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  • Day104

    New Orleans (NOLA)

    July 3, 2015 in the United States

    It's time to party! After another long day of multiple flights and buses we arrive in NOLA (New Orleans, Louisiana).

    We're staying about a 15min walk from the French Quarter in the Seventh Ward. It's a lot more 'authentic' then we expected as we cautiously walk through the majority Africa American neighborhood to our airbnb place! It's pouring down rain and it's takes a while to get a hold of our host. Dhileep and Emily arrive late after flying in from Vancouver and are perplexed as to why we are staying in the Ghetto........

    The accomodation is what they call a shotgun apartment. A very narrow apartment with 1 row of rooms throughout. Our room is at the front followed by a utility room, the hosts bedroom (separated by sheets hanging from the roof), another airbnb room, the kitchen and then the bathroom. It's a very weird setup having to walk through a makeshift corridor (demarcated with sheets) just to get to the bathroom. Our hosts are weird and act like hermits so we don't see them much.

    Day 1
    We hungrily stroll into the French quarter and make the mistake of stopping at the first Po Boy joint (popular over stuffed sub) we see. We started saying hello to all the locals in our district and suddenly realized how stereotypical we had become. Everyone was so friendly and all of a sudden we felt welcomed to be in this neighborhood.

    Suki signed us up for a walking tour which was way too informative for the blistering heat and humidity - so we all agreed to bail and had cocktaiks on Bourbon st before returning home to drink beer all arvo. We make friends with Erin (the other airbnb guest) and she plays some live music with a guitar we found in the house as we manage to drink all the beers in the fridge.

    It's time for dinner and we're ready to go after researching all the fancy restaurants. The French Quarter is alive and starting to look like a street festival so it's time for a round of the infamous 'Hand Granedes' (1L cocktails in a grenade shaped plastic yard glass). It's worth noting that one of the perks NOLA is the ability to legally drink in the street! The hand grenades certainly did their magic and our ambitions of eating over priced ribs in an expensive hotel are unanimously substituted for take away monster pizza slices and chicken wings. Another hand grenade and we decide to head home. It's only 1030pm but feels like we've been awake for days.

    Day 2
    Slow start with minor hangovers, we went for another stroll into town for brunch at a place called the Rose Piroud. The food is incredible and we got the eggs benny with alligator sausage. Later that arvo we had a stuffed seafood and sweet 'bignets' (donut shaped pastries) before we went on a swamp tour (see our separate blog).

    Got back to town at 7pm and went to the Royal Oyster Bar and had a New Orleans tasting plate showing case the creole highlights of jimbolaya and gumbo with a side of a half dozen oysters. The booze kept on flowing and we walked over to Marigny district and checked out the nightlife in Frenchman St popping into a few different jazz. Def a much better place for nightlife then the crowded drunken French quarter! Suki demanded fried chicken so we walked all the way back to Bourbon St.

    Day 3
    Another slow start. Got a cab to the posh 'garden district' and had a nice brunch at Coulis then walked around checking out the fancy mansions and the cemetery. A quick afternoon nap was required to get ready to celebrate 4th July.

    We wonder back to the French quarter expecting mayhem but it's almost dead. We crowd alongside the Mississippi River and watch the fireworks. The vibe just isn't alive as we try to find some busy bars with live music. 1L frozen margaritas all round as we slowly wonder back home.

    Time has flown the last few days as we say goodbye so Dhilleep, Emily and our new friend Erin. It's the end of another adventure for Team Brown. #TB
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  • Day104

    Swamp Tour

    July 3, 2015 in the United States

    With a recommendation from a friend, Dhilleep convinced that we had to do the 'swamp tour' in the Bayou river. With low expectations we jumped on a bus and headed on a 1 hour trip outside of town. We arrived and the info centre and were amazed to see a Albino alligator! These white chocolate looking reptiles are only ever raised in captivity due to inability to camoflague from predators, poor eyesight and the fact they get sunburnt haha

    It's time to board the pontoon boat and we meet our redneck captain Louis who has spent his whole life living here and hanging out with alligators. We slowly cruise down the river and onto to offshoots to track them down. We come to a little bay and Louis throws marshmallows all around the boat whilst making his gator call 'errrrrr yup yup yup'. Instantly a few gators start approaching the boat. The marshmallows are the perfect snack to attract the gators due to the vibrations they make when the hit and float of the surface of the water and the white colour.

    Further down the river we bank against a small island and Loius does his famous gator call and jumps off the boat (armed only with a knife) into the island and to our surprise hand feeds the gators raw sausages.

    It's time to head back and along the way Louis pulls out two tiny baby gators that were in a bucket in the back of the boat and hands then round for everyone to hold - best pet ever!

    Back on the bus and it's time to head back to the city. What an awesome afternoon and brilliant tour!
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  • Day4

    New Orleans

    March 12, 2016 in the United States

    It's absolutely amazing! Unfortunately it keeps raining all the time, but we enjoy this atmosphere of times gone by in the french quarter. Sitting at St. Louis with national flags all around and meeting some real americans on our path, blingbling wherever you gaze, because of the bright colorful necklaces for mardigras - we used to know this only from the movies. A colored guy greets my man who's holding our crazy expensive and pretty pink umbrella: "Nice umbrella, Bro!" (I could have screamed with laughter)Read more

  • Day4

    A Streetcar named....

    December 3, 2014 in the United States

    Arrived in NOLA! It was pretty foggy in the morning so just wandered around the French Quarter. Pretty seedy in places, load of strip joints and in your face bars full of neon but just a street away it can change to high end antique shops and real fancy hotels. The architecture is pretty cool. Loads of buildings with the balcony's just like you see in the films. One thing that doesn't come across is how narrow the streets are. Must be mental at Mardi Gras, with hundreds of thousands of people crammed into the tiny streets.Read more

  • Day20

    day 17/18: New orleans

    December 16, 2015 in the United States

    we arrived to new orleans and went out for dinner at some joint then went on a big of a pub crawl which was allright drank some deadly drinks called hand grenades! on our way home we lost raph who wandered off and wasnt seen till 12 pm next day with no phone or wallet but seemed ok musta passed out and got pick pocketed. the next day we went for lunch and got a po boy think it was called some famous food in new orleans. went for a walk seen few things checked out the french market, half our contiki were leaving that day a few stayed for that night though, we went yo mannings pub and met a few of the new contiki people and mingled abit. after the pub aboit 12 of the orginals went back and drank in a room for few hours which was good fun hanging with few people for the last time.Read more

  • Day160

    Memphis to New Orleans

    January 2 in the United States

    Down the Mississippi if you miss a skip you’re out - a skipping chant when I was a kid and being able to spell Mississippi as quickly as possible are two childhood memories of the old man river. Today we travelled Memphis to New Orleans not exactly following the Mississippi but staying close just the same and completing our journey in the delta area of the mighty river.
    Because I had booked our tickets online Amtrak had all of our contact details and when the train was delayed and delayed and delayed some more we received texts notifying us of the predicted new arrival time of our train in Memphis. This was good and gave us time to have breakfast at the hotel before leaving which would not have been possible had the train been on schedule. The train finally arrived two hours late and we were on our way.
    The landscape from Memphis to New Orleans is relatively flat.The crops, of course, have all been harvested and the landscape is dry and brown, during the other three seasons I can imagine that the farmlands are a picture.
    It was still light when we arrived at our destination then grabbed a taxi to our apartment.
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  • Day116

    Krokodille og gumbo

    April 23, 2015 in the United States

    Siste dag i New Orleans og vi tok oss ennda en bytur. Været var litt skiftende men tok turen uansett. Vi hadde ikke kommet halvveis før det begynte å yre. Vi lot oss ikke skremme og gikk lengre inn i The French quarter. Vi fant oss en spennende restaurant og gikk inn for å spise. Ikke lenge etter vi satt oss ned begynte det å pøse skikkelig ned. ekte tropisk nedbør. Regne kom og gikk hele tiden vi satt på restauranten men lettet til yr i det vi var ferdige. Nongo var foresten veldig dristig og bestille seg frityrstekt alligator og kylling gumbo. Jeg smakte på begge delene og kan fortelle at alligator er seigt og fiske-aktig mens gumbo bare er sterkt. Spennende å teste nye retter uansett.Read more

  • Day54

    New Orleans

    March 3, 2013 in the United States

    We decided to have a little ride on the riverfront streetcar then do the open top bus tour.
    So first we got ourselves a 24hr jazzy pass for the local transport, great value at $3 each.
    We road the full length of the riverfront line which is a really good way to view the river.
    Then as it was a bit cold for doing the open top bus, we decided to see as much of the city as we could by streetcar, at the end of the riverfront line we changed cars for the Canal St, City park line which takes you right up to the north end of the city almost as far as lake Pontchartrain.
    We then road the same car back to St Charles Ave and switched to the St Charles line through the university and business district.
    The whole thing took us about six hours including coffee stops.
    So just about the best $3 we've spent on the whole cruise up to now...lol.
    After a bit of shopping in the Riverwalk mall it was back to the ship for a well earned rest.
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