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  • Day12

    Car Wheels on a Gravel Road

    May 20 in the United States

    For the first time this trip I feel like we spend more time in Taffy than out. The day is all about the wheels . . . motoring from camp to Monument Valley, bumping around the Valley’s scenic “road,” and driving hours more to Page, AZ for the night. Throw in some more time zone confusion and Patty and I are . . . well, a little driven.

    Let’s start with the confusion. Utah is on Mountain Daylight Savings Time. Arizona doesn’t recognize Daylight Savings Time, so it is on Mountain Standard Time. Except the Navajo Nation, on whose land we spend much of the day, doesn’t follow Arizona practice. The Visitor Center in Page has two clocks. . . one for local time (MST), the other for Utah and the Navajo Nation (MDT). This all has a sort of Alice in Wonderland feel . . . when you arrive depends in part on where you arrive.

    But as I said, the day was mostly about driving, and the driving was mostly about our experience on the Valley Scenic Road in Monument Valley. For those of you our age, you might remember that Monument Valley was the stage for many of the classic John Ford and John Wayne western movies from the 1930s and 1940s. The highway leads straight as an arrow to the iconic monuments and the entrance to the Tribal Park. A variety of jeep-equipped tour guides stand by, waiting to drive us around the valley for a price, but no . . . I am determined to put Taffy through her paces.

    Still not sure that this is the wisest choice I’ve ever made.

    The road . . . and I use the term loosely . . . is 17 miles of dirt, sand, and rock. It is described as passable by most vehicles, and I suppose it is since we made it out . . . but passable is a relatively low bar for road quality. We bounce and sway and shake and rattle and slide our way for nearly an hour and a half, with an occasional glance away from the obstacle ahead to take in the sights around us. Which are stunning. But my heart really isn’t in the viewing at the moment . . . it is entirely focused on not getting stuck.

    There is one particularly rough spot, at the foot of the last hill before returning to the parking lot, that weighs heavy on my mind the entire loop. It was bad coming down . . . imagine a 3’ wide by 6’ long by 2’ deep sandbox, filled with the finest, slipperiest sand . . . and can only be worse going up. We arrive at the crux hoping we might have the road to ourselves to maximize our maneuvering flexibility, but no, a massive pickup truck fills the other side, so we have no choice but to barge straight through. Taffy shudders, spins, and slips, seemingly on the verge of stalling . . . I have visions of our trip ending here . . . before gathering herself for one last valiant push to the top. Success!

    Except for possible kidney damage.

    Be that as it may, we still have a hundred miles to go before the day ends. We interrupt the drive with a short detour to the Navajo National Monument where a short walk takes us to a distant view . . . I mean really distant, like maybe a half mile away . . . of a well preserved cliff dwelling in an alcove across a canyon. I might appreciate the place a little more if I were a little closer.

    We arrive in Page by mid-afternoon . . . by whatever time zone . . . in need of showers and down time. We manage the former, but not so much the latter . . . I can’t seem to sit still. So we walk to nearby Big John’s Texas Barbeque for an early dinner . . . a sampler of only average brisket, pork, sausage, and ribs . . . leaving before the live music gets cranked up.

    I feel like I could use a day with less Taffy right about now, but we head to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon on Monday. It will be our last night camping, a sure sign that these two weeks are coming to an end.
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  • Day17

    Page und der Horseshoe Bend

    October 8, 2017 in the United States

    Gegen 15 Uhr kamen wir dann heute in Page an und haben einen richtig schönen Campingplatz in Lake Powell, direkt am Colarado River gefunden. Nachdem wir unser Zelt aufgebaut hatten, war mal eine Runde chillen angesagt, ehe wir uns gegen 17 Uhr auf dem Weg zum Horseshoe Bend machten, der 10 Minuten mit dem Auto entfernt lag. Dort haben wir uns den Sonnenuntergang an diesem atemberaubenden Felsen angesehen, bei dem der Colarado River eine 270 Grad Kurve schlägt. Das ist mit Abstand das schönste Fleckchen Erde, was wir bisher gesehen haben. So riesige Felswände, die ca. 300m hoch sind und unten dieser glasklare Fluss. Herrlich. Leider kann man hier keine Panoramabilder hochladen, so ist der "Krater" leider nie ganz zu sehen auf den Fotos hier. So nahm der Tag vorerst doch noch ein gutes Ende.
    Die Temperaturen, selbst nach Sonnenuntergang lagen bei über 20 Grad. So hatten wir uns schon auf die warme Nacht im Zelt gefreut. Doch schon beim ankommen wütete ein mächtiger Sturm. Nach gut einer Stunde im Zelt, entschieden wir uns dann dafür ins Auto umzusiedeln, da das Zelt den Sturm niemals standhalten würde.....
    Jetzt liegen wir also schön im Auto und sind immer noch begeistert vom Horseshoe Bend. Gute Nacht.
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  • Day83

    Page, Arizona

    July 1, 2015 in the United States

    Der Tag war noch nicht vorbei, weiter gings zum Horseshoe Bend. Ein toller Aussichtspunkt auf den Colorado River, der vom Lake Powell kommend an dieser Stelle eine pitoreske Biegung macht und in weiterer Folge durch den Grand Canyon fliesst. Dort ging es dann am Abend hin.

  • Day18

    Page, Arizona

    March 8, 2017 in the United States

    I did a tour of the Upper Antelope Canyon. It was spectacular.. My photos don't do it justice. You might want to look at the gallery at Antelope Canyon Tours, Inc. The drive up AZ 89 was really nice, lots of red rock walls and canyons. Plus in Page I found the Lake Powell National Golf Course. Never knew we had those but can check it off my list. I think it would be a hard course to play because the scenery would be very distracting. Definitely an area I need to go back to. Plus on the way back to Flagstaff I passed the vista for the horseshoe bend of the Colorado.Read more

  • Day63

    Page, Arizona

    October 30, 2014 in the United States

    Hello hello :) nous avons passé 3 jours inoubliables à Page , petit ville dans l'Arizona.
    Nous sommes allés faire une visite "guidée" d'Antelope Canyon. C'est pour moi l'un des endroits les plus impressionnants, magnifiques et magiques que j'ai vu depuis ces 2 mois. Les parois ressemblent à des vagues en roches et la couleur du canyon (rouge orange rose) lui donne un côté encore plus unique.

    Ici, même fin octobre il fait grand beau et chaud ! Nous en avons profité pour aller faire un tour en jet ski sur le Lac Powell. C'est enfaite un lac artificiel qui a été créé par un barage et rempli par le colorado. Il se trouve à l'intérieur d'un canyon, je vous laisse donc imaginer la beauté du paysage ! Et bien sûr faire du jet ski entre deux parois étroites (juste assez large pour faire passer le jet ski) c'est quelque chose que je n'oublierais pas :)
    Nous sommes maintenant près à répartir en direction de Monument Valley.

    Ps. Il y a une photo prise dans Antelope Canyon qui ressemble à un poisson ihih :)

    Hello :), we've just spent two unforgettable days in Page, little town in Arizona. We've visited the Antelope Canyon and I have to say it, it is one of the most beautiful and magical place I've seen in the last 2 months. It's like walking between waves made of rock and the colors (red orange pink) give the place a unique touch.

    Even if it's end of October, here, the weather is still amazing, hot and sunny ! So we've decided to go for a ride on a jet ski on the Lake Powell. The lake is inside a canyon so I let you imagine the beauty of this place, unbelievable. We also had the chance to "drive" inside small parts of the canyon, where there's just enough room for the jet ski, that's surly something I'll never forget !
    We are now ready to leave again I'm and drive towards Monument Valley :)

    Ps. One of the picture taken inside Antelope canyon looks like a fish :D
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  • Day3

    Page, AZ

    June 19, 2017 in the United States

    After 150 miles of driving, it was time for a break. There has nothing around us for the entire drive and all of a sudden, Page is a major metropolis. A stop at Safeway to replenish supplies and then back on the road.

  • Day23

    Page AZ, Lake Powell, Kanab UT

    July 7, 1992 in the United States

    Pete was up early doing the washing and was irritated to find on his return that we were all still in bed. Since it was daylight saving, it was too late for breakfast in Burger King so it was cheeseburgers all round. The kids had another quick play in the kids playland before heading off for Page, about 100 miles away. The countryside still very rocky, flat and pretty bare. Too rocky I think for any tall trees to grow. Still lots of buttes and mesas. Stopped to photograph "Square Buttle" along route 95.

    Arrived in Page around lunchtime. A fairly large community and Lake Powell the first sign of water in any amount for quite some time. Lake Powell is a man made lake caused by the damming of the river. The dam quite high and also a road bridge across (single span). The water looked a lovely greenish colour against the reddish rocks of Glen Canyon. We drove to have a look at the dam visitor centre. Contained a large 3D model of the whole area, also info about the dam and its construction. Outside were some dinosaur tracks. We couldn't understand why they were raised.

    We drove back into Page to look for a t-shirt shop that Pete had noticed but were horribly disappointed. Went over to Taco Bell. Pete & I were amazed that we had talked the boys into a place that didn't serve burgers. They both had a soft taco, Nicole had nachos and Pete & I had burritos. We decided that a flying stop like this didn't do justice to Page - it seemed like a water sport haven. We drove a little way along the lake west side and came across a large marina.

    Headed off for Kaneb but decided to turn off the road to Paria, an old movie set. It was raining and the road was dirt, but it was in good condition and quite solid. We met another couple down there who we talked with for a while. The kids amused themselves by playing cowboys and Indians on the movie set.

    The area was also very pretty with different colours called "Painted Desert". We arrived in Kanab and checked into the Aiken Lodge. Two bedrooms but a bit of a squeeze. The kids headed off for the pool. Pete & I had a good chinwag with the proprietors. After cleaning up for dinner we walked downtown and decided on another Mexican type restaurant called Nedras, where Joel quickly parted with his orange soda. Nicole & Sean found it difficult to finish their chicken dinners. Pete and I had enchiladas and Joel had ... hamburger.
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  • Day17

    Page, Arizona

    June 9, 2015 in the United States

    Passing through this town to North Rim of Grand Canyon. Pleasant surprise, beautiful town right outside Navajo Nation, on Lake Powell. Camping at Walmart parking lot for two nights. Most RV friendly Walmart I've encountered yet. But wait, there's more. Across the street, there's a Shell gas station with propane and free water fill up! Visited the Glen Canyon Dam on our way out. What an amazing feat of engineering! Page was formed as a town for the ten year construction of Glen Canyon Dam, which ended in 1960s. Now, it is a getaway location for Lake Powell, the second largest reservoir in the US, and Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.Read more

  • Day17

    Debbie's Hideaway (Page)

    June 13, 2016 in the United States

    Wir wurden in dieser voll ausgestatteten FeWo von einer ganz besonders lieben Begrüßung überrascht! 😊

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