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  • Day58

    Day 57 - Are we on the road to Baghdad?

    June 18, 2019 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 19 °C

    Woke still alive & uninjured after a fairly reasonable sleep - Result. Shortly after 9.00am we lugged our rucksacks & stuff through the rubbish & down the stairwell. The car was not broken into & not damaged - Result.

    I handed in our room key & told the receptionist that the rubbish in the stairwell needed sorting out, it was a fire hazard, a health & safety hazard & it stunk. She just dumbly replied “OK” to each of my points. Nothing will get done!

    The sun was shining as we headed out of town. The city felt much better in the cold light of day & I was now feeling slightly guilty about my rant about El Paso, particularly as our friend, Angela, has a friend who lives there.

    Anyway, having given the breakfast (coffee) at our motel a wide birth, we stopped at a McDonald’s on the city outskirts. It was cheaper than others in America, so that was a big plus for El Paso.

    We hit Highway 180 eastbound & put ‘Doodle’ into Cruise Control, whereupon she propelled us at 70mph through an arid desert for well over an hour. We stopped only once to look at a Historical Marker which highlighted a Salt Lake that was the scene of many battles.

    Afterwards we climbed up through the Guadalupe Mountains National Park. We didn’t stop & I don’t think I would have needed my pass anyway. We crossed back into New Mexico & to Carlsbad Cavern National Park, where we were amazed to see how many vehicles were in the car park. We went to the Visitors Center & received our tickets using my NP Pass.

    As we walked to the Cavern entrance, I rang my Dad to wish him a belated Fathers Day. Sorry! We then were given a briefing by the Ranger & we were good to go. The path snaked it’s way down into the Natural Entrance of the Cavern, with cave swallows whooshing past our heads. The path took us down nearly 800 feet & then into into a Cave named the Big Room. Our total walking route was 2.5 miles long.

    The sheer size & beauty of the Cavern was simply jaw dropping & came as a complete surprise to us. The Natural Entrance took us through the Bat Cave, Devil’s Spring, Green Lake Overlook & The “Boneyard”, which we didn’t need to be vetted for! The Big Room included the Bottomless Pit, Giant Dome, Rock of Ages & Painted Grotto. We took hundreds of photos but I doubt they will do the Carlsbad Cavern justice.

    Time was ticking on & we hit the road heading for a town called Pecos, where we planned to stay the night, but room rates were ridiculously high. We headed along 180, then took a shortcut through a fields of small oil wells to join Highway 285.

    US Highway 285 is the most horrendous road we have ever had the misfortune to travel on. I am not exaggerating when I say it felt like we were on the road to Baghdad. The Highway runs through hundreds of private oil & gas fields & gravel pits. Everywhere you looked, there were flare stacks burning off flammable gases. Along the side of the road were also half a dozen huge camps, reminiscent of Refugee Camps, full of RVs, sheds, garages, portacabins etc etc to house the oil workers.

    There were hundreds of lorries carrying containers of every description that were throwing up massive clouds of dust. There were thousands of loaded up white pick-up trucks clogging up the road. We saw less than a dozen normal cars in the 70 mile stretch of road we travelled, so luckily our bright red Bug with the top down didn’t stand out like a sore thumb!! We had several lorries beeping & waving at us, I think they thought I was female!

    It was a relief to arrive in Pecos, but it was also infected with white pick-up trucks everywhere. Literally everyone everywhere was a oil worker (or Gringo as Jackie calls them) in the standard uniform of baseball cap, filthy t-shirt, jeans & boots.

    We pulled over outside the Museum to take stock. Another pick-up truck beeped & waved at me. This was getting silly, we needed to get away, but where? We drove to McDonald’s for a coffee & revised our plans. We decided to head to Fort Davis. Before we left I went to the loo & discovered there was a queue to have a shower. Let’s get outta here!

    We picked up Texas 17, but for 30 miles the small towns were full of ‘Gringos’. The skies had blackened & we were treated to a nice lightening show. We passed through the Davis Mountains to the tiny town of Fort Davis. After a cruise up & down the only road, we decided upon Fort Davis Motel & RV Park.

    It was 7.55pm when we checked in, then raced up the road to the Mexican Restaurant, the only place still open to get food. We both had a Burrito & a soft drink, they didn’t sell alcohol! We then went back watched the storm pass over & settled in to a lovely clean room.

    Song of the Day - Going Underground by The Jam.

    Bonus Song of the Day :-

    Radio Baghdad by Patti Smith
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  • Day2

    Madera Canyon Picnic Area

    November 24, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 61 °F

    We reached the 1st stop of our trip and decided to take a hike. Up and around to the top of a large hill. It was getting dark so we were trying to get back to the camp. The last leg of the hike was thru a dry creekbed. Baylor was ahead of us offleash and Chico was behind me. All of a sudden, a javelina burst out of the brush, flushed out by Baylor.

    This thing decided to charge us! Baylor didn't know what the hell was happening but Chico bowed up and started to chase the thing off! My Chicks! We crossed the creekbed and the pig stopped on his side. He was bristled up and kept bluff charging but didnt cross the creek again. Whew, too much excitement.

    Heading into Big Bend today!
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  • Day50

    Come Around Sundown

    July 5, 2016 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 32 °C

    It's only a couple of degrees cooler a mile high in the Davis Mountains, but it's a blissful difference and we slept without aircon for the first time in weeks.

    After a hearty breakfast of pancakes (from a packet - sorry mum!) we set off up the next door mountain. From the scenic lookout we had an incredible view over the plains and the ridge fencing them in. I felt like I was back in the wild west looking out for indians advancing in the distance.

    A couple more small peaks and we arrived at Fort Davis, one of the pioneer outposts protecting the gold trail running west and keeping those pesky indian/mexicans from complaining about stealing their ancestoral lands. It was an interesting little place to explore for an hour or so but the highlight of the afternoon was the massive ice cream!

    As we were looking to set off back home there was a pretty ominous crack of thunder but fortunately it held off until we were safely back in camp. I think that's the first rain for many weeks, and it only lasted half an hour or so.

    For the evening we headed further up the mountain to the McDonald Observatory where first went to a lecture about how the planets orbit the sun all on the same plane & why the 12 (well actually 13!) zodiac constellations are picked out from the 88 named constellations. We then headed out for the star party where they set up telescopes and we saw Saturn (including rings & 4 moons), Jupiter, Mars, a spiral galaxy 25 million lights years away plus many others. We even saw the hubble telescope pass over head!
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  • Day22

    Fahrt nach Fort Davis

    March 31, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    Langsam müssen wir das zeitige Aufstehen trainieren, denn Mike ist ein absoluter Frühaufsteher, meist schon gegen vier Uhr. Also stehen wir heute bereits um sechs Uhr auf. Draußen ist es noch dunkel. Während wir frühstücken wird es langsam hell. Leider kann ich nicht abwaschen, unser Grauwassertank ist schon wieder voll. Bei diesem Kleinen geht es immer sehr schnell.
    Wir fahren gegen 7:45 Uhr los und machen den ersten Stopp an der Dumpstation. Während Norbert mit Dumpen beschäftigt ist, wasche ich schnell ab.
    Da nun alles erledigt ist, können wir in Ruhe unsere Fahrt antreten. Die Sonne geht gerade auf und die Straßen sind leer. Wir fahren in Richtung Visitor Center Panther Junction. Dort halten wir dieses Mal nicht an und fahren weiter in westliche Richtung. Wir wollen aber noch einen kurzen Abstecher in die Berge machen, um auch diese Ecke des Big Bend NP mal zu sehen. Die Fahrt geht nun bergauf zum Chisos Basin. Die Sonne strahlt erst die Spitzen der Berge an, bis zum Tal reicht sie noch nicht. Es geht durch eine schöne Landschaft in Kurven bergauf bis auf eine Höhe von 1.600 m. An einem Aussichtspunkt haben wir einen herrlichen Blick auf den Chisos Basin Campground. Er liegt wunderschön eingebettet zwischen den Bergen. Wenn ich gewusst hätte, dass wir nur so ein kleines Wohnmobil bekommen, hätte ich hier mindestens eine Nacht reserviert.
    Nun wenden wir beim CG und fahren wieder zurück. Wir verlassen nun den schönen Nationalpark und fahren in nordwestliche Richtung auf der US-118 nach Fort Davis. Die Strecke ist zunächst sehr abwechslungsreich mit tollen Ausblicken. Nun treten die Berge langsam zurück und es wird flacher. Wir sind aber immerhin noch auf einer Höhe von 1.200 m. Alles ist wieder eingezäunt und man sieht auf großen Flächen einzelne Hütten oder Wohnanhänger stehen.
    Nun ist die Ebene mit hellbraunem Präriegras bedeckt, auf denen Kühe und Pferde weiden. Viele Ranches prägen das Bild. Etwas weiter wird es wieder bergiger und wir haben einen herrlichen Blick in das Tal, in dem das Städtchen Alpine liegt. Diesen kleinen Ort nutzen wir für die Versorgung. Wir tanken und schauen uns mal in einem Elektroshop um. Hier bekomme ich ein Ladekabel für die Autobatterie (IPAD). Unsere Wasser- und Obstvorräte werden ebenfalls ergänzt.
    Bis zum State Park sind es jetzt nur noch ca. 30 Meilen. Die Anfahrt durch den State Park ist landschaftlich sehr schön. Bereits gegen 14:30 Uhr erreichen wir den Campingplatz. Ich hatte hier wegen Ostern vorsichtshalber reserviert. Ich muss nur noch die Parkgebühr (6$/Pers.) bezahlen und dann können wir zu unserer Site fahren.
    Noch während wir unser Fahrzeug versuchen gerade zu stellen, fahren auf die gegenüberliegende Seite Karin und Torsten. Ist das ein Zufall, dass wir uns auf dem recht großen Platz gleich finden. Es gibt erst mal ein großes Hallo und wir tauschen unsere Erlebnisse aus und verabreden uns für den Abend.
    Wir ruhen uns etwas aus und gehen gegen halb sieben zu den beiden zum Grillen. Heute können wir draußen sitzen, es sind keine Mücken zu sehen und es ist angenehm warm. Über uns kreisen große Schwarze Vögel mit einem mächtigen Geschrei. Als es dunkler wird, lassen sie sich alle nicht weit von uns auf einem Baum nieder. Es wird nun ruhiger und der Vollmond geht auf. So haben wir sogar etwas natürliches Licht. Wir haben uns sehr viel zu erzählen und verbringen einen sehr schönen gemeinsamen Abend.
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  • Day14

    Prada huh?

    May 2, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 82 °F

    Who doesn't need shoes in the desert?

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Jeff Davis County, مقاطعة جيف ديفيس, Джеф Дейвис, জেফ ডেভিস কাউন্টি, Condado de Jeff Davis, Jeff Davise maakond, Jeff Davis konderria, شهرستان جف دیویس، تگزاس, Comté de Jeff Davis, Jeff Davis megye, Ջեֆ Դեյվիս շրջան, Contea di Jeff Davis, ジェフデイビス郡, Jeff Davis Comitatus, Jeff Davis Kūn, Hrabstwo Jeff Davis, جیف ڈیوس کاؤنٹی, Comitatul Jeff Davis, Джефф-Дейвис, Округ Џеф Дејвис, Джефф-Девіс, جیف ڈیوس کاؤنٹی، ٹیکساس, Quận Jeff Davis, Condado han Jeff Davis, 傑夫·戴維斯縣