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    • Day 182

      New York

      January 1, 2020 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 4 °C

      New York... Reichlich spät berichte ich kurz von meiner Reise über Silvester nach Big Apple.
      Alles in allem erinnere ich mich nicht mehr an alle Details, ich werde versuchen die Bilder sprechen zu lassen.
      Noah und ich haben fast alle Sightseeing Sachen gesehen in Manhatten, waren auf einer Silvester Party in Brooklyn (glaube ich zumindest) und haben somit einen guten Eindruck von New York erhalten.
      Da ich krank geworden bin, konnte ich allea nach Silvester leider nicht mehr genießen. Ich hatte die Grippe und durfte dann einen 6 Tägigen Zwischenstop in Toronto machen, da ich nicht zum Flug nach Vancouver zugelassen wurde.
      Ich werde definitiv nochmal nach New York City fliegen um eine schöne Erinnerung zu machen!
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    • Day 15

      Watch out NYC

      August 6, 2022 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

      After managing to follow the very strict protocols of the Mud Club Bagel lunch - avocado AND cream cheese not permitted, we packed up and left for NYC. Impressive to watch the well oiled machine that is G and R transferring operations from country to city.
      The Daykin Harlem residence is thoroughly inspected and found to be satisfactory .
      Children are dispatched to iPic to watch Nope while Katie and Crispin are given the full Pretty Woman by G and R with rooftop cocktails in the Meatpacking District followed by delicious dinner at Pastis. C and K did not hold back on oysters and cheeseburgers. Clark joined at the end of dinner and was too polite to point out that none of us were, by then, making any sense.
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    • Day 1

      Day One, arrival

      April 8, 2022 in the United States ⋅ ☁️ 8 °C

      I arrived at Farnborough to meet Cade at around midday, Thursday 7th April 2022. We had our video consultation for our Covid tests (CDC requirement) booked at 1.40pm. However, the lady called me around 1.10pm to ask if we could go online earlier. Glad i got there earlier as our whole trip hinged on passing this test. With both having to work and go to college all week and Covid being SO rife at the moment, I was nervous. The test was a load of nonsense really.. she asked if we had our kits, checked our passports by holding them up to the camera and then said ok, put it up your nose for 10 seconds and I'll be back in 15 minutes. Then turned her camera off. We looked at each other a bit puzzled and after a minute decided to just do the test, it didn't seem like she was coming back. We could have used any test and any result to be honest. But we did it properly. She came back after 15 minutes, asked to see the strips and then said your certificate has been emailed, could I check my emails. It was as if she sent the certificate before seeing our results. I felt exactly as I did at Christmas with the whole testing thing.. ripped off. At least these weren't £45 each this time and only £20 each. There is zero regulation or verification checks carried out around these tests and I wonder if the USA actually realise that?

      We got to Heathrow airport at 4.30am... 4 hours before our flight because of the chaos in the news all week. Despite being told by email to check-in online we were unable to do so after trying for 24 hours. No message on their website about downtime or anything. Just a message sayin "Oops, see someone at the airport". Check-in didn't open till 5.30am so we got a Costa and parked our bums on the floor at the front of the check-in desks. At least we were first in line. Check in was easy, security was easy despite all the news reports. We were through by 6am. Cade checked out the Duty Free shops, all which were open and we had a Leon breakfast box an juice. Our boarding passes said gate B43 and she said gate B43 at checck-in so we toddles off about 7am to the gate.. it was a long way through underground walkways. Got to the gate and checked the screen... flight had changed to gate A26... Note to self.. check screens regardless of what you are told lol. Gate 26 was all the way back past the shops 🙈 so, we walked all the way back with NO electronic walkways going that way.. ugh
      The flight with JetBlue was pretty easy, strange to be on a long haul that wasn't overnight but I had downloaded 2 series of The Last Kingdom on Netflix to watch so was happy. We had tablets on the seat in front of us but there was nothing exciting on them. It was nice that we could pair our phones and have WiFi for the trip so i could keep mother informed. (After all day though of not hearing anything from her I phoned after we got out of the airport.. "oh, sorry she said, we've been at the golf club with David all day 🙄).
      We could also order a meal on the tablet so I ordered Fritatta, turkey sausage and oranges in Honey for breakfast. Cade ordered something Chocolate (can't remember what) but it was the weirdest taste and texture I have ever seen and really made me LOL seeing his face when he ate it. It was like the texture of an exfoliating body wash and didn't taste like anything chocolate 🤮.
      7 hours went quite quickly watching Uhtred ❤️ and then they brought us snacks round. It smelt really sickly sweet whatever it was but turned out to be a pretzel and a sachet of mustard 🤷‍♀️ hot, stale, dry, tasteless bread I have never understood pretzels but... a sachet of mustard? Bonkers... mustard is for sausages. There is not many things I can't eat but I couldn't eat that 🤣.

      We arrived at JFK at around 11am.. the views coming in to land of Long island and the Hamptons were stunning and it was a beautiful sunny spring day. Security and customs was smooth and swift and we were through everything in less than an hour. Cade commented on "the US government now having his fingerprints" I guess it is kind of weird having your fingerprints taken for the first time as a kid..
      We checked out an Uber and also a new app Clarence recommended called Lyft. A car to the City was around $80 so we decided to save on that and get public transport. Cade also seems fascinated by the NY Subway Tik tok videos and YouTube that he was showing me of "Rat Man" a street performer who dresses up as a rat and wanders the subways.
      We easily found the Sky Train by following the signs that took us to Jamaica Station which seems to be a "hub" for then getting to everywhere. A nice chap helped us with the ticket machine. We told him we wanted to get to Penn station. The combined ticket with the Sky train and a days Metrocard was only $13 each, bargain! I do love a bargain. Tried to work out the trains by using Google maps as we knew we wanted the LIRR, Long Island Rail Road but managed to go one stop in the wrong direction. Got off at the next station which was empty and was the first fresh air we had felt in over 12 hours so we enjoyed sitting in the sun for 40 minutes waiting for a train to come back the other way. That was then an easy ride of 40 minutes straight to Penn Station.
      Penn station was what I was typically expecting of a New York Subway station so we quickly exited up through a food court where Cade was excited seeing all the typical American brands.. Dunking Donuts, Starbucks, Subway etc.. Next level up and we popped out at Madison Square Gardens which was above us. Clarence met us and we walked a few blocks away from MSG just taking in the sun, the people, the buildings.. Wow.
      We saw Times Square 2 blocks away and The Empire State Building and Macys. We stopped at Bryant Park and decided to get an Uber to the Hotel, The Central Park North, as we had to check in between 3pm and 6pm. The Hotel is basic (was the cheapest in the City, other than a hostel that I could find on booking.com), but clean and in a lovely brownstone building very typical of what I was expecting. It is on the north side of central park, literally right next to it. We checked in.. I had the quickest shower with the smallest of towels as I only went in to wash my face but I was feeling so grotty. The room is not en-suite which some people might find strange but it doesn't bother me. There is a separate toilet and then shower cubicle right next to the room.
      There is a microwave fridge and sink in the room so we can store stuff and have a cold drink etc. The room is very warm as the sun is blazing through the windows. No air con :-(
      I like to sleep in a fridge so this could be a problem. No curtains, just blinds and my goodness it's noisy outside.
      Clarence took us straight out for a meal as it was around 4pm by this time.. so, 9pm for us and we hadn't eaten since breakfast. We took an Uber to a Mexican restaurant he had been to before.

      Rancho Tequileria


      The food was amazing and had a Margerita on the rocks called a Jamaican with Pomegranate juice and a spicy salt rim, was amazing. Tortillas and guacamole to start with and an awesome fresh salsa. I had chicken fajitas which were to die for. Cade had steak, shrimp and chicken quesedilla and Clarence had enchiladas with green sauce. Great food, great company, great atmosphere. We walked the 10 blocks or so back to our hotel and said goodnight New York... I was finished.
      14000 steps today and dead at 6pm.. 11pm for us
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    • Day 2

      New York kennenlernen, Teil 1

      May 1 in the United States

      Nach 10 Stunden Tiefschlaf war der Jetlag vergessen und alle brannten drauf die Stadt zu erkunden.
      Petrus hatte auch kapiert dass, wenn wir reisen gefälligst die Sonne zu scheinen hat und so machten wir uns um 8:30 auf den Weg.
      Harlem ist ein stark karibisch geprägter Stadtteil und definitiv nicht das was man sucht wenn man Hochglanz sehen will, aber sympathisch und authentisch. Wir gingen zur U-Bahn wo eine überaus freundliche Dame uns einen crash-kurs für den hiesigen ÖPNV gab, dann ging es los.
      Erste Station: Central Park. Als ob man mit einem paar Kopfhörer 2 Lieder gleichzeitig hört...rechts Idylle, links Stadtlärm. Wir spazierten gemütlich die Nordseite entlang und machten Halt an einer Bagel-Station...Thea war im siebten Himmel. Dann ging es weiter zu einer Stadt-Tour aber davon mehr im zweiten Teil, sonst wird der Text zu lang.
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    • Day 1

      Lady Gaga im Regen?

      August 29, 2017 in the United States ⋅ 🌧 16 °C

      Wusstet ihr schon, dass Sportarenen trotz horrender Preise in den USA nicht überdacht sind? Aber Lady Gaga gab trotz strömendem Regen alles. Auch ihre Fans hielten tapfer aus!

    • Day 5

      Alina and Genes Airbnb

      September 6, 2016 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

      A great place to stay in Manhattan. Alina and Gene are great hosts. The can give great advise and suggestions of what to do in NYC. You won't need a travel guide when you stay at their apartment 👍🏼 This was our first stay with Airbnb and definitely not our last!Read more

    • Day 12

      30 års

      January 22, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ☁️ 5 °C

      Ligge efter baren havde nogle piger aftalt at tage hen til en fra holdets lejlighed hvor de holdt stor fest fordi hendes mand blev 30, så her tog vi med. Der blev serverer mange gode snacks og drinks, og Agnes og mig lukkede festen 😂 De havde rigtig mange helium balloner så til sidst til festen begyndte alle bare at tage helium. Vi tog derefter metroen til 23rd street, derefter path-train til Hoboken og så uber fra hoboken st til vores lejlighed. Vi kradsede meget rundt i metroen og gik 2 gange ned på den forkerte side af st og kom til at tage den et par stationer den forkerte vej 😅 vi endte med at være helt hjemme klokken 05.00Read more

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