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  • Day45

    Redwood National Park - 3 trails

    August 6, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☁️ 18 °C

    The next stop of our road trip: Redwood National and State Parks! We took the Newton B. Drury Scenic Pkwy, a street parallel to the US-101 and super scenic, towards Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, one part of the Redwoods and stopped at the information center for some useful advices. The nice lady told us about different trails and places we could do in two days. Hence we arrived there early, she gave us a permit to drive to the Tall Trees Trail, where only a limited number of vehicles is allowed. She also suggested Ladybird Grove Loop and the Trillum Falls Trail. We decided we had all day to do them all 😅. After all these days of driving we were ready for some exercise!

    1. Ladybird Grove Loop: a nice warmup for the day just 1.5 miles of walking through the gigantic red wood trees 🌲. Awesome scenery!

    2. Tall Trees Trail:
    The hike was around 6.5 kilometers long; we enjoyed a really nice hike through the big trees of Redwood National Park, climbed some fallen trees and waited for mountain lions and black bears to to cross our path - did not happen! At first! Just when we drove to the next trail, a mountain lion (yes! A mountain lion 🦁, which is rarely seen by visitors) crossed the street right in front of our car!🤩 so lucky!

    3. Trillum Falls Trail:
    The last trail for the day, around 3 miles of hiking again😅. Another nice loop passing a little river fall and right in between the redwoods. Nice finish for the day - at the end our legs were quite sore and tired 😴

    For the next two nights we booked ourselves a hotel room in Arcata, a small town south of the Redwoods. We (Matthias as our driver) needed some rest of driving and moving around like nomads without knowing where to stay with the car each night. 😇🥰

    Die nächste Station unseres Road Trips: Redwood National- und Stateparks! Auf dem Weg nahmen wir den Newton B. Drury Scenic Pkwy, eine kleine Parallelstraße zur US-101 mit einer malerischeren Natur. Diese führte uns in Richtung Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, einem Teil der Redwoods. Dort hielten wir am Informationszentrum an um einige nützliche Tipps für den Tag zu bekommen. Eine nette Dame erzählte uns von verschiedenen Wanderungen und Orten, die wir in zwei Tagen machen könnten. Da wir früh am Tag dort eintragen, gab sie uns eine Einfahrerlaubnis, zum Tall Trees Trail. Dort sind nur eine begrenzte Anzahl von Fahrzeugen zugelassen, der Trail soll aber wunderschön sein. Sie schlug auch den Ladybird Grove Loop und den Trillum Falls Trail vor. Wir beschlossen, da wir den ganzen Tag Zeit hatten, sie gleich alle heute zu machen 😅. Nach all den Tagen Fahrerei waren wir schließlich bereit für etwas Bewegung!

    1. Ladybird Grove Loop: ein schöner Trail zum aufwärmen für den Tag - nur 1,5 Meilen durch die riesigen Redwoods 🌲. Eine fantastische Landschaft!

    2. Tall Trees Trail:
    Die Wanderung war etwa 4,6 Meilen lang; wir genossen eine wirklich schöne Wanderung durch die großen Bäume des Redwood Nationalparks, kletterten auf einige umgestürzte Bäume und warteten dabei darauf, dass Puma und Schwarzbären unseren Weg kreuzten - das ist nicht passiert! Zunächst jedenfalls! Gerade als wir mit dem Auto zum nächsten Trail fuhren, überquerte ein Puma (ja! Ein Puma 🦁, der von den Besuchern nur ganz selten gesehen wird) die Straße direkt vor unserem Auto!🤩 so ein Glück!

    3. Trillum Falls Trail:
    Der letzte Trail für den Tag, etwa 3 Meilen Wandern auf ein neues 😅. Eine weitere schöne Runde, die an einem kleinen Flusssturz vorbeiführt und direkt zwischen den Redwoods liegt. Ein schönes Ende für den langen Tag - am Ende waren unsere Beine nämlich ziemlich müde 😴

    Für die nächsten zwei Nächte haben wir uns ein Hotelzimmer in Arcata, einer kleinen Stadt südlich der Redwoods, gegönnt. Wir (bzw eher Matthias als unser Fahrer) brauchten etwas Ruhe von all der Fahrerei und dem stetigen Umziehen wie Nomaden, ohne Abends zu wissen, wo wir die Nacht mit dem Auto bleiben sollten. 😇
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  • Day3

    State #4 California

    August 11, 2019 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 15 °C

    It was an incredibly looonnng day of driving. Was bagged by the time I got to Crescent City, but pushed on to Eureka. About 13 hours, mostly driving. But lots of little stops on the road. Just beautiful. More to go tomorrow!Read more

  • Day18

    Eureka!, CA - Archimede's luck

    October 24, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    What's best after a two-day hike? Stopping at local breweries of course 😉 We paid a visit to Redwoods Curtain in Arcata, CA. Their Apocalyptus hazy IPA and Bear Scare IPA tasted wonderful after our efforts along with a delicious Albacore Bahn Mi. We then stopped at Lost Coast in Eureka, CA and tried their hazy and Indica® IPAs with moderate satisfaction. When we registered at the local casino for staying overnight on its parking lot, we were nicely offered four free rounds of Black Jack, which we swiftly converted into $15. Winner, winner, burger dinner!

    Quoi de mieux après une rando de 2 jours qu'une bonne bière fraîche ? Nous avons rendu visite à Redwoods Curtain à Arcata : leurs Apocalyptus hazy et Bear Scare IPAs nous ont ravi, de même que le Albacore Bahn Mi dégusté (englouti?) avec. La brasserie Lost Coast, à Eureka, avec ses Hazy et Indica® IPAs nous a laissés déçus. Finalement, lorsque nous nous sommes enregistrés au casino local pour pouvoir passer la nuit sur le parking, nous avons eu la bonne surprise de nous voir offrir quatre rounds de Black Jack, que nous avons rapidement convertis en 15 dollars bien réels 😊 Winner, winner, burger dinner !
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  • Day18

    Et dans notre élan...

    October 24, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    As we were just leaving the Redwoods, we saw a bunch of elks casually taking a bath to cool off in the lagoon by the road. Pretty special!

    Nous quittions à peine les Redwoods quand nous avons aperçu un troupeau d'élans prenant tranquillement leur bain dans le lagon en contrebas de la route. Un arrêt mémorable !Read more

  • Day45

    The Redwood Forest

    May 15, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ☁️ 15 °C

    Es isch scho es unglaublichs Gfühl gsi zwüsched dene Redwood Trees (Mammutbäum) z‘stah die einte sind bis zu 2000 Jahr alt und a di 110m höch. Sie wachsed eifach fadegrad in Himmel ue😄🌲

    Mer fühlt sich richtig chli i ihrere Gegewart. 2 Täg hani da im Humboldt Redwoods Stat Park d‘Natur und d‘bäum chönne gnüsse. Ufem hiiweg hani sogar na en Wiischopfseeadler gseh🎉🦅.

    Morn machi mi uf de weg uf Denver🚗💨👏
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  • Day10

    Redwood National & State Parks

    May 28 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    After having breakfast in our motel room and preparing lunch we set off towards the Redwood National and State Parks. This have been on Malin’s bucketlist for a long time and Nils has always wanted to see it but it was always too far away. Even though we knew we were going to see big trees we weren’t really sure what to expect. In the forest when Redwood trees started appearing it didn’t take long before we expressed our first ”woooow!!!”. It was like something out of this world, and it was hard to understand how big the trees were. We walked the Lady Bird Johnson trail and took at least around 50 pictures each of trees of different shapes and sizes. Nils took some drone shots and concluded that the trees were about 80m tall (at least). After an hour on the trail we got back to the car and had lunch.
    We continued to Fern Canyon where some of the Jurassic Park movies were filmed. There was an entrance fee of $8 and as we didn’t really know if it would be worth it we were a bit annoyed to pay for it. However, when we got to the trail we quickly changed our minds. It really felt like T-rex could stand around the corner and start chasing us down the trail. The trail was like an adventure course as we had to jump over the water at several places and balance over slippery stones and tree branches to get over the cold water. However, both of us failed. We both walked some of the trail with wet shoes and mud covered pants.
    After spending about 3h in the forests we went back to Eureka to check out the Carson Mansion. It’s one of the most photographed Victorian houses in the U.S. It looked very spooky already during day, so we decided to go back later to see it during night time to see if it looked even more spooky by then (it did.). When driving around in the city we saw a lot of homeless people, and we later read on the Internet that Eureka has a big problem with this. We were constantly reminded of it as we saw then walking around the motel in the evenings. After exploring Eureka for a while we went to Wendy’s to have food.
    In summary, a very very good day with a lot of fun activities (and wet shoes).
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  • Day56

    Avenue of the Giants

    July 17, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    Auf dem Weg gen Norden sind wir an diesem beeindruckenden Ort gelandet. Während in Norwegen und Island keine, oder kaum Vegetation vorhanden war, gibt es hier Bäume, die 2000 Jahre alt und 100 Meter hoch sind. Durch den einen haben wir unseren aktuellen Mietwagen durch gequetscht...Read more

  • Day2

    Coast and forest

    December 30, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 7 °C

    Anfangs eingehüllt in Nebel, kam dann die Sonne doch noch durch. So kamen schöne Küstensichten zustande, gefolgt von einer kurvenreichen Waldstrecke, wo wir einen der Bäume durchfuhren. Jetzt sitzen wir im ehrwürdigen historischen Benbow-Inn und genießen britischen Flair.Read more

  • Day46

    Taking it easy in Eureka and Arcata

    August 7, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☁️ 15 °C

    Yesterday we arrived in our hotel in Arcata, we’re gonna stay here for two nights to do some organizing and communicating with our friend and family back home 😍. We also wanted to relax a little. We went to the old town of Eureka, walked along the waterfront and had a coffee at a nice artistic cafe. Just a relaxing day for the two backpackers.

    Gestern Abend kamen wir in dem Hotel an, in dem wir nun zwei Tage schlafen werden, um ein bisschen Orga-Kram, Planungen für die nächste Zeit zu schaffen und außerdem mal die Zeit zu nehmen mit Freunden und Familie zuhause zu telefonieren 😍. Zusätzlich wollten wir einfach mal entspannen 😇. Wir wanderten ein bisschen durch die Altstadt von Eureka, liefen den Steg am Wasser entlang und tranken Kaffee im einem kleinen künstlerischen Café.
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  • Day3

    Bridges, Beaches, and Big Ol' Trees

    April 2, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☁️ 13 °C

    Knowing our first stint of driving today was a longer one, we loaded up on hearty bagels and coffee at a nice little locals place called Top Dog Coffee Company.

    The cool weather and rain through the forest put Wesley straight to sleep and had Danielle clicking pictures left and right. Placid lakes were around seemingly every turn, deer were in the meadows, and we crossed bridges with low-key architectural swagger before reaching the coast again. There's something about evergreens coming right up to the jagged cliffs that just never gets old.

    About an hour in to our pleasant drive, we stopped for a minute at a beautiful little collection of rocks in the water, but ended up scratching our heads at the information sign for Battle Rock... It starts pretty normal, saying that the park is dedicated to the Native people and pioneer settlers, got it. Then goes on to describe how Congress started giving away Native lands without, you know, telling the Natives. So a group of guys come in and of course are attacked by the Natives for trying to take their land, backing them onto Battle Rock. Then the settlers snuck off in the middle of the night, came back heavily armed with more men, and "established a settlement". We found it strange to celebrate something like that...

    Anyway, half an hour or so down the road, we crossed the beautiful Rogue River Bridge into Gold Beach. Jason's dad let us know that his grandparents had planned to retire there, so we made sure to stop in the little port town for some pictures, smoked salmon, and to feed Wesley. We saw the Mary D Hume gracefully disintegrating into the water after her tenure as the longest serving commercial vessel on the west coast. It was pretty cool being able to see a landmark that, thankfully along with the whaling industry as a whole, will disappear during our lifetimes.

    Just over the next hill, we spent our time enjoying Meyers Creek Beach and the beautiful rock formations scattered throughout the crashing waves. It was such a peaceful beach and our little guy was napping, so we had a chance to relax before continuing on.

    Before we knew it, the state line was upon us and neither of us have been less excited to see the poppy-donning welcome sign. It was a strange feeling not to be excited about returning to our home state, which took a bit of reflection... Regardless, our next stop was in Crescent City, where we didn't plan our visit on the tides again, so the path to the Battery Point Lighthouse was impassable. It was still a beautiful location and gave us a chance to get lunch at SeaQuake Brewing Company. Avocado tacos and cobb salad... so good!

    Back on the road, we headed into the iconic Redwood National and State Parks for our first real taste of Northern California! Breathtaking is an understatement. We could have driven for days through there and not noticed the time go by. Luckily, we did notice a few gangs of elk in the meadows (yes, a group of elk is a gang, look that business up). We popped into Patrick's Point State Park to see the redwoods meet the ocean at some phenomenal promontories.

    After a short stop at Trinidad Bay, we headed into Eureka for the night. Our Airbnb is a 120 year old Victorian house in the heart of town, which should be an experience in and of itself!
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Humboldt County, مقاطعة هومبولت, Хъмбоулт, হামবোল্ডট কাউন্টি, Condado de Humboldt, Humboldt konderria, شهرستان هومبولت، کالیفرنیا, Comté de Humboldt, Humboldt megye, Հումբոլդտ շրջան, Contea di Humboldt, ハンボルト郡, Humboldt Comitatus, Humboldt, Humboldt Kūn, Hrabstwo Humboldt, ہمبولٹ کاؤنٹی, Гумбольдт, Округ Хамболт, ہمبولٹ کاؤنٹی، کیلیفورنیا, Quận Humboldt, Condado han Humboldt, 洪堡縣

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