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  • Day38

    Day 38 - 2nd Time Had Better Be Lucky

    May 29 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 13 °C

    Predictably had a dreadful night sleep. Last thing I did before going to bed was visit the website for The Boneyard in Tucson. To my horror, the website declared that applications to visit had to be made at least 2 weeks in advance. Oh hell, I had planned to be in Tucson in less than 5 days time & we had to visit The Boneyard as it was Jackie’s perceived highlight of the whole trip.

    Needless to say my mind was whirring, I couldn’t sleep & I commenced replanning the next fortnight of our trip. It was between 2 & 3am when I finally got to sleep, but at least I had a new plan. Luckily I had a lie in until 6.30am when Jackie’s phone started ringing.

    Over breakfast I booked The Boneyard Tour for Friday 14th June & sent our request to be allowed on it. Let’s wait & see. After packing up, we were back on the road by 10am. We took Highway 98 south east for about 70 miles across open plains. At the end of the road we turned north on to Highway 160 for 34 miles & then at Kayenta, north again on Highway 163 for another 25 miles.

    Gone midday we arrived at Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park & then our clocks jumped forward an hour because the entrance is on the border back into Utah. We are getting very confused.

    This time we paid our $20 fee & were given a map & told that we could take our car on the 17 mile Valley Drive which was on dirt roads. Thank goodness, it would have been a long way to come to be told we couldn’t do the drive. Jackie wasn’t that fussed about returning anyway, so I dread to think how that conversation went if we didn’t get in.

    Relieved, we parked up at the Visitors Centre, took a few photos of the valley below, then had a look round the Visitors Centre & ended up coming out with a Route 66 T-shirt each! We returned to the car & commenced the Valley Drive.

    I now know why we weren’t allowed to take the RV on the drive. It was a nightmare in places, massive ruts & humps, as well as a road made up of either rock, sand, stones & gravel. It was a real challenge to avoid grounding the car or hitting big chunks of rock littered across the road. Luckily, I had Jackie to advise me of the best route & tell me when she thought I was going to hit something. To make matters worse large 4x4s & tour trucks were hammering along the road throwing up stones & dust despite the speed limit being just 15mph. We prayed we didn’t finish up with loads of damage to the hire car.

    There were 11 official stopping spots along the route. The 1st was for West & East Mitten Butte, which resembled a pair of hands complete with thumbs. The 2nd Elephant Butte took a lot of imagination, in fact it took us a while to work out which ‘Butte’ it was supposed to be!

    Next was Three Sisters, a Catholic Nun facing 2 pupils, then John Ford’s Point, named after the Hollywood Movie Director who made John Wayne famous. As we pulled into the car park, an old ‘duffer’ with a tripod was dithering in my chosen parking space. I got bored waiting for him, so prised the car in beside him. I could see he wasn’t happy. We went off to admire the view & snap a photo or two. We returned & the duffer was just leaving. I started to reverse back, which apparently caused duffer to beep his horn & gesticulate unnecessarily. I was oblivious, but it riled Jackie who mouthed at them to “F-off”, which in turn prompted Duffer’s wife to start shouting at us to “F-off”. This could be an interesting drive!

    There were several other Rock formations to see before we arrived at Totem Pole, a tall stick of rock that looks like it could fall over at any moment. It was there that we saw duffer & his wife again for the first time. He had his tripod out & was photographing plants. We walked past them but they looked the other way.

    The highlight for me was Artist’s Point, which gave a grandstand view of the most spectacular Buttes. Our final stop was at The Thumb, which at a certain angle actually looks like a cowboy boot, before we made the fraught drive back out of the Valley. We think we got out without causing any damage to the car, other than it & us were covered in red dust. Some idiots were driving round in convertibles with the top down & those on tours on open backed trucks were visibly choking from the dust.

    The Valley Drive took over 2 hours & was another unforgettable experience. I am so glad we made the effort to go back. I think I would have so regretted it if we hadn’t. It is truly one of the most iconic American natural wonders. Jackie also really enjoyed it & is glad we came!

    We then hit the road for the 176 mile trek south to Flagstaff, annoyingly passing the Grand Canyon which we plan to visit tomorrow. Arriving at our ‘America’s Best Value Inn’ motel in Flagstaff, just after 6pm Arizona time again. We booked in, then popped out for a cheeky Panda Express. We had one each this time, because we were starving, but won’t be doing that again. We both struggled to eat it, well Jackie did!!

    FITBIT knackered.

    Song of the Day - Hello Hello I’m Back Again by Gary Glitter.

    Bonus Song of the Day :-

    Tower of Strength by The Mission
    Monument by The Sound
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  • Day13

    Monument valley

    May 17 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 11 °C

    On l'a voit de loin sur la route. L'approche est sympas.
    Ici le pass American beatiful ne passe pas. 20 dollars pour rentrer dans la valley.
    Puis petit arrêt au visitor center.
    Bain de soleil sur la terrasse.
    Petit café (chocolat pour simon).
    Petit tour dans la boutique. Et une petite pensee pour mon pere car les stetsons sont la.
    On profite du point de vue avant d'attaquer la valley drive.
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  • Day21

    Die Wüste lebt!

    July 15, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    Hanno schreibt:

    Gestern sind wir früh ins Bett gegangen, da wir früh loswollen: in Süd-Utah ist es im Juli normalerweise heiß. Allerdings ist es bis Mittag zu unserer Freude durch den gestrigen Regen und heutige Bewölkung recht kühl. Unser Weg führt über die Blue Mountains: Hans und ich fahren vor. Bedingungen: optimal! Angefeuchtete Naturwege, kein Staub, ohne Gepäck, bei der kühlen Luft atmet der Boxer gut durch, der neue TKC gript gut: 25 Kilometer reinster Enduro-Genuss! 😄

    Anschließend geht’s fast ausschließlich auf Straße zur Bewunderung der lokalen Erdgeschichte:
    Natural Bridge National Monument, dann in die Canyonlands und ins Monument Valley. Abermals kann ich nur sagen: die Weiten der Landschaften sind absolut beeindruckend. Die Felsformationen sowieso.

    Erwähnenswert ist, dass es in den letzten Tagen in den eigentlich ariden Gebieten stark geregnet hat. Mit den Folgen, dass Straßen zum Teil mit Schlamm überspült wurden. Aber die eigentlich verdorrte Wüste ist erstaunlich grün geworden: Gräser wachsen, Sträucher bilden neue Blätter. Toll.

    Ab Mittag wird’s doch ordentlich heiß. Auch Gewitter sind wieder angesagt, denen wir wieder ausweichen können.

    Zum besseren Verständnis: wir haben ab gestern Abend den TAT für einige Tage (geplant) unterbrochen, um heute und morgen die Canyonlands und übermorgen den White Rim Trail zu befahren. Alle regionalen Parks und National Monuments zu besuchen, wäre sicher schön, zeitlich aber unmöglich.
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  • Day13

    Dans la vallée de Monument valley

    May 17 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 11 °C

    En voiture.
    On a finalement du beau temps

  • Day9

    Big Buttes

    August 4, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    For the majority of the journey, in the distance we could see, if awake, dark looming clouds. These eventually formed the almost predictable thunderstorms. Fortunately they always seemed to be just ahead - cars coming the other way had lights on & we were often driving on wet surfaces. In some ways it added interest to the drive - the roads were dead straight with limited interest - a silo of some sort that looked like a giant slide was the most exciting talking point. By the time we got to Kayenta - about 30 miles from Monument Valley, the storm had hit, was getting pretty vicious & the rain was torrential. There'd been a few signs refering to flooding along the way. Went over a couple of raging torrents that almost certainly were dried river beds yesterday. Our first glimpse of the buttes were shrouded in cloud, rain and with shards of lightning threatening them periodically. The rain let up a little as we approached & checked in but the usual sunshine drenched views of the valley weren't going to happen. Torrential rain in the desert - couldn't make it up. Checked in & we had one of only 6 out of the 96 not to have a view. Wonder why? Eventually things cleared a little - had an explore. Saw John Wayne's favourite view - supposedly. Had some traditional Navajo stew - what on earth is hominy?Read more

  • Day27

    Monument Valley

    June 10, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    Just on the Utah/Arizona valley, an area of vast sandstone buttes. Ann was very disappointed that I had failed to book the nearby Tipis for our stay...NOT.

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