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  • Day88

    Los Angeles

    December 3, 2016 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 12 °C

    Quick stop in da airport efter wir long flight fae Fiji, nixt stop San Francisco. We have lived da 3rd o December twice. It's already beginning ta feel a lot more lik December 🎄, didna seem it when we wir in Fiji's heat.Read more

    Lisa Smith


    Lilian Peterson

    Boanie bet it really is boanie xx

  • Day21

    Laid back in LA

    January 2, 2012 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    It was another early start to catch our flight from San Francisco to Los Angeles. While it was a short visit to San Fran we really enjoyed our time in the city. It has a very different vibe to New York, more laid back and relaxed. Of couse it was a lot smaller but it still had a lot to offer, though I do admit I don't think we would have liked to have lived in San Fran like we did in New York for a few weeks I think we would have run out of things to do.

    We caught a small Delta Airlines jet (a Bombardier CRJ700 for those who need to know) for the 40 minute trip down the coast to Los Angeles and had some great views of the city on landing. Once off the plane we noticed one thing - it was very warm. One thing we didn't expect to need on this trip would be shorts but in LA we do.

    We are staying in the Best Western Hotel on Sunset Boulevard and once we had dumped the luggage and had something to eat we caught a cab to the Hollywood walk of fame. This was one crowded street. We found the Chinese Theatre and the various prints in the cement and walked up and down a few blocks looking at the masses of names. Then we found a spot looking at the Hollywood sign on the hills and took a few photos.

    LA is very different to the other cities. It feels more tropical and a lot more spread out. In New York and San Fran we caught 1 cab and that was when we arrived in New York, in LA cabs are the only viable way of getting around. This city is in love with the car. I still haven't got the hang of driving, I try and work out where the cabbie is going to go when driving in traffic but I get it wrong every time usually ending up on the wrong side of the road.

    We did some shopping and then headed back to the hotel for pizza and bed.

    Tomorrow we go to the movies!
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  • Day22

    Making Movies

    January 3, 2012 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    Our main reason for coming to LA was to visit the theme parks and the first one on the list was Universal Studios. Tracey and I are regular visitors to this park - Tracey visited last in 1987 and I in 1975 (I was a very, very small baby) - needless to say there have been many changes.

    The main reason you go to Universal Studios is for the Studio Backlot Tour and that was first on our list of things to do. I have to say I was starting to have queue withdrawals but we all got a good fix at Universal. It wasn't as fantastic as the ultimate queue we went through in New York to go to the top of the Queue Building (aka the Empire State Building), personally I still have wonderful dreams about that queue, imagine building that beautiful building just to house a queue!

    Anyway the Universal Studios Backlot Tour Queue wasn't too bad and it wasn't long before we were on board and moving. They took us through various studios where various shows were being filmed - like Parenthood, House, CSI, Bones to name a few - and showed us how some special effects were created. A few recognisable highlights were the Jaws set, King Kong experience, the flooded street, Wisteria Lane from Desperate House Wives, robot cars from Fast and Furious, western streets, European city streets, an earthquake in a subway, and the parting of the waters. A couple of these I recall from my last visit.

    The King Kong one was exceptionally good, they locked the 4-car train thing we were on into a set of gimbals and bounced us up and down and sideways as King Kong was battling a dinosaur around us like he did in the most recent King Kong movie.

    All up the tour lasted for about 45 minutes and was really good.

    BUT! The rest of the park is pretty much on par with Movieworld on the Gold Coast. Don't get me wrong it was a good amusement park and had some good rides but would it be worth flying 13 hours across the Pacific to go to if it didn't have the Backlot Tour ... probably not ... which means it is a long way to go for a 45 minute tour. Apart from that point it is spotlessly clean and lots of people there to help you if you look lost. The rides we liked the best were the Jurasic Park one where you float along being stalked by various dinosaurs before you drop down a big slide and get wet. They also have a couple of shows based on movies and the Waterworld show would be the one we liked best.

    I have attached some photos showing the highlights.

    Tomorrow we hit Disneyland!

    BLOG NOTE: Our wonderful holiday comes to an end on Thursday but since we fly out at about 8.30pm we still have a full day which I won't get to write up until we are back in Sydney so I'll try to do that as soon as possible. I also have to write up today's (Wednesday's) Disneyland day which I will try and do tomorrow sometime. We land at about 6.30am on Saturday morning if you want to come and join us for the welcome home celebrations.
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  • Day23


    January 4, 2012 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    To those of us of a certain age Disneyland has a mystique about it. I recall watching the Disney cartoons on The Mickey Mouse Show after school and every Sunday at 6.30pm Disneyland on channel 9 was an institution. It was good wholesome stuff!

    Thursday was Disneyland day.

    As expected the place has changed somewhat. There are actually now 2 Disney Parks facing each other - the well-known Disneyland is on your right as you are walking up and the Disney California Adventure is on your left. After being to both I can say Disneyland is for the whole family whereas Adventure is intended to be for families with older kids. Your tickets allow you to hop between either Park so we decided to do Disneyland first and then if we had time we would do California Adventure.

    The entrance to Disneyland hasn't changed and once through the gates you are walking up Mainstreet USA. Interestingly the temperature in LA was in the high 20s but there was a lot of artificial snow on all the buildings. It was really well done and spotlessly clean.

    Disneyland is divided into different 'Lands' - Adventureland, Frontierland, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland - and the first one we went into was Adventureland. There are various rides and activities sort of related to the same theme within each Land and the first ride we went on was the Indiana Jones Adventure. This was well done, you are in an old car that jumps and bumps its way through caves and caverns based on the Indiana Jones stories.

    We worked our way around the Park going to key rides including Pirates of the Carribean, Haunted House (I went on both these rides in 1975), Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, the Matterhorn to name a few. It soon became apparent the thrills just weren't big enough so we had a bite for lunch and headed across to California Adventure.

    While Disneyland had been crowded we didn't have to wait much more than about 30 minutes to get on any particular ride but in California Adventure we were waiting for up to an hour to go on a ride. California Adventure park is about 80% complete so it didn't have the same impact as Disneyland but it was still very well done. The boys went on the Tower of Terror (big drops), and the roller coaster called California Screamin'. We all went on the Grizzly River Run which is sort of like a small roller coaster on water and yes we all got wet.

    There are some pictures below of the various attractions and like I said both parks were very well done. Not to miss an opportunity there is a section between Disneyland and California Adventure called Downtown Disney where there are lots of souvenir and other shops all very clean and well presented.

    By our 8pm pick up time we were worn out. It was good to be able to to both parks as I think just Disneyland on its own might have been a bit dull after a while as the boys were a bit old for a lot of it - though Trace and I enjoyed both Parks immensly. In my view Dreamworld and the other parks on the Gold Coast comes close to offering a similar experience as Disneyland for a lot less cost ... but they just don't have the same mystique Disneyland now do they?

    Tomorrow we Getty on down and Getty on out!

    (Sorry that was bad!)
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