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  • Day23

    Get Your Kicks on Route 66

    July 21, 2017 in the United States

    Today was so full of amazing experiences it's hard to know where to start so let's kept it simple and start at the beginning.

    Our day began at Maverick Helicopters where our tour group of 6 embarked on a 50 minute helicopter ride across the Canyon. This was nothing short of amazing. The moment where we crossed the rim at 50ft above the trees to 5,000 ft above the bottom of the Canyon took my breath away. Our pilot, BJ, was an excellent tour guide and from the outset told us his job was to help us appreciate the sheer scale of this natural phenomenon. To help you, the depth of the Canyon is so deep that it is over 3 times the height of the Manhattan skyline. If you wish to get from one side of the Canyon to the other by car (around the rim) - it will take you over 5 hours. Finally, if you drifted downstream on the current of the Colorado River - it would take you 21 days to get from one side to the other. Seem pretty big?

    After our helicopter flight we headed to Seligman- a quintessential Route 66 town which claims to have inspired 'Radiator Springs' in Disney Pixar's 'Cars'. We enjoyed a great lunch here at Delgadillo's Snow Cap Drive-In where I left an 'Old Flying Club' business card on their wall of cards by the order hatch. It was nice to leave a little piece of home here.

    The trek involves several hours of driving each day and it is therefore only fair that we took it in turns to keep our leader Michael company in the front of the van. Today was my turn. Being up front comes with the added responsibility of being DJ. After running out of suitable playlists Michael introduced me to 'The Moth'. This is a grandslam competition in the US whereby people get up on stage and tell stories. The topics varied - some funny some very sad. After one particularly moving one we realised we were both a little teary eyed. We thought the rest of the van were sleeping but in checking the rear view mirror, a tear streaked Kate peered over the seats like a meerkat saying 'what are you making me listen to?!' Being up front also had the added bonus of being able to take some fun shots out the windscreen. We even crossed the Hoover Dam.

    The heat in Vegas was insane - reportedly 45°! We were surprised to discover that we were staying in a true Vegas hotel - The Golden Nugget. Not only did it contain its own shops and casinos but it contained a shark tank with a water slide that ran through it. Kate and I were sharing a room with not one but two king-size beds. This was quite a treat having come accustomed to sharing beds the past 3 weeks!

    We had take-out in one of the hotel rooms with the rest of the group and the drinking began. We had stocked up at Walmart en route and I had bought 8 mini bottles of Sutter Home's White Zinfandel- one of my favourites and so cheap here! Needless to say we all got a little tipsy rather quickly. By the time we reached the Party Bus at 21.30 we were definitely ready to dance the night away. The bus took us to the infamous sign and down the strip past Bellagio and Caesars Palace. Let me tell you now, dancing on a moving bus is not easy but is very good fun! Our final destination was a nightclub which our group was not particularly interested in entering. We had other ideas on how the remainder of the night was to be spent.

    Two of our group Dee and Kev (who lived in Leicester) had decided it would be fun to have a Vegas wedding. They were already married so this was pretty easy to arrange. Believe it or not to have a Vegas wedding you still need a licence so turning up to the chapel and asking to get married isn't as easy as everyone makes out. Naturally we were all very excited about attending our first wedding in Vegas and despite my inebriated state (5 mini bottles of Sutter Home) I automatically took on the role of wedding photographer. Kate and I ensured Dee had her something old, new, borrowed and blue by lending her two old hair bobbles (one of which was blue) and I found a crisp new dollar bill which we all signed and gave to her as a momento.

    The ceremony was short but very sweet and I was astounded to find the next morning I had a nice selection of photographs for the happy couple to treasure the evening with. I've attached a collage to my post.

    After the wedding we headed back to our hotel for more casino fun. I placed a couple of dollars in various slot machines to no avail. I'd have loved to play roulette but was too tight for the $15 buy in. It had been an expensive day after all what with helicopter flights and such like.

    Tiredness hit me like a wall around 1am. I was feeling my age all of a sudden! I left the group and in true Vegas style got sidetracked on my way back to my room. Initially I wandered into the pool area and found myself sat on the edge with my feet in the water (still wearing my jelly shoes I hasten to add) and watched the sharks in the shark tank whilst Stereophonics 'Have a Nice Day' played through the speakers. Possibly one of the most surreal moments of the trip so far and one I shall always remember.

    The journey back to the room finished with a pit stop in the hotel shop for a giant cookie which I enjoyed in a bubble bath back in the room. Don't ever tell me I don't know how to do Vegas. Whichever way I did it, it was definitely MY way.
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  • Day26

    Vegas at night.

    September 30, 2016 in the United States

    We were sceptic about the experience in Vegas. But in fact we really enjoyed walking by all those shops, hotels and casinos. This city and all the people on the street are crazy, but cool crazy not bad.
    And for the boys: boobs and half naked women are everywhere.
    For the girls: there are some strong looking guys as well ;)

  • Day2

    Geek fest

    July 28, 2017 in the United States

    Time to try to comprehend the insanity that is Las Vegas. Stepped out post breakfast & the first thing to get our still weary heads round was the temperature - 30°+ at 8.30. Any little bit of shade was grasped & clung to. Every now & then misters were used to cool things down, which helped allbeit very briefly. Scouted out the venue for the Bunnymen concert & then headed for a casino - first one - any one - one with air con.
    The scale of it was immense - seemingly endless means of losing money. The craps tables summed it up perfectly. Wandered round Caeser's Palace just as some nerd fest was kicking off - epic queues of geeks waiting for a computing conference. Half expected to see Sheldon.
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  • Day194

    Las Vegas, America

    November 16, 2017 in the United States

    Las Vegas!! The City That Never Sleeps!! We touched down in Las Vegas and it bought back all the memories from when Hollie and I were here in 2014. Nick has never been to Las Vegas so I was keen to make sure he had the full experience of this crazy city. We explored all of the hotels, casinos and shopping malls while making a stop at In and Out to curb Nick's burger cravings. We also had a super fun night out at Tape Face - comedian from NZ that starred on Britain's Got Talent who was hilarious. He pulled Nick up on stage to have a light saver competition with a tape measure and I was so impressed by how funny Nick was in front of an audience, I definitely couldn't of done it!! That night we played a bit of BlackJack - Nick losing and me winning so surely that means we break even, and then headed to Hakaasan for a little dance with Steve Aioki. We've only spent three days in Vegas but I think it was more than enough and now we're super excited to be heading into Utah to visit these amazing canyons we've heard so much about!Read more

  • Day13

    Las Vegas, USA

    October 4, 2017 in the United States

    Heute mal wieder ganz entspannt.....Gegen 10 Uhr sind wir erst aufgewacht, dann ging es nach dem Frühstück zum Wäsche waschen und dann zum Pool. Bis 16 Uhr haben wir die Seele baumeln lassen bevor es dann wieder auf dem Las Vegas Strip ging. Essen in der RockBar, heute mal kein Burger sondern mal anders klassisch amerikanisch - Ribbchen und Berskit Beef. Schlendern durch "Venedig" und "Paris". Weiter durch die Gänge im Cesars Palace und zu guter Letzt die Fontänenshow und zocken im Belagio, übrigens sehr erfolgreich heute, 😉😎Read more

  • Day4

    Las Vegas: Strip & Downtown

    January 5 in the United States

    16km sind wir heute durch Las Vegas bzw. Shoppingmeilen, Casinos, Theater, Hotels und Fastfood Ketten gelaufen. Einmal den Strip rauf und runter. Anschließend sind wir nochmal mit dem Bus nach Downtown in das alte Las Vegas gefahren.

    Wenn man möchte, muss man hier kein Tageslicht sehen. Jedes Hotel bietet alles was man braucht. Die Stadt ist hektisch, laut, bunt und dadurch auch irgendwie anders und interessant.Read more

  • Day12

    Las Vegas, USA

    October 3, 2017 in the United States

    Heute haben wir ganz entspannt ausgeschlafen und gefrühstückt. Endlich mal wieder eine Nacht im Bett verbracht und eine warme dusche am Morgen gehabt, in unserem wirklich schönen Hotelzimmer.
    Danach ging es dann zum größten Outletcenter in Las Vegas, dort war alles was das Shoppingherz begehrt. Preislich ist die USA auf unseren Niveau. Wir hatten eigentlich immer gehört das Markenklamotten in den USA deutlich billiger sein sollen, das können wir nicht bestätigen. Dennoch waren natürlich ein paar Schnäppchen mit bei und wir sind trotzdem in einen Rausch verfallen 😅 Wie man auch auf dem Foto erkennen kann 😉
    Danach haben wir noch ein Stündchen am Hotelpool entspannt bevor es dann auf den Las Vegas Strip ging. Vorbei an den riesigen Hotels, die allesamt ein echtes Highlight sind, ging es dann zur David Copperfield Show. Das Ticket pro Person hat um die 100€ gekostet und irgendwie waren wir enttäuscht. Hatten mehr erwartet. Einige coole Zaubertricks waren dabei, einige die teilweise auch durchschaubar waren, alles verpackt in einer Show. Sagen wir es mal so, verzaubert hat er uns nicht.
    Danach ging es dann noch durch die Casinos, die unvorstellbar groß sind. Und tausende Leute, die tausende von Euros in einem Bruchteil von Sekunden ausgeben. Da ist so viel Geld im Umlauf, das ist wahnsinnig. Natürlich haben wir auch den ein oder anderen Dollar den einarmigen Banditen gespendet 😎 Gegen 2Uhr waren wir dann völlig fertig im Bett.
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