).

    Big D was hot and humid but still cloudy. Went for a walk to the Texas Book Depositary and Dealey Plaza where President John F Kennedy was assassinated in 1963. It was a strange feeling to be standing on the spot so familiar from TV documentaries.
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    Margaret Morris

    I told you not to seek to strange ladies!! Lol. X

    Anne Houston

    Robert you definitely have one of those faces that's attracts weird and wonderful characters! I mean - look at Runway!!!😂😂😂

  • Day22

    Lake Highlands Play Street

    March 25 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 61 °F

    Aunt Sherrie gifted the girls to the Dallas version of play station. They had a blast. At one point, Emily said “Lucy you need pay for the pizza!” And Lucy replied “I’ve got to go get my credit card.” Smile!

    At this play station, there’s a theatre, diner, hotel and even Trolley from where they rode yesterday.

    We also drove my DFW and Elizabeth screams out “Lucy, airplane!”, at the top of her voice! She loves planes! ✈️
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    Laura Folk

    Looks like you're having entirely too much fun!

  • Day4

    Justin at Babes

    June 5 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 77 °F

    We enjoyed a delicious meal at Babe’s!

    Justin, new Mission guy at Northwest treated us.

    We talked about family, history, challenges on the mission field and about the #conversationscoaststocoast ride and the book launch tomorrow night.

    After an hour of Ubering, we headed over to Lanier and Kathy Burns for Fujitas and peach cobbler from Hamm’s in Terrell.
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    Laura Folk

    You're getting the traveling in for all of us!!!

  • Day18

    Thanksgiving ride

    November 26, 2020 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 63 °F

    15 miles
    65 degrees

    Then a time to see mom and dad out on the patio.

    And our Thanksgiving meal...Gino’s Pizza East deep dish supreme! (Happy Hour and pizza was 1/2 off)!

    The morning started off with a Zoom call to Ellen, Karen and Grandaddy.Read more

  • Day24

    Haircuts, Easter photo and Smooch

    March 27 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 77 °F

    All 3 girls got their hair trimmed about 4 inches. Nice fresh and cute cuts!

    Then we stopped at Highland Park Village for an Easter photo.

    Lynn returned from her walk and we visited out on the patio with her dog, Smooch! We had lots of laughs before we climbed the stairs to the Treehouse to eat dinner and get ready for sleep.

    It’s been a fast few days of “Grammie Camp Girl edition”. We’ve watched the planes, spent time with Aunt Sherrie, Aunt Sarah, Grandmommie/daddy, breakfast club, got hair cuts and discovered NorthPark Mall plus other fun stuff.
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  • Day93

    Noon Facetime Prayer time

    September 27, 2020 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 81 °F

    After 6 months of meeting each noon hour with Neil and Vela for prayer time, it was fun to finally meet people face to face at the Taco party. We all sat under the huge church tent!

    Each introduced ourselves then gave word how prayer had impacted our lives.

    Mom and dad came over for a few hours for lunch.
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  • Day24

    Great grands, Garage sale and Airplane

    March 27 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 73 °F

    We stopped by to see grandmommy, granddaddy and aunt Sherrie. All the while, we stopped at several garage sales. That Emily loves to bargain. At one garage sale, they gave the 3 girls “cuties”. The man wanted us to take the cake donuts, but we opted for the good snack.

    We ordered Whatsburgers and ate a picnic lunch at the airplane museum.

    Next stop - hair cuts!
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  • Day25

    Train from Dallas to Bloomington, Ill

    March 28 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 70 °F

    Glenn left at 5:00am with Lucy and Elizabeth heading to Fisher, Illinois. A 14 hour drive and he made it in 15 hours. Not bad.

    On the other hand, 8 year old Emily and I left Dallas at 5:30 and we are also headed home on the TRAIN!

    We went to Walmart and stocked up on chips, candy, cuties and other munchies. I figure if I am eating or drinking, then I don’t have to wear a mask.

    Emily was super excited about the train adventure. We mentioned it to several folks at church.
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  • Day55

    Heading Home

    April 27 in the United States ⋅ ☁️ 73 °F

    Check in 7:45 and dropped off luggage
    8:00 Azmera Zoom call
    8:30 bfast at Bachman Lake feeding the ducks
    9:00 last minute shopping at Walmart
    11:30-1:30 3Score and More
    2:00 get documents signed and notarized to sell our house in Grand Prairie
    3:00 drive to WBT to drop off Rav4 (traffic)
    4:00 Uber to DFW
    5:00 one whole hour to get they security - Glenn’s sleep machine had to thru scanner twice, medicine
    6:30 boarding, first class (thank you AA employee friend)
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  • Day6

    Delicious dinner just like mom

    June 7 in the United States ⋅ 🌧 75 °F

    After a morning of Ubering, a visit with Glenn’s sister in East Texas and then a visit with my parents, we ended the day with a Mexican casserole, salad and Oatmeal cake and ice cream prepared by Patty (where we’re staying).

    Patty loved listening to our Uber conversations. And we loved telling old stories. We’ve enjoyed our stay and appreciate her gracious hospitality. After the huge meal, Glenn and strolled around the block.

    While Glenn was with dad making a trip to Walgreens, mom and I stayed back and I read several chapters of Neil’s book, “The Listening Road”. Yep she fell asleep, but that’s typical these days.

    Oh, we did hear that today, day, the vice-president visited Guatemala.
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