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  • Day5


    August 10, 2017 in the United States

    We just had breakfast at the buffet and are now righting our blog for yesterday at the Houston science museum and I had the best time of my life petting stingrays and seeing dinosaurs skeletons and going in a Chevy suburban and it was massive my family and I are so happy still and I had no sleep at all I just want to get to the hotel and go to sleep with no one else except me on the couch aka my bed (i sleep ed on the couch as my bed)okay I'm tired of tapping the screen so much so I'm just going to end this here I hope you guys enjoyed my longest blog ever on this and I hope this intertans you and I'll see you in the next blog byeRead more

  • Day1

    Our Houston Home

    August 13, 2016 in the United States

    After living in Texas for 7 years, it was sad to leave so many great friends and memories, but exciting to start something new! How better to start our new adventure than a quality road trip together with all of our junk packed in the back of a 26 foot diesel Penske truck. Thank you Shell for our first jobs, our first time meeting each other, and the sweet trucker gear!

    Fun Facts:
    The Penske horn is almost as intimidating as a Honda Civic.

    The truck is governed at 71mph. Averaged 9mpg over the trip.
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  • Day65

    Day 65 - Houston, We're Absolutely Fine

    November 11, 2016 in the United States

    It was time to say goodbye to New Orleans. It started with a shock election win, followed by a pre-birthday night involving copious amounts of alcohol, followed by a day of nausea. A regular three day period by anyone's standard.

    We had planned it well as the alcohol had left our system just in time to drive all the way to Houston. A mega six hour drive away. The drive was fine and before we knew it we were tackling six lane roads on the outskirts of the city with merging and exiting lanes joining and leaving the interstate from all sides and angles. We were glad to have reached our hotel for the night. We popped out to a local mall, got a healthy chicken dinner from Chilli's and strolled around for a while. Just the one night here in Houston as tomorrow we were heading to San Antonio.

    Song of the Day:
    Nelly - Ride Wit Me (a Texan and a driving song. Perfect!)
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  • Day1

    Houston to St Petesburg

    November 8, 2016 in the United States

    Thank the gods for Start Alliance! In an effort to book all round trip tickets I had to break up my flights into segments. Like this I was going to have to claim my luggage in Amsterdam and recheck it in my Lufthansa flight with a three hour lay over. Since I always use Star Alliance I was able to check all my bags all the way through to St Petessburg and did not have to pay Lufthansa for my extra bag. Feels good to get one over on the airlines with this bullshit paying for bags issue. As we know I had the privilege of spending 16 hours in the Petrsburg airport on my last arrival due to a visa issue. This was the first test of the new visa at the airport and I was happy to have no problems this time.Read more

  • Day42

    Houston, we have had a bit of a problem

    June 27, 2016 in the United States

    Isn't it funny how famous phrases are often not quite right, but above is what the actually said (although maybe not what Tom Hanks said).

    Although Houston itself didn't peek our interest (too many big cities over the past few weeks) the Space Centre was hard to miss out on. Again an impressive museum with massive imax theatres, and real rockets to explore. Not only did we touch an actual piece of moon rock, but also one of the capsules that hurtled back from the cosmos.

    We also jumped on a tram tour, which was basically a journey through the working space centre car park, but we did see the actual mission control room as it was in the 60s and where not only those famous words were uttered but also the first words (the eagle has landed) & last words (Houston we're coming home) from the moon were transmitted to - a pretty cool place. It was all abuzz about the next mission the current astronauts in training are preparing for - the first mission to Mars - they reckon sometime in the 2030's!
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  • Day0


    May 7 in the United States

    I am so in love with this life!
    Looking back what I experienced for the past 10 months leaves me speechless!

    While writing this I am in the airplane flying back home to NYC after having spent 4 lovely days in Houston. My energy level is back to 100%! The first breath I took in Houston made me feel like I am on holidays since a week or so.
    Houston belongs to the State of Texas. It really is close to Mexico and one can certainly feel it. There is mexican food or as they call it "texmex" everywhere. The weather was just perfect, people are so happy and friendly and there is latino music everywhere. Where in other parts of the US they say you guys or you all, in Texas you just say y'all! Very funny to hear it that often and not in a hilarious but serious way!
    The reason why I went to Houston was because Annamarie got married. They organized an amazing wedding which lastet almost 18 hours. Even tough I was alone and basically only knew 5 people of more than 200 invitees, I felt like I knew these people all my life. The so called "Swissies" fraction was so nice and welcomed me with open arms as a new member of their group. All the mexicans and americans were really nice too and so much fun!
    Annamarie looked so beautiful in her wedding dress that when she appeared in the church I could not help it but shed a few tears. The ceremony was not like something I have ever seen before, (despite maybe the Mexican wedding of Elio and Patricia, when a phone was ringing and after like 2 minutes, the priest figured out it was his own) the priest made one joke after the other; his best one was probably that he would like to meet all the single ladies after the ceremony because he is (obviously) still single himself.
    His three advices to Annamarie and Chuy were the three following:
    1. Communication
    2. Forgiveness
    3. Make babies

    Even in his three recommendations for the marriage he could not stop being funny, he insisted that the newly weds start making babies as soon as possible. The whole crowd was laughing.
    This funny start of the wedding guided us through the whole day.
    The next part was: saddle up on your bikes and start pushing the pedals. Almost 70 bikers in total made a 30 minutes drive through the streets of Houston to A&C's home to the Apéro. The whole bike parade was accompanied by music, cars and lots of laughter.

    At the Apéro they served Tacos and I finally learned the real difference between a taco and a burrito. It is just a size difference. If you can hold it in one hand it is a taco and if you need both hands it is a burrito. Voilà, now we know it!

    After the Apéro was Siesta time, some of us were taking it literally and took a nap, others like me went for coffee.
    At 6pm it was again time to go on our bikes. This time though it was a much longer ride than expected, the crowd sized down to about 30 people. We paddled along the "river" Bayou and embraced a beautiful scenery of Houston.
    Arriving at Annamarie's aunts house, the party started. Lots of eating, dancing, drinking, talking, playing games etc. I felt so comfortable that I even showed my DJ skills that I practiced in a few bars in Florence back in the days and played some real Swiss German music. We had a blast until the police came to tell us to shut the music. But as Annamarie said: it ain't no good party without the police coming!
    The party was still going on and a few of us even jumped in the pool. Guess who joined the group? ;-)

    On Sunday I was the honoured one who was invited for Sunday Funday with only the close ones of Annamarie and Chuy. We reflected the whole wedding and laughed all over again. We ate craw fish which was originally eaten in Houston went over to Vietnam, where the spicy sauce was added and is now back in Houston where it is a traditional dish - still with all the spicy sauce added in Vietnam. It is super delicious but a ton of work until you opened it and can actually eat it.

    Today I drove down south to the Galveston beach. I really enjoyed it and could reflect all the memories from the past 5 intense weeks.

    Happy Tuesday everyone!

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  • Day1


    April 30, 2017 in the United States

    Long flight from NZ. Only one hiccup when going through US Immigration, the little machine would not accept Mark's fingerprints so the little man took him away. Waited 15 mins and out came Mark, all smiles😀no big deal, thank goodness. Now in Hotel getting ready to hit the town!!!

  • Day3

    Hotel #1

    August 8, 2017 in the United States

    Yesterday afternoon (that doesn't sound right...) we checked into Residence Inn, Houston USA.
    We had a quick swim to wash off the flight and went to get dinner at 5 PM.
    Only problem being... we couldn't find anywhere that was OPEN! Looking for a 24 hour McDonald's didn't work out either...
    When we finally settled on a sports bar it was amazing! I had a macaroni and cheese burger.
    While walking back to the hotel, we saw... an open... 24 hour... McDonald's... I couldn't make that up if I tried...

    Today we woke up at 1 AM thinking '6:00 time to wake up' so mum came into bed with us (don't know why) and we watched TV.
    Nothing good on at 1 o'clock though so we just switched between channels looking for Dairy Queen ads...
    When we got up at 8, we got changed and went downstairs for breakfast.
    With Texas-shaped-waffles and spicy sausages, cereal and eggs, juice as far as the eye can see (5 flavours) and bagels.

    Houston is amazing and we are going to the science museum using trains... see you all soon!

    (P.S. Future Aaron? Yeah... can you add in some pictures? Thanks! -Past/Present Aaron)
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