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  • Day43

    Day 43 - You are my Sunshine

    June 3, 2019 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 29 °C

    Woke up refreshed & went to breakfast & had the best hotel breakfast of our trip so far. Lots of good quality food & only us & one lone geek, who had issues deciding how to have his porridge! I over heard him mention that he had been attending the Contact in the Desert conference, but was taking the day off today.

    After breakfast, we arranged to stay another night, because it is lovely here. We are staying at the Inn At Deep Canyon in Palm Desert, just a couple of miles west of Indian Wells, famous for it’s annual top tennis tournament. The region is beautiful, all low rise buildings & manicured lawns. We are surrounded by mountains on three sides. The wealthy Palm Springs is just 13 miles up the road.

    I secured 2 sun beds & lay down for a read, whilst Jackie did some clothes washing. I was just getting settled, when a middle aged man asked if the sun bed to the other side of me was free. I reluctantly said yes & he immediately said “Another Brit, whereabouts are you from?”

    It turned out he was Dave from Ludlow, but originally from Worthing & used to know a Sussex Detective called Phil. Dave is involved in spiritual well-being mumbo jumbo & he was also an attendee at the Contact in the Desert in Indian Wells, which is the World’s Largest UFO conference.

    Dave proceeded to tell me that we were beings from a higher place & we were just entities passing through Earth in our skin we had been given. He told me that he had seen UFOs on several occasions & he could see people’s auras. This was enough for me, so I told Dave I was a non-believer & I couldn’t be persuaded otherwise. That ended that conversation.

    Dave was pleasant enough & after taking a phone call, he said he had to go because he had a meeting with the Contact in the Desert Public Relations Team. We said our goodbyes. I was just relaxing, relieved that Dave had gone, when the geek at breakfast sat down on Dave’s bed.

    It took a while, but eventually he asked where we were from? I didn’t ask his name, but he was from Salt Lake City & was here for the CitD conference. He was a Mormon, but not anymore. I suspect it might be because he is gay. He asked what I thought of Salt Lake City & I told him about my observations that residents were either very well off or one of the hundreds of beggars, clearly living rough. He said that the Mormons were in denial about the poor & homelessness. He moved on as well.

    We had the pool pretty much to ourselves for the rest of the morning. It felt like we had rented a massive villa just for us & our staff.

    At lunch, we drove through Indian Wells to Walmart to get dinner for tonight & tomorrow. We had already decided to stay yet a further night. We bought frozen lasagna & chicken & lots of salad & some beer.

    When we returned other guests started arriving. One woman in her late 50’s from LA, we believe was a practicing alcoholic & was a regular visitor to this hotel as she kept saying. She was clearly drinking, but hiding it in a Starbucks flask. Her boyfriend was teetotal, no doubt a recovering alcoholic. She was engaging everyone in conversation. At first it was fine, but as she got more drunk, people were clearly trying to avoid talking to her, including us. She also brought a stereo out, which got louder & louder as she drank. The music was actually good & she was taking requests. I know someone else a bit like her after a wine or two too many!!

    Her boyfriend had gone off to watch the Dodgers & she was trying to intimate that Jackie & I go to a restaurant/bar 20 miles away with them. We weren’t ever going to be going, but luckily her boyfriend wanted to watch the entire Dodgers game. So that was that.

    By 5.30pm we’re both a bit red, particularly my face, so we retired to the room for dinner & drinks on our patio. A great day, despite the oddballs, which we will be repeating again tomorrow, before continuing with the road trip.

    Song of the Day - Is There Anybody Out There? by Pink Floyd.
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  • Day45

    Day 44 - An Oasis or Rehab?

    June 5, 2019 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 26 °C

    Great sleep. Went down to breakfast to find alcoholic woman’s boyfriend in breakfast without her. He didn’t acknowledge us, rude bastard. Deserves all he gets! He was telling another woman, that he was a drifter & had been in rehab (we were right) & was now an ad hoc driver.

    We overheard him whispering about an incident that happened last night. We believe alcoholic woman, we shall called Lil, either threw up or worse in her room last night. We saw her taking a bag of washing to the laundry & collecting it an hour later despite it being their first night.

    Lil turned up for breakfast looking the worst for wear & managed to eat only an egg. We heard her complaining she hadn’t slept well because light shone into their room. She usually stays in Room 110 (ours) or 109.

    We settled into our sun beds for the day, well away from Lil & her boyfriend & we’d conduct a tag team surveillance job on her. (Bully would’ve been proud of us). It was a ‘Day in the Life of an Alcoholic’ study.

    First I had a chat with Jim from Salt Lake City, who admitted he went back to the UFO conference yesterday for fear of missing out. I was starting to like Jim, he seemed quite a nice bloke.

    Lil then made an appearance, never without her Starbucks bottle which she supped repeatedly & disappeared for regular refills. Around 11.00am, Lil’s boyfriend started shouting that their room was flooded. Maintenance attended & discovered baby wipes had blocked the toilet. We suspect she did it & they were hoping to get a new room.

    Other than this incident, it was quite a sedate start for her, so we put our music on & just observed from afar. She spent most of her time on her lilo. By 1.00pm, she was decidedly wobbly on her feet & her music went on & got turned up a notch at regular intervals. We turned our stereo off.

    Around 3.00pm, new guests started arriving & she attempted to latch on to each & everyone one of them. Her boyfriend had already retreated to their room.

    By 5.00pm, she was seriously staggering around & twice fell on her arse when trying to sit on the edge of the pool. She was accepting / asking for drinks from the new guests & trying to get into their conversations, mainly by asking “Have you been to Vegas yet?” When she felt she was being ignored, she would turn her stereo up until people felt obliged to acknowledge her.

    Some of the other guests are a bit peculiar too. Jackie has spotted another alcoholic & we have a skinny muscle man who is really skittish. He said something to me, but I have no clue what he said, I just smiled & nodded. Other guests are drinking heavily. It feels likes we are at a failed Rehabilitation Centre!

    I left Jackie to keep watch, whilst I had a walk to explore the vicinity. It is very nice, maybe a bit sterile. It is all big bungalows & apartments with cactus gardens & palm tree 🌴 lined streets. No sidewalks, so presumably no one walks anywhere. Probably too hot to.

    At 7.30pm, we lost eyeball, whilst we had our dinner, lasagna, salad & burnt garlic bread (not Jackie’s fault). At 7.50pm, we looked out & Lil was alone, staggering about trying to collect her things, then she disappeared to her room.

    We stood down soon after & retired to the air con in our room, both suffering from a mild case of sunstroke. The temperature allegedly reached 105 degrees today.

    We have had a nice break for some much needed R & R, but we are both ready to move on.

    Song of the Day - Rehab by Amy Winehouse.

    Bonus Song of the Day :-

    The Lunatics (Have Taken Over The Asylum) by Fun Boy Three
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  • Day42

    Day 42 - Touched by an Angel!

    June 2, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 32 °C

    The alarm went off at 7.00am, which seems ridiculous on a Sunday when you’re retired, especially for just a haircut. But this would be no ordinary haircut!

    Packed & checked out of our motel, we drove into Seligman High Street & parked up opposite Angel’s Barber Shop. As we got out of the car at 8.10am, I saw the 91 year old Angel arrive on his pedal cycle & prop it up at the side. We followed him into the shop only for Mauricio to inform us that there was someone else before me. Damn, we could have had a lie in!

    We loitered around in the shop, which is the 1st actual Gift Shop to be established on Route 66. Incidentally the Gift Shop also doubles as a Museum, with exhibits that have been sent to Angel from all over the world. Mauricio was in a chatty mood & told us more about Angel’s campaigning for Route 66 to be recognised as Historic.

    It wasn’t until 8.50am, that I was ushered into the old fashioned barbers chairs💈 by Angel. After the initial pleasantries, he asked me what I would like. I had decided overnight that I was going to ask for a flat-top, a haircut I hadn’t had for about 25 years, but had seen advertised at another barbers on this trip.

    Angel retired from barbering many years ago, but he still does one or two haircuts for visitors who want one. When I asked if he could give me a flat-top, Angel baulked at this, apparently he hadn’t cut a flat-top for 5-10 years, but as the consummate professional he took on the challenge. Jackie was also in the room as the official photographer & Angel engaged her in the proceedings. Jackie was keen it wasn’t too short.

    Angel had a comb & hair clippers & started to attack my overgrown mop. It was all done with pure hand eye coordination & even more impressively, I was being spun from side to side in the chair as he did it. Angel had a good sense of humour & joked about the progress of my haircut, but what I really loved was his attention to detail. Angel asked me to sit lower in my seat so he could do the top of my head, because he suffered from arthritis. Something we both have in common!

    My haircut lasted 40 minutes & by god what a fantastic haircut & experience it was. In my opinion, I Look Sharp! I now have an All American Action Hero haircut, which is a great accessory to my adventure sandals! By the way, Jackie absolutely loves my hair. After Angel had hoovered my head & neck, I paid my $30 (Absolute bargain) & shook hands with Angel & Mauricio.

    I should also mention that as warned, from about 9.00am the tourists, mainly bikers, started arriving & photographed & videoed Angel & I. I could get used to this!

    As I was signing the visitors book, Mauricio asked if we could send any photos (he hasn’t seen Jackie’s photos) we took to him. He explained that a Route 66 Hall of Fame was opening in Flagstaff & they needed to provide lots of material. I told him I would also send him my blog for today. He appeared keen, bless him.

    Now on Cloud 9, we drove on in search of breakfast. We stopped at The Roadkill Cafe, which was remarkably quiet. Jackie ordered the Awesome Possum & for me the Dead Meat Treat. The Cafe also doubled as a museum, mainly with a whole menagerie of stuffed animals. It was an exceptionally good meal & just what we needed for the long drive ahead, about 350 miles.

    We joined Interstate 40 westbound to Kingman, another Route 66 landmark. We drove through the Historic District & stopped to photo anything Route 66 oriented. The star attraction was Mr. D’z Route 66 Diner in pink & green.

    We continued on Interstate 40 heading towards Lake Havasu, when about 12 miles later, I realised that we should have turned off miles back for my next intended stop. This was made worse when I wasn’t confident we could get to where we needed to go on the fuel we had, so we drove all the way back to Kingman to fill up.

    This time we turned off on to Oatman Highway 10, which is the original 66 & a ‘Back Countywide Byway’. We continued to another must stop, Cool Spring Gas Station. It doesn’t sell gas, but is a Cafe, Gift Shop & Museum. It was full of passing bikers. The were also two old hairy men selling junk & rocks at a stall beside it.

    We continued up & over Sitgreaves Pass to Oatman, described as a ‘Living Ghost Town’. Upon our arrival in the town, we were met with hundreds of tourists in the middle of the road flocking around the asses. The asses presumably roam free, but know when they are on to a good thing to get fed. The town appeared to full of antique & gift shops. We didn’t stop, it was too busy & we had a long way to go.

    This Back Country Byway took us down through Golden Shores & Catfish Paradise to Interstate 40, where had to go eastbound, back on ourself. We then turned on to Highway 95, south down to Lake Havasu City, which has ‘our’ London Bridge. We crossed the bridge, parked up on the island it connects. We bought an ice cream & sat down beside the bridge in the sweltering 94 degree heat.

    Fun Facts: Lake Havasu is just a section of the Colorado River. London Bridge was dismantled in 1967 & was relocated to Lake Havasu City, because it wasn’t sound enough for the increased London traffic. It was sold for £1.78 million & it is widely believed that the Americans thought they were buying Tower Bridge!

    The next leg of this marathon journey was the 3 hour, 180 miles to Palm Desert. We continued on Highway 95 & crossed into California again. After negotiating the Border check we headed into California & followed the Colorado River to a town called Parker.

    We then hit Highway 62 & 177. It was like Wacky Races. These roads were single carriageways, about 80 miles long, almost dead straight, but littered with humps & dips every 100 yards or so. Us & 2 other cars rattled along in convoy at 80-90mph through the desert overtaking all slower moving vehicles, mainly boats on trailers. It was an exhilarating drive on what felt like the world’s longest rollercoaster.There was not a cop in sight!

    We eventually joined up with Interstate 10 & eventually arrived at our home for the night, The Inn at Deep Canyon in Palm Desert. As we checked in, the receptionist told us he was upgrading us. We have a fantastic room, complete with kitchen. We dropped our rucksacks, got into swimmers & jumped in the pool. It was still up in the 90’s.

    At the time of writing, Jackie has decided we are staying here a second night & not going anywhere!
    I have also done my good deed for the day. At the motel, a Hispanic gent covered in tattoos including all over his face, asked to borrow my phone to ring his wife. I embarrassingly asked if she was in Mexico, to which he replied, “No, America”. I lent him my phone. She didn’t answer. I think they had had a domestic!

    Song of the Day - Look Sharp! by Joe Jackson.

    Bonus Song of the Day :-

    Road Kill Cafe by Kasabian
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  • Day16

    Visited the living desert Zoo

    August 17, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    Today we visited the living desert zoo. A nice place with two areas :Africa and North America with its deers and plants. The special was to feed a girafe which.

    Heute haben wir den Living desert Zoo besucht. Ein sehr schoen angelegter Park mit zwei Bereichen :Afrika und Nordamerika mit den jeweils dort ansässigen Tieren und Pflanzen. Das Highlight war eine Giraffe selbst füttern zu können.Read more

  • Day5

    über Yuma nach Desert Spring

    May 21, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    Heute ging es wieder früh los und wir hatten einiges vor, zumin. viele KM...
    Nach einem ausführlichen Frühstück ging es auf der I-8 Richtung Osten ins Landesinnere.
    Zuerst fuhren wir durch hügeliges Land bis auf ca. 1400m. Hier war es zum Teil so neblig, dass wir nur noch ein paar Meter Sichtweite hatten. Außerdem nahm der Wind Fahrt auf und blies so doll um unser Auto herum, so dass die ganze Zeit ein pfeifen ertönte. Wir hofften, dass es im Flachen wieder abnahm, aber der Wind blieb ein stetiger Begleiter auf unserer langen Autoetappe. Zwischenziel war heute Yuma in Arizona. Genauer gesagt ein Starbucks in Yuma, so dass sich Stine auch hier eine Tasse holen konnte (und weil nico günstig tanken wollte) 😋. Wir holten uns noch einen Kaffee und dann ging es weiter zu den Imperial Sand Dunes. Auf dem Weg dorthin fuhren wir zum Teil total Querfeldein, so dass wir uns unsicher waren, ob wir jemals irgendwo ankamen. Die Straßen wurden auch immer schlechter. Nach ein paar KM erreichten wir wieder einen Highway und letztendlich auch die Dünen. Hier war es aber so windig, dass wir Angst hatten, dass das Auto wegfliegt. 😵 Daher schoss ich nur eins zwei Fotos und dann ging es weiter.
    Nächstes Ziel war der Salvation Mountain. Dieser kleiner Hügel ist von Leonard Knight sehr vielfältig 30 Jahre lang bemalt worden. Seine Botschsft war "Gott liebt alle", was sich auch in den Motiven wiederspiegelt. Nach seinem Tod kamen Freiwillige, um an seinem Lebenswerk weiter zu arbeiten.
    Nun ging es aber zu unserer finalen Station dem Desert Spring.
    Angekommen erfreuten wir uns über ein Zimmerupgrade und somit einer riesigen Bleibe für die nächsten zwei Nächte. Wir gingen kurz an den Pool und sonnten uns.
    Dann trieb uns der Hunger zu Bills Pizza von dem ich auf einem Blog gelesen hab. Hier stellten wir uns eine geniale Pizza zusammen.

    Morgen sollte es eigentlich in den Joshua Tree NP gehen, aber irgendwie ist uns das Wetter nicht wohlgesonnen. Es soll hier morgen regnen. Mal schauen was wir dann letztendlich machen.
    p.s. Brot haben wir noch genug, wir rationeren :)
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  • Day7

    im Regen im Outlet und dann nach Barstow

    May 23, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    Heute gibt es echt nicht viel zu schreiben. Ich habe auch nur ein Foto von der Abfahrt gemacht.
    Kurz nachdem wir Palm Desert verlassen haben, hat es angefangen zu regnen. Unser Plan war aber sehr einfach, wir wollten nur ins Outlet shoppen. Die Kreditkarte glühte zwar nur bei Nike so richtig, aber egal.
    Nach etlichen Euros, die wir dort ließen, fuhren wir los bis nach Barstow.
    Auf dem Weg dorthin durchquerten wir den Speckgürtel von L.A. so dass wir selbst auf einer 6 spurigen Autobahn Stau hatten.
    Irgendwann sind wir dann aber auch in unserem Hotel angekommen und können nun entspannt etwas NBA schauen.
    Morgen wird der Bericht wieder spannender, versprochen!
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  • Day323

    Palm Desert, USA

    July 19, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 35 °C

    Nach LA ging es weiter in den Joshua Tree Nationalpark. Auf diesen hatten wir uns eigentlich weniger gefreut, da wir dachten es wird sehr heiß werden und wir ihn nur vom Auto aus besichtigen können. Ich (Eva) wollte aber trotzdem hin und mal ein bisschen Wüstenluft schnuppern 😊. Und zum Schluss hatte es feine 30° (normal haben wir hier mit 40° zu kämpfen *ufff*).

    Der Nationalpark war einfach nur cool. Wir haben jetzt ja doch schon die ein oder andere Landschaft gesehen, aber immer wieder sind wir fasziniert wie unterschiedlich die Naturlandschaften auf unserer Erde sein können. Die Joshua Trees standen überall zwischen Steinhügeln. Und die Steine waren auch sehr glatt (wie im Josemitee Nationalpark). Zudem haben wir das erste Mal Kakteen in ihrer natürlichen Umgebung gesehen.
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  • Day350

    December 9-15

    December 16, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 64 °F

    Another week of sunshine and pickleball. Monday we hosted happy hour. Thursday evening we shopped, walked and ate our way through the Village Fest in Palm Springs. http://villagefest.org/
    Friday we went to dinner with Jim & Angie at Bill's Pizza before enjoying "Wildlights" at the Living Desert Zoo. https://www.livingdesert.org/events-and-tours/signature-events/wildlights/
    Tonight Jim & Joy had us over for a delicious salmon dinner. Thanks so much for your friendship and hospitality.
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  • Day3

    Palm Desert/Indio

    April 20, 2018 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 12 °C

    Early start! 2.5 hr bus ride out to Indio then a 20 min ride to Palm Desert to check into our motel. Best Western Plus. Nice place. Spent the afternoon getting ready in lobby bathroom. Had a couple of drinks then went to day one of coachella. Got a lift from a random lady. First day was awesome! Very exciting. Tried Five Guys Burgers on the way home Kate at night. Delicious!Read more

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