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Honolua (historical)

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  • Day5

    Beach day

    September 15 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    I woke up every 90 minutes during the night thinking that it was time to get up. I am still not used to this time zone. At least I was able to get back to sleep 😴. Getting out of bed was tough. I can feel our hike from yesterday. Glad we decided to have a day to chill and relax.

    We decide to have breakfast at our hotel this morning. The restaurant called Gazebo is famous for its breakfasts with its view on the ocean. We have to arrive before the restaurant opens to get a place. There is quite a big lineup when the restaurant finally opens. The food was good, I had the omelet called the Big Kahuna 😋

    After that great meal, we decide to rent snorkeling gear and head over to Honolua Bay to marvel at the coral and variety of aquatic life. We get to see so many colourful fish and coral. We also get to watch two sea turtles. We swim in a school of fish that Ben spotted. I try to take photos of all the amazing views but our water case is not the best. The focus is not working as well as I would like.

    We have a quick lunch at a local place and then head over to the market for supplies. We get some nice steaks 🥩 for supper👍

    Back at our resort we decide to head over to the beach nearby 🏖. The waves are pretty strong and have lots of pull. If you don’t fight it and relax it’s quite the ride. The water is very warm and the sun is hot. We need to go get a bit of shade.

    We head back to our room and finish our afternoon near the pool while enjoying the view of the waves on the ocean 🌊 . Quite a nice day for recovery.
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  • Day11

    West Maui Circle

    October 10 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    We drove through Lahaina which is another popular tourist area, I can see why, lots of food and shopping, and right on the beach. We stopped at Whalers village for an early lunch at Hula Grill then a bit of a shop. Great spot, right on the beach and we could see 2 of the other Hawaiian islands from there, Lanai and Molokai. We continued along the loop, stopping at lookouts, blowholes and beaches along the way. After the olivine pools the road got really tight and windy, we kept going but it was a bit scary being up so high and most of it being single lane. I think the road to Hana is meant to be pretty similar, but less of a drop off. Kahaluloa village was in amongst the crazy road, a lot of locals live there and there were a heap of pop up markets and side of the road stores, it was really nice. The roads widened again and we were close to our last stop at Iao Valley. It was green and beautiful. We paid our entry and walked up to the monument, we thought we were being childish because it kinda looked a little suggestive, then we read the information board and it said it was the 'phallic stone of the god of the ocean'. Made sense. Warriors used to perch themselves on top of it to be on the lookout for incoming attacks. We headed back after a small stock up of snacks, drinks and poptarts at Safeway. Yes we know we have them at home, but why not try them where they're a staple? We relaxed in the aircon for a bit then headed out for dinner. We were feeling seafood again and found a little spot called Eskimo candy. Basically a ridiculously good version of a fish and chip shop. Shrimp scampi for me and the captain's platter for Ben which had fish, chips, scallops, oysters, calamari and prawns. Such good value, so tasty and big serves! Back to the accommodation for some drinks, bit of Netflix, the heaps up game and bed.Read more

  • Day5

    Comme un poisson dans l'eau

    September 15 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    Ahhh… c’est bon dormir sur du mou! Ce fut une nuit beaucoup plus confortable que la dernière où je m’étais retrouvé à plat sur un matelas dégonflé. 💤

    Malgré tout je me suis réveillé tôt. J’ai tourné de 4h à 6h même en m’étant endormi vers 10h.

    J’avais rien planifié de prévois aujourd’hui (!). Alors on va se la couler douce et récupérer de nos 2 dernières journée épuisantes.

    On commence par un déjeuner au Gazebo, sur le site du resort. On nous avait recommandé d’arriver tôt car c’est populaire. Ça ouvre à 7h30 mais de notre chambre Robert voit déjà une file commencer à 7h alors on y va. Ils fournissent du café pendant qu’on fait la fille, alors le 30 min d’attente passe bien avec vue sur le pacifique.

    Après notre omelette on va faire du snorkeling à Honolua Bay avec de l’équipement qu’on loue au resort. J’ai vraiment aimé l’expérience. On a pas eu à aller très loin dans l’eau (chaude, selon mes standards élevés de température d’eau 😏) pour voir les coraux et une foule de poissons colorés qui passent tout près. On a aussi vu 2 tortues géantes de près. J’ai l’intention d’y retourner demain matin avant de devoir ramener notre équipement si possible. Même le petit 250 m dans un sous-bois entre le stationnement et le bord de la mer était vraiment beau, on se serait cru dans la jungle.

    On a essayé de prendre des photos dans l’eau avec le iPhone dans un étui hermétique mais le résultat était mitigé. Je crois que l’eau salé interfere avec l’écran tactile et l’espace qui se créait parfois entre le plastique de l’étui et la caméra rendait les photos floues. Va falloir se pratiquer.
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  • Day6

    Snorkling (prise 2)

    September 16 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    Bien dormi, mais quand même levé tôt. Toasts au beurre de peanut, banane et yogourt pour déjeuner. Je vais chercher un café à 7h, servi à 2 pas de notre chambre devant le restaurant Gazebo de l’hôtel.

    Après déjeuner on va refaire du snorkeling au même endroit à 10 min du resort. Encore de belles rencontres colorées et une autre tortue. Je trouve ça vraiment relax, j’adore. L’eau est chaude et plein de faune passe tout près de toi pendant que tu flottes.

    Je me ré-essaye pour des photos, ayant lu quelques conseils de photographie aquatique avec un iPhone. Cette fois je prends mon iPhone que je mets dans l’étui, et j’opte pour des vidéos puisque qu’apparemment ça donne de meilleurs résultats. Je confirme : le résultat est meilleur qu’hier mais pas idéal.

    Une fois terminé, je me rends compte qu’un peu d’eau (à peine pour que mon iPhone soit humide) s’est infiltré dans l’étui. Je m’en fais pas : je l’essuie et c’est parti. Malheureusement, hasard ou non, à partir de ce moment FaceID ne fonctionne plus et le câble que je me suis servi pour charger mon iPhone après ne fonctionne plus 🤬. Morale de l’histoire : 💧+🧂+📱=☠️. Un peu frustrant mais tout le reste fonctionne au moins, faudra je fasse réparer une fois revenu 😕.
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  • Day11

    Road to Hana, Maui

    October 10 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

    Today was jam packed full of things to do and see! I decided renting a car and exploring on our own was more suited to our desires to see the most we could in one day. Picked up a bright red convertible from the airport and off we went! There’s a route called “the Road to Hana”. It’s about 60 miles, 650 hair pin curves, and visits all off he different ecosystems of the island in one trip. Now most people go on the Classic route, which stays on pavement and is pretty easy to maneuver. I on the other hand chose to do the entire loop. Since most of it isn’t paved and is on the side of cliffs, it’s supposed to take about 9/10 hours because you can’t go much over 15mph. We had a blast! Saw so many things including cows and chickens in the middle of the road, waterfalls, and a extremely rustic roadside “coconut BBQ” shack along the side of the road. It was interesting to say the least, good news is that we didn’t get sick! I have many more pictures but these are a start .Read more

  • Day7

    Honolua-Mokuleia Bay

    November 7, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Weil am Straßenrand einige Autos geparkt sind, halten wir ebenfalls an und laufen das kurze Stück durch den Wald zur Honolua-Mokuleia Bay. Mit unseren Schnorcheln geht es direkt ins Wasser. Leider ist es etwas trüber als gedacht, aber ein paar Fische entdecken wir trotzdem.

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