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  • Day6

    Good Morning Mickey!

    July 5, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    On day 2 of our park fun we visited Disneyland Park. Another early start to take advantage of Magic Hour (it switches parks each day). This time our first destination was Tomorrowland and Fastpasses for Star Tours. Fastpasses in hand we found some breakfast. Once our bellies were full we rode Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage, a semi-submersible sub ride themed after the famous Disney clownfish. We also rode Star Tours, Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, Autotopia, the Jungle Cruise, Tarzan’s Treehouse and Pirates of the Caribbean before stopping for some lunch. After lunch we rode the Disney Railroad all around the park and visited the Pirates Liar on Tom Sawyer Island. Our last ride was the Haunted Mansion.
    It was so hot, we decided to head back to the hotel for a break and to visit the pool.
    We got freshened up and returned to the park in time to take the train to New Orleans Station and check in for our 8 pm dinner reservations. We enjoyed our meal and sat through the Fantasmic Show. By the time we got back to the hotel everyone was exhausted again and we called it a night.

    DYK: Disneyland Park opened in July 1955. The park was designed and built under the direct supervisor of Walt Disney. Disney California Adventure Park opened in 2001.
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  • Day42


    July 27, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    We woke up early to go to disneyland! Woo Hoo! There was an extra magic hour which meant you can go to the parks one hour earlier than usual. We rode on splash mountain, big thunder mountain railroad, haunted mansion, Buzz lightyear astro blasters, Winnie the pooh and more. Before we rode the haunted mansion ride, I was really scared but it wasn’t that bad after all. My favourite was Splash Mountain. The line for Splash mountain was normally like 1 hour but when we went the line was just 15 minutes! Splash mountain is a water slide that feels like a roller coaster. First it is really slow and relaxing but at the end there is a huge fall and you get splashed!Read more

  • Day3

    Disneyland, Anaheim, LA

    June 29, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    This definitely needs a post all of it's own! I know everyone says Disneyland is the "happiest place on earth", but my day at Disneyland really was hands down one of the best days of my life that I can recall so far <3 Emma and I were both SUPER excited to go, and I'm pleased that I've had to wait until my adult years to go as I think things like this you really do appreciate even more when you've had to wait and work hard for them. Discovering Disneyland for the first time with Emma-Kate was awesome as we were both keen to take things in as much as possible, and shared each other's excitement in the finer details of everything and the pure magic of the place. We were both very impressed at what a well oiled machine all of Disneyland is. Normally I can pick fault/think of better ways of running lots of things better, but Disneyland really had thought of everything to make everyone's days run as smoothly and magically as possible; right from the car parking system, to the way the cues worked, to the crowd control at the main street parade. Speaking of the Main Street Parade, I absolutely loved it! Was a definite highlight. And we almost missed it! Oh how I'd love to be able to perform in it. I enjoyed the "It's a Small World" ride much more than what I thought I would considering how old fashioned it is now. I had to do it though because I knew it was one of my Grandma's favourites. It really was still magic and very clever though! One of Mum's favourites I knew was the Peter Pan ride, so that was cool doing that for her too and it was actually really fun! Lots of the rides were quite basic, but they were made in such magical way that just made you feel so HAPPY! The Pirates of the Caribbean ride was INCREDIBLE. That ended up being Emma's favourite I think. We had to line up for it for ages but it was definitely worth it. Really did make you feel like you were in the movie/living in that creepy time. I really really loved Tarzan's treehouse too. Always have a soft spot for that movie/story, and again it just made me believe that I was Jane! Wish my brother Mike had been there to experience it with me though as he and I use to watch Tarzan together. There's so much that I could keep writing about! I really hope I remember this day forever. What Walt Disney believed in and achieved truly was amazing, and I'm so pleased that he did it! When I got to London I watched a documentary on Walt Disney to add to my knowledge on him, and having now experienced Disneyland myself it was awesome to hear and see all about how he managed to bring that magical world to life! I've tried to recall everything we did in roughly the order we did it.......
    - Sleeping Beauty Castle
    - Peter Pan ride
    - Dumbo ride
    - Mikey Mouse toon town
    - It's A Small World ride
    - Watched a little bit of the Beauty and the Beast play
    - Meet the Princesses (Snow White, Ariel and Sleeping Beauty)
    - Had lunch at Mary Poppins' Jolly Holiday cafe
    - Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter's Tea Party spinning teacups ride
    - Finding Nemo ride
    - Main Street Parade
    - Magic Mountain ride (might have that name wrong???)
    - Indiana Jones Jungle Cruise
    - Tarzan's Treehouse
    - Pirates of the Caribbean ride
    - Winnie the Pooh ride
    - Documentary about Abraham Lincoln
    - Dinner at the New Orleans restaurant with live band
    - Main Streep Lights show
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  • Day9

    Disney Dag 1

    May 22, 2015 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Na het ontvangst zijn we met onze buttons op helemaal naar achterin het park gegaan. Achterin het park staat de welbekende " It's a small world" . Aangezien de wachttijd beperkt was besloten we om als eerste in deze attractie te gaan. Eenmaal voorin de wachtrij aanbeland te zijn, zag de attractie bediende onze buttons. I.p.v. met 10 personen in een bootje, mochten we daarom met z'n 2-en in het bootje. Zie bij de foto hieronder.

    Bij een aantal attracties hebben we het mooie systeem van de fastpass. Je haalt bij de attractie een ticket op. Als je binnen het aangegeven tijdslot (doorgaans een uur) bij de attractie bent dan mag je in een bepaalde rij die hoogstens 15 minuten wachten is. Een mooi systeem bij attractie met 2 uur wachttijd. Alleen je moet wel snel zijn want op een gegeven moment zijn alle fastpasses al uitgedeeld. Je mag ook maar 1 fastpass tegelijk hebben. Dat is wel jammer.

    Door goed gebruik te maken van de fastpasses en op het juiste moment bij een attractie te zijn wisten we de wachttijden overal te beperken tot maximaal 30 minuten. Niet slecht voor een dag waarop ze halverwege de dag de toegangspoorten sloten vanwege de drukte.

    De attractie Alice in Wonderland heeft helaas geen fastpass en de wachttijd was steeds 60 minuten (staat overal netjes aangegeven). We vroegen aan een medewerker bij de uitgang of het de verwachting was dat het de hele dag zo zou zijn. Dit was inderdaad zo, maar bij het zien van onze button en het feit dat we pas 2 weken getrouwd waren, mochten we via de Exit naar binnen en waren we binnen de minuut in de attractie!

    Verder hebben de buttons ons op dag 1 helaas geen andere voordelen opgeleverd dan een hoop leuke gesprekken. Met zowel medewerkers als andere bezoekers. Amerikanen zijn wat dat betreft veel spraakzamer dan de Nederlanders.

    's avonds was het dan eindelijk zover en zou de nieuwe lichtjes parade van start gaan. Ook zou er direct erna een mooie nieuwe vuurwerkshow zijn. Hoewel de route van de parade al 8 rijen dik stond wisten we toch nog een mooi plekje te bemachtigen zonder daarvoor al 4 uur het plekje vast te houden. De parade was erg mooi en de plek waar we stonden was vlakbij een mooie zichtlocatie voor het vuurwerk. Na het parade moesten we slechts 10 minuten wachten en ging de vuurwerkshow van start. Onwijs groot vuurwerk met mooie animaties die verschenen op de gebouwen en uiteraard de bekende Disney muziek op de achtergrond.

    Omstreeks half 11 was het vuurwerk afgelopen en we besloten richting de uitgang te gaan. We waren immers al bijna 12 uur in het park. Op de terugweg zagen we dat een klein gedeelte van het park nog afgesloten was. Dat gedeelte kon ieder moment open gaan. Dat was mooi want daar was nog een attractie waar we in wilden. Deze had echter ook de hele dag een wachtrij van 60 minuten. Na 5 minuten te hebben gewacht ging dit gedeelte van het park open en konden we zo de attractie in. Vervolgens zijn we wel naar de uitgang gegaan.

    Vanuit het hotel waren we met een busje gegaan. Vanwege de drukte omtrent het 60 jarig jubileum stond heel de omgeving echter muurvast. Uiteindelijk kwam het busje 30 minuten te laat en waren we pas om 12 uur 's nachts in het hotel.
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  • Day5


    February 13, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    Dejamos lo mejor para el final y el martes arrancamos temprano recorriendo Disneyland.

    No dejamos ni un solo juego sin visitar, asi que fue un dia de montañas rusas, y churros !

    La mejor, la Space Mountain. Tanto, que la repetimos al final del dia.

  • Day10

    Disneyland - last day

    December 6, 2016 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Our last day at Disney where we got to go on our favourite rides from the first 2 days and a few new ones. The water rapids ride was unsurprisingly the shortest line but we went on it a few times and got a little wet. After 3 days and a lot of walking (about 15km each day) our Disney time was over. We all love it but we're glad we were not there in peak season. Off to San Diego tomorrow.Read more

  • Day2


    June 16, 2008 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Okay, we finally managed the jet lag, woke up at 8am and after breakky we headed straight to Disneyland.

    We skipped the big lane of people thanks to the pre-paid tickets. I hoped Ridemax worked, for those who don't know Ridemax is a sort of database that advise the best itinerary for Disney, Disney California and Disneyworld so you don't waste time in rides in certain times of the day. It also gives you tips when to use fastpass etc etc.

    In our case little Ximena is only 5 so we really weren't up for the big thrills hence with no time to waste and according to my Ridemax itinerary we went straight to Fantasyland at the back of the castle where we spent nearly 1 1/2 hours. amazingly hardly anyone was there.

    Then we went even further back to Mickey's toontown where we spent another 1 1/2 hours, including using fast pass for Roger Rabbits ride and photos with Goofy, Pluto, Woody and Mickey Mouse (Mickey appeared in a separate room where we have to line up)

    After lunch we went back to check Fantasyland and now plenty of people was there. According to Ridemax most of the people spent the morning taking photos at the entrance, at Main street and the castle and that's why is best to go to Fantasy and Tomorrow land straight away skipping photos till later.

    We went for a walk to Frontierland and New Orleands Square and the place was completely overcrowded, quite difficult to walk. It was 1:30pm at the Mercury was on 35 Celsius.....

    We skipped the Rioverboat and went to Adventureland to do the Jungle Cruise instead and then the Tiki room. Something we noticed was that most of the rides themes were a bit outdated, things like Dumbo, Chip & Dale, Indiana Jones etc etc okay we knew about that and the Ximena had fun but certainly kids are more into Shrek, Ice Age or Cars these days...........anyway just a thought.

    We went next to Tomorrowland for another 2 hours or so, Ximena really liked Buzz lightyear Astro Blasters and the Astro orbiter.

    Time to go the Disney Parade, we got a good spot in front line. As usual it started with all the Princesses (Snow white, Cinderella and the list continue) but there was also something newer like The Lion King and Narnia's Prince Caspian. The Parade of course finished with Disney's most loved character Mickey Mouse and Minnie.

    It was close to 6pm and most of people looked really tired and started to make their way back to the main entrance, not our case so we went back to Fantasy land where Ximena spent another 1 1/2 hours and then we too were really tired so left the park not without taking some photos at Main Entrance and then having our classic Burritos.

    We stayed in Downtown Disney to see the Fireworks at 9pm and then back at the hotel. My judgement I give 6/10 starts to Disneyland I think it is a bit overrated.
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  • Day18

    Disneyland, Day 2

    July 2, 1992 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    Another poor night's sleep from me, and the kids very tired, but who couldn't get up knowing we were going to Disneyland again. We decided to drive rather than take the shuttle bus, leaving us a lot more flexible time-wise. Arrived at Carl's Jr 5 minutes late for breakfast so had to settle for burgers instead.

    On arrival at Disneyland we went again on Space Mountain and Star Tours. We repeated many of the rides of two days previously - all the roller coaster ones that is, but also went on Autopia again, as well as Alice in Wonderland and Mr Toad. I felt rather tired and at one stage just had to sit down and have a coffee at the Big Thunder Ranch Barbecue. It was a day for losing things - Pete left his glasses in the 3D movie, Sean left his glasses .. somewhere. We bought him another pair which he nearly lost after about a 1/2 hour! He then left his hat somewhere, and I later picked it up at the lost & found later on.

    We ate at the same place as we did two days before then did a little souvenir shopping. We got a good spot for the Main Street parade at 8:50 but found later that we had to stand. Sean was complaining bitterly but the woman kept telling him to stand up. It was just torture. The parade itself was impressive. Lots of floats covered with coloured lights followed by a fireworks display. Then a last bit of shopping before heading off for Buena Park. When we got back a fax from Joyes informed us that mum & dad had unsuccessfully tried to call and were worried, so I phoned them.
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  • Day50

    Disneyland Park

    November 5, 2016 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 16 °C

    Ich war heute mit Melisa im Disneyland, es war echt schön, vorallem der Peter Pan Flug.
    Es war nur leider extrem voll, das Schloss war relativ klein und nichts kommt an das Disneyland in Paris ran.
    Aber ich hab einen Sven für Kelly gekauft und alle sind dort mit Micky Mouse Ohren in tausenden von verschiedenen Varianten rum gelaufen.
    Besonders gut haben mir die beiden Paraden gefallen, eine bei Tag und eine bei Nacht. Diese Paraden sind echt ein Traum mit den ganzen Kostümen, geschmückten Wagen und Tänzen.
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