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  • Day64

    Liberty & Ellis islands, New-York, USA

    August 18, 2017 in the United States

    Nous sommes allés voir la Statue de la Liberté. Sur sa tête il y avait 7 piques qui symbolisaient les 7 continents. La statue était tournée vers la France. 

    Nous sommes aussi allés voir Ellis Iland. Entre 1870 et 1950,  cette île recevait des milliers d'immigrés par jour. Les médecins vérifiaient leur état de santé. Si les voyageurs avaient une maladie, même si elle n'était pas contagieuse, ils devaient se rendre à l'hôpital. Si la maladie n'était pas contagieuse, qu'ils guérissaient et que leurs papiers étaient en règle, ils pouvaient entrer en Amérique sinon ils étaient renvoyés dans leur pays.

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  • Day83

    Montvale, New Jersey

    March 16, 2017 in the United States

    And just like that, MitchaRu finished their second world trip!

    The experiences we had, sights we saw and people we met will be memories to last us a lifetime. We won't stop traveling as we have so much more to see, but for now we're happy that we were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to backpack around the world!

    Here's a quick recap of some of the highlights of this adventure:

    1 trip around the world
    84 days
    10 countries
    19 flights
    2 nights on a sail boat on the Nile River
    6 nights on an island
    1 bullet train/hot air balloon/stay in a tree house
    52 different beers and plenty of sake
    1 US immigration interrogation upon return
    And 0 regrets

    Now time to think about getting back to reality after having the best time of our lives...
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  • Day70

    Montvale, NJ

    November 11, 2016 in the United States

    Hard to believe it's over but no regrets after this amazing trip! Unfortunately we both ended up getting sick for several days once we got home, but better to be recovering at home than on the road. Some stats we tallied along the way:

    -68 days
    -15 countries
    -31 hotels/hostels/Airbnb's/tents
    -9 flights
    -26 intercity/international trains/buses
    -94 different beers tried
    -0 regrets

    Now some family time and lots of planning to do for our next trip...Read more

  • Day0

    Montvale, New Jersey

    December 23, 2016 in the United States

    We're all packed and ready to go for MitchaRu round 2! This time it was definitely a lot easier to prepare for this trip than the last; perhaps because we're seasoned backpackers now!

    We anticipate this trip to be about 2 months again however it'll be a totally different experience as we start in Egypt and continue on to India and Southeast Asia. Stay tuned for more on our adventures...

  • Day11

    Freehold - goodbye Manhattan, hello NJ

    March 31 in the United States

    This morning we checked out and went for a walk for our final meal together. We chose the restaurant called THE SMITHS not far from our Cambria suites hotel. The location has been very good for us. The breakfast was huge!! I ordered a granola with berries and yoghurt, which was yummy, but Craig ordered the Brioche French toast – huge!! We then all walked up to H&M for undies, tee shirts etc. and eventually said goodbye and parted at Macey’s. Craig bought a great red and white floral shirt and then we went back to the hotel, got bags and walked to the NJ Transit station. We had to wait for the platform to be listed and then everyone rushed to get on the train. A lovely, strong black woman helped me with my bag down the stairs and we got on the train fine. All went on time and Rick and Molly were there to meet us. They have a lovely, spacious, pretty home and we really enjoyed being welcome. We went into nearby Red bank for a vegan dinner at Good Karma. It was fine – my buffalo wings made of reconstituted protein were quite spicy. Back home for chatting. Craig’s back has been bad today and he had a difficult phone call with Phil about his mother. However, we also spoke to mum and Luke and Alexander and it seems better than we thought for now.Read more

  • Day11

    Service, sculptures & Princeton

    March 31 in the United States

    Today after breakfast we went to a memorial service for “tid” a friend of the Goldbergs. It proved to be a lovely interesting experience. She was clearly an accomplished kind woman. We also met some really nice people. Back home and we got organised and went to the sculpture park which was huge. There were many very interesting sculptures there And we spent several hours wondering around The gardens. After that we drove to Princeton the University town. Had a great meal at Dixon’s.
    and then walked around the University present area which is Old but beautifully maintained with gorgeous buildings.
    Great day with Rick and Molly 😍😍
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  • Day12


    April 1 in the United States

    Lazier day at first and we went to the local supermarket - fun looking at all the different products and self-laser scanning. After lunch and a rest, we went for a hike around the Hartshorne Valley area. Lovely 4 km in different woodland with some sea views. The drive back was through gorgeous areas where there were many huge houses. Even Bruce Springsteen lived there before. Yeh!! We also enjoyed an amazing pork rib dinner with cucumber & lime cocktails! Rick & Molly are lovely people to be with. Also adding some photos of Princeton from last night :)Read more

  • Day13

    It's snowing and it is so pretty

    April 2 in the United States

    Easter Monday and we woke up to very pretty snow falling. We had a very relaxed day planning, sewing (my hem) and bird watching. Craig needed a slower day for his back. Molly is a very knowledgeable bird watcher. After washing and planning in the afternoon we went out With Rick do you have a look around Freehold. Yes that is Bruce Springsteen‘s hometown ❤️❤️❤️
    In the evening we took Rick and Molly out for dinner to a local Turkish restaurant called Galata. The food was yummy but the serves were ginormous. Craig then talked them Into taking us to a local Costco which is almost identical to The one in Adelaide.Read more

  • Day79

    Camping after Millbrook Village 1310

    July 21, 2017 in the United States

    We've made it to New Jersey and we reached the 1300 miles mark!! Way to go :)
    It took us a while to get moving because we had a quite big breakfast and then I checked out the outfitter in town, which was closed. We met lots of new thru hikers today, amongst them "Dancing bear", another German from the Cologne area and "G.I. Jane" a young woman from Brazil. Most of them passed us on the first uphill but I'm sure we'll see them again.
    The first impression of New Jersey is basically the same as we've had in Pennsylvania, just a bit more elevation. And there were some really nice views all day, the pond in the morning and from the fire watch tower in the afternoon.
    In the evening we were eaten by the mosquitos, so we hurried up with cooking and then spent some time planning when and how to go to NYC.
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  • Day81

    Camping Wawayanda Creek 1355.5

    July 23, 2017 in the United States

    We both didn't sleep very well at the Shelter so we both were already awake when the alarm went off. Maybe it was just the excitement that we would get free sodas at the High Point State Park Headquarters :D
    So that was our first target for the day to have breakfast there. We also met there "Dancing bear" again, whose cap we found at the Mohican Outdoor Center and finally return to him. Directly afterwards we came by the High Point Tower which is the highest point in the whole state of New Jersey. I wonder how long it took them to decide to name it like this... We didn't walk the additional 0.3 miles up to there though. As I mentioned before, thru hikers are lazy off the trail. At least we are :) And we had more miles to go, so we hiked on until it almost got dark... We're not going to do night hiking anymore as long as it is not necessary to get somewhere at a specific time or we know that it will be a nice hike (no stones!!). The additional effort is usually not worth it.
    The last part was over a swamp area that was really pretty in the evening. We ended up camping under a footbridge that leads over Wawayanda Creek.

    Additionally we have a new date that we are shooting for. The "End of trails" festival in Millinocket Maine from the 15th to the 17th of September. So we want to reach Kathadin latest by the 15th to make it to there. According to the description it's a music festival with a "chili cook-off, more food and plenty of beer".
    To make it we need to average almost exactly 16 miles per day, which doesn't sound too bad. But we'll do about two zeros in New York, buying resupplies and then there are the Whites where you make 12 miles on a good day. So I think it's a challenging goal.
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