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  • Day10


    October 1, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    Dieser Tag oder besser gesagt Abend war noch ganz besonders!
    Abends kam dann nämlich das Highlight des ganzen Tages. Pünktlich zum Sonnenuntergang sind wir mit dem Boot rausgefahren um den Mantarochen beim Abendessen zuzusehen. Diese riesigen, bis zu 4m Spannweite, friedlichen Tiere sind absolut ungefährlich, da sie im Gegensatz zu ihren Verwandten keinen Stachel haben.
    Mantas fressen Plankton, um diesen und damit auch die Mantas anzulocken werden unter Surfboards starke Lampen befestigt, an den Boards hängen dann wiederum wir. Da man im nachtschwarzen Wasser unterwegs ist, ist so ein bisschen Licht auch generell ganz angenehm.
    Und dann kamen sie auch schon, erst eine und dann zum Schluss waren sie zu viert oder fünft. Zu sehen wie diese riesigen Tiere ganz ruhig durchs Wasser gleiten und unter den Surfboards ihre Räder schlagen war einfach magisch. Eine absolut unglaubliche Erfahrung die wir hier machen durften.
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  • Day7

    Back to Haleakala, then the Big Island

    June 21, 1992 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Packed and left without too much bother, our flight scheduled for 9.15. Coming around the coastline toward the central plain of Maui, there was Haleakala in all its splendour with not a cloud in sight! Pete turned to me and said "wouldn't it break your heart?". Within a few seconds, the same thing went through both our minds - if we could delay our flight to the Big Island, we could drive up there this morning.

    Our timing was tight, but we managed it without a hitch, and were soon in McDonalds ordering a quick breakfast. We were now booked on the 2.26 flight which was in 5 hours time, but Pete was anxious to get going in case the cloud decided to roll in and spoil our plans once again.

    We were excited as we began to climb the mountain once again, especially as we could see the clouds were nowhere near the summit. We were to be rewarded. The view of the crater was as we remembered - awesome, with beautiful browns, oranges and reds, dotted with cinder cones and very very big. Much warmer today. We walked down into the crater a little way along the Sliding Sands Trail, but only for about 20 minutes.

    On the way back we stopped in McDonalds again, this time in Pukalani, where we realised we were cutting it fine to catch the plane. It was now about 1.15. We arrived at the Alamo check-in and anxiously awaited the shuttle bus. We walked into the terminal at 1:55 and the queue was quite long. Pete went to the counter, explaining our predicament and we got a porter to check us in. We rushed to gate 17 just before the flight was called.

    We had a nice view of Haleakala from the plane and then looked toward the Big Island where we would be spending the next few days. After arriving at Keahole airport - small by comparison with the others - Pete and Sean went off in search of a car while Joel & I looked after the luggage.

    After a few minutes they returned in a blue convertible, our big splurge for the last island we would visit. We had driven for about 3 minutes before it started to rain! So there we were trying to work out how to lower the roof and make it air-tight.

    Found our accommodation in Kona. Not as spacious as the previous two; older with fewer conveniences. However, it was quite adequate. The boys were excited about the pool and went in almost straight away.

    We were within easy walking distance of several eateries, but decided to cruise in our vehicle. Then we parked it back in the hotel carpark and walked the shops. Looked around the shops a bit, with Pete getting more and more bored. I bought a hat as I needed it for the open car.

    Had dinner in Stan's - a reasonable sort of meal, but the cocktails lift the price a bit - Pete had a Mai Tai and I had a Chi Chi. Time to turn in and write diary and postcards.
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  • Day7

    On the Rocks Kona

    March 31, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    ...und erst noch mit einer schöner Brandung und ein wenig Hula. Heute zieht von Westen ein Tief 🌧 über den Aloha-State. Wir sind im Moment auf der südlichsten Insel und bekommen deshalb keinen Regen ab 🌤. Zum Glück, denn wir sitzen auf einer Restaurantterrasse im „On the Rocks“, die Füsse im Sand, Guitarrenmusik (etwas laut) und warten bis die Sonne untergeht.

    Es ist ein Partnerrestaurant des Lava Lava Beach Club in Waikaloa. (Gestern wollten wir dort wieder essen gehen, die Wartezeit war uns aber zu lange. Mit einem Kind, darf man sich in den USA ja nicht an die Bar setzen). Uns fällt auf, dass Tischreservationen out sind. First come, first serve...und kein Tisch ist mehr leer. Wie die Flieger am Boden sind auch leere Tische an bester Lage unrentabel.

    Das Essen ist übrigens super hier im „On the Rocks“👍 und Nayla ist jetzt Hulatänzerin...
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  • Day15

    Big Island - die Sonnenseite

    March 14, 2012 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    ... nach 50 Meilen besuchten wir noch den "South Point" der USA, weitere 50 Meilen weiter kamen wir in Kailua-Kona an und fühlten uns wieder wie zu Hause (gleiches Zimmer, wie vor 3 Jahren). Unseren großen Helikopter-Rundflug haben wir bereits aus dem Regenwald gebucht; wir flogen über Lavafelder, den Osten und den Norden - einfach unglaublich und atemberaubend. Man sieht die Insel im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes "mit anderen Augen". Schließlich führen wir noch einmal in den Norden nach Hawi zum leckersten Sandwich, das wir je gegessen haben "Pau Huna BBQ Pork Sandwich". Den Rest des Urlaubs verbrachten wir mit chillen, jeder machte Dinge, die ihm Spaß machten.
    Am 17.03. geht es zurück nach Hause, mit kurzem Zwischenstopp in L.A.
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  • Day0

    The Big Island

    December 19, 2013 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    Greetings from Hawaii. After a 9 hour flight on a rather new Airbus 330 we landed in Honolulu and yes the flight was packed.

    We made our way through Immigration and Customs along with all the other tourists, lots from China and Japan. Somehow we were the last ones to collect our luggage, must have picked the slowest line at Immigration though it was nothing like the queues at LA. Customs just waved us through and we went over to the Domestic terminal for our flight to Kona.

    The weather is quite warm and humid with the occasional light shower. We had to make the transfer straight through to Kona on the Big Island so no time to hang in Honolulu just yet. On take off we took a few photos out the window, we flew in a 717 and passed some of the other islands on the way.

    The Big Island emerged out of the haze and you could see old lava flows (ie a few hundred years old) out the window, the airport was actually on one of these old lava flows. The terminal was the first international terminal I have been in for many years that we actually had to walk off via a ramp instead of an air bridge and the terminal was mostly without walls - including the baggage claim.

    After finding the bags it was time to start on the thing I have been dreading - hiring a car.

    There isn't a lot of public transport on the Big Island so if you are going to get around you have to drive. We found the hire place and signed up for a Chev Impala. Nothing like the monster Impalas of the 70s it's more like a smallish Commodore. I does have a sun roof which is nice and a spoiler to make it go faster but it has a pedal hand brake which is a pain.

    We loaded up and I got behind the wheel.

    - First thing. It is awkward getting behind the wheel on the left hand side of the car, not sure why it just feels odd.
    - Second thing. It is as scary as I expected. I find I have to talk out loud when I am turning so I know what lane to turn into - I am turning left I go into the right lane... Anyway we poked along the main road, through the main strip of Kona and found the Hotel with no problems. I think my passengers were as scared as I was.
    - Third thing. It is hard getting used to looking in the rear view mirror on the right instead of on the left.

    The Hotel is very nice. The room is great though a little over the top - we don't have 1 big TV we have 3 (and they are massive and each one has its own theatre sound system), we don't have 1 washing machine we have 2 (dunno why), and of course we have air conditioning.

    On the first night we went into Kona and had a nice dinner watching the waves roll in from the west. Not often we get to see the sun go down over the ocean.

    After dinner it was back to the hotel and ... crash.
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  • Day14


    October 14, 2016 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Wir sind auf der 4 und damit letzten Insel unseres Honeymoons gelandet "Big Island" - deren eigentlicher Name "Hawaii" ist.
    Man erkennt direkt das wir auf einer vulkanisch aktiven Insel sind - beim Anflug haben wir die ersten erkalteten Lavaströme gesehen - wie jede Insel zeigt "Hawaii" eine ganz eigene Landschaft - wie schon gesagt der Vulkanismus ist nicht zu übersehen.
    Am Flughafen holen wir unseren letzten Mietwagen ab und entscheiden uns für ein Upgrade worüber sich Anna sehr sehr freute...
    In unserem letzten Hotel angekommen lassen wir, wie so üblich den Tag am Pool ausklingen...
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